Microsoft Will Pay You $100 To Upgrade Windows XP

    March 29, 2014
    Rachel Kolman
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Microsoft wants you to finally stop using Windows XP. Microsoft announced this week that they will no longer be supporting Windows XP in any of their security updates, and are urging anyone left on the 12-year-old operating system to upgrade their device. To help offset costs, Microsoft is offering a $100 credit towards upgrading your system to one of their more current models. The credit applies to any new computer or laptop priced from $600 to $2300, and lasts until June 15th. The $100 Microsoft upgrade credit also comes with 90 days of free technical support, which serves as an incentive to encourage even the most stubborn, most un-tech savvy consumers to finally make the switch. The card is not redeemable for cash, or combinable with any other discounts or offers.

Microsoft’s so-called “end-of-life” date for XP is slated for April 8th. After the 8th, XP users will be exposed to major security vulnerabilites and harmful viruses. CNN Money estimates that about 6% of companies’ PCs will still be using XP after the deadline. Microsoft claims that XP is five times more susceptible to cyber attacks than Windows 8, its latest operating system.

“A year ago, 35% of machines for small businesses were still on XP,” said Sergio Galindo, a GFI Software manager who works to support small and mid-sized business. Sergio says XP will still work for these business, but it’s more like “expired milk”: “If you drink it one day after it expires, you’re OK. But after a month, the risk is exponentially greater. You can get a new PC that’s running Windows 8 for about the same price of repairs on a four year old PC.”

Thomas Hansen, VP of Worldwide Small and Medium Business at Microsoft, adds that Windows 8 is simply “designed for how we work today. These new technologies provide people with a consistent and personalized experience enabling them to collaborate with colleagues and get business done efficiently.”

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  • Abit

    The credit applies to any new computer or laptop priced from $600 to $2300. I cannot afford that even with the $100 credit. I will just have to stick with xp.

    • ThomasNeidhart

      right, heaven forbid they apply it to any laptop over $449 so it REALLLLLY encourages people to switch

  • Jesse Kenyon

    I am not going to switch over to 8.1 I like windows xp and when the updates stopand my computer crashes then no more computer use for me

  • Steve

    If your XP machine is fine now, it will be be fine after April 8. If a Windows computer is going to get “infected” by something it will be because an end user has been tricked and clicked or failed to read something. Self-inflicted damages have been happening and will continue to happen regardless of current updates or the lack thereof.

    I recently set up a 8.1 system for an old-school customer who likes to tinker with software. Within 24 hours, this tweaker had purposely removed the Panda Cloud AV that I recommended and installed something called Advance SystemCare Pro which took over his browser searches and start page, messed up his registry during the first “cleaning” and now gives him random popups.

    Windows 8.1 did not protect my customer from himself and didn’t stop him from ruining his computer with this garbage. You do these things to yourselves.

    • Sal befor


  • shadow44

    Microsoft is rotten. They didn’t mind when XP kept them around after the Vista flop.

  • Sal befor

    If they want to get XP off the internet, take off the rules on the $100. Offer a 100 dollar discount on windows8 period. Profits,profits,profits, before security.
    Bill Gates richest dude on planet, why don’t you give back a little at home- to loyal microsoft customers?

  • Ted

    I can’t upgrade now either. I think Steve’s comment below is right on. Ever time I have had a problem with a computer, it’s been something bad I have clicked on

  • frank

    i wouldnt go to windows 8.1 if i wanted to have my pc belike a tablet i would be using a tablet if anything i would go to windows 7 thats it

  • paul malone

    what about uk customers

  • Brian Smith

    After the 8th, XP users will be exposed to major security vulnerabilites and harmful viruses. — Yes, you heard correctly, in the past prior to April 8th there were absolutely NO harmful viruses or vulnerabilities – they will all magically materialize on April 9th and target windows XP machines only… Amazing how that works.

  • Rob Morgan

    i have xp its been the most stable windows i ever had.. ya i have windows 7 and ya i like it but when you need single core computer wit xp that i use to program moto radios and xp better to run with my surveillance system ill stick with xp.. microsoft will never have better stable os than xp.. you can still do alot with xp than windows 7 and alot less bullshit in the backround than 7 or 8