Microsoft Presents European Web Browser Choice Screen

Company will encourage IE users to explore options in March

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Starting sometime around the first of March, Microsoft is going to give Europeans an obvious chance to pick something other than Internet Explorer as their Web browser.  And starting today, Microsoft’s given the whole world a chance to see what its "Web browser choice screen" looks like.

This ballot screen has been in the works for a long time.  The process began when European regulators objected to Windows and Internet Explorer being bundled together.  Then, a proposal that would have put all of the different browser choices in alphabetical order was vetoed.

Eventually, all of the parties agreed upon displaying the browser’s names in a random order.

Now tests are set to begin next week in Belgium, France, and the U.K., with a full-scale rollout planned for early March.  The browser choice screen software will reach people via Windows Update, and should (except for the order of the browsers) resemble the picture below.

Microsoft seemed rather pleased to announce that all of this is taking place ahead of the European Commission’s schedule.  We’re just very curious to see what Internet Explorer’s market share will look like come April.

Microsoft Presents European Web Browser Choice Screen
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  • http://jumbocdinvestments.com/cd_rates_blog CD Rates Blog

    I wonder if they will change the order a bit. Seems a little odd that they would list Google Chrome first.

    Will Apple be doing the same? How about will Apple be forced to support Flash? Seems like a very similar situation.

    I don’t think a company should be forced to offer downloads to their competitors. Their competitors should have written their own OS’s instead of whining and sniveling.

  • Guest

    I wonder if they will change the order a bit. Seems a little odd that they would list Google Chrome first.
    The order of the choices is random – Google won’t always get first place!

  • Guest

    i don’t understand why the EU is making microsoft do this. hopefully it doesn’t happen in the usa. anyway somebody has already started a petition to microsoft to not do it:

  • http://www.livetrainingsession.com/training/xhtml.html HTML Training Online

    It’s good for Microsoft to offer users a choice of web browsers. It would be even better if Internet Explorer and all others try harder to adhere to the HTML & CSS specifications of the W3C for a better web. IE should from now on have a way to prompt users to update their web browsers or do it automatically and remove IE6 altogether from the user’s computer. It’s such a pain and time waster for web developers.

  • http://www.jubejube.net m

    Well, Chrome sucks, explorer has been reliable but a little proprietary and security flawed, Firefox just shuts down whenever it is stressed by a site, and Opera has the best mobile phone java based browser hands down period (don’t know of their desktop version yet) I agree with HTML trainings online comment “all others try harder to adhere to the HTML & CSS specifications”. Any site that doesn’t work with mobile phones is just dropping the ball every game. My fav example is a corporate gift site that will not work on PDA or phones!?!! how may execs want to just get stuff done on their BB/PDA/mobile?
    Poor Microsoft, will anyone be as hard on Google with their approach?
    PS- LOVIN BING! go MS!

  • Tin Yeuk

    I don’t agree with user m, chrome is now virtually uncrashable. Each version update improves so much. Chromium used to be better than Google Chrome, but now Chromium needs to do some work to catch up Google Chrome.

  • http://www.ivycottageindustries.com Phil Brammer

    Yes it will be very interesting to see how fast people migrate away from IE. This does look promising for CSS3.

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