Microsoft Points May Be No More

    January 24, 2012
    Zach Walton
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Do you hate Microsoft Points? … That’s what I thought. It’s a good thing then that they may soon be out.

Inside Mobile Apps is reporting that a source close to Microsoft told them that the company may soon be phasing out it’s much maligned Microsoft Points system. The move would go into effect sometime this year and affect all three branches of Microsoft’s product families – Windows Phone, Zune and Xbox Live.

When Microsoft was asked to comment, they gave the usual, “we do not comment on rumors or speculation” throwaway comment.

With that being said, the source went on to say that mobile developers are being warned to plan their upcoming DLC and in-app purchases around the move to real money. Customers who have unspent Microsoft Points will have them converted into their region’s currency.

For those who don’t know, Microsoft Points are Microsoft’s proprietary system of handling online transactions. They were first introduced with Xbox Live in 2005 and have been a staple of the platform ever since.

The problem comes from the fact that unlike Nintendo’s point system, Microsoft Points don’t translate to actual currency in a way that makes sense. Eighty points equates to one dollar under Microsoft’s system. This led to a feeling that the company was cheating people out of money due to users spending $10 to buy 800 points for DLC that only costs 600 points. This led to 200 points that the user already paid for just sitting there with no purpose.

This move would come as a welcome move to many users, myself included, who have felt the sting of 20 points sitting in their Xbox Live account for the past two years.

  • Emiya Shirou

    Let’s hope that microsoft will refund unused points as currency…

  • jim

    but how will people get DLC..not everyone has a CC or debit card

    • NOC

      The PSN already uses real currency and they sell prepaid cards of x amount of dollars or euros, so I don’t see Microsoft stopping to sell prepaid cards just because of a switch from points to real currency.

    • shane

      they are still going to make cards. itll be like psn’s $20 or $50 dollor cards

  • IHaveABankai

    If it comes true: Ha! take that you Shitbox players.

    If it doesn’t: Neutral.

  • MIKE

    yeah but you dont get all the perks we get on xbox, like now im enjoying my new maps on mw3, and ps3 users are enjoying NADA…..

    • shane

      honestly, psn has lots of better games than the xbox (littlebigplanet, mlb12, mag,uncharted, socom, etc.) nobody cares about call of duty, its been takin over by campers, quickscopers, etc. BF3 all the way.

  • Sean Wilkinson

    dlc has increased and decreased over the last year. if you have points left over buy sum other stuff like gamerpics and indie games

    if your like most people you will buy a 1600 card and buy a map pack, if you do this you will have 400 left over, new map pack comes out another 1600, 400 left over, new map pack another 1600, 400 left over , new map pack another 1600, 400 left over, If you add those 400’s up you get 1200 and the perfect amount to buy a map pack, and look no points left over

    Just repeat that over and over and u have a use for those leftover ones