Michigan Powerball Winner Comes Forward

    August 23, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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The Michigan Powerball winner who has a stake at a $337 million prize has contacted the lottery office, but officials say they won’t release the identity of that person until the money is actually claimed.

The winning ticket–the only one–was purchased at a Sunoco gas station in Lapeer, Michigan and is worth either a one-time payment of $224.66 million or 29 annual payments adding up to $337 million (before taxes, of course). Most people choose the one-time payment.

The prize is the third-largest in Powerball’s history, and has subsequently gone down to around $40 million. Eight million-dollar tickets were winners this time around in the Match 5 prize, and several others were winners of varying amounts. In total, Powerball paid out about $27 million from those.

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  • Barbara swatsell

    I’m happy for the winner whoever it may be.. Enjoy your life :) )