Michelle Rodriguez May Remake “Thelma And Louise”

    February 7, 2014
    Amanda Crum
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Michelle Rodriguez has made a name for herself in the film industry by playing badasses, so it’s not really a surprise that she’d want to take on one of the biggest feminist-hero movies of all time for a remake.

The “Machete Kills” actress is rumored to be in talks to re-envision the 1991 film–which starred Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis as two best friends on the run after a violent encounter–and she’s reportedly bucking for best friend Cara Delvingne to be cast along with her.

“A few names have been mentioned as her co-star, including Kristen Stewart, Annalynne McCord and Leighton Meester – but Michelle is pushing for Cara,” a source told The Sun.

The duo made headlines last month when they attended a Knicks game and proceeded to make out and ham it up for the cameras while courtside. It’s not clear whether the ladies are a couple or just good friends, however.

While Cara doesn’t have a whole lot of acting experience, she has been praised by those she’s worked with previously as someone with natural talent. She is set to appear in “Kids In Love”, which will be released on August 1 in the UK, and is currently filming the crime drama “The Face Of An Angel”, which tells the story of a journalist and a documentary filmmaker working on a story about a murder and the person responsible.

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  • eryche

    Please, don't do it. Because you CAN'T do it. First of all, I don't think Rodriguez is a very good actress. There's no way she could be Thelma or Louise, nor could any of the suggested actresses. Kristen Stewart is an awful actress and nasty to look at. And while the other two might be fairly good actresses, Thelma and Louise is best left alone. Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon killed it. And you can only kill something once.

  • David Nassau

    They would make a great girl on girl scene!

  • Dante Poe

    they should remake PSYCHO again instead or better yet Freddie got fingered.

  • Pat Rice

    No. Stay away from the classics, please.

  • Sara James

    Remaking "Thelma & Louise"?! Are you kidding me? Hollywood needs to shut down until they can come up with some original ideas….

  • FalOmada

    there's no money in making anything original anymore it seems.