Michelle Rodriguez Dating Zac Efron?


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Do we have a new celebrity couple? Although it has not yet been confirmed, some steamy pictures reveal a possible love connection between former Disney star Zac Effron and Fast and Furious star Michelle Rodriguez.

The couple was seen flying on a private jet into Sardinia Airport, and later were caught packing on some PDA while lounging in the sun. The possibility of a new romance for Michelle comes just a few weeks after she ended her relationship with British supermodel Cara Delevingne.

Apparently Michelle and Cara's relationship ended because Michelle didn't like Cara constantly hanging out with other women, and realized that they had very different priorities. “Michelle got tired of Cara constantly being pictured with other female celebs,” a source said at the time. “Michelle isn’t as interested in being in the limelight. She thinks they have different priorities.”

It looks like it didn't take long for Michelle to move on. Many people have speculated that Rodriguez was just using Efron to get back at her ex, however sources have revealed that their relationship is real and authentic, and they have "grown genuinely fond of each other."

“Zac and Michelle have been dating in secret for a few weeks,” a source revealed. “Initially Michelle knew it would make Cara jealous but they’ve grown genuinely fond of each other.”

Delevingne seems to be trying to get back at Rodriguez as well, as she was recently photographed kissing singer Ellie Goulding at London’s Hyde Park. “Ellie and Cara got up on some mates’ shoulders. They went in for a hug but it quickly turned into a passionate kiss,” another source recalled. "Ironically, part of the reason Michelle ended things with Cara was because she was posing and flirting with too many other celebs," the source added. "She'll be furious about the kiss with Ellie."

Image via Wikimedia Commons