Michelle Obama Threat Comes from an Unlikely Individual

    July 13, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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The Michelle Obama death threat didn’t come from some wild-eyed maniacal shut-in or political terrorist with a violent agenda. No, a recent threat directed towards the First Lady comes from a Washington, D.C. police officer, one who apparently served as a motorcade escort for Mrs. Obama at one point in time. Personally, this is far scarier than if it came from some random wacko on the street, as this individual actually has access to Obama and her family. The fact that the office in-question was temporarily assigned to a desk job as opposed to being suspended pending an investigation is a little baffling, not to mention extremely unsettling.

Although the specifics of the threat have yet to be made public, the folks over at The Inquisitor have pieced together what went down. According to reports, members of the Special Operations Division were discussing the various threats that have been made towards the President and his family. During this conversation, one of the officers alleged explained how he intended to shoot Michelle Obama, going as far as to show his co-workers the weapon he would use if given the opportunity. These statements were reported to the brass, as well as the Secret Service.

“We received an allegation that inappropriate comments were made. We are currently investigating the nature of those comments,” said a Washington, D.C. police department spokeswoman. Although making threats against the President and his family is considered a felony punishable by a lengthy prison sentence and a hefty fine, the offending officer has been placed on administrative duty until things can be property sorted out.

An investigation into the matter is currently underway. Although I personally think criminal charges should be filed if these threats were indeed serious, it’s unclear whether or not legal action will be taken against the officer.

  • aisha

    I think it is absurd that the officer isn’t in custody right now. If someone jokes about having a bomb on an airplane or jokingly yells fire in a movie theater, that person would be arrested immediately with no questions asked or any investigation. This is the first lady of the United States for goodness sakes. Joke or not, the officer should be punished.

    • valerie

      yes yes oh yeah they would have sealed places off

    • Don Olish

      Aisha aisha AISHA!!!!! This cop was just thinking out loud. I can see from your name, why you would be crying about this trivial matter……… Aisha…. ha ha ha.

      • JokeJustice

        wow, the ARchie Bunkers really reveal themselves here don’t they?

  • Emerald

    I agree with you Aisha. He should be under the jail right now. Our justice system is so messed up. It really needs to be fixed asap.

  • Colwwn

    I am sick and tired of these people threatening to cause harm
    to the First Family. I have never heard of such statements
    about Laura Bush.

    • kathy

      well it happened..death threats were constant..there were protest that had signs for him to be hung,burning effigys, and Yes Mrs Bush was threatened ! but black people did not noticed because the Bushs are WHITE! NOW WHO IS THE RACIST?

  • Martin Roberts

    well, the cop is white so that could be the reason he is not in custody or he knows someone with pull in the department, so who knows. but the fact remains it was said by a cop (maybe a dirty cop or something worse ) they need to look into his history

    • Anthony

      I believe you are correct. They need to look into all his affairs and relationships to examine why this cop made the comment(s) he did. It’s not unusual that many police are prejudice and/or sexist and have hidden agendas. Just look at police in NYC, LA, San Diego, Alabama, Mississippi and Chicago etc. DC is no difference.

    • kathy

      because he is white? not if he was black? tell me how that is NOT a racist comment…

  • Sandy

    This is a terroristic comment and he should be fired and put in jail, this is to close for comfort and no laughing matter.

    • valerie

      thats right sandy

    • Don Olish

      Oh just shut up! Obama is just as offensive every time he opens his lying trap. Look up “anti-Christ” and you’ll find a picture of our “rat” president.

  • trent goodman

    if it had been a citizen who made this threat they would be in custody now. what kind of police force would not take this seriously.

  • Darnella

    I agree with everyone above. This is just awful.If he wants to be a comedian then he should go to the Improv. But right now, this is far from funny. If he doesn’t take his job seriously, then go home.What an idiot he is. I didn’t like bush jr. but, I was upset when someone threw a shoe at him. This just chaps my ass.

  • karl knudson

    threats are stupid,if the guy was really dangerous he would never say a word,thats the scary one!

  • roguesmoker

    Maybe that cop can be the opening act for Daniel Tosh’s next show.

  • ray

    Since they were all police officers talking the subject about shooting came up and one of them probably said something along the line, well, if I was going to do it, I’d do it this way and this is what I would use. Some jerk who had no business listening only heard what he/she wanted to hear, so ran off to blab his/her mouth off. It is sad that one’s innoccuous conversation is turned into being seen as a death threat. If it had really been a death threat the other officers involved would have acted upon it at the time without the need of someone who just “overheard” parts of a conversation.

    • valerie

      ray u are the jerk,so how do u know so much,the man showed a weapon and stated what he meant

      • kathy

        why is he a jerk?.it is his opinion..it could have happened..I think you are looking for racial problems..you look hard enough you will find them,even when none in there..Ray could be right. I can not believe that a group of officers would not act on this if it were a real threat.

  • Dorcas

    You do not go around saying you are going to kill, especially the President’s wife. His head needs to be examined. He needs help. God commanded “Thou shall not Kill” I will certainly pray for him to see the Light.

    • valerie

      why is this man not locked up,if it was l.bush he would be in shackles this is crazy

  • Lacey

    So what are they going to do, ask the guy if he ment what he said, of course hes going to say no, and then what. Hire him back as an escort for Michelle. Lol. Something aint right. Someone obviously didn’t give the back story or knows more than they’re letting on to.

  • http://webpronews.com Nanpan

    It it were the past first lady, ms bush, the guy would already be serving his life time sentence!!!

    • kathy

      Nanpan, your prejudice is showing..seems you have a racist heart too.

      • kathy

        SHE WAS,NANPAN! did you scream racism???

        • timmy

          Thats makes you racist also Kathy how dare you notice that Napan notices racism!
          shame on your little racist heart that notices racism, SHAME!
          Oh crap that makes me racist also because I notice you noticing Napan noticing racism, oh no Im going to go kiss my black wife just to make sure Im ok. Oh, Im white by the way . Oh crap I feel a sudden urge to poke two holes in some bed sheets.
          Anyway vote for Obama Kathy I know you will!

  • http://webpronews.com Nanpan

    If it were the past first lady, ms bush, he would already be serving his life sentence!!! So what’s the problem??? Why does he get desk duty??? Well, he has already been judged by God!!! Guilty by thought and word!!!

  • Global/Warner

    There’s a consistent pattern of deliberate protocal violations based soley on the color of his skin more-so than the dislike of his policies.
    America’s overtly racist past continues to be stoked and revisited by those who feel that their skin color actually makes them better than the rest of Humanity! This is a mental sickness and displays a lack of civility on those who engage in such practices!
    Personally, I’m tired of it all and I pray that a race war will be avoided because there will be Hell to pay as a direct result! How can this be a so-called Christian Nation when so-much racial hatred and mis-perceptions still run rampant?

    • kathy

      For one thing, there was no mention in this article to the officers race. Secondly, why is it when the offender it is IMMEDIATELY said to be racial,and when the offender is black,not a peep! The race baiting has to stop BEFORE the racial divide is mended. I really believe there are people (BLACK and WHITE) who doesn’t want racial unity. It is in THIER best interest financially for there to be racial tension,mostly black leaders.The officer is out of line,should be investigated.

    • kathy

      I totally disagree..that is a racist and leftist attitude. That anyone who disgrees with this administration is clearly racist. I submit that it is those that persistently scream racism at every event are the racist ones. It is people who are constantly looking for racial bias when ther in none intende. I agree that this guy should be held accountable, but EVERY PRESIDENT HAS DEALT WITH DEATH THREATS..AND YES mRS. bUSH WAS THREATENED TOO.

  • gaylor

    Based upon my observations, from the time President Obama was elected the first MAN of COLOR, folks of the opposite race have been threatening him and his family. Also, the opposite race have become more vocal, be it in the White House or not. Some Republicans, Independents and Democrats have really let this country down. It is soooo obvious who they really are. Race will always be a big problem here in the U.S.A. Honestly speaking, it’s going to take GOD to return and set the record straight. We are in the 21st Century, and still dealing with RACE. The “police officer,” caucasian male, should have been arrested, tried and sentenced. No way in the world would a situation like this would have happened to any of the previous Presidents, and this guy would be behind a desk. Fine example, of what I said earlier about RACE. UNBELIEVABLE!

  • Nichelle

    This is very concerning. I am very distrubed that this officer who has made a violent threat against “Our Country’s First Lady” recieved such a slap on the wrist for such gross misconduct. As the article mentioned this officer has escorted Mrs. Obama in the past making this very alarming that he has had the opportunity to be close to her. I do not find any humor in his actions at all. This man should have been placed on administrative leave without pay and/or taking into custody immediately for questioning about his actions.
    As an HR professional I have terminated employees for similar inappropriate comments in the workplace.

  • http://www.webpronews.com Darlene Donald

    It is a shame how disrespectful some people are allowed to be toward President Barack Obama. Never would such incidents be allowed toward any other president. Reporters, other politicians even police officers are disrespectful. The bible said to look up to, and respect those in authority. Only in America.

    • Bryan

      Actually.. the Bible does not say “to look up to” any authority. What it says is to “honor” and “pray for those in authority”. I am a Christian and I do not look up Obama at all!!! Nor do I agree with most of his agenda… all I can do is to ask God to give him wisdom.

      • Marjorie Hartley


        Our nation was founded on the principles of freedom of religion and FREEDOM FROM RELIGION. Religion and politics should be mutually exclusive in our nation. I do not want my leaders to be somehow representing one religion. They deal with leaders from around the world, including atheists, buddhists, hindus, jains, christians. We are certainly not the only citizens of this earth!

    • http://webpronews mckinley mills

      and still the white man can say and do what he wants and nothing is done wheather just the mere fact of this person saying and demonstrating murder against the first lady he must be fired ,jailed and prosecuted but because the majority of whites hate the obama family because their black and are leaders they let this man go on admin. leave if he was a black man there would be hounddogs, german shepherds, swat teams, helicopters with spot lights fbi, etc. coverging on him and after he served a lenghly jail term he would never be able to get a job again he would be black balled even from reciving welfare look at the black man who informed the authorities about pres. nixon in the 70’s [water gate] he did what was right and the white man ruined his it still remains that no matter how high blacks asend to fame prominence ,wealth, prestige, stardom, win pulitzer awards invent new things to help mankind those hateful whites see us less than but the more they hate the higher we rise in life and we must commit ourselve not to take on their hateful condesending ,murderous felonius ways. peace! and BLACK POWER!

      • wow

        quit crying,and up yours and your black power

        • Marjorie Hartley

          Grow up!

  • Chauncy ivey

    Yeah cathy, but were there any blacks burnng effigies or had signs sayin hang president bush and were they threatening. Mrs Nush? Probably not!!!

  • Jess

    WHAT ? DESK DUTY ? What if it were Romney’s family ? What if it were the Bush’s, Cheney’s,John Baynor(sp)? I really don’t think that was proper.Whose decesion was that ? Should’nt it been house arrest at the very least ? That’s our 1st Lady ! She should be protected better after that.

  • Pawpurr

    It seems there used to be pride in our country’s military’s fighting purposes.But since Mr Bush and Mr Cheney got and kept us in the wars and then billed us for rebuilding what we just blew up it has waned considerably. We also used Mr Cheney’s companies to rebuild them too ! We need to start getting out of countries we’re in and committed to.We no longer can afford them. Canada doesn’t do this.We can’t afford another war. Romney does not see a problem with it. But HE nor HIS SONS will be serving.Nor will they lose limbs or eyesight. Nor will they have a problem with post trumatic stress syndrom,or getting insurance for their families.Mr Romney doesn’t seem to be based in reality when it comes to risk beause he doesn’t have to take many.Think of one.
    The office of President and his 1st lady should have more of our respect no matter who holds it. Interrupting, booing,calling him a liar, death threats, and many other forms of disrespect that this President has had to endure is disgraceful. It shows how bad our country has become. These are not 6th grade kids doing these things but adults without manners. they are showing others how to act and it is really sad. There are too many kids calling themselves adults.

  • ok

    Racism does exist. I am a black man and proud of it. But the fact of the matter is the word racist gets thrown around so much that it has lost its meaning. Some people are just assholes plan and simple. I willing to bet you he would of said the same thing about mrs. bush as well. Right now its bigger than black and white. Its republican vs. democrat, wealthy vs. everybody else. People are taking sides and digging in. Stories like this is just a diversion to take your mind off the fact that this country is going down fast. This police officer is about to be a mascot for one of the political parties just watch and see.

    • http://webpronews c. white

      I agree that racist is thrown around to easily. The President and First Lady walked into an impossible situation and are doing thier best. It is impossible to think that one person has the answers to the mess our country is in. Let us all pray,and shut up or put up,answers not violence.

    • Marjorie Hartley

      I thought that any threat against our president, even if veiled and only implied could result in action against an individual. The First Lady is the wife and loved one of our president. Surely she should be protected just as diligently and immediately as our president. The man should be arrested and tried.

  • http://webpronews c. white

    the cop should be fired and charged. I don’t care what his race is. They are our leaders and should be treated with justice and respect. Either shut up complaining, or get in and have your votes speak for you.

  • B

    Big freaking deal … I am so tired of hearing about the fail president and his stupid wife. The dude made a comment … who cares … now if he would have really shot her then that would have been news worth reading about. I am not saying she should have been shot I am just saying come on people this should not be news.

    • cb

      What ever you full of it. If someone threatened you, you would have called the police, and demanded charges be filled.

  • JokeJustice

    gosh, you’d think it would be a crime to threaten the first lady but I guess not.

  • Jasamine

    He better shoot himself afterwards if he shoots Mrs. Obama he will not live to tell the story. How come he is not in jail… How can he still have a job…Why do we allow people that have demonstrated a dysfuntion in their position to stay in the position…He needs help NOW

  • Roque

    Racist and dangerous. Watch out! You don’t have to like Michelle Obama. We’re not made of gold. That officer is no exception. He should’t go away mad, he should just GO AWAY!

  • wonderbear

    Many Americans are frustrated at the current situation because there are laws that have been broken which Congress and the Supreme Court apparently are unconcerned about which means we are living in anarchy at this very moment. If laws are not enforced when they are broken there is no point to have them; and if there is no point to have the laws then everyone should carry a gun for self-protection.
    What laws have been broken? Ask Sheriff Arpaio; and then decide for yourself if Obama is legitimate.
    If you don’t care about truth then you can justify supporting the incumbent. Many people feel this is how we should live.
    I personally don’t feel someone in Washington has the best case for my existence.
    My state can mismanage tax money just like Washington so why do we need another bunch of crooks telling us what to do?
    My vote goes for states to run the show as they see fit and eliminate Washington altogether; Executive, Congressional and Judicial. They aren’t representing the majority of Americans so America is better off without them. Then we will truly be living in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!