Michelle Obama Hangs With Jimmy, Will Ferrell

By: Amanda Crum - February 21, 2014

Michelle Obama stopped by “The Tonight Show” this week to round out Jimmy Fallon’s first week as host, and participated in a fairly long bit with him and Will Ferrell where she played herself and they played teenage girls.

The sketch may look familiar to fans of Fallon’s; titled “Ew!” it’s one he’s been doing for a while that parodies today’s teen girls and that habit they have of speaking like they’re chewing their own faces. The First Lady took the opportunity to talk up her health initiative for kids, trying to get the “girls” to eat kale chips and doing a dance routine with them to teach good exercise habits.

While it’s not the funniest moment of the new “Tonight Show”, it’s good to see that Fallon hasn’t abandoned the fan favorites (does that mean we’ll see some Barry Gibb Talk Show?).

Image via YouTube

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  • lola6123

    This was SUCH a stupid sketch, like some of the worst from SNL! I was embarassed for the 1st Lady!