Michelle Beadle: Beautiful Blonde's NBC Show "Crossover" Canceled


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Michelle Beadle's NBC Sports Network show The Crossover has been canceled, it was reported by SB Nation today.

The show lasted only seven months, and this is what Michelle had to say on twitter in response to a fan's query on Monday:

The beautiful blonde followed the curt "no" with a more detailed tweet today afternoon:

The Crossover made its debut during Super Bowl week this past January, but despite the blue-eyed blonde's youthful charm, never managed a solid following. The lack of audience and lackluster ratings prompted the exit of her co-host and former FOX news anchor Dave Briggs in May this year. Here is Michelle interviewing the Bella twins at Crossover: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=2qq7Lovu3ig#t=83

To lessen the fallout from the show's cancellation, NBC Sports clarified today that the decision was made not due to poor ratings and demand, but that the channel wanted to create a “vertical programming block” in advance of the impeding NHL season.

“With the NHL returning, we decided to focus on our core sports and have created vertical programming blocks in that time period to do that. We look forward to Michelle Beadle and the production team continuing their work on other NBC Sports Group properties,” said NBC sports.

But Michelle's fans needn't worry as she is still as hot as ever and will continue to work with NBC to bring pleasure to her audience. Beadle is also slated for the Winter Olympics coverage during February 2014 at Sochi, Russia.

And look how sweet she looks celebrating the cancellation with a glass of white wine:

Beadle joined ESPN in 2009, as co-host of SportsNation. Her career at ESPN brought her acclaim and wide following before she switched to NBC Sports. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJ5Gv244tsU