Michael Vick Speaks Out Against Dog Fighting

    March 30, 2012
    Chris Richardson
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I’m not sure if this is just irony or more rehabilitation activities, but what we have is NFL quarterback Michael Vick doing PSAs designed to combat the disgusting act of dog fighting. Now, as many of you know, an important aspect of Vick’s fame comes from his incredible fall from grace for financing a dog fighting ring when he was with the Atlanta Falcons.

For his actions, Vick was sentenced to two years in a federal penitentiary for the “Conspiracy to Travel in Interstate Commerce in Aid of Unlawful Activities and to Sponsor a Dog in an Animal Fighting Venture” With that in mind, how do you view his dogfighting stand? Is that enough for you to forgive him, and no, I’m not talking about any Philadelphia Eagles fans who might be reading. We already know their stand.

What about you, though? Does Vick’s contrition and his efforts to educate others about the harm dogfighting causes affect the way you view him? If the YouTube comments are anything to go by, it’s going to be a long hill for Vick to climb, and there’s no guarantee he’ll even make it to the top:

Where are the shots of him taking care of dogs, scooping poop, cleaning cages? Why do we need to see him throwing a football around? Redemption comes by doing, not talking and certainly not by doing something completely unrelated to the topic.



How dare you speak for the dog fighting after what YOU did to the dogs you owned, Im sorry you left a bad mark on my heart and soul…


Although, some are more forgiving:

It’s a start. At least, it’s a start. Who better to speak out against the terrible atrocity of dog-fighting? Please, kids, listen. “Do something with your life”. Yes. Do something that does NOT involve violence against the helpless.


Just in case you’re still on the fence, there’s another video for you to sift through:

It should be noted the Humane Society of the United States is behind these videos, and while these videos are a step in the right direction, one wonders if Vick did these on his own free will or if this was a PR move. From the HSUS’ description:

Philadelphia Eagles’ star quarterback Michael Vick says dogfighting is wrong. And now his mission is to help more animals than he hurt in the past. Vick hopes his work with the HSUS will help children understand that all animals need love.

Again, the message is a good one, but is this Vick trying to make everyone happy or does he really feel the contrition the videos show? What do you think?

  • Alice

    This is, above all, a PR and fundraising campaign for the Humane Society of the United States. According to HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle, Vick “has already saved ten times more dogs than were HARMED by his dogfighting.” Actually, they were tortured and KILLED by Vick himself. And he hasn’t saved any dogs, nor has dogfighting been reduced. Michael and Wayne are still minimizing his criminality and pretending Vick is heroic in order to justify this weird collaboration.

    Vick is promoting the Pets For Life Campaign, a faux HSUS direct services project in which HSUS helps arrange (volunteer-provided) dog training and veterinary services. Pets For Life, serving largely minority communities, costs HSUS very little, and is deceptively marketed fundraising cash cow. So Vick’s 2 minute fundraising infomercial for HSUS will, as Wayne said “broaden their audience” aka bring in the big bucks.

    • Jackie

      He drowned, electrocuted, hung, beat to death, and mutilated dogs for not being vicious enough. He planned it out and did it. PSYCHOPATH. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.

      • charles barton

        Funny; not one word about forfeiting all his profits for killing dogs to any Aminal Protection Group. He’s probably sorry he was caught. Any football team would would seek him out to play is in the same league with Vick !

      • charles barton

        Good girl Jackie;
        you can see right through this farce.

  • Annette

    How long is this man suppose to pay for this. He has did his time in jail and to be honest, he did more time for killing an animal then most would get for killing a humanbeing. We are not God, so who are we not to forgive; in response to part of the title of this article.

    • Jackie

      Serial killers begin with animals. He is only doing this for PR and he is only sorry he got caught

      • tony

        Jackie, you are thinking about psychopaths. Mike Vick did not torture animals for his own pleasure, it was for money. Vick does not seem like a psychopath but that doesnt make what he did any less evil. Different scenarios…

    • crystal galloway

      He will always pay for this, as he should there is no axcuse for what he did to those INNOCENT animals. He deserves whatever BAD thing that may come his way. Amen

    • charles barton

      You are probably a good and decent woman, but maybe somewhat naive. Did he offer to give back any monies he made from killing animals? Haven’t heard so yet ! He still will use any ruse to make a buck.

  • charles barton

    Michael Vick; I will never watch any game you are playing in. I suspect you had it pretty easy in that Federal “Guest Home” you stayed in for two years or so. Give back all the money you made from killing animals to an Animal Protection group, and maybe, just maybe people will trust you again down the road.

  • charles barton

    Mr. Wayne Pacelle;
    This is a new low for raising money. Shame on you !