Michael Strahan: ABC Host Set To Join Good Morning America On Part-Time Basis

    April 3, 2014
    Val Powell
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Michael Strahan, Kelly Ripa’s co-host on ABC’s Live! with Kelly and Michael, made a big announcement on Wednesday during their morning show.

“I’m gonna be on ‘GMA’ now,” Strahan said, referring to the network’s other daytime show, Good Morning America. He won’t be leaving Ripa’s side however—he’s only signing on to his new show as a part-time co-host. He has a lot going on, he said, and doesn’t think he can do Good Morning America every day. “I have to be smart about it,” he added.

He reassured viewers that his show with Ripa “is my No. 1 priority—you are my No. 1 priority.” He values the show highly, and would never do anything to “jeopardize the quality” of what he does on Live!

The rumors about Strahan joining the show began yesterday, three days after news anchor Josh Elliott quit Good Morning America. Earlier, it was announced that Elliott was moving on to NBC Sports. According to a report, the part-time gig had been in the works for months, and as such, it had nothing to do with Elliott’s sudden exit from ABC.

Strahan said he had a meeting about the possibility of him being part of Good Morning America. He then went to watch the new Captain America movie with actor Samuel L. Jackson, and when he got out of the screening and checked his messages, he was informed of the good news.

The 42-year-old former New York Giants player will join cast members Robin Roberts, George Stephanopoulos, Lara Spencer, Amy Robach, and Ginger Zee during the first hour of Good Morning America.

Strahan first joined ABC as Regis Philbin’s co-host in Live! with Regis and Kelly when Ripa was absent for the show in October 2010. Philbin left the show in November the following year, and Strahan became a regular guest on the show, he was later selected to be Ripa’s new co-host. He made his debut as official co-host on the rechristened show in September 2012.

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  • 4DJai

    In my opinion, Michael Strahan is deserving of this honor. However, although
    he is deserving and will be a great fit with Robin and George, I do feel that
    there are a lot of talented people in our world who will never get an
    opportunity to shine because the network executives, like the ones at Disney,
    continues to give their talent multiple jobs at their networks. I am glad to
    see Disney pushing diversity, however, I feel that there are a lot of talented
    people who would be a good fit at GMA that need to be considered for future
    jobs. Furthermore, I feel that they could have and should have worked harder on
    keeping Josh Elliot. He had a lot of chemistry with the Robin and George (and
    Sam before he left)….I also think that they should been able to find another meteorologist
    who had the same type of chemistry with Robin and George because Ginger Zee is
    not the right fit….I wish Michael continued success: personally and professionally….God Bless!!