Michael Jackson: Estate that he Died in is for Sale

    March 22, 2012
    Heather Campobello
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The estate that Michael Jackson died in is up for sale. The king of pop passed away at the age of 50 on June 25, 2009.

The star died after his physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, injected him with propofol in an effort to help him sleep better. Unfortunately the cocktail sent him into an eternal sleep.

Dr. Conrad Murray, was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter last year for providing the drug to the pop singer.

If you have $23.9 million the Holmby Hills House made out of Jerusalem Stone could be yours. The estate boasts 1.26 acres of “lush and mature landscape” and was previously listed in 2010 for $23.5 million.

Many celebrities have resided at the Holmby Hills House: Marilyn Monroe, Sonny & Cher, Clark Gable, and Barbara Streisand.

The three-story 17,000 square foot home is being marketed as an “elegant and sophisticated French Chateau estate.” The estate boasts seven bedrooms and 13 bathrooms and features many amenities including a tasting room, gym, Russian-inspired movie theater, elevator, rare African Walnut flooring, and 12 working fireplaces.

The house was leased for Jackson by concert promoter AEG Live as he prepared for his string of comeback concerts at London’s O2 Arena. The rent was steep at $100,000/per month.

Here is a video tour of the palace.

  • S. L. Trout

    Heather, you mentioned that the late Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable resided in this mansion. I’m wondering how that was possible since the house, according to the builder, was constructed in 2002. Where did you get your information? Sean Connery actually did live here for a time.

    Mentioning words like haunted, white glove and bleaching cream didn’t ad one iota of interest to the article. That was bad taste, not good journalism. Remember, Michael Jackson has three adoring children who miss their father more than we can ever imagine. They read and they must listen to the same old “tabloid-esq” garbage that plagued their father for nearly forty years. They deserve respect!

  • http://www.ChampionsNeverQuit.com Timothy McGaffin II

    Heather, we need facts, not more tabloid-junk like “bleaching creams”. Michael Jackson had vitiligo, which was also proven in his autopsy. When is this great man going to get some respect from so-called, “journalists”?

  • Helen H. David

    Ms. Campobello, this article was in very good taste (something you don’t see often when it’s about anything related to Michael Jackson) until the last two paragraphs. If you had edited properly and deleted them, you would have written an article you could be proud of. Unfortunately, you took the same low road so many others are still traveling down when writing about Michael Jackson in the internet. I see that you are an educated woman. Too bad the last two paragraphs don’t reflect that.
    People, whether they are fans of Michael Jackson or not, are sick and tired of reading the crap that passes for journalism, whether it be about Michael Jackson or not. And I’m sure his family is beyond sick of the same old spin. But to ridicule someone because of a medical condition? That’s just tacky. Be prepared for quite a few negative comments on this article.
    If you are able to edit this article, that is something you might want to consider. Did you happen to study Ethics at SUNY? If so, it’s not apparent from this article you’ve written.

  • Judith

    Is a reporter/columnist, Ms. Campobello makes a fine lampshade.

  • Mark Bentley

    I find the remark about a prospective buyer coming upon a white glove or bleaching cream at this property to be unnecessary and highly obnoxious. What does the writer hope to accomplish with this boorish, flippant reference to the house’s late (and great) resident? Her writing will be improved by sticking to factual and respectful information only.

  • June

    Wow, Heather, you are a SUNY graduate! How did that ever happen? Cheap garbage disguised as journalism. Michael Jackson was lynched in life and the lynching goes on. Educate yourself, Heather, there are thousands of articles on line about Michael’s humanitarianism and acts of kindness to others, even when he was vilified by media ies and distortions. Here we are three years later still swimming upstream against the same media that tortured Michael for so many years. Shame on you, Heather, no ethics, no morals, and hopefully soon enough no audience!

  • Nina Hamilton

    I hope you bother to read your replies; this one’s for you, Heather Campobello with your flippant tone. What on earth do you gain from such immature shallow base remarks which will not raise anyone’s opinion of you? A great man died in that house under suspicious circumstances; not just any man, but a much-loved icon who had enormous incomparable talent and was planning a comeback concert to give love and happiness again to the world. He triumphed over many challenging difficulties and pressures, including Vitiligo,for many years, but survived, deserving respect and recognition, not vilification. He had a great heart, genius and intelligence, and his loss will probably be mourned for ever. He was the most famous, most recognisable man on the planet. You really should research your subject seriously before putting ideas into print, and know what you are talking about first. How sad and low can you get. R.I.P. Michael.

  • Rosy

    Not only is your comment in bad taste, but it denotes a total lack of respect and compassion for Michael Jackson, his loved ones and his fans all over the world. You should be ashamed.

  • ultravioletrae

    I don’t find anything comical about poking fun at a medical condition or disability such as vitiligo. I also am not amused by a “fun look” at homicide. This is beyond human decency. I hope editors will see their error and pull this article.

  • megaechad

    I agree in number and gender with everybody above. This pseudo-journalist is a disgrace to her profession.

  • Patricia Young

    We truly need to rid the world of ignorance regarding vitiligo so that the millions who suffer with this disease will have the empathy, and not condemnation, of others. It’s no joke Ms Campobello!

    You wrote “…bleaching cream strewn about the kitchen.” Why mis-educate your reading public when you have a wonderful opportunity to educate them? Michael Jackson, in his own words, told Oprah in 1993 on the most widely watched televised interview in the history of interviews that he suffers with a skin disorder and that it’s hurtful to hear folks say he bleaches his skin. At the time he didn’t use the word vitiligo but Jackson’s autopsy report confirmed that he did indeed suffer with the disease. Shame on you, Ms Campobello, for knowing better but deciding to go “tabloid” instead!

  • P. Moore

    I must ask, Ms. Campobello, why you think a buyer of this home would find white gloves and bleaching cream in the kitchen. Is that what you keep in your kitchen? Or maybe you used your very own ouija board to write this article. I can’t guess what evil spirit you may have summoned. I suggest that you “knock it off”. I,a nd many other readers apparently, don’t find your feeble and failed attempt at humor amusing. What you have demonstrated is an ability to be vicious, disrespectful, and uninformative.

  • Lauren

    A note: Conrad Murray sits in jail because of his incompetence, his ‘medical experiment’ on his patient (words of the Judge), his lies, poor judgement and his refusal to take responsibility for the death of his patient…not simply because he supplied propofol.

    Another note: Mr. Jackson suffered from universal vitiligo throughout his adult life, a fact confirmed at autopsy. Evening skin tone is a common, usual treatment for this affliction and I take offense at your dismissal of this fact with repetition of an old, tired tabloid insult.
    A sneering tone and snarky remarks are not only disrespectful to the memory of Mr. Jackson, but do nothing to promote a writer’s integrity.
    How embarrassing for you to utilize your platform this way.

  • tabccb

    Ms. Campobello, surely you could have avoided the snarkiness in this ar’20ticle. As the other comments state, Jackson was diagnosed with vitiligo in his early 20’s. You mocked someone with a debilitating autoimmune medical condition that leached the pigment from his skin. How does that feel? It should feel the same as mocking someone for being in a wheelchair or a burn victim. Oh, by the way, he was a burn victim too. One of our greatest artists of all times does not deserve this treatment. It was tasteless and vulgar.

  • MKesterke

    Only one suggestion for Ms. Campobello, please speak respectfully of Michael Jackson, and any other celebrity now deceased. If you can’t speak respectfully of anyone, kindly consider another line of work.
    As was pointed out by others on this site, Michael Jackson dealt with the skin disease Vitiligo from age 23 on. To speak so sarcastically with regard to the medication cream Michael used by incorrectly refering to it as ‘bleaching’ cream…thus keeping alive the myth that Michael bleached his skin because he didn’t want to look like a black man, is not only disrespecful but in very poor taste.
    Finally, Ms. Campobello, if you can’t say anything nice about someone, don’t say anything at all.

  • MKesterke

    Oh, and just an FYI to Ms. Campobello. The correct term is not ‘bleaching’ the correct term is: “depigmentation”

  • Henry Vaughn

    What do you think? Respond. Sure, I’ll respond. WebProNews? UGHHH… I’m so sick of these cyberspace blogs popping up out of the cockroach infested woodworks of the internet! This site is only a few months old (© 2012 iEntry Network All Rights Reserved). Anyway back to the article, while describing the estate, past residences, amenities etc., Campabello’s write up seemed alright, I guess. Then it went downhill fast with her “summoning-spirit-Ouija-board-shadows-lights-flicker-haunted-estate-gloves-bleaching-cream” crap. Really? WTF? What is THAT all about? I swear if I didn’t know any better this so called article was written while you were summoned by Diane Dimond’s evil spirit that lurks among the likes of people such as yourself. If you’re not embarrassed, you should be, okay.

  • Patricia B

    I’m sorry I wasted my time reading this distasteful piece of garbage of journalism. Ms. Campobello obviously has no ethics and no respect. She should truly be ashamed of herself.

  • Nancy Jensen

    Ms. Campobello,

    I found your article to be cruel, callous, and not humorous at all.
    I do not think that Mr. Jackson’s family, especially his Mother and Father and minor children, would find your digs about the Ouija board and bleaching cream particularly amusing. Indeed they were very hurtful. Even more disturbing is the fact that you are participating in bully by making fun of an individual who suffered from Vitiligo, a serious autoimmune system disorder that results in depigmentation of the skin. Just ask the millions of people all over the world who suffer from this condition, and they will assure you that it is nothing to joke about.

    I would suggest that you stick to the facts and if you are going to
    add color commentary, do so in a way that does not disrespect others, especially a deceased person who can no longer defend himself. This brave, incredibly talented and wonderfully philanthropic man deserves
    much better treatment than this from you.

  • T.Gallagher

    Here we go again. Another tabloid hack pretending to be a journalist. This article is just crass and obnoxious. Mr. Jackson has 3 beautiful children, a mother, family, and millions of fans who do not need to read yet another sensationalistic “article” with a story line taken right of the tabloids. It is obvious this writer did not go near any actual facts regarding Mr. Jackson’s murder or his debilitating skin condition. Here’s a tip from me to you, try googling the word “vitiligo.” If only I can get back the 2 minutes it took me to read this trash.

  • ax66558

    The house is OVERPRICED imo

  • Susan M-S

    Ms. Campobello:

    I am assuming you are an intelligent woman, at least academically speaking, since you have acquired a Master of Arts in English. However, was it necessary to use juvenile, bullying comments about Mr. Jackson? Could you have just given the story of the mansion being for sale without resorting to the usual insults levied at Mr. Jackson?

    For your information, if you should ever write a piece on Muhammed Ali or Michael J. Fox – you can always ridicule their Parkinson’s disease – or how about Farrah Fawcett, Christina Applegate, Robin Roberts, Guliana Rancic, Patrick Swayze – all who had or have cancer -there should be great frivolity with mocking their diseases.

    While you were working towards your Masters, too bad you didn’t learn to master some compassion.

  • Judy

    I see we have one more person who graduated from the Diane Dimond school of vile. Did you know before contacting her that she received her journalism degree out of a cereal box?

    Is this what you aspired to be when you were young? A yellow tabloid journalist? Are you proud of yourself? Does this type of writing make your mother proud? Do you EVER stop to think about how your hateful words affect other’s – like Michael’s kids, his family, his friends, his fans? Do you even care that this type of writing will eventually be the end of your career?

    When is this garbage going to stop? Michael withstood so much while he was alive and always presented a smiling face never turning on his distractors. He remained humble, kind and loving. Do you really think he still deserves this in death?

    Do your research before writing blatant lies and following in your mentor’s footsteps (DD)

    Shame on you

  • Audrey

    “Get your Ouija board out” — that is insensitive and totally uncalled for! Michael Jackson deserves respect and his minor children are deserving of our consideration and compassion. Michael was shamefully and relentlessly hounded by the media during his lifetime. When is this nonsense going to end? Heather Campobello – you need to hang your head in shame!

  • MKesterke

    It’s good to see Ms. Campobello edited her article. However, she should have removed the Ouija Board subtitle as well.

  • June

    So, Heather, from SUNY, you have removed certain vile references in this article, but that’s not enough. Why don’t you post your own comment here apologizing to Michael’s supporters for your biased and offensive “writing” of this article in the first place. Or print a retraction? Did you not see the Murray trial? Are you unaware this pathetic excuse for a “doctor” is reposing in LA County Jail (albeit for a disgustingly short sentence) for the homicide death of Michael Jackson? Three years dead and still his name is sullied by media and bloggers alike. The tide is turning, however, and unless “writers” such as yourself begin to portray Michael in the loving, generous light he deserves, you will have no readers, Heather from SUNY!

  • Deborah Ffrench

    I would like to add that Gigi’s comment here is outstanding.

    To Ms Campobello, or whoever authorised the clean-up. Thank you for doing so. I am sorry it had to be done in the first place, but thank you nevertheless.

    None of the comments here were written with the intention of hurting Heather. They are born out of years of frustration that a life so belittled in life, is still so devalued in death. For my part, I simply wanted you to see and recognize Michael Jackson as what he was, in the most basic terms – a human being.

    If that is the only thing you take away from this Heather, that will be enough.

  • ThunderballM

    Now since 2years MJ is dead. But the poor man is not finally rest in peace. He was made down to his life time by the media and slandered now even after his death.
    No one knows really what happened in the bedroom of MJ. He himself can no longer tell it us and Dr. Murray is silent about it.
    By the will of the children of MJ let him finally rest in peace. He is and remains the only true King of pop.
    You can throw as much and as often as him with dirt he will always remain. No one is his equal and never will be.
    Do yourselves a favor and writes not more whether how MJ died. The fact is he point died on June 25, 2009.
    Why is it here actually. MONEY and sales of the Edition.

    You finds another victim that is interesting enough to make money and to improve the circulation.

    No one will hear that MJ was a fine human being wants to anyway and what he has called all in life. He is unique in his genre, or are there any other celebrities who has done so much for the poor and needy in particular of children? Except for the natural disasters?

    No you’ll find anyone. Because children are indifferent to you. Here, they are our future – ever thought!
    Please, please do me a favor and writes no more as a crap about MJ.

  • PenDragon

    I didn’t read the original article , but judging by comments made before the amendment, it was pretty disrespectful. Michael Jackson’s life was the source of much derogatory speculation and misplaced jocularity by the uneducated – something which some journalists seem to believe is compulsory when mentioning his name. Thank you to whoever showed some sensitivity and edited this piece, and hopefully the response by commentators here might prompt Ms Campobello and others to research Jackson in a little more depth, before making trite and ignorant comments about him.

    Micheal Jackson was so much more than the media caricature we have been presented with. Watch and learn: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJGTBwQkGTM

  • Suba

    The “author” of this “article” seems to have no clue how to research about the stuff she writes about.
    She doesn’t know when the mansion was built as she has Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable reside there, which is simply not possible; she doesn’t know about vitiligo and how it is treated; she doesn’t know about Mr. Jackson’s autopsy report, etc.
    Now she edited her article, but it is still disrespectful.

    Ms. Campobella, you also seem to live in the past, because you haven’t realized that the time is over when it was allowed to mock and ridicule Mr. Jackson. People learn about true facts now, and tabloid style reporting about Mr. Jackson is no longer accepted. “Journalists” like you made a caricature of this humble, bright and sensitive man whose little finger you are not worth. Just educate yourself!

  • onptls

    I’m happy ms.Camponello changed her article and removed her tasteless, trashy jokes.

    Michael Jackson deserves respect for his work in arts and his humanitarian actions. At last, even the so-called “journalists” are starting to realise this. Welcome in 2012, Heather Camponello.

  • monica

    I hope this was a learning experience for you, Ms. Campanello. Imagine living 20 years with this much (and more) negativity being directed toward you (however, without a qualified basis such as this). I am sure you would agree that it would take a toll. I am confident that an educated person such as yourself will take this experience and integrate it into further journalistic pursuits. My advice to you, 1)Follow the example of your subject and learn all you possibly can regarding your endeavor. This is what Michael Jackson did; he knew that knowledge is power and magnificently exhibited his intelligence in this way. You do remember, “seek the truth and report it”? And 2) Michael Jackson’s three most beloved masterpieces are still living, breathing and surfing the internet; don’t let yourself become part of the vile aspect of life from which Michael tried to protect them. You also remember, “minimize harm”; I see this in your revision. The damage is done and your name is out there. Keep seeking higher ground Ms. Campanella.

  • Nancy1990

    Get your Ouija board out …????.Is that supposed to be clever??
    This mansion was the scene of a homicide that left 3 small children orphaned and the world deprived of not only a musical genius but one of its greatest and most generous humanitarians ..
    Someone who personally , out of his own pocket , donated over 400 million dollars to people in need…And he did more kind acts privately as well.CONSTANTLY

    What has the smug author of this piece contributed to making the world a better place..
    This insensitive piece of mockery at the expense of a dead man??
    I suggest the author ” Get her own Ouija board out ”
    Maybe it can direct her to where she left her brains and her heart