Michael Arrington: Arianna Huffington Is A Touchy Psychopath

...and she loves f*cking with TechCrunch in her leisure time

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Michael Arrington: Arianna Huffington Is A Touchy Psychopath
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TechCrunch has been leaking writers for some time now, and yesterday the leak moved up the food chain as the site’s Editor in Chief Erick Schonfeld stepped down. He’s been replaced by Eric Eldon, who says that his plan is to “build on the best of what the site has been over the years.”

When the news broke on TechCrunch, Founder Michael Arrington wrote “Who the hell is Eric Eldon?” in the comments. That was obviously a joke, as he later said that the editor position was “the perfect position for Eldon.”

Arrington, who was fired from TechCrunch back in September of 2011, doesn’t mince words in a blog post published today. Speaking on the topic of Schonfeld stepping down from his position, Arrington had some pretty harsh words for Huffington Post Media Group President Arianna Huffington.

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Here’s what Arrington had to say on his Uncrunched blog:

Putting the why aside, one thing’s clear to me. Arianna Huffington seems to enjoy fucking with TechCrunch in her leisure time. She put all her weight behind Schonfeld when I left. But within a few weeks the rumors were that she was furious at him for the way the news broke about MG Siegler joining CrunchFund.

I doubt Erick even realized, but he was a marked man from that day on. Yes, something that petty can piss her off.

He goes on to explain how he feels about Huffington’s leadership:

…in the modern era [The TechCrunch staff] also have to watch their back, because they have a very touchy psychopath conducting a game of musical chairs to the death. In other words, she has the TechCrunch staff running around in circles, afraid they’ll be the next one out.

As the post closes, Arrington gives some advice to Eldon. He says:

Now, if things do go sideways, I do have some public advice for him. Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight with Arianna. She’s smart and she’s mean as hell and she tends to win her fights. I lost. Erick had no chance whatsoever. The poor guy woke up yesterday thinking that everything was peachy. He went to bed without a job.

As of now, Arianna Huffington hasn’t publicly responded to this post.

Michael Arrington: Arianna Huffington Is A Touchy Psychopath
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  • http://hireflo.com Rudy Lacovara

    I’m never quite sure what to make of Mike Arrington. All I know for sure is that he’s entertaining, and there’s now way in hell I would ever take investment from him.

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