Miami Man Shot After Eating the Face of a Homeless Man

    May 28, 2012
    Chris Gabbard
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A Miami man was shot to death by police after they witnessed him eating the face off of a man on the MacArthur Causeway off ramp Saturday. The incident is being reported by the Miami Herald, who posted pictures of the incident as it happened, in broad daylight.

According to the police report, a road ranger saw a naked man chewing on the face of another man and told him to back away. Another woman saw what was happening and alerted a police officer.

The officer approached and told the man to back away. The naked man continued to assault the unconscious man, so the police officer opened fire. The man was not fazed by being shot, so the officer continued to unload his weapon. Witnesses say six shots were fired.

The scene took place just below The Miami Herald Building. The newspaper captured the incident when reporters were able to get clear shots from the building above. It was also recorded on the buildings video surveillance. Police have requested those tapes.

Police believe that the victim was a homeless man and the perpetrator may have been suffering from “cocaine psychosis”, a condition caused by cocaine overdose. That may be an explanation to the reason the man was naked, as the condition causes the person to suffer from extreme fever. And it also may explain why he did not stop after being shot.

It could also be that he is the first victim of the zombie apocalypse, and he was just trying to get to those juicy brains.

Sorry, I shouldn’t joke about that.

[source: The Miami Herald]
  • samuel

    zombie Apocalypse!

    • http://www.webpronews Mark

      OMG! I new it was true!

      • KM


    • Cynthia

      “Walkers” thats what they are called!!

    • Steven

      Double tap

  • MNF

    Oh my god, I was thinking zombie before it was said at the end. I never thought it would happen!

  • Debbie

    The article should say that the man was not fazed by being shot. Not phased.

  • http://newbizshop.com Derek

    I knew it, it is true.

    *hides in bomb shelter*

    • joey

      omg what is going on in this world

  • Renaldo

    There are many victims of the ongoing zombie apocalypse. It’s just not reported very often in the media because it’s common and banal. The zombies are responsible for the vast majority of violent crimes in the US (and elsewhere), and this is no exception.

  • rice


  • wang

    What a zombie ! Anyway we also see dozens of zombies at night in Beijing,which is an ancient city full of mysteries in China

  • david

    Freaking Umbrella Corp!!!

  • Shaundraya

    All I know is im scared to death right now. I dont want to hear about it cause the more I do, I think zombies. Imagining whats happening at that hospital right now..omg! This is crazy!

  • http://www.jobnetworknigeria.com jide

    this really strange

  • laverne davis


    • keith

      first of all, lichens are warewolves if you’re gonna go that route…second, that could make sense being in the daytime…better pack sum silver and uv flashlights…lol

      • cilick kilo

        stop saying LOL its not a joke

  • Cyrus

    Better call Chris Redfield !

  • Bill Nye

    OMG NAZI Zombies!!! Better Get the Ray Gun!!!!

  • sharon

    Gross, Gross,

  • Zombielover

    If it was a zombie it would be the best thing ever!!!!!!! Whooo zombies!!!!

  • Susan

    Fazed, not “phased,” please.

  • Rick


  • http://www.webpronews.com/author/chris-gabbard Chris Gabbard

    You guys are grammar nazi zombies. corrected.

    • Robbie Meadows

      Seriously? If you make your living with words YOU should know better and edit yourself, no one should *have* to correct you!

  • Tina

    I don’t see anything humorous about this. I don’t believe in zombies. What I believe is that drugs are ruining society!

  • Courtney

    Just when I think that I have heard it all, I have to see something as horrible as this. We are living in a freaking sickening world, people.

  • Tom Jones

    Only in the USA.

    • Julia

      You must not read about the violence in the Middle East on a daily basis.

      • Taylor

        You mean the violence that is instigated by the USA?

  • Jay

    Naked Zombies… We’re in for it now!!!

    • http://yahoo Memphis

      um, i don’t know what is up with everyone saying that he was a zombie, but all i know is that zombies are now real whatsoever and people really need to stop saying that cause its really getting annoying, the damn man was on a drug and if you think that zomie’s are going to take over something is completly wrong with you, and last i checked if you look in the bible the Book of Revelation chapter 7 it will tell you that dead will not come back until Jesus is ready to come back,so please people stop saying that the zomie’s are going to take over because its not true, the Dead will not rise until it is time. And its impossible

  • VinceT

    I should plant some peashooters…….

  • Jay

    Sucks to be homeless.

  • none of your business

    They make zombies and robots now like him who like to eat people. They breed them. Didn’t you people know that? They are the new Jeffrey Dalmers of society that everyone in New York breeds in mental institutions now while they are children. And then once they are old enough, they put them out on the street and do whackjob behavioral studies on them. Just to see who eats people and who murders people and who rapes people as vicious violent monster terrorists for people. They also get trained to be that way by specifically hired individuals that are criminals, druggies and alcoholics like the ones that work at Stony Lodge Hospital in Ossining, NY. The children can even cry rape and NYS doesn’t do a thing about it to shut the place entirely down for eternity. And white men are even murdered there. Where it is obviously acceptable for the US Government to allow domestic and workplace violence and viciousness to occur to normal people unlike all of them. Where even Nursing Supervisors walk around drunk and certain ones walk around with cocaine on their noses. But that must acceptable.

  • Karen

    It’s things like this that makes us Christians need to pray harder. Cause first of all, zombies? The world is coming to an end. He had to be shot multiple times to die, and even when shot was still eating flesh? This man must have been possessed or something. Poor homeless man. He had no choice.

    • http://Yahoo Meg

      Ok, since when did this become a religious thing. “Man eats another man’s face off while being naked because the devil made him do it.” Come on, get real!!

    • http://yahoo Memphis

      um, he was not possessed he took this drug that made hime like that, but i agree with you but, come on please zomies get real? if that was the case then why didn’t the man he bit, didn’t become one? i swear people really need to watch less tv because its posioning the minds of people!

  • cinstlu2

    Gee any concern on the health and care of the homeless man? Leave to the “me generation” to turn it into nothing but a joke. I get the zombie references and Plants vs. Zombie references…ha ha…but I would like to know what happened to the homeless man.

    • Will

      He became a zombie and bit the nurse who became a zombie and turned all the people on the hospital p zombies. It’s breaking news right now

      • http://yahoo Memphis

        okay if that was the case then why didn’t the man he bit turn into zombie, face it the damn man was on a drug there is NO SUCH THING AS A ZOMBIE, damn ! yall watch to much damn tv, read a book and get your minds out of the gutter

  • chris

    and to all those who thought it could never happen there are many different things on this earth of ours that could cause zombie like symptoms so don’t ever think something isn’t possible.

  • AVM

    Rule #2 – Double tap


    Did the man die who got shot by the police while he was eating the another man’s face?

    • Nathan B

      Yes they killed the man, took them 6 shots to drop him apparently. And he just looked a the police and “growled”. Creepy right?


    Hey, did the man die after getting shot by police while he was eating that other man’s face off?

    • Clint

      The attacker was killed by police after he growled at the officer and continued to eat at the victim.

  • Clint

    Ok first, there is no such thing as a ZOMBIE, other than in horror movies. That being said, I find it absolutely disgusting that some people have sunk so low in this world that they have actually ingested bath salts to get high. There is most certainly a special place in Hell for this freak who attacked that guy. I fear for the future of our children and grandchildren.

  • JH

    PCP is a pretty serious drug, and nothing else could have induced action and bullet resistance like this.

  • kp38

    what the hell is wrong with some of you making fun of this? ESPECIALLY the writer of the article and whoever allowed it to be published with his “ending joke” to make fun of an innocent person a HUMAN BEING being brutalized AND he might die or even worse be disfigured? What if he was your dad,son, brother? WTF IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?

    • kim

      I totally agree what is so fucking funny about this. This is serious time to educate ourselves about this since its starting to happen often.This is crazy.

  • Kristen


  • phil

    Ricktatorship πŸ˜‰ but really though, this is crazy. Ive been reading about “excited delirium” the past few hours, interesting. Im having a hard time believing it was cocaine psychosis. Pcp maybe. this is just insane.

  • Melissa

    O.O omg!!!..Where is Sam and Dean Winchester!? This sounds like their kind of a job and if you ask me, it sounds more like a Rugaru to me lol

  • Josh

    If you think about it, reguardless what you think caused this, the symptoms the attacker was expressing (eating human flesh, overheating, and growling) all could be very good signs of him being a zombie, or perhaps it was the “bath salts”, or maybe there was something in the salts he took, we will never know until it happens again.

  • Josh

    And if you are to think about it, its human nature, to act out your most primal instincts, something to think about.

  • Dayumn.

    Okay. So at first it was all jokes about zombies.
    But now people are freaking out.
    People. Get your minds straight.
    You watch too many zombie movies…
    They interviewed his ex wife and other family members.
    They said he was very violent.
    And with this new drug.
    Who knows what else he would’ve done.
    Stop freaking out.

  • Tony

    Quando all inferno non c Δ— piΓΊ posto, i morti tornano sulla terra.

  • melissa

    The homeless man is still alive just with no flesh to the face and one eye….the man litteraly chewed out the mans eye…ewwwww

  • Max Mouse

    The Devil? Man shove that religious shit up yo ass.

  • curt

    A similar incident has happened before although its not from cocaine but from “Bath Salts” overdose. And I’m not referring to a substance such as epsom salts, they just call it that as so it can be legally sold in the U.S. This stuff has been sold at some head shops and arab owned stores, this stuff will cause you to horrible things. Someone recently told me of a story of a man that while doing this drug, turned a gun gun to his sons head, and literally blew it off…

  • cilick kilo

    time to bild a fort and saftey

  • http://shit dylan

    i do that everyday I growl at cops and eat humans because I hate the world and humans are stupid pieces of shit!!!!!
    grrrrrrr bitch grrrrrrr!!!!

    • http://shit bob saget

      ya brother your right man the fucking world is gay!!!!

    • Anh


  • Anh

    God I hate stupid people, calm down he was high, a lot of people are these days and some take it worse than others

  • bencis

    Cut off their limbs!

  • lizard

    Wow I can’t believe he ate a guy’s face gross NO zombies