Zombie Apocalypse: Eugene’s Girlfriend Blames Voodoo

By: Amanda Crum - June 1, 2012

The so-called Miami cannibal–31-year old Rudy Eugene–who attacked and ate 75% of a homeless man’s face last weekend was apparently viewed by friends and family as a bible-toting regular guy who didn’t drink or do hard drugs. And although he had at least one prior arrest on his record for battery, his mother and girlfriend say he wasn’t a violent man.

His girlfriend says she thinks something supernatural made him attack 65-year old Ronald Poppo, and although she can’t say for sure what that might be, she’s leaning towards voodoo or some other curse.

“That wasn’t him, that was his body but it wasn’t his spirit. Somebody did this to him,” she said.

Eugene’s girlfriend doesn’t want to be identified, but Eugene himself was of Haitian descent. Haiti is known for tales of voodoo and zombie curses, although in reality it has gotten blown out of proportion because of elaborate Haitian funerals and rites of the dead. Eugene’s girlfriend says she doesn’t necessarily believe in voodoo, but she doesn’t know any other way to equate the man she knew to the man on the excruciating 18-minute surveillance video which captured him ripping apart Poppo’s face.

The Memorial Day weekend attack was the first in a string of bizarre and sickening incidents, including a California man who ripped another man’s heart and tongue out before burning them to expel the “demons” he saw in the man and a Canadian porn star who allegedly chopped up his roommate with an icepick, raped the corpse and then ate parts of it before dismembering the body and shipping various appendages to political offices around Canada.

Amanda Crum

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  • http://www.michaelwaisjr.com Michael Wais

    I just wanted to remind you that that story about the guy ripping the heart out of the other guy is from 2010. It just got more hits because of all of these related incidents happening at the same time with unbalanced people eating people.

    I didn’t know that the porn star who dismembered that person did anything with an icepick or ate any of those body parts. I did read that he started mailing a bunch of those body parts to political officials.

  • Alex

    I hope some of these stories are a sick hoax, is it a disgusting stunt for a zombie movie because if not some things havent been explained: Everyone in the video of the attack drives past as if nothing happens but thaT IS UNDERSTANDABLE in todays crazy world, some people get involved and get killed. But, why weren’t officers at the scene quicker? apparently rudy was at his gilrfriends house at 2.am, went over to a ‘friends’ house and then split for the festival.

    so between 2am and 12pm more or less, something happened to make rudy do that. have police searched cctv footage from the area his car was parked, did the guy make it to the urban music festival, who is this friend of his? so noone saw him at all? And i know we are desensitised to violence but watch all the videos of the witnesses and family members and something doesnt seem right, i guess they are all in severe shock but the description of the attack doesnt faze the vega guy

    A few of these stories are a year or old but a few more seem to appear more often from around the world, lets say it maybe drugs, lets say maybe it a mental disorder, What the FKCU is it and what is causing it? Horrible things happen and sometime there is no why, but there must be some reason for this
    More and more seemingly random attacks with either extreme rage, biting, spitting.

    theres a guy in china who has been arrested for killing eating young boys and selling parts of their body to people.

  • Andmasta

    Wasn’t the California incident with the heart and tongue cut out, done by some guy training for MMA? If so, that happened 2 years ago!

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