Miami Cannibal Ate His Victim Down To The Bone

    May 31, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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As new details emerge about the horrifying attack on a homeless man in Miami last weekend, they get more and more brutal. Miami police are saying that the victim, 65-year old Ronald Poppo, had the flesh eaten off his forehead down to the bone. He is also missing an eye, his nose, and mouth. Photos of Poppo after the attack shows only a bloody mess above a beard (WARNING: Extremely graphic. View at your own risk).

Poppo is expected to survive, although he is in critical condition. The major danger for him now is infection from Rudy Eugene’s saliva, as the human mouth carries so many germs.

Because Eugene was shot and killed by police during the attack, it will be difficult to determine the motivation behind it, although the ongoing theory by investigators is that it was drug-fueled. A rumor is going around the internet now about Eugene suffering from a virus, which may actually be scarier. Nothing has been confirmed yet, although an autopsy performed on Eugene reportedly showed nothing unusual. A toxicology screen takes much longer; no word yet on when results are expected.

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  • Drake

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