Metroid-Star Fox Crossover Planned For Wii U [Rumor]

    May 20, 2012
    Zach Walton
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As mentioned earlier this morning, the rumor mill is kicking into high gear as we approach E3 this year. We already got a look at an updated Wii U controller. The next rumor seems more like fan fiction or wishful thinking, but the source is reputable.

The latest rumor from Paul Gale Network, the same site that revealed PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale months before the reveal, has heard what Retro Studios may be up to on the Wii U. The rumor points to a crossover game that has the Metroid and Star Fox universes colliding. It’s the kind of idea that only fan fiction could dream up, but crazier things have happened.

The rumor says that Retro Studios have been working on a new IP for a while now, while others at the studio wanted to make a space combat game like Star Fox. Nintendo compromised and is having the studio work on both in one game. The structure will be a mix of classic Metroid Prime style gameplay with Star Fox space battles. The player will switch back and forth between the two as the stories between the two characters intertwine.

The idea is completely off the wall and a lot of gamers have already voiced their disgust in regards to the idea. The good thing is that it’s just rumor for now, but if true – Retro Studios is the only developer that could pull it off. They already proved that they can go outside of their Metroid comfort zone with the excellent Donkey Kong Country Returns. I think they could do a Star Fox game justice as well.

If this does end up being true, the only real problem would be that both games are very different from a setting standpoint. One features mostly realistic human characters while the other is anthropomorphic animals flying space ships. The only real similarity is that both franchises take place in space.

I guess we’ll find out soon enough if this turns out to be true or not. I do want a new Metroid game and Retro is the studio to do it after the disappointing Other M. I also want a new Star Fox after the last few entries have also been disappointing. Combining them, however, might not be the best solution.

  • Christian

    Hop off your little bandwagon, Other M was a MASTERPIECE.

    Seriously, any reviewer who bashes this beautiful work of art is no better than all the other sheep-like reviewers who prance around pretending Call of Duty is actually anything above mediocrity. One bad review of Other M and all you little dopes too dense to think for yourselves hop along for the ride, and it’s a damn shame. This game was the perfect mix of modern cinematic elements, addicting gameplay and the SNES nostalgia we were all craving. I am simply CLUELESS as to why ANYONE would give the game ANYTHING less than an 8. Reviewing games isn’t about pandering to a group, it’s about analyzing content./othermrant

    The crossover sounds interesting and I doubt it wouldn’t be fun, but I think Nintendo has bigger and better things they could be spendng time on, easily.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/zach-walton Zach Walton

      I said Other M was disappointing, not bad. I thoroughly enjoyed the game, but the story was absolute trash. I want a Metroid that just focuses on what it does best: exploration. I was excited to see Samus expanded as a character, but I don’t want to anymore after Other M. If you enjoyed the story, that’s your prerogative. It was just disappointing to me. That’s an opinion, not being a “sheep-like reviewer.”

      • William Bumgarner

        Eh….the story was alright, in and of itself, though Metroid Fusion had the same plot and did it better, in my opinion. Did not like the character development for Samus…I won’t say character assassination like some, but it was the biggest flaw in the game, bar none. That, combined with the forced perspective-switching to use missiles, etc., was so awkward I really couldn’t get used to it. Ended up dealing with most enemies the long way (charged beam shots) so that I could actually still dodge attacks as I fired. Didn’t mind Samus having a love interest in Adam, and I could understand her being emotional over certain things, but they made her seem more like a whiny teenage girl that couldn’t go to the prom than an ass-kicking bounty hunter.

    • Caleb James

      I have to agree with Zach on this one. It’s our opinion. My opinion of the game was rather similar. The game itself was not bad, but lacked many of essential mechanics of a true Metroid game, like Exploration, Back-Tracking, Problem Solving. There was a little of that within Other M, but nowhere near as much as in the old classics, like Super Metroid, and the first Prime. I will give Other M this; it was nice to see a little of Samus’ past experiences, especially in such great animation. The gameplay was, unfortunately just not up to par standards for a Metroid game. The fact that items and upgrades could not be found out of sequence was rather frustrating and shredded the replay value of the game, at least for me personally. Again, not a bad game. It had some very good features in it. But, like Zach said, a little disappointing…

  • jake

    I want a new STAR FOX game, and a new METROID game, please dont screw it up and try to combine to completely different franchises

  • Art Vandelay

    Perhaps the Dachora and Etecoons seen in Super Metroid/Fusion could relate to the Star Fox universe as distant ancestors or something. I loved those wii little creatures.. I’m sure Slippy could benefit from learning how to perform a shinespark, wall jump, or….. anything useful..

  • Jaiguru

    Agreed, Other M was disappointing. It could have been so much more. I didn’t even now when I was fighting the last battle and why would you pass up the opportunity for another encounter with the Mother Brain? She’s the iconic big bad guy of the series.

    All I can say for the crossover is I hope Sony or Microsoft gets it’s act together or I may be sitting this next round of consoles out.

    “Yaya a screen in my controller”. -looks up at the 1080p, 40 inch vision in front of him- “Oh right, that does kind of suck”

    • kurisu7885

      Actually, I think that’s more if someone wants to use the TV, then you can just use the screen on your controller, plus, they did say the controller screen will do other functions, like a secondary menu or something.

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/squaretherapy JDoss

    First off, I think combining the two would be incredible. Especially if it’s retro. Donkey Kong Country Returns was genious, and I expected nothing less of retro. I love games that combine worlds, hence the reason I’m such a huge fan of the smash bros series. I mean come on people, you can’t sit there and tell me you dont wanna fly fox around during a giant space battle against Ridley and Andross! it’s just too epic. Now on to the other M… I was not a fan. Sorry christian, it was everything but a masterpiece. By far the worst metroid ever released and I stand by that. Do I still own it? of course I do. And like zach said, I enjoyed it for what it was. the gameplay was decent, but the story was awful, including the voice acting. I really loved the concept of what they were going for, but it could’ve been way better. All in all, every series is gonna have a flunk in my opinion. The other M was metroids. Then again I’ve never been a Team Ninja.