Mermaids: The Body Found Documentary Still Fascinates

    May 27, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Mermaids have captured our imaginations for years now. From eerie stories about wild creatures luring sailors to their deaths to lovely fantasy tales about long-haired beauties grooming themselves on rocks, people can’t seem to get enough. When Animal Planet aired a documentary last year about a mermaid body being found inside a great white shark, viewers went nuts. And now, the Discovery channel has aired another special which shows what mermaids would look like if they were real.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association issued a statement last year declaring mermaids fictional creatures, just to be on the safe side.

“Mermaids – those half-human, half-fish sirens of the sea – are legendary sea creatures chronicled in maritime cultures since time immemorial. But are mermaids real? No evidence of aquatic humanoids has ever been found.”

The synopsis for the newest doc reads:

Once upon a time, there lived a little mermaid in an underwater kingdom. She ventured to surface, longing to communicate with people on land…

This is a fairytale told and retold to children everywhere; it’s a beloved story about a legendary creature that’s described in the mythologies of nearly every human culture in history. People across all continents who’ve had no communications with other societies have described the same half-man, half-fish anomaly – they’ve spoken about the same mythic animal.

What if there’s a kernel of truth that lives beneath the legend of the mythic mermaid? Now, in MERMAIDS: THE BODY FOUND, premiering Sunday, May 27, from 9-11 PM ET/PT, Animal Planet brings viewers into the world where the legend is real. The film blends real-life events and phenomena with the story of two scientists who testify they found the remains of a never-before-identified sea creature. Spectacular CGI animates a world where mermaids really do swim below the water’s surface, cooperatively hunt with dolphins and may continue to survive in an intricate society where they stay hidden in fear of their Earth-bound relatives.

They may not be real, but you can pretend they are while watching CGI versions on the show. Check out Monster Week until tomorrow, May 28th.

  • Skyler

    Okay, I see it this way: if mermaids are real, then that would mean that vampires and werewolve do too.

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      • Dale Wiles

        I watched the show last night, and I must say I do beleive there is something to there findings. Do you relize how large and deep the ocean is? You’d be a fool to think it isnt possible for there to be other life forms other then what you can see all the time. People are affraid of what that dont understand. And our goverment is always quick to coverup things found. Ask your self one question? Why is the goverment going to such extream to say its all a lie? Why do they waste time and money if there isnt something to it. Open your mind. I choise to keep an open mind and hope there is something out there that is kind and has more brains then we have. Lets face it a large amount of humans just want to kill everything they dont understand. Thats real smart!!!! If they do live out in the beautifull ocean leave it alone, let it stay free and unharmed.

        • Athena

          Omg!.. Yes!!! I totally agree with you, there’s so much we humans havent discovered, the ocean is huge and theres thing down there that you cant seen to explain because we just want to believe on what our eye have seen. I havent seen a mermaid but i do believe in them..

        • Rav

          TOTALLY AGREE!! there have been sea animals found which scientist has never discovered. 90% of the ocean’s floor mapping have never been seen or “found”. so dont be to quick to make assumptions. who knows what is out there. all over the world people has stories ut them. different cultures and people. so everyone is lying now??

    • Theresa Smith

      Well let’s see they have dinosaurs bones of T-Rex that are 40 foot tall how amazing is that!? If you think about that for a minute it almost seems unrealistic. If there were dinosaurs why not mermaids? It’s really not that far fetched.

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  • Jim


  • Kippy

    Clicked over to see what was on Discovery, Monday, May 28th, and was soon hypnotized by the unfolding Mermaid story. I must have said a dozen times, “This can’t possibly be real!” But hearing the testimonial from Dr. Paul Robertson, former NOAA marine biologist was very interesting/convincing. The sub footage from Dr. Torsten Schmidt, a Danish marine geologist, surveying possible oil & gas drilling sites for Iceland, at 3,000 feet deep having two different encounters was fascinating! If this is a hoax, they’ve done a great job.

    • paul
      • John

        So you post two random websites with NO legitimacy and attempt to argue against something that itself has very little legitimacy? You are worse than the millions of fakers out there! LOL

        you fail at trying to prove others wrong!

    • Rebecca

      LMAO!!! This show was so put on!! Nothing on it was real!! Havefun with the easter bunny, santa claus and the leperchauns.

      • unoefxz

        you mean there is no Easter Bunny??? you bitch, you have ruined my life!!

    • Robert

      Are you sure you weren’t just on acid

  • jon

    man …donkeys ……what tv station put on …..i feel like they think that viewers ore stupid …like they really think that video of the mermaid on that rock looked real ….REALLY!! ….and the one that swam next to the boat ……man!! …it looked like a cartoon mermaid added to the video ….GET REAL DISCOVERY …..YOU REALL PUT STUPID CRAP ON!!!

  • jon

    man …donkeys ……what tv station put on …..i feel like they think that viewers ore stupid …like they really think that video of the mermaid on that rock looked real ….REALLY!! ….and the one that swam next to the boat ……man!! …it looked like a cartoon mermaid added to the video ….GET REAL DISCOVERY …..YOU REALL PUT STUPID CRAP ON!!!

  • http://www.boabw.etsy.com Unity

    Mermaid are real cause I’m one.. I been in my human body for so long I forgot how to swim.. The sea been calling me back home, for some time now… I’m really real and I’m an artist… I’m a mermaid that paints beautiful art. There are few more like me out there, I can feel their energy.. We have to connect.. The sea is a whole new world.. Where all kinds of human like beings live.. If you all really knew the truth.. Believe!

    • sonya7m

      I like your comment. That’s beautifully said. I feel like one too,I always felt. When I was younger it was very hard for me to live in the human world. I had to pretend….

  • http://www.boabw.etsy.com Unity

    Mermaid are real cause I’m one.. I been in my human body for so long I forgot how to swim.. The sea been calling me back home, for some time now… I’m really real and I’m an artist… I’m a mermaid that paints beautiful art. There are few more like me out there, I can feel their energy.. We have to connect.. The sea is a whole new world.. Where all kinds of human like beings live.. If you all really knew the truth.. Believe!

    • Ariel

      I am so thankful to have heard about you.. Im one of the last species of Ichthyosapien pacificus atomicus.. yes! our species’ come from the Pacific.. we are running out in numbers already here.. some died of oil spills.. some died beyond volcanic eruptions under tectonic movements.. we’ve seen a couple of marine biologist hunting us now..and if we dont make a move to keep our species alive, our existence will soon be instinct and then forgotten.. We need to see more of our kind..those mermaids around the world, we need your help! We are all in danger now!

      • Im not stupid!

        Oh god you guys are so dumb! It’s hard enough to belive mermaids are real, why would we belive this? And come on! Ariel? How stupid and classic. That makes it harder to belive with the story of a young mermaid that yearns to live with the humans.

    • sonya7m

      I always felt like I am one too. I wont say that this documentary is true or a hoax,but I believe they were (are) mermaids just like dinosaurs

  • http://webpronews.com Cia

    Well i have watched all of the episodes on animal planet they are very convencing and i acutally do BELIVE in mermaids becuase if we are fining new fish and new animals every day what makes you say that there not out there the sea is a very big place and is very deep there is places that people have never gone how do you know if there down there? The answer is you dont and untill you searced every part then we will never know.

  • Sundae Allison

    Hahaha.. Okay, you are all acting like 3 year olds. I’m 19, and I know that mermaids ARE real. But they are nothing like us, and are probably more related to whales and may not even be mammals. If anyone is ‘admitting to it being fake.’ they are doing so due to the government. to anyone who reads this. Folk lore and fairy tales had to be based off SOMETHING. Don’t mark it all down as crazy, because how are you even here, reading this, on a machine? I’ll bet you in the billions of years to come (that’s saying that we still have this planet..) the beings of that time will be like, omg they did NOT ride around in little machines, use false body parts, and get tattoos. That’s crazy.

  • the little mermaid

    This is the newest video of the happening. the mermaids were filmed close to Greenland, by Danish marine biologist.


  • Felix

    I was swimming naked one time and this beautiful female mermaid gave me good head in the water!!

  • StephenL

    I had a good laugh reading the “believers'” comments. Let me help you guys out a bit: first off, the “videos” are POOR CGI. The video that was supposedly video taken by the two kids, shows the kids feet as he is running away in terror, I’m sorry but that phone would be showing everywhere but his feet running away. All of the other video is blurry, jumpy, and glitchy…HELLO! Second, I live near Beaufort, SC and no one, I mean NO ONE that has ever been near Beaufort, SC pronounces it bofort it is Beaufort as in beautiful. Next, Beaufort does not have “Naval” facilities, that’s in Charleston, SC in the EOD where the trained seals are housed. I have been through both facilities as a contractor performing construction repairs to many ‘classified’ buildings. Charleston has the only holding tanks of the sort shown and they are outside not inside.
    Third, and not the last, All and I do mean ALL of the people shown are known actors and can all be found on the internet. Please people get a real life. I can continue on facts that prove the shows are fake not to mention that Animal Planet itself has disclaimers, but space and my attention will not allow it.

    • Theresa

      WEll,please forgive us “believers” When I watch a show, especially a “documentary” I don’t look up names of actors, or details about where a particular event took place, even if I am unfamiliar with the name. I don’ know where Naval bases are, I don’t need to know where they are. I do know that our government does indeed hide things from us, so that did make it a little more believable.
      I watched that show with my 9yr old grandaughter totally unaware that it was fictitious. It just didn’t seem sooooo farfetched that one would not believe that it was legitimate.
      Please don’t make fun of those of us who now feel foolish enough. For 3hrs my grandaughter was in awe & the next day at school her & her little friends discussed the show at length.
      I say “shame on Discovery Planet’.

  • sarah

    Ha bofort!! All I can do is laugh my husband just left beaufort sc from being a corpsman at the naval HOSPITAL! All their is at he naval part is literally a hospital. Beaufort is mainly known for the marine boot camp. If they are going to say a place maybe they should look into the details of the naval station better.

  • Bryan

    Want to know if these “scientists” Paul Robertson and Torsten Schmidt are real? Academic scientists publish in peer-reviewed journals. Check out Science Direct and you’ll not find any publications for Paul Robertson (other than an economist) or Torsten Schmidt (only a chemist at University Duisburg- Essen who makes his CV online to the public).

    Not denying the theory of mermaids myself, theory breeds research. But separate fact from fiction. These, however, are actors.

  • shana

    well the ocean is huge and deep and like they discover two new whales what i believe is there more out there then we think i wish i could go out there and look for myself plus the our government does hide things from us

  • ex vet

    I’d be more concerned about the Navy’s latest sonar weapon which has been killing multitudes of cetaceans worldwide. As any military organization better killing technology is always on their agenda whether whales, dolphins and even humans end up being “innocent” victims. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  • http://none Russell Rojas Jr.


  • http://none Russell Rojas Jr.

    Yes, I’ve seen the very convincing documentaries, and believe these creatures may well exist, although they are humsan-dolphin hybrids, rather than human-fish. They are NOT, however , descended from prehistoric humanoids that returned to the sea. Rather, they , along with other chimeras such as centaurs, were created on antedeluvian Atlantis, whose scientists mastered some sort of primitive gene-splicing. Such tampering angered God, and He sent the Great(Noah’s) Flood to destroy man’s wickedness. Merfolk, however, being marine- dwellers, may have survived to this day. This is all very possible.

    • Will

      Wtf. LOL

  • Suckmyseasaltyballs

    I’m the king of the merpeople we have secretly been plotting for years in our watery bunkers to come up onto land and sort you landluvers out. My name is neilous I’m from Atlantis and you may catch us on video in rather dodgy angles by professors of nonsense but bring the war to the sea and you will tremble before my terrible rath as you dicks can’t swim for shit. Even Michael phelps cudnt keep up with a week old merbaby. Maybe your government hides it from you cause at the end of the day they know. IM THE FCKING DADDY!!!!!!!

  • Rachel

    I believe mermaids could be out there, yet some of the images and videos of them seemed fake. However that doesn’t stop me from believeing. Hey here’s something strange to think of; One day a Megalodon is going to wash up on shore.

  • Dan Polach

    I as a viewer of Animal Planet and History channels watched the show
    Mermaids the body found and the sequel to it. I did not see any disclaimers before, during or after the show stating it was a fake or untrue events. If AP or history channels that base there shows on science and possibilities is trying to pass off Fabricated movies instead of actual events, I would watch HBO and the top three news
    channels instead. However I enjoy watching AP and History channels because I thought they based there info on reputable science. If AP and History channels are attempting to fool the public with sudo science I as viewer will be cancelling my cable tv subscription to those channels and possibly dumping cable tv all together. I expect to see reputable science info and actual events on these channels. I also expect to see responsible editing not fabricated lies.

  • Ashley

    You can just look up the show and see that they are actors, and get their real names.


    I have found all of their real names. The main guy has done other movies like this as well (Finding “something”)… His real name is Andre Weideman.

    Go you tube “The goblin Man of Norway” and go to 1:30 and keep watching… Same guy saying his name is Mark Hoyt, different job. Apparently he likes doing films that make people go WTF and believe stuff that never occurred.

    Anyways, just use google. They are all actors. You can find their real names and what other movies they have done…

    This is the main guy:


  • Ethan parnell

    What people need to do is go to Dr. paul robertson web page and try to figure out why the goverment has taken it down!!!! go look it up yourself!!! the goverment has taken it down and animal planet has taken the cowards way out!!!

  • Suraya

    For all those who can’t figure it out, Mermaids: The Body Found was pretty much them reacting out what happen with the research team. Smh.

  • Theresa

    I say “shamne on Discovery Channel”. The show didn’t appear sooooo farfetched to some of us. Children watched & were fascinated……thought that they were learning about a wonderful new discovery by mankind. I watched with my 9yr old grandaughter & she was fascinated by what she was seeing. I did not see any disclaimers prior to or during the show, so I also “fell for it”. I think the show was really cruel on the part of Discovery & if anything like this should happen again in the future, I will not be watching one of our favorite channels anymore.

  • lola

    There IS a disclaimer at the end, it’s just very small and fast. It states that the whole thing is a work of fiction. It does also say that the “bloop” is real. A mysterious sound that can not be identified! I’ll just stick to Disney for some good mer-stories!

    • Kornar

      The bloop is indeed real.I remember finding it online many many years ago, when it wasn’t correlated with mermaids. Is it a mermaid sound, who knows? But what I know is that this unidentifiable sound pattern does exist.

  • Shine

    There are certain things to believe in. While some are just over exaggerated publicity (whatever you’d like to call it). I may not believe in ALL of what I hear/see via media, but I do believe the possibility of existence. It’s no different than aliens beyond our horizons.
    Just because the eyes doesn’t see it, does not necessarily mean that it is not there.

  • http://www.mermaidsthenewevidence.com Richard Fry

    I’ve uploaded both of the Mermaids videos to http://www.mermaidsthenewevidence.com if anyone would like to check them out. You can also download them directly from the page if you don’t feel like watching them in the browser.

  • Tyrone

    I can’t say that the video is lying because truthfully the government runs the media. If they had found mermaids they wouldn’t want to let us know. That is why you have so many people trying to put the stories out there. The fact is that many things exist that humans can’t comprehend doesn’t make it false. We don’t know everything.

  • Barbara Waldman

    I found the docu-dramas very compelling the fact that they had actors doing the reenactmen doesn’t bother me in the least

  • Hugo

    This show is a pack of shit, F U discovery channel.

  • unoefxz

    you mean there is no Easter Bunny? thank you for ruining my life…

    • http://Here.com Elaina Cooper

      Yes there are real Thayer are just saying that becuz the USA government tell them to I seen mermaid I believe in mermaids u should to !

  • ADivine-encounter Cia


    From Day One Government Officials have always been disclaiming
    discoveries of strange creatures, even though there have been dozens of Eye
    Witnesses. It's their nasty habit!!!` What are they covering up and why?
    MERMAIDS are real sea creatures created through genetic manipulation thousands

    For hundreds of years there have been sightings and encounters by
    credible people in Society; Doctors, Lawyers, Scientists etc. yet people say
    its a lie. Many people have seen Ghosts with their own two eyes, yet people say
    Ghost don't exist, People saw the Lochness monster with their own two eyes yet
    people say its a lie,,, The Roswell Alien Discovery was aired by the Military
    after an airborne object crashed on a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico in July
    1947. The space craft and 3 feet bodies were found, seen by many eye witnesses,
    including the military officials, yet the Government say there is nothing. What
    about Mokele-Mbembe? seen by thousands of eye witnesses who were able to draw
    an image of what they saw to the American Scientists? These people have never
    seen a book in their life muchless for images of Dinosaurs. How could they draw
    images of a Dinosaur accurately if they did not see anything?

    The footage in the Mermaid Videos are Real footage taken unexpectedly
    by Scientist. Animal Planet would never make up false document and present it as
    true information; they wouldn’t There are creatures out there that are yet
    unknown to the public….The greatest truth are upon those who are Eye