Mermaid Body: You Can Have One Of Your Very Own

    July 18, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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With all the confusion out there about whether mermaids really exist, sea nymphs are getting a bad rap. And for all us girls who admired Ariel as kids, that just sucks. The fairytale aspect is only part of the reason to love it; mermaids are beautiful, ethereal, graceful, and, best of all, sparkly. So what if a few bad apples lured sailors to their deaths? If you read your lore, you’ll find more awesome mermaids than not.

That’s why we can all rejoice that the good people over at 3-Fins decided to make custom-fit mermaid tails for any girl who’s willing to drop $250 to be fabulous in the pool this summer. They’re colorful, shimmery, and I daresay they look like more fun than that boring old two-piece you just bought from Target. Check it out.

Hat tip to Buzzfeed.




  • Pennyforyourthoughts

    Maybe I’m claustrophobic, but I would hate my legs to be trapped like that!

  • K

    I’d drown for sure!

  • http://www.costume-ideas.com Alex

    Beautiful disguise, but somewhat useless outside a pool…