Mermaid Body Found: People Fooled by Faux Documentary Once Again

    July 17, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Mermaid body found: Although the “documentary” you watched last night aired on Animal Planet, it wasn’t real. I know that’s a little confusing for some folks to grasp, especially since the program appeared on a network that usually devotes itself to facts rather than fiction. As a result, people have been searching frantically for the truth behind these tall tales, prompting “mermaid body found” to rise to the top of the trends once again.

In fact, as a response to the original airing of this perplexing documentary, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued a statement declaring that mermaids do not exist. Well, as far as they know, anyway. The study seemed to be a direct response to the Animal Planet’s program, which caused quite a bit of confusion the first time around. Now that the network is doing the summer rerun shuffle, people have once again mistaken the show as something legit.

Here’s the “plot” for the documentary, straight from Wikipedia:

Two former National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration scientists, after investigating mass stranding of whales, claim to have recorded mysterious underwater noises coming from an unknown source. This sound resembled a sound previously recorded in 1997, called the “bloop”. They recovered 30% of the remains of an unknown creature from inside a great white shark which was said to possess attributes of the human body. They alleged that the marine creature had hands, not fins, and the hip structure of an upright animal. These findings, along with many others led the team to determine that this unknown animal was very closely related to humans — a mermaid.

To reiterate: “Mermaids: The Body Found” is not a real documentary. What you’re seeing are CGI images crafted on a computer, nothing more. The idea behind the program was to give viewers an idea of what mermaids would look like if they were, in fact, real. So stop freaking out and quit believing everything you see or hear on television. Chances are, someone is just messing with your head, kind of like the video embedded below. By the way: It’s fake.

If you’re curious to see what all of the fuss is about, take a look at the video embedded below. Someone in their infinite wisdom thought it would be a good idea to upload a subtitled version of the documentary onto YouTube, so it’s probably only a matter of time before it gets yanked. However, if you don’t mind terrible picture quality and wonky sound, by all means, have a look. It’ll give you an idea of what people are talking about.

  • pfarina

    “Peopled”????? Come ON already with the lack of proofreading headlines. This is ridiculous.

  • Alexander Barber

    The way the world is today who knows what to believe any more? All the lies and deception going on over the years??!! You have something like this airing on television, why wasn’t it told before the show that the documentary your about to view is fiction, the characters aren’t real? I’ve seen it done with others, why not this one? SMH This world we live in.

  • mike

    this is probulary true but who can believe in anything the government tells you ??

    • mary

      correct. take for example area 51? seeing is believing, but then again, is what we are seeing real, or are we all fooled once again? i wonder this. question everything.

      • jay samaro


        Consecutive Conversion of Species Theory
        By: Sanjay Samaro

        Throughout the timeline of life the constant progression in evolution is the defining factor in the
        ‘’Law of development’’, orchestrating the divine creation of man.
        My thesis is in general belief that modern day humans did not evolve from monkey, ape, or any other primate, but are successors of an advanced Homo aquatic mammal.

        Scientific facts & orthodox understanding entails that during the Mesozoic era (age of the dinosaurs) the reptilian species split into Sauropsids (true reptiles) & Synapsids (Proto mammals).
        These non-primate mammals evolved to have warm blood, manage their temperature by sweating,
        & give live birth instead of laying eggs.
        When the KT extinction took place in the later Cretaceous/Mesozoic period very few life forms survived & receded into the waters for safe haven. However, the unsettled atmosphere filled with gas & dust blocked the sun, cooling the waterways deeming a less hospitable environment for reptilians/Sauropsid.
        While land was unhabitual, marine proto mammals flourished in design procuring the next Era on land the Cenozoic (age of the mammals).

        The first life forms to emerge onto land in the Cenozoic would be small in mass that can survive on limited food portions like an insect &/or vegetation diet. This first settlement became small primates, reptiles, amphibians… Later waves of migration onto land may have spawned felines, canines, & different variations of primates like monkeys.
        As time progressed, certain animals may have evolved to their maximum potential because of a sustained environment, with slight changes from cross breeding. Scientific facts state modern monkeys & many other creatures still resemble their ancient ancestors with few alterations.

        With the earth abundant with food sources to support various carnivorous & vegetarian diets, subsequently brought the larger predators/ hunters out of the waterways. Possibly the same life form or a variation that spawned the first primates on land, remained in the oxygen & nutrient rich waters for several million years increasing in size, brain capacity, & also acquiring dominate features.

        This peculiar marine mammal that had an ancestral background originating aquatically, to a land dweller & then aquatic once more likely emerged from the waters with a social hunting behavior, sonar/vocal capabilities of a modern day dolphin.
        This creature possessing both land & aquatic evolutionary remnants encoded within its DNA, may have been the predecessor of Pierolapithecus (the first & most common ancestor of all great apes).
        Pierolapithecus reinforced the Quaternary/ Neogene period because it was not only the first hominid on earth but also the known to be the first ape primate.

        The DNA signature in the Pierolapithecus ape that allowed for hominid characteristics, suggest it did not evolve from monkeys or any other primate because they completely lacked & did not display signs of evolving hominid qualities along with a drastic variance in bone/ body size.
        These unique qualities in Pierolapithecus shown for the first time in history are linked to an ancestral conversion precedent imbedded in its DNA, from evolving back & forth between land & water.

        Some of these features include; the shoulder blades of ape lie along its back unlike monkeys, which are located on the sides of the ribcage, like dogs. In addition, one of the two forearm bones “articulates “or attaches flexibly to the wrist which allows for a large degree of hand rotation.
        This hand rotation feature is only present on Homo sapiens & all modern great apes.
        A much larger cranium & brain cavity is displayed also a short stiff lower spine unlike a monkeys more flexible vertebrae for swinging on trees. These differences between ape & monkey coincide with a gap in the primate fossil record which may insist that these advanced stages of development derived from the marine mammal to ape transition possibly leaving the fossil remains buried at the rising shores, or submersed &/or frozen in caves around the world.

        Other predominate features that only apes eventually evolved that suggests they were procreated by a later emerging aquatic life form, than their monkey counterpart:
        The spinal cord opening relocates directly under the skull instead of towards the back, which is the case in non-bipedal animals. This urge to walk up right that relocated the spinal cord opening may have spawned from behavioral remnants of the vertical ascension aquatic mammal’s display when surfacing the water. Another possible reason why the spinal cord relocated directly under the skull is during the transition from marine mammal to ape the Melon (a fatty organ located on the forehead outside the skull of marine mammals for echolocation) was still present creating an unbalanced head for land life.
        This melon devolved in some animals & perhaps evolved into the cranium cavity in others.
        The larger brute apes, gorilla & orangutan have conical craniums with a concaved/recessed forehead.
        This conceivably may be signs of a devolved melon, the other two more intelligent great apes Chimpanzee & baboons retain a more round & smooth humanlike skull.
        This suggests that the cranium encircled both the melon & brain producing one large fatty organ. Although this newly interfaced brain had reached limitations on apes, it may prove to be the perfected evolutionary process for a later emerging aquatic mammal that surfaced to land during the Pleistocene (time of Neanderthal). Artifactual evidence proves that the later Pleistocene produced the closest resembling anatomically modern humans to date.
        Plausibly these refined aquatic mammals were forced out of the southern waters by apex predators like the perfected great white sharks. Africa & Australia where modern white sharks reside, display the first fossil evidence of Homo sapiens &/ or Neanderthal. This does not conclude that all Homo sapiens migrated out of Africa to populate the world. Some of these marine mammals might have chosen to evade these predators by migrating to the cooler northern waters & even inhabited lakes & rivers navigating streams to all four hemispheres.
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        Speech production) conceivably the keystone of human speech.

        Neanderthal exhibited the first signs of elaborate tool making & the first to bury their dead.
        Maybe skin color was not the only difference between many Neanderthal tribes. They possibly had the same characteristics of man today because of the African/Australian regions were first to spawn life they are to be the most evolved humans on land. Some of these traits plainly display African natives to be better all-around athletes on land. These features include a lower fat index, muscular thighs & gluts, denser bones, & fallen foot arches for greater stabilization.

        The later arising aquatic mammals out of the northern regions render lighter skinned Homo sapiens
        That still fall victim to sunburn because without the waters protection they are less evolved to direct sunlight other traits of an aquatic atmosphere promote blue, green, & grey eyes. Also buoyant bones in Non Africans induce dominate aquatic athletes from the northern regions throughout central Asia.
        These predecessors to man may have evolved different physical features due to saline/ mineral content
        In the waters &/or oxygen/nutrient levels on land. Similarities that conclude that man was once aquatic:
        The human body is 65% water & when skin is extremely dry it scales.
        Humans have little body hair & like marine mammals, we possess a fat layer under our skin.
        Our brains are more like cetaceans than other primates are, also a similar bone structure is evident.
        Humans can regulate breathing longer than any terrestrial mammal.
        Akin marine mammals & human babies instinctively know how to swim and hold their breath.
        Humans possess remnant webbing on hands and feet, unlike other primates.
        Dolphins are one of the few animals that copulate for pleasure; the same is true of humans.
        Coastal regions around the world were first inhabited & still the most populated despite the dangers.
        Although not all life forms on Earth are exposed, our evolved species stands predominant with its psychological and neurological functions.

  • Lee

    I never believed in ghosts either until I had an actual encounter with one.

  • Joe

    Watched and enjoyed! True or not, I came away, thinking that Popoise ARE smarter than even experts think. One to think about. HMMMM??

  • Darlene Sample

    just because we dont see it, it dosnt mean that thing dont live. the old timers tell the story of thing thay saw and we dont belive it until we see it ourself. we dont know what out there, that we having seen and yet to find.
    Darlene Sample

    • mary

      i will agree with you. anything is possible.

    • llel

      yeah the same scientists that hope to discover the millions of undocumented species so they can name them after themselves are quick to roll their eyes when lay people believe their might be undocumented species.

      certainly there are more extinct species over the time span of the earth than there are in existence today, anything is/was/will be possible, we all have gill slits in early development so biology clearly allows us to go either way, land or sea. it’s easy to see how a species with this adaptation could be convinced by evolution to develop differently depending on need

  • KrisB

    I know the images werent real but were the scientists and their story? The only thing that seemed interesting was the recordings, were they real? OBVIOUSLY the sequences with the mermaids swimming around isnt realy duh…but what about the “story” in general???

    • Deig

      That is exactly what I have been wondering. Were they really scientists or are they just hired actors? Everyone seems to be focused on the CGI mermaids as the cause for confusion, but I am confused because the scientists story seems plausible and no one has come out and said that it was just scripted.

  • mem

    stupid story. i do like mikes comment and the use of the word “probulary”

  • nj

    She needs a better wig!

  • ruffer


    Mermaids are blonde!

  • Rich

    No one has seen god either,but many people seem to think he/she is real.

    • Holly

      I agree with you on this to no end.

  • darlene

    None of us can see god but we still believe in him.

    • llel

      that’s what kills me….

      ghosts in the sky are real, ghosts down here are obviously fake
      jesus mega-cloning fish by sleight of hand to feed the masses is real, fish people are fake.

      so ridiculous

  • Greg

    Animal planet is getting more questionable every day. I do not watch the station anymore

  • http://yahoo olivia

    she sud be in a cartoon movie dat evry 1 will admired her hehehehehe…..

  • http://yahoo olivia

    stupid people tryng 2 fool us such a silly joke huh!!!!!!

  • Tina Opp

    I haven’t seen any REAL proof yet. I watched the first show because it did intrique me and it was on a channel that usually documents about true stuff.In the back of my mine I was thinking what the heck has got me wanting to believe this stuff but I had to watch realizing I was probably being duped.Finished watching the first show and was left still feeling skeptical. I was dissappointed because it left me feeling like it was just another one of those shows trying to make a story out of scanty evidence or possibly outright fooling people.They just do it in a way that they can get away with it. I didn’t watch the second one because the first one rubbed me the wrong way.My opinion of the animal planet channel went down for airing it. From what I hear about the second show I’m glad I didn’t watch it. To say they found the body and then to realize during the show that the actual body they showed was just a prop used to show what it would look like would have ticked me off for wasting my time watching the show. I didn’t watch the second show and only got this from hear say so maybe I don’t know what i’m talking about but it sure seems fake to me.

  • Suzanne

    Everything I’ve read on the internet about this show says it’s fake, and they only thing they mention in these articles are the CGI images. Well, duh. Of course the CGI images are fake. But what no article that I can find mentions, are if the NOAA doctors are real or not. I haven’t been able to find them listed as actors anywhere. No article makes mention of whether their story about the government cover up is potentially real. Who are these doctors and researchers?

    • Moe O

      Hey Tina, the two doctors are actors check the IMDB and you’ll see. Hollywood is all smoke and mirrors, here to entertain…

  • n

    not even the real video. govs role again to keep the world protected and blinded.you cant keep everything a secret forever.

  • Ashley

    Government cover up!

    • Zed Mezcalhead

      Hahaha!! People are stupid, buddy. They might believe you. When the press comes knocking, watch out.

  • eilrahc neehs

    as a visiting alien my planet has pleny of mermaid & mermen

  • Khh

    Mermaids are fish with a human face pattern on their back, probably so they don’t get eaten. You can see videos of them on youtube.

  • BOB

    If this thing was real, would it not be coved in flies and bugs?

  • Echo

    Of course it isn’t real! The point of the documentary was to bring up the Water Ape Theory; which I thought was very interesting and made complete sense.

  • Bill The Cat

    LOL!! People are sheep!!!

  • aroon

    i would like to add something here,first of all no one believe in us government.Because from the beginning they are denying everything the fact about UFO,the Kennedy case and now the mermaid!!It worst than North Korea..

  • Shelly miller

    Very interesting show. I can understand these might be actors, but how do you account for all the stories and reported history of these creatures by people all over the world who had never been in contact with each other? Its kind of like bigfoot. Dont bash the station that played it……yes they did use cgi to show a depiction of what mermaids may look like, but we’ve all seen cgi dinosaurs too right? It’s a depiction.

  • Bill The Cat

    On the other hand…They DID find Sasquatch and offered to pay him to be in commercials for Jack’s Links. HMMM LMAO!!!!!

  • Atticus

    This mermaid story is just to check the media’s progress in dumbing down Americans. Apparently Americans so stupid that they will literally believe anything they see on their teevee including aliens, cannibals, and zombies.

    Now they have the idiots believing mermaids.

    Watch the popular documentary “Don’t Go West” and “Social Engineering 101” to find out how people got so stupid.

    • Daniel

      To say that Aliens, or any other form of life doesn’t exist is your own arrogance of pure stupidity!

      • Atticus

        I didn’t say they didn’t exist, you said that I said that.

        To believe that something exists just because the man in the suit on your teevee said so is not the same as the possibility of life on other planets.

        To believe that something exists, such as aliens with no proof is just another form of religion with in science fiction wrapper.

  • Local

    The mermaids on the documentary are certainly NOT REAL. The scientists are real, and the story is legit. Animal Planet wouldn’t be such as to be careless. If they fake anything on it, even the credibility of the scientists, then goodbye Animal Planet. No more seasons for you, no more viewers.

    p.s. Scientists lately are finding more and more new insects/animals and fauna that they haven’t discovered before. So the mermaids/merman might actually rise up before 12/21/12!

    • Kat

      The scientists aren’t real. Check IMDB, they’re actors. None of it was real. There was a blink and you miss it disclaimer in the end credits admitting that it is a ‘fictional’ documentary. Animal Planet were not careless just unethical in not being upfront with its viewership.

  • Priscilla

    Perhaps APL should post a disclaimer at the beginning of the show to state that the show is simply for entertainment. This hurt their credibility. Now APL will be lumped together with other cable channels that have joined the “anything for ratings” club, just like A&E. It’s sad to see a once reputable channel join the likes of “Storage Wars” programming!

  • Mandy

    Wouldn’t it be cool if they were real? I kinda wish they were. Keeping my sense of wonder alive keeps me young. Don’t ever lose your hope that things exist we don’t know about! It’s fun! Lighten up people! Life’s to loooooong to be so serious about this kind of thing!

  • blaine101

    It was fun! Who cares if people believed it? This is not war of the worlds Orson welles territory folks.

  • http://taxplanning.cohesivetax.com Strategic Tax Planning

    I for one am SHOCKED that mermaids don’t exist…

  • Liz Short

    It’s not reality. It’s actuality.

  • L Mauro

    I began watching this “documentary” and quit just minutes in because it was clearly acting: And very bad acting to boot.

  • Margaret

    Just ANOTHER government cover-up. UFO’s? Watergate? See a pattern?

  • Steve C

    I started watching this – very interesting and entertaining.
    I turned it off when I realized the “purpose” of this show was just to generate hate for the Navy.

    in the past 3 years I have seen many “hate the military” shows on TV especially very late night. They all are discuised as something else.

  • http://yahoo. Berta

    I believe they do exists just like i believe ghosts and aliens and other things we cant quite explain do it’s just that sometimes people tend to not want to see what is really out there!

  • Timmyyyyyyy!!

    My entire neighborhood was planning for the upcoming mermaid attacks this morning. It was absolute chaos in the streets. Thank goodness this article was published…….

    • Frank

      phewww, thank goodness you guys were ready….

      • Sarah

        LOL!! :)

    • MerMel

      Timmyyyyyyy, I don’t think you and your neighbors have anything to worry about unless you live on a yacht or a houseboat, lol! But you probably saw how vicious those mermaids were in Pirates, so you don’t stand a chance…

  • Brian

    It’s probably a result of human/animal hybrids that the aliens have been working on. There have been a couple that have gotten loose and when they do, the government clamps down on anyone seeing them. This documentary probably thought it was a naturally occurring thing but when the government finds out, they swoop in and go into all-out deny mode, as usual.

  • http://yahoo.com ESte

    I think mermaids are real..

  • Dea

    wow that first video is the nicest looking dead mermaid prop i’ve ever seen >.< geez really people…they believe thats real!? ok here's my thoughts: the other video with the kid who poked at the mermaid…i could understand someone believing that it looked real-ish enought but it was probably really damn good CGI. hell even the avatar film had half ass believable CGI if we all knew it wasnt fiction (obviously) but was really really well done.
    do mermaids exists?! who freakin knows! is it possible? *shrugs* i suppose so there's many things we dont know and the fact that the myth has been seen in many different cultures is kind of a coincidence same with dragons…and maybe stories just got spread by word of mouth over centuries but we'll never know since no one has invented a time machine (wouldnt want to go back to that time anyway). however point being I wouldnt believe those documentaries. I saw the first one with the kid who poked at the thing. the entire thing was scripted it sounded scripted and the one guy was a bad actor and made it very obvious that he was reading from Q cards or something.
    i wont say i trust the gov. either on that mermaids or aliens dont exist. the gov has a nasty habit of hiding random crap for weird reasons which sometimes leads to a series of unfortunate events.
    realistically i'd rather the gov say there's mermaids over aliens just because i dont like the probing idea lol.

  • Robert

    I find it remarkably contradictory for so many “enlightened” individuals to believe in things such as ghosts, ufos, bigfoot, etc.; and at the same time be dead set against the idea that there actually was a jesus and there is a God.

    • Sandra

      I totally agree with you Robert, most people are open minded about ghosts, ufos and stuff, but don’t believe Jesus and God exist. Sad really.

      • sarah

        Very true. People today go searching trying to find life elsewhere or to find proof of what they believe when we were already given the proof..the Bible. It’s in most everybody’s home sitting on a desk or drawer yet people choose to look to the sea or the sky or the land for evidence of life. Words are more powerful than physical eysight..READ your Bibles people.

  • Bob Abooey

    The people who believe in this stuff are dumb enough to believe Obama is an American AND he’s not a communist AND he’s doing a good job.

    • http://webpronews.com sean

      Bob, What in the hell does Obama have to do with this fictional movie about mermaids???

    • http://WebProNews Gary Freeman

      The only thing that matters to me Bob is what I believe. I don’t even care what YOU believe.

  • Suki

    OK first off they had bad actors terrible video and really bad information, it was entertaining but really people mermaids don’t exist -.-

  • amy

    i dont think mermaids are real.

  • mcp

    I watched this thing for over an hour before I figured out it was a fantasy. Shame on Animal Planet for not identifying this as a piece of fiction in the beginning and throughout the show. Instead of feeling duped, I think I would have found it to be a very entertaining movie

  • Frank

    Uuuhm…..I think I do not completely understand the reactions to this story. Call me slow, but are some of you guys seriously discussing whether mermaids exist….?

    • PattyRose

      Yes, Frank. People are discussing whether or not mermaids exist based on what they “believe” and not on what they “know.”
      Every day, how much people in this country know about science sinks to new abysmal lows.

  • Lee

    Next up: Mermaids of California replace Housewives of Orange County…..

  • Shiny 1

    All you have to say is the govt. said its fake and I believe. I would put my life on the line before I thought the govt. told me the truth. Hasn’t anyone seen the campain comercials? Politicans are like dipers. They have to be changed often and for the same reason.

  • http://ymail jennifer

    i am soooooooo confused!!! tsk tsk.. its like 1 mind sayin dat ( yea mermaid do exist, while another mind sayin dat it dosent) smh! jus dont knw i have a crossed mind…. bt what to do…. if it its reality or fake…. then am not fussy abt it! who care’z! after all am a human being! <3

    • Bibz

      talk in proper english please, it is embarrasing that i can guess your race after reading that comment

  • Josh

    I watched the whole thing, and its interesting, now im not talking about the cgi mermaids, but what about the audio that they got the “bloop”, that is real its authentic, not saying that it was a mermaid or human like creature, but something unknown made that sound, and why would the navy concern its self over whale and dolphin beachings, unless they know more to the reason than they are letting out, and just because some organization and gov’t says its fake don’t believe it, do you really think there going to come out and tell you the truth. Do your own research, read articles and stories, and come to your own conclusions.

  • Jerry

    The Goverment has more secrets than you imagine. It’s a need to know ordeal. Why not this…………..

  • Wes

    The most distubing part of the documentary was the claims of the Navy testing sonar weapons that were killing whales. Don’t tell me thats not possible because sperm whales use sound to cripple and stun there prey so I would not be suprised if the navy was testing some sort of weapon. I just feel sorry for our childrens, children if we keep killing all these marine animals for no reason like sharks and whales and there are none left for them to see and our oceans eco systems are compromised leaving an unrecoverable situation.

  • Sarah

    My kids loved this. I think it’s wonderful that we have something like this to open our minds to a bigger world than we allow ourselves to see. Even if you dont beleive this story, you have to admit that it keeps your adult mind with an open imagination. Anything is possible with a little imagination! :)

  • Kaymillionare


    • http://yahoo Maria

      I agree with you i said the same thing and my family and i have seen a UFO as well, but the only porblem is we don’t have evidence, but trust me we seen things out there, but why tell others it was ment for use to see right.

  • edsel

    well of course the government is going to say that they dont exist, they dont know s***. they always hide stuff. the first video is terrible, looks like the little mermaid got a bad sunburn. the second one is better i dont know if mermaids really exist its possible just like bigfoot and aliens, dont trust the government they always hide the truth.

  • RF

    This thing’s ‘scream’ being audible, when it frightened
    the “kids (???)” in the first episode, should have been
    the tip-off.
    I was under the impression these (whales,etc) cries could
    only be heard using water as the carrier ….. and I don’t
    recall it raining when this goodie was discovered.

  • http://yahoo Maria

    i do believe there are other things out there. and the reason why the governor if saying this becuase they don’t want to be discovered. I do believe in ghost because i’ve seen heard and felt things in my life and so have my family. I do believe in UFO’s because we’ve seen things before, and for the other myths i do believe in becuase this world is full of surprises. the reason why so many are none belivers it’s because they never experience anything like i have, but once you do everything you believe in changes. I also am a strong beliver in Jesue, God and the saints my family and i believe in. The only reason why there is not much evidence it’s because many people keep it to them selves that who in fact have experienced things. They don’t go telling the whole world because what they saw has a perpose for them only. OH man if i’ve caught everything i experience OH many would you all change your mind and i would be rich. but why go that level what you see hear feel is a gift from good that you, your family, or friends only need to know and experince.

    • Bibz

      how come anytime someone sees a light in the sky, it automatically becomes a UFO? Just because you personally can’t tell the difference between a balloon, tractor lights, plane, or any other blinking light in the sky – does NOT make it a UFO lol. You people crack me up, and then you don’t have any evidence of these sighting? Do you live in a city with a population of 1? because i am sure if you have all these spottings, that there is a chance 1 other person in the entire town or area would have seen it then too. Think before you talk

  • mitbot

    Well, it is true that the Killer Whale evolved from a wolf-like land mammal so it’s plausible the same could have happened to a bizarre off-shoot of our human ancestors.
    Tell ya the truth? I wish it was all real…heh

    • PattyRose

      You are kidding, correct?
      Not everything you read on the internet or see on TV is true.
      You DO know that, don’t you?

  • http://www.nigeriansreport.com Orikinla Osinachi

    I don’t really care what people who think they are scientists or skeptics say, because I know that Mermaids do exist and father and mother saw them alive in Nigeria. We call them marine spirits and I have had girlfriends who confessed to have come from the marine world. Ron Howard’s “Splash” was a big hit in Nigeria, because we know that mermaids are real. If anyone is in doubt, then come to Nigeria and see the facts. Seeing is believing and you will see mermaids in Nigeria. But the only thing is, they are not as attractive as portrayed in romantic stories. They are hideous in appearance, but they put on attractive forms to lure humans.

    • Mike

      Great story. In fact, it works perfectly in an attempt to cover up the fact that your girlfriends have been hideous.

      • Paul

        Hmmmm, I think I got an email from this person. They said I won the lottery and just needed to send them the fee to collect my winnings! :0)

      • BJ

        … Or non-existent.

    • No More OBAMA


    • JL

      Are you for real? I have been to Nigeria and never met with a mermaid

  • Frank

    Plum Island sh*t

  • Tommy

    i believe they exist because like the ysay in the film we have more aquatic features then we do land like creatures. also 97 percent of our oceans havent been explored so the odds of a mermaid being out there isnt that unlikely. the government doesnt wanna say theres mermaids because people will go haywire. they do exist because why are dolphins so friendly to us humans and why do sharks seem to hate us? the stories of spears coming up in sharks and fish are true.

    • PattyRose

      Surely you jest.

      And where is your proof?

  • Mad dog

    Yea right, next they will be telling us theres no Santa Clause, no Easter Bunny, no Superman, no Mighty Mouse, no Devils, no angels, no real White House, no real President. no real Senate, no REAL congress, no God and no real MERMAIDS. Get real…..

    • rjp


  • J asdkfj


    You shouldn’t just label this as fake because you don’t believe it. Even if you disagree, “the bloop” is a real recording and the analysis of it is solid. Its certainly a piece of physical evidence that can be scrutinized by anyone. Couple that to the photographs of fish caught in the open ocean with spear points embedded in them, which if the photographers allow can also be scrutinized, I’d be of the opinion that you have evidence of something. Finally, if the video was faked, wouldn’t that be a huge stroke of luck that the kids who shot it were fortunate enough to have a whale beaching and set up the fake mermaid with no one seeing them doing something suspicious and then to pull it off sucessfully and no one brag about how they pranked everyone? I think you’re more likely to win the lottery than to have all that line up so perfectly. I think its premature to say the whole thing is fake without considering the merits of its content.

  • Susan

    I heard the real ‘bloop’ sound, and all it is is the sound of water, and then a tap sound. They faked the bloop!!! :OOOO Stupid fake documentary…

  • Pablo

    LMAO!! People thought that was real!? Bunch of GulliBULLS out there. LMAO!!!

  • True believer

    I believe mermaids are real I believe that the government is hiding all true facts about mermaids and aliens and whatever else. The government will always hide the truth from people I just hope that one day someone will expose the government for all the lies that they have been hiding about the truth of mermaids, aliens or whatever else, people should know the truth!

  • rjp

    no shit the clips were CGI and there dramatization, said so on the screen. but to blow it off as bullshit is ignorant. There are many things the govt has kept from us. there are many species in the deep discovered in every dive. To be so closed minded in the 21st century is sad. You might as well be in the same boat as creationism and believe the earth is flat and the sun revolves around Earth. Open your mind and close your trap

    • wow

      Creationism is more likely than we came up out of no where from a big bang of nothing caused by nothing. Waita be “open minded”.

      • J

        Except we know for a fact that creationism was made up because it is a religion which was created by man. Gold star for trying.

    • Roger

      You might as well believe in mermaids if you believe creationists believe the earth is flat and the sun revolves around Earth, which they don’t. Almost everyone believed that at one time, though, even the best scientists.

  • http://yahoo.com Willie Goodin

    I spent 20 years working as a commercial scuba diver. On deep dives I saw creatures that I thought maybe were mermaids. Only the deep diving distortes reality. So I was never sure for certain.

  • drew

    Don’t believe anyone no more. Everyone says bull**** and does bull****. The only way you know if its the truth is finding out yourself. All everyone does is talk bull****. And that’s the truth.

  • Troy

    I’m pretty sure the government is a hoax. Have we SEEN them do anything helpfull? Have we ever heard or seen them being nice and sharing? nope.

  • nina


  • Lina

    If there is a prove that mermaids are real, then US NAVY has to stop the sonar testing that has been killing thousands of whales around the world. Why we have to wait until we found mermaids to stop the US NAVY to continue killing sea creatures over the world? Can be a sonar weapon more powerful than any other weapon so far? If it kills whales – exploiting their ears- can you image what it would do to other creatures? Humans are creatures too? I saw the whole documentary you should too.

  • RB

    I watched it and found it far fetched but believably done. So much in fact that I now question anything I have watched on Discovery and Animal Planet….so I am now turning them (strong>OFF until they both decide to only air factual programs and inform the public. They just lost my support. There program managers really suck and have done a huge disservice once everyone knows about this.

  • James Cannon

    I watched this documentary when it aired on the Discovery Channel. Overall, it peaked my curiosity about mermaids. Are they real? Most likely, not. But I feel people are focusing too much attention to the mermaid issue and ignoring the actual truth that was presented within the film. Navy Sonar Testing. It is undeniable fact that the US Navy has been and still is conducting Sonar Weapons Testing in the PacNorthWest (Silverdale, Wa), along the Pacific Coast and in Hawaii. Over the years this has injured and/or kills hundreds of thousands of marine life, including whales, seals (which are nice “Welcome Home” sign for sailors in Washington). The research and weapons testing the Navy is conducting is absolutely wrong and MUST be stopped! Mermaids should simply be used as the medium to raise more awareness for the despicable actions taken by the US Navy!

  • barry klusman

    Mermaids exist and they’re very beautiful, and I want one..!

  • George

    Um, you didn’t prove that this documentary was a fake at all in this article. Not only that, but the evidence presented in the documentary was anything but falsified. I can see how some segments of the full-length documentary could seem faked or CGI enhanced, but again, you lack the proof that it was indeed faked (but I applaud your efforts to support your case by siting Wikipedia as a source – how amateurish of you). How is it possible that so many people, with little to no contact, report seeing roughly the same things? Going as far back as the ancient Egyptians (who to my knowledge did not have many “mermaid stories”, only ancient drawings of mer-people in caves that overlooked the coast) and going through the Greek and Roman periods, all the way through Medieval times, and the voyages of the Vikings and Christopher Columbus, and still even present day sitings of not only the alleged mermaids, but tools, spears, and barbs found by fishermen pulling in their nets (some of which still embeded in the fish they caught).

    As far as the bloop sound goes, they recorded it and never heard it again until it resurfaced after the testing of the sonar weapon. Whether the sound belongs to mermaids or not, it is clear that the new sonar device was the root cause of the pain and suffering of any marine life that came in contact with it, and it was affecting the new “bloop” species.

    I’m not sure if you actually watched the full documentary or not, but seeing as how you said “The idea behind the program was to give viewers an idea of what mermaids would look like”, I’ll put money on you not watching it all the way through. That was NOT the point of the documentary whatsoever, and I would appreciate it if you actually did a bit more research and had a little more of an open mind before you submit articles to be published online and infect the minds of people who know little about the subject matter (much like yourself). I am surprised they let you quote wikipedia and use it as a source, especially if something like Web”PRO”News is attached to the site you publish on, seeing as how wikipedia is not a credible source. I am not sure how or why you still have a job in this market, but I hope in the future you’ll do a little more research before publishing and if you stick to a certain position in an article (like debunking a f$%king DOCUMENTARY!) then you actually PROVE that it is a fake and not just talk about it being CGI-enhanced without showing a shred of physical evidence supporting your position.

    • Jeff Higgins

      Your an idiot!

      • fannip

        Wow Goeorge, u are increbily awesome!! Couldn’t have said it better myself. Props to you!

    • Sally

      This documentary is not by any means real. Go to the official website on Animal Planet. It says that the whole story is fictional and that it is based on only theories. The only thing that is real in the documentary is the “Bloop” sound. Other than that, it’s a complete fake, so calm down.

    • fannip

      Did u watch the show all the way through? It wasn’t dead.

    • Eric

      WOW! You don’t think this was made for MONEY!!!! you don’t think this show was made for the greed of humans? Nobody lies on TV right? everything that airs has to be true!!! WOW! Thats all I can say….

  • Greg

    Just one small problem – and a “dead” giveaway as to the fiction being portrayed – if that was in fact a dead mermaid, and therefor dead organic matter, it would be crawling with crabs, bugs, etc. Not a one to be seen. Nice rendition, though.

  • HeddBanger

    Okay…so how do you…ummm…where do you…put your…uh….

    Oh, nevermind.

  • Stephanie

    Why do you think the government was so quick to deny claims that there are mermaids? It is because they very well may exist and the government is trying to cover it up, why else would they get involved in something that seems as though it is just fantasy? Why waste their time making statements about how untrue it is. Think about it people. Don’t be ignorant.

    • Eric

      Really, it because people like you that they have to put out a response for mass hysteria…. Your an idiot! Thinks about it, if there were such animals out there don’t you think fishermen or beach goers would find one or more then one and get photos or information out before the government can cover it up? I bet you believe in aliens too don’t you!!!

    • Nobody knows

      okay but what would the point of hiding the existence of mermaids be?

  • Ron W

    Hmmmm, dont ya think there would be a critter or 2 chowing down on her? Or at least a few crab or flies?????

  • Lina

    Fact: US NAVY are killing sea creatures all over the world with their sonar weapon testing.

  • Husein

    I think was one of Victoria Secret model tanning.

  • Roger
  • DJ

    Where do you gullible idiots come from?


    It’s true that mermaids used to exist. Over time however they migrated on to land and evolved into modern day women. That is why their veejays smell like fish…”}

    • lisamichelesmith@yahoo.com

      That comment is TOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!

  • Dilan

    its totally fake the face all has design well.

  • wisman

    we can know if something exist, but never know if it does not

    • J

      Unless we just made it up. Like all these morons that keep seeing bigfoot. They just made it up on the spot.

  • Crazy Lady

    I used to date a mermaid. Tastes like fish.

  • DaBest97

    i think mermaids r real!!!! mkay ever since i was little i a;lways beleived in mermaids sooooo yah yall dont know wht is you talking bout!!!!

  • Charlene Ryan

    It is a docufiction, but as with much fiction there can be factual material. Here are a few items to be noted:

    Two new whale species have been discovered in the last decade.
    Navy sonar weapons testing has been implicated in mass whale beachings.
    The mythology of unrelated cultures across the earth have mermaid legends.
    The “bloop” has been recorded and the source is yet unknown.
    The Aquatic Ape hypothesis is very real and has good sound evidence to support it as being possible. Humans are more like marine mammals than terrestrial mammals, including other primates.
    1 Humans have little body hair.
    2 We can hold our breath longer than any terrestrial mammal.
    3 Human babies instinctively know how to swim and hold their breath.
    4 Humans possess remnant webbing on hands and feet, unlike other primates.
    5 Like marine mammals we possess a fat layer under our skin.
    6 Our brains are more like cetaceans than other primates.
    7 A nutrient rich seafood diet could explain the rapid development of the human brain.
    8 Animals from the sea evolved into land animals which later returned to the sea.
    9 Bipedalism could have been easily accomplished in an aquatic environment.
    10 Bone structure is similar in humans and cetaceans.
    11 Dolphins are one of the few animals that copulate for pleasure, the same is true of humans.

    Actually, there are quite a number of facts given in the docufiction, but you get the point. At this time we can only speculate as to the existence of “merpeople”, still we are uncovering evidence which suggests that such a creature could exist or may have existed.

    Personally, I thought it was entertaining. The cheezy phone video of the beached mermaid could have been left out, though, as I thought it cheapened the entire production. I also thought it could have been made more clear that is was a fictional documentary, based in part, on scientific facts and hypotheses.

    • neil mccalister

      Most of what you have said is pure speculation but any anatomist can tell you we are more like primates than any sea creature. Bonobos a primate mate for fun and profit. As for holding your breath dont tell hippos they may not agree. Dogs and cats have remnant webbing are they evolved from mercats and merdogs.

      • Charlene Ryan

        No it is not speculation, but fact.

        I never posted that anatomically we are more like cetaceans than our fellow primates. Also, I said we are one of the few that mate for pleasure, not the only one. The Bonobo, by the way, is as close to us genetically as the Chimpanzee and look at how different they are. The Bonobo spends more time in water and is the most bipedal of the apes. As for the hippo, most of its life is spent in water, and the statement that we hold our breath longer than any other terrestrial mammal holds true. Most cats and dogs do not have remnant webbing, such webbing is found only in selected breeds and species that spend time in water.

  • james

    First off,thats NOT CGI.If it is fake (and it probably is),its a sculpt of some sort.However I find it odd that the government comes out a few days ago and out of nowhere,declares mermaids fake and now all the sudden this video pops up. Ive never even fathomed the thought that mermaids could be real,until the government declared them fake.

  • Calista

    Wow, such lustrous hair for living in salt water! No tangles after blowing in the wind. I wonder what kind of shampoo and conditioner mermaids use. Do they deep condition? Can they blow dry their hair straight underwater? I wonder how long bangs have been in style for mermaids. Are mermaid stylists very expensive? I wonder if mermaids tip their stylists. Hmmm.

    • http://www.mom-stepping-heavenward.blogspot.com Danielle

      They use kelp shampoo 😀

    • Trish

      Well you obviously did NOT watch the documentary!!!

    • Caroline

      It’s not hair. It’s a body part for streamlining the neck and shoulders

  • Armyboy

    I guess there is no such things as aliens or UFO’s. Is a lot of this documentary CGI well yes it is, now you many ask yourself why would that be, its really quite simple (No one has ever gotten footage of a real Mermaid) Now I’m not saying there are Mermaids but I’m sure not going to rule them out.

  • johnnyk_hi20@yahoo.com

    Dude I saw one when i was out surfin i got go pro video to prove it

  • Will

    the aquatic ape theory is absurd. But this is real, this is government disinformation at its finest. Why do you think 500+ penguins washed up on the shore of Argentina today 7/17? Sonar weapons are the story not the mermaids…

  • Charlene Ryan

    The documentary did bring to light the sonar weapon’s testing that is bringing pain and destruction to our beautiful whales, dolphins and porpoises. The “bloop” is real and most likely is another species previously unknown to (modern) humans. What is it? Wouldn’t it be nice to find out before the Navy destroys it?

    If you feel as I do please sign the petition below to try and stop the sonar testing. Don’t we have enough ways to kill our fellow inhabitants of the Earth already?


    • veeguy


      Believe it or not, if the Navy is developing a “sonar weapon” it is because they want to defend the USA. If you care more about a fish (ok, a cetacean) than you do about security of the country, then sign. If you care about keeping the country safe, then don’t sign it.

      • Charlene Ryan

        Please do your homework and sign this petition.

        For the record, the Navy started testing on the LFAS without any consideration for the environment. The proposed benefit of the LFAS is the ability to detect intruders in our waters. Such crafts can be monitored by other means, so this use for the LFAS is senseless. We already know it can kill, so it is a weapon.

  • hlm

    people the mermaids of old were actually manatee

    • Believer

      How do you know that’s what they saw back in the day? are you an expert? Do you study Marine Biology? Or are you just stating what you’ve heard people say?

      • Education is Key

        It’s called historic and biological research leading to a likely explination.

        • Bearshaman

          Exactly, I mean after all, the legends of prehistoric fish with fins that double as legs are such bull, oh wait, coelacanth which died out with the dinosaurs, those aren’t real either. Not saying we have mermaids, but we don’t know what is on our planet half the time, until we kill it, and then you still have people saying it isn’t real, after all, where are is the proof, where are the rest of the animals.

        • Trish

          Well if you actually watched the documentary, you would know just exactly how much unexplained evidence there is, including some of the oldest human cave art ever found, and 16th century drawings that now make some sense, and evidence of tools created with sting ray barbs — thousands and thousands and thousands of years of evidence. So obviously education is only key for you when you say it is? lol!!!

  • Kevin

    Where are the flies, maggots and other insects associated with rotting or spoiled flesh, You should at least see signs of crabs…???

    • dorothy

      good question.

    • Trish

      Hell where are the whales in this video? You obviously did not watch the documentary because this is NOT the video they showed!!!

  • Nancy Mendenhall

    It is disappointing and disgusting that Animal Planet did this. There is so much fantasy and crap on TV it was always a relief that you could go to Animal Planet and see something genuine. Grown educated people I know fell for it.

    • veeguy

      I guess they thought intelligent people would see right through it. In reality it’s no worse than TLC showing “Ghost Hunters” or other channels showing such drivel.

      • Trish

        Ghost Hunters isn’t on TLC DUH!!! Learning — you want learning? The best part of the show, and shows like it, is the history and geography that you learn by watching it — they go to some really cool places that you would never know about otherwise. There are so many cool shows … like Destination Truth — if you can ever catch the episode where they look for big foot in the Kingdom of Bhutan — Bhutan actually measures their people’s Gross National Happiness — the place frickin rocks!!! Anyways, even if it is fake, I bet you can still learning something real if you try!!! Such as Navy Sonar Weapons beaching whales = REAL!!!!!!

    • Electrogasm

      really?!?! …nothing on television is genuine…

  • Government Lies

    I should mark this page as government dis-information site now. Hiding the fact that this story was actually about the sonar weapons the US is developing not mermaids in general.

    • veeguy

      Finally after 11 years, you conspiracy twits have something new to be suspicious about. Why don’t you start a web site :Mermaids_are_REAL.com? I could really use a good laugh.

  • dorothy

    Don’t know if it’s real or not, but who really knows what our government/scenice are experieniment on are o their doing it to. If they can clone sheep and create test babies, why not this too?

    • veeguy

      It’s people like you that allow “Nigerian Princes” and “Deposed Rulers” to make so much money in 419 scams.

      Please don’t reproduce.

      • Cora

        Come on! Just because they say it’s a documentary doesn’t mean you have to believe everything you see. Mermaids…really!! So does this mean vampires, zombies and werewolfs are real too?

  • veeguy

    Don’t believe this FAKE story trying to discredit this story! I actually have mermaid body specimens that I am willing to sell you. Just enclose $20.- in an envelope, and put the “code words” in the return address as “Simpleton McDumshitz” with your real address below.

    Send the envelope to this address: “Honest Bob” OUC12 Trench, Atlantis, Georgia USA

    • jenny

      lol i’m on it….do you charge xtra i you throw in on of it’s sea shells…?

  • *Elayne*

    All i’m saying is that it should have been stated at the very beginning of the “documentary” that it was for entertainment purposes. And then for those who didnt catch the very beginning of the program, it should restate that it is not a true documentary every time they came back from a commercial break. I’m totally annoyed with this whole thing. I guess you can call me naive, but in the past, if something was labeled a documentary, i took it to be genuine information. I guess i will no longer be a fool. Disgusting!!

  • Rpfomega

    If that’s CGI, then the guy who did it would be getting a million dollars a job. Making a mistake like that is an article where you are trying to be snarky about what’s real and what’s not makes you look stupider than the people you are trying to insult that believed the story. The hair is all wrong for what they were going for, but that is clearly really there (as in, it’s a life sized model they built.)

  • Shelley

    seriously, watching this was purely a piece to attack the Navy, by getting people to believe in Mermaids….Faux documentaries are done by extremists all the time. The fact is pseudo science has been used to get species listed for years. This is a hilarious attempt to get people to give them money to find the phony mermaid and some idiot will probably try to list it as endangered. Does anyone wonder why some of us ask when a ‘scientist’ is being included in a study whether he is a REAL scientist or a political scientist with an agenda…..I always ask and this is ammunition for the reason why.

  • Dawn

    I believe in Mermaids. It makes sense. The government is just covering it up as usual.

    • Cora

      I saw the documentary and guess what?? I didn’t believe it! How can people fall for this kind of crap? The goverment might hide stuff from us but believe me it has nothing to do with aliens, mermaids, zombies, etc.

  • Trish

    Well I watched the documentary, and the video posted with this story is absolutely NOT anything like what they showed on the documentary — the one here is riduculously fake. The documentary was of the actual whale beachings, and the Washington beaching from the documentary matched exactly to the footage that was released in the news when it actually happened. Fact or Faked also did an episode on mermaids due to an underwater video of one. They could not duplicate the video and they also briefly caught a head and shoulders sticking out of the surf looking toward shore. If you actually watched the documentary, there is a ton of evidence that is unexplained, not even including the cell phone video or the alleged Navy video of one in captivity from the documentary — there is a ton of unexplained evidence. All I know is I grew up in the Naval Security Group — my father still has a higher security clearance than the admiral of the fleet, and from what I know of things — things I am not supposed to know, I would certainly not believe the government’s “official” story because this story is certainly not about mermaids — it is 100% about our government and the abuses they hide! Many people commenting here obviously did not see the documentary, and everyone on this planet needs to see it and we need to expose what the Navy is doing — just sayin!

  • Rob

    Mermaids: The Body Found was an entertaining “mockumentary”. It even states at the end credits that it’s total fiction. In fact, Mermaids: The Body Found aired about a year ago and that version had less footage and one of the researchers was played by a different actress.

    I find it funny because I remember being at the 2010 Comic-Con and there was a panel discussion about the rising popularity of vampires, werewolves and other magical, mythical creatures. Then the panel made a prediction that mermaids were going to be the next big thing. I guess they were right.

  • Doug Ziegler

    Mermaids might not be real but Sasquatches are sooo real!

  • CT

    Its always amazing how gullible people can be. You can even tell them something is fake and they still won’t believe you. So easy to see how Jim Jones led so many lambs to slaughter.

  • Bear

    Has anybody ever heard “The Mermaid Song” by Shel Silverstein, most recently recorded by Great Big Sea? It’s the story of a man in love with a mermaid and the problem in consummating it.

  • http://yahoo Ralph

    No more far-fetched than the big bang theory. Why not just another link in the evolutionary chain?

    • Mike

      that’s no more far fetched than the bible…

      • three

        Yeah Mike…good one. Evolution = out of nothing came something, it exploded and BAM you have the universe as we know it lol and everyone lived happiily ever after, The End, go to sleep junior and tom. we can read another story from mother goose!

      • Bear

        The big bang theory is somewhat far-fetched but all evidence points to it being true.

      • denuse

        Mike good one so true!

      • http://yahoo.com daxcave

        to bad the bible has been scientificaly accurate to 90% of everything it states. Mike i hate to see people like you openly deny God’s word and existence. You need some serious help buddy. and what greated the boom? Since you say the big bang theory is real. Its just another hypothesis scientists have come up with to try and prove something they dont understand.

    • halftall

      WHY NOT?

  • veeguy

    I don’t want to be a jerk, but why are about 90% of the “true believers” posting here female? My guess is they were so totally mesmerized by Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” that they want to believe.

  • Angel

    I believe Animal Planet wanted to expose our governments testing of sonar weaponry and its adverse affect on our oceans wild life. I do believe that our government keeps the majority of the population on a ” need to know basis” and we can never 100% percent trust there intentions. I also believe the world is full of many of life we have never seen or ever will. Scientists routinely discover new animal life and the possibility of another type of mammal outside the whale world is real. We may never really know whether or not mammal with human characteristics is real, but we all know the government and its abuses of our planets resources, animals and people is real.

    • denuse

      Angel you hit it right on the head! We have no idea what the Government is doing they only tell us what they want us to know.

    • Crystal

      So how do we ever really know what is real or not? We don’t I watched the documentary and I was blown away by it. How do we know everyone on this page replying telling everyone it is fake is not also actually people working for the military or government trying to discredit this. Really how do we know? I think the most important thing about the documentary was that the military has sonar weapons and is doing testing in the ocean’s. There will always be skeptics in the world who do not believe in things that are not real and in front of their face, but there are also those that realize their is so much more to our world than what we know. Their are things that our government hides from the public and why should they have this right over a country that was supposed to be built on the people ruling the nation and for the government and counter parts to not be able to have too much power over our lives.

      • halftall

        Our nation ( COUNTRY ) is run by BIG CORPORATIONS & THE RICH.

  • KM

    I watched this and within the first 2 minutes, I could tell it was fake! The acting by the “researchers” was SO bad. A girl in a class of mine came to class and declared that “mermaids are real” and cited this “documentary” as proof. I just had to watch to confirm what I already knew, that my 4 year old little sister is smarter. Some people…

    • ssss

      yah yah we get it your so damn smart. have fun with some demeaning job as you get older Einstein.

  • Anceria

    I think it has some truth to it. Why not?

  • http://www.allbanglanewspaper.com/ Harry

    Well you obviously did NOT watch the documentary.They use kelp shampoo


    Could it be that people need something newly discovered and wonderful to come from the violent deaths of hundreds of marine mammels? Our souls look for something good to come from disasters created by our fellow man. Just part of being human I guess. Yes, I too, am a believer.

  • http://www.allbanglanewspaper.com/ Harry

    I don’t want to be a jerk, but why are about 90% of the “true believers” posting here female?
    hsc result 2012

    • Save the planet… No, really!

      Because “feminist movement” & “environmentalist movement” came in vogue around the same time lol… I can’t help my nurturing nature 😉

  • Cowboy

    I’m retired Air Force, Yes the Goverment keeps big serects. Like were AIDS really comes from. Someone or some Branch of our Goverment is going through alot of trouble trying to convince us this is all fake. Maybe it to protect the Merdaids cause you know people will start hunting them down trying to get rich. I believe it real we’re finding new things in the ocean all the tme !

    • Kimberly

      You are right about maybe they are trying to protect a known species. Just like Bigfoot, the states of California and Oregon have made it illegal to hunt a bigfoot. The Sierra-Nevada mountains is supposed to be home to many creatures and if people could all just go and hunt them, what could be a very rare species will be hunted to extinction.

  • http://yahoo.com M.L.

    I miss The REAL Animal Planet that used to have something to teach us about animals, habitats, and animal lives. sadly it’s gone, and i rarely tune in anymore.

    • Save the planet… No, really!

      This documentary was made for people just like you who used to watch these shows and used to care about ALL life on the planet no matter how “human” we categorize it to be… I truly appreciated this movie because it got people to tune back in to our planet, this “animal” planet, that is suffering as a result of the apathy of just 1 of it’s species. For some reason we as humans feel it is our right to decide the balance between every other species- despite the fact our planet has been fine tuning this balance for billions of years before we were even born. I thank the Discovery networks for devising a way to make this generation stop for a moment and think 😉

  • usofficalsarefoolingu

    if anyone actually took the time to watch the entire show and research. its pretty obvious that its all true. where did those spears come from in the DEEP OPEN OCEAN… mermaids. im not talking about the what Disney has made us and own children think a mermaid is… their not beautiful.. their not half human with long flowing hair and sea shell bras… their fish. they are highly evolved fish with human like features. with how far we have evovled (from monkeys) how could you possibly think its not possible. the us goverment and other officals dont want people to know they exsist which is exactly why this article was written. come on people use your heads! im not saying it true and im not saying its false all im saying is ITS POSSIBLE.

    • denuse

      Totally agree with you! Also how is it we live and breath in water for 9 months in our mothers womb?Also my cousin did a water birth at home and the baby swam under water before it wanted to come up,it was so amazing to see.When the baby finally gulped air and cried out the midwife put the baby back in the water with my cousin and it stopped right away.It probably felt normal to the baby?All I know it is an amazing thing to see and makes you wonder how we got to that point in evolution,I mean being able to breath in water.

      • Kimberly

        Ok first, when babies are still in the womb they are not “breathing” the water. They are connected via the umbilical cord that filters oxygen directly into their blood as their lungs are still developing and not actually working yet. Second, the baby felt more comfortable in the water because at fetuses are in water inside the womb. It has nothing to do with wanting to live in the ocean.

    • halftall

      How much has OUR GOVERNMENT been hiding from us for EONS. There is a emense ocean out there we know nothing about. Mariners have been sailing the oceans of the world and witnessing these creatures for centuries. Keep an open mind people.

    • Balok

      Bill Clinton – “If I were a single man, I might ask that mermaid out. That’s a good-looking mermaid!”

    • Kimberly

      No man has ever been able to reach the bottom of the “Deep Open Ocean” as you put it. Those spears could have come from anywere, a ship that may have wrecked could have been carrying them. A Tsunami like that happened in Japan where a year later their items are washing ashore in America. Oh and don’t forget climate changes. America as we know it now used to all be under water millions of years ago. It is a known fact that primitave beings used spears to kill their pray. What is now the deep open ocean could have been land at one point or at least alot shallower then it is now. The levels of the ocean change constantly and so do the positions of land.

  • http://yahoo.com M.L.

    sadly i rarely tune into animal planet anymore, specifically because of things lioke this, and “the Haunted”…what’s that got to do with animals? A.P. used to be educational and interesting, now they are mailing it in. Alot of cable channels are mailing it in. too bad.

  • Adriana

    Wait, here comes Mickey and Minnie. Let me ask them if they want to make a biography on Ariel. I’m sure King Triton wouldn’t mind.

    • susu

      Hello wake up and smell the fresh coffee. Obviously their hiding everything how did they come up with mermaid in the first place they don’t have a mind to think that smart and create a creature out of nowhere they put it out their cause they know its real… Start looking up things to know the truth instead of commenting stupid things… They just show this article cause don’t want us to believe the truth, they want to wash everyone’s mind and make us think that their always right

  • Justin

    ” So stop freaking out and quit believing everything you see or hear on television. Chances are, someone is just messing with your head, kind of like the video embedded below. By the way: It’s fake.”

    This is not how you write an article, this is how you talk to your friend sitting beside you. Seriously where do they find these writers?

  • Mike

    Network Decay: One of the many reasons I don’t miss cable.

    • lizbeth

      for sure they are real and i’ve seen one before in my country Nigeria.

  • lacey

    I watched the documentary. I guess I’ve always believed “fairy tales” that have passed down from generation to generation must have some sort of basis in reality. Based on the fact that new species are discovered every day and the Moon is more explored than our oceans are, I tend to believe that there is a good possibility that mermaids do exist.

  • Carlos

    So you mean to believe anything this government tells you? Bunch of idiots in this country. Im not saying mermaids were real but this government lacks disclosure ask Eric Holder.

  • http://yahoo.com daxcave

    i personaly beleive that the only reason we hardly everr here about “new and strange” creatures is because governments are just using their power to make people beleive what they want to. what the hell happened to freedom. its a shame that the U.S. preaches freedom of speech and several other rights but yet it goes through so much trouble to keep people quiet. only thing that documentary told me is there is something new out there that our government doesnt want us to find.

  • Tasha

    my God!!!! This story is something that doesn’t catch me but pple come on stop messing with ppl that are out there like that!!!

  • Karon

    I think the part about whales dying b/c of marine testing of deep sonic weapons is true and thousands of whales beached themselves and died b/c of it. I believe the gov “debunked” that to their benefit b/c the public would not put up with the mass killing of whales. Soooo, if any other sentient beings were found among the bodies, I think it would also be to the government’s benefit to deny the truth so they can continue their experiments. In the program, the collected parts of bleeding whale ears were also confiscated and destroyed as “evidence” of anything that could turn public opinion against ongoing experimentation. By itself, controlling the news should cause alarm bells to go off.

    • Chris

      I Agree with Karon !

  • http://www.usawebspecialist.com claude cote

    After seeing the show I must admit the thought crossed my mind, when you think about how many centuries and cultures have drawn these out (mermaids). I think this is more believable then big foot for one reason, the ocean is so vast we have not even touch the surface of what is below.

    • Kimberly

      Mermaids to some degree may exsist but I doubt they look exactly how people portray them to look. This is one of the reasons I am studying for a Marine Biology Masters, I love the ocean and I want to uncover new species.

  • LUZ


    • Nicholas

      Its ironic the goverment denies mermaids exist and all of a sudden the navy doesn’t. Just like when they deny aliens whatever the air force is testing doesn’t exist.

    • Kimberly

      You can really see the governments priotities with this issue. Deny Mermaids exsist but keep mum on the whale killing sonar. Remember, the government is more interested in stating myth has no grounds.

    • Kids today…

      I think the sad fact is that before this generation can even get around to the idea of “activism” they first have to come to the conclusion that it’s “worth” their time. Be grateful there’s a discussion at all and pray it leads to the right courses of action for all species involved…

  • Crystal

    So how do we ever really know what is real or not? We don’t I watched the documentary and I was blown away by it. How do we know everyone on this page replying telling everyone it is fake is not also actually people working for the military or government trying to discredit this. Really how do we know? I think the most important thing about the documentary was that the military has sonar weapons and is doing testing in the ocean’s. There will always be skeptics in the world who do not believe in things that are not real and in front of their face, but there are also those that realize their is so much more to our world than what we know. Their are things that our government hides from the public and why should they have this right over a country that was supposed to be built on the people ruling the nation and for the government and counter parts to not be able to have too much power over our lives.

  • Yahoo Sceptic

    Forgive me if I seem a little out of touch but, I was under the understanding that Animal Planet was a legit documentary channel. What the heck are they creating crap like this. Funny stuff and melodramatics in one thing but blatant BS is just wrong. Children would not know the difference and take it as fact. What are they thinking?

    Its well known the Navy’s Sonar systems are very destructive to marine life. Their purpose to increase detection capabilities as our enemies stealth improves. BTW, just for fairness to the US, it should be noted the Russian, British, French & Chinese Navy are working on the same systems according to defense electronics mags and no one is flagging them over it. So, terribly, the problem is not going to go away unless a UN moratorium is adopted….I doubt that is coming any time soon either.

    • Save the planet… No, really!

      I too, felt a little out of touch when I saw the film on Discovery Channel. But the longer I watched I was able to let go of my anger at this being passed off as science. It might have just barely towed the line between science and fantasy perfectly, using very convincing and very confirmed scientific “truths” to support an outlandish conclusion… All the while I think the film served it’s purpose well because it was able to get people who may not have known about our Naval Sonar capabilities not only interested, but outraged! How many conservation efforts in ANY environmental field fall through the cracks because they are protesting with out of date, generic slogans that don’t reach the youth demographic that is the reality of our country today. When my son watched this film it actually touched him in a way that, “Save the Whales” just can’t do for our more apathetic, overstimulated kids. By giving these animals a little humanity (and yes, a lot of fantasy), it actually made my husband start to question, “Is this right? What we are doing to this planet?” It got him interested in the true meaning of science, which as Discovery Channel puts it, is to “Question EVERYTHING” :)

  • Toby

    It is possible that there might be a human like race living in the oceans. But using the term “MERMAID” should not be used. I use the term “SEA PEOPLES”. I think we should concentrate on researching this possibilty further and stop wasting time looking for aliens in outer space. If we have decimated there population via an experimental sonar weapon; then we better try contacting this old race soon. Like us, they could take steps too retaliate. We humans are not a peaceful race, so too expect the Sea peoples to be any different would be a joke. Also, for those idiots trying to say it’s fake or not real are scared and afraid of the truth. It’s an expected reaction from those who don’t want the average person to understand what a true coverup is.

  • michael

    If I can believe everything I see on tv then I guess we have only the internet left to believe in. 😉

  • william perez

    I am a physician with an office very close to the Gulf of Mexico.
    For the past 10 years I have kept a 500 gallon aquarium in my waiting room.
    This is after a terrible episode where a real mermaid dehydrated and died in my waiting room because I was running late.
    My office now gets 3 to 5 visits a year from mermaids that get foreign
    bodies in their eyes while hunting for food.

    • Marcia Bleck

      I wonder if I might interview one of your mermaid clients. I’d like their take on the pollution in the Gulf of Mexico. Please contact me regarding this matter.

  • lily hanning

    i beleive the gov whould go to any length to call them liars to keep it a secret,,but its too late….they would threaten the lives of family and friends like they usually do…i beleive the mermaid the boys found is either a species from another planet that wants to live in our oceans which is 2/3 of our planet..in the beginning God made made in his image…we are pretty close to the found mermaid…and the writings and scripts on eqyption walls are a matter of record.,so no matter what the gov says, i will beleive their is a life in the ocean in fact i have thought this all my life..underwater caverens that have never been explored and the ocean floor is so deep whose to say what is on every inch of it…humans havent done their job here looking into the planet they are too busy looking into the stars..we may be exploring the heavens for a new home because the reproduction of these mermaids may take over the planet one day…who will live to know the truth…our future generations….not us.

    • lily hanning

      the sonar experiments hurt our sea life and needs to stop before all species of fish are gone and we can no longer eat them, many places only have them as a source of food….

  • Zac

    I would venture to say that Todd Rigney is not an expert on anything except horrible movies and being pale. Therefore, I have no more reason to believe your bashing of the documentary (which I actually watched on the Discovery Channel) than the video itself.

  • Dennis

    I can believe that creatures like this could have existed, why is the government is stepping in, this sonar weapon, is it really necessary? It sure does a hell of a job on the whales, I thought that they are a protected animal? Hmmmm, there is more to this story than meets the eye or bloop signal.

  • mimi

    I saw this program on youtube. I believe the US govt lies and its mouthpieces lie and are the scum of the earth. On one hand we have the rules and regulations coming from the govt to “save” the environment and animals, then on the other we see the devastation to marine life, birds, etc caused by their actions. The whales were tortured by who knows what electronic machines they are testing out there. By the way, why do they need a machine that totally tears up the insides of something. Then the guys who have all the guns, come out there and remove something, then leave the poor whales beached there. The strange footage of the creature caught in the net with the webbed hand, on that boat was surely evidence of something being out there that is hard to explain away. I just dont know why the feds want it covered up.

    • steve

      I agree with you. I saw the tv special and it was interesting. I believe we need to make our own conclusions on this. The govt. does hide alot! That I know from family and friends who served in the military. What the govt tells us and what really happens are two different things! I love america but dont trust the govt. of today! I can see them hiding something like this. In the documentary (at the end) they say the “mermaids” just want to be left alone. If this is true and they are out there then lets leave them alone.

  • Skeptic

    Yeah, and JFK was killed with a one-time magic bullet or maybe it bended its way through him and UFOs are not real either. Come on, if things were different out there wouldn’t you think we can coexist? What are we; a bunch of apes!?
    And I thought everyone out there was smart!

  • Mo

    I like how the author said “quit believing everything you see or hear on television”, as if him posting this article ON THE INTERNET makes him more believable. Lol.

  • http://n/a ellen

    If this thing was real….where are the flies.
    Anyone who has come across a dead fish on the beach knows what I mean..yuck !!!

    • Balok

      She’s obviously a slain zombie mermaid.
      This explains the cranial damage and lack of flies.

  • Paul

    You can look this up on IMDB. It’s a movie, not a documentary. Fiction. These people are actors.

  • a4

    It’s the “MAN”..ie….Big brother…I do believe!!!

  • http://yahoo ed brandt

    i got sasquatch in my back yard

  • David P Verbob

    The mermaids depicted on this show are biologically impossible. Humans are evolved from primates. They have lungs and breath air. No other animal lineage on earth has “hands.” True marine mammals represent completely different lineages, seals being a variant on carnivora, whales and dolphins having their own unique history. Every single creature that is alive today is the end point of hundreds of generations of evolution, most having numerous intermediate forms which are found as fossils. It is easy to compose a chimera in a drawing or with CGI, but it is not possible for any creature to exist that is half something and half anything else. How would aquatic mermaids acquire a humanoid skull without being descended from primates? How would a primate lose the characteristic hip and tail anatomy and develop the legless dolphin tail anatomy depicted? How does the creature live underwater without the adaptations for diving of whales or seals or penguins, particularly blubber? No skinny creature without a thick layer of fat can survive the temperature differentials between the surface and deep diving – that’s why humans must wear diving suits for all but the shallowest dives in the most tropical of waters. Just go to a museum and look at the history of the bones, and you will see that here is no way for such a creature to have evolved in the ocean with the ability to live underwater and to have evaded capture and discovery during the nineteenth century, when just about everything alive was captured, stuffed, mounted, and sent to some museum. If mermaids existed they would have to have breeding beaches, like seals, or feeding grounds, like whales, and populations, not just single sightings of single corpses washed ashore. Examination of known legless creatures reveals anatomical features inconsistent with the depiction and description of these “mermaids.” Life on earth is not a random collection of miraculous results, it is a collective co-adapted whole with clear lines of relationship, definite ecological demands, and specific and repeated patterns of adaptation. Manatees fit. These “mermaids” do not.

    • Michelle

      Then explain the platapus..I may not be able to spell it right but I know it is different animals in one.

      • Dean

        You say Every single creature that is alive today it the endpoint of hundreds of generations of evolution. How do you figure it’s an endpoint? In the past 200 years the human population alone has grown over 8″ on average. Back when Lincoln was president he was 6′ tall and compared to most others he was enormous. Now 6′ tall is average at best. Soon 6’2-6’5 will be considered average. Mermaid or no mermaid, evolution is still taking place right before our very eyes. Just because baby’s don’t all start being born with gills or some new organ or ability does not mean we’re not evolving. It just happens too slow to notice.

    • bilbo

      It’s not impossible for an aquatic ape to have evolved. It just didn’t happen.

      • Jean Rizz

        Hey David. We didn’t “evolve” from apes. God made us.

        • Kimberly

          Hey Jean Rizz, “God” didn’t create us. We are who we are now from millions of years worth of evalution, same as all other species of animals. Just incase you didn’t know, your bible was written by a man who wanted people to beleive his word. Evalution is a scientifically proven facts with our lineage stretching back alot farther then the so called 5000 years of exsistance. Please try to not beleive in the poof theory, that is a load of crap.

          • Doug

            Well, we know who doesn’t believe in God. I’m in a state of confusion, maybe you (Kimberly) can set me straight. Scientist say the universe was formed by the “Big Bang” in the center of the universe, my question is, where did the matter that blew up come from? There has to be a beginning for everything, things just aren’t there. So, if God doesn’t exist, where did the very first piece of anything come from?

          • nikki

            Hey kimberly. It’s evolution not evalution. Evolution is a load of crap. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion in what they believe and I believe in God but that doesn’t mean you have to. But don’t say that what we believe is crap because i think what you believe is crap. This is supposed to be a country of free religion. And God is alot easier to believe in than being an athiest and believing in evolution. And scientists have yet to prove evolution and even if they did i still wouldn’t believe it because i have strong faith. Evolution makes no sense to me because there are miracles every day and how do you explain those? by chance someone’s stage 3 cancer magically goes away? a couple that was told they could NEVER conceive a baby BY CHANCE gets pregnant. I don’t think so i believe that is God’s work.

          • nikki

            Thank you Doug, you have a very good point.

          • http://facebook.com Mark Norwood

            Is there anyway you can prove you’re not going to Hell because of your unbelief in Jesus Christ and his Father Jehovah God? Hell is The Twilight Zone my spiritual foe..

          • nikki

            yes, because it says in the bible Matthew 10:33
            – but whoever denies me before men, I also will deny before my Father who is in heaven.
            that means you will go to hell if you are not saved.

          • southgacountryboy

            kimbery there is a lot of lieing going with the facts that you speek of … take the peppered moths for example.. some are black with white spots others are white with black spots. the moths dont land of the trees they land on the underside of the leaves of the trees further more the photo was a fake … all the moths on the tree were dead and had been penned to the tree in the photo. I know this comment may be confusing so its another thing you would have to research . Lucy also was a fake. the bones they thought were primate actualy belonged to a kind of pig.. so on so forth there is just not enough space on this blog site to tell you about all the oops that was supose to be proof of evolution..
            by the way the bible was not writen by a man.. I was writen by many who were inspire to do so by God. There is a lot more to say just not enough space. this is also something you should research from all angle before you decide one way or the other.

          • Dean

            Hey Doug? If god made the stuff that made the “Big Bang? Since it couldn’t just be there then who made God? Because he couldn’t just be there either?

          • Kimberly

            For all of you fools who choose to beleive in the word of an old man:

            Prove to me that Hell actually exsists. Prove to me that Heaven exsists. I want solid concrete proof written in a scientific document. Bibles do not count.

            The Big Bang

            There was matter and there was antimatter. When they met, they annihilated each other and created light. Somehow, it seems that there was a tiny fraction more matter than antimatter, so when nature took its course, the universe was left with some matter, no antimatter, and a tremendous amount of light.
            This tiny bit of matter left over was about 4.6% and contained atoms (protons and neutrons). All of life is made from a portion of this 4.6%.
            National Acadamy of Sciences

            It has not been discovered yet where the matter and anti-matter came from but this isn’t the only case in the universe. There are many other systems out there that were created in the same way. Some even recently. You people may argue that god created the big bang but who created god? Where did he come from? Are you sure he is infact a he? You really need to stop beleiving myths and tales from thousands of years ago that an old man wrote into a book and called it the word of god. If God is infact the start, he is made up of an explosion resulting from matter and anti-matter colliding. Therefore he would no longer exsist as an entity.

          • mick

            hey, kimberly and u would let me believed that u came from monkey ancestor or believed on a book that was written before time was created

          • Max

            Who made God? He couldn’t have just been there.

        • jodi

          I thought this was about mermaids, not religion…just saying.

        • Hope

          Jean Rizz, I agree. We didn’t evolve from apes, God DID create us in His own image.

      • http://youtu.be/ysNd4QGOgeY Tube salvation

        “bilbo” if is impossibe for an “aquatic ape to have evolve” then it is also impossible for an “ape-man” to have evolved to a human being 😉

        So that leaves God who made everything we see into existence including man ( :


        • mizundastood

          ape man DID evolve into a “human being” and he is called president and so is his wife only she evolved from a GORILLA and he is from an ape

    • Heyguize

      Well while part of what you say is true, and I too was fooled by this dumb mockumentary, Humans are also evolved from seafaring creatures, if you want proof next time you hiccup is all the proof you need, see hiccuping is thought by most scientist to be a long disused muscle that helped our earliest ancestors breathe while out of water. oooooohhhhhh! bet ya didnt know that!

      • Kimberly

        Did you know that fish also use burping as a way to decend? They collect air bubbles to reach the surface but if they want to go deeper they release the air through burps.

        • http://facebook.com Mark Norwood

          When I die I know I’ll see something,better hope it’s not you I see..Then I’ll know I didn’t make it kimberly..

          • Kimberly

            Your comment is in the wrong slot. How does your comment even matter with fish burping? Get a life.

    • southgacountryboy

      humans did not evolve from apes. evolvelution is a myth and need not be promoted

      • Doug

        I agree. They have pictures of skeletons showing the evolution of humans, but with so many species that have gone extinct, why can’t they just take a minute to think that maybe these skeletons just came from a number of extinct animals. They may reseamble humans, but that doesn’t mean that humans evolved from apes. If so, why do we still have apes? Wouldn’t they all have evolved too? Eels and snakes reseamble one another, but they are two different species. Hmmm?

        • http://facebook.com Mark Norwood

          Hey I hope I don’t see you when I die..evolutionist..Atheist and Lover of Satan…
          you guys are worse than the fags.

      • Jo

        Well said and right on! So Georgia Boy,
        There are 8,400,000 species of beings on God’s green Planet Earth. No body evolved from anybody or anything else. And one of those elusive hidden species of His is an aquatic fish with webbed hands, spindly arms and a fan tail and distinct skull.

        • southgacountryboy

          not exactly what Im saying.. I dont know if Mermaids or bigfoot or chupacabra exist but if they do its because God Created them. Jo I just want to share my thoughts Im not here to insult or hurt any ones feelings. by the way have you heard of the jerzy devil or dogman and a bunch of the other cryptids people claim to see all the time. What if they are not lieing. what if they are … how would either way affect you if the was solid proof for the yes of no?

    • southgacountryboy

      mermaids are not half of any thing the are all of one thing that would be a mermaid. they do however have features of both human and fish that is if they do indeed exist.

  • James

    This is exactly what the government would say and want you to believe.

  • lisa

    do the mermaids have good insurance?

    • susan

      Homer lived hundreds of years before the spaniards even started

  • Kimberly

    For those of you who do not know where the Mermaid leagond came from, it was first brought to light as the Spanish vessels arrived in what is now Florida. What they saw were Manatees not Mermaids. The myth that they sing their enchantments to bring men to waters edge where they then pull them under water and drown then to eat comes from known facts that Manatees like to play with whomever is dumb enough to swim with them. They then do hold people under water until they drown. That is how they play with eachother but people cant stay under water that long without an Oxygen tank. Mermaids is a nice story but is not fact and is biologically impossible.

    • southgacountryboy

      you obviously have not read Odyssy by Homer who lived long before the the first euro ships ever said to the new world the legend of mermaids has been around for thousands of years. Im not picking on you. you are half right about the spannish sailer mistaking manities for mermaids but thats not where the legend begins.

      • Kimberly

        Its where the most common leagond began. The Spanish ships arrived long before the English ships and that is where the myth began. Homors Odyssy is nothing more then just a book that was written by someone who had heard about the Mermaids after Spanish sailed to the new world.

        • southgacountryboy

          the odyssy was writen long befor the spannish came to the new world. look it up.

          • Kimberly

            I must disagree with you, how do you think the known native americans reached this country? They did not start here, it is scientifically proven that the first known human species was found in africa and it spread throughout the world. During intense winters an ice bridge forms between canada and russia that would have allowed people to cross and reach the continent. Wherever there are manatees in the world those are where the myth began. I’d rather beleive science then a fictional book.

        • Dergus

          You need to check your historical timeline. The Greek civilization rose to power hundreds of years before Spain. The Odyssey certainly would have come way before any Spanish explorations of the New World. I have only seen film adaptions of the Odyssey, but I dont recall seeing mermaids. They had sirens, which is a little different than a mermaid.

        • southgacountryboy

          the correct spelling is Odyssey and it was writen somewhere around the 8th century bc. In the story you will find where odyssious had his crew stuff their ears with wax and tie him to the mast so that he could listen to the sirens AKA mermaids songs while not endangering his crew for sailer who heard the sirens call would crash their vessel upon the rocks.

          • Kimberly

            You said: the odyssy was writen long befor the spannish came to the new world. look it up.

            I spelled “Odyssy” exactly as you did so do not pick on spelling lest you be taken as a fool.

            Moving on, it said absolutly no where in Homors Odyssey that they were infact Mermaids. They were Sirens which could have been anything. Just because you assume they are referring to Mermaids doesnt make it so. Last a checked there was infact a difference between the two.

          • southgacountryboy

            in correcting the spelling of odyssey it was not directed at you it was directed at me from me further more I have not problem admitting to my short comings and spelling is one of them and yes originaly sirens were just maidens the sang near the rockey shorelines but soon after they were said to be aquadic in nature and later still developed into what the now refer to in lore as a mermaid looking human from the waste up and fish from the waste down all befor the birth of Christ. Kind of a retro evolution if thats the way you would discribe it.

        • George

          Seriously Kimberly, check your info. Homer wrote the Odyssy 800 years before Christ. thats 2800+ years ago.

          Mermaids originated in Greek mythos thousands of years ago.

          • Kimberly

            As I said, where manatees are, thats where Mermaid Myth stems from. It doesnt matter it if was North America or Greece. A book is a book, science is science.

  • Chris Tinney

    This is, in a word; hilarious! I am so ashamed that people would believe this.

  • southgacountryboy

    There are alot of things I dont know but this I do. The goverment has lied to us trough all the time that keeping secrets has been a way of keeping the peace or starting a war for what ever reason. In cases like aliens and mermaids and big foot, if these things are out there then they think we are to stupid to handle the truth about it. Thats all its is and ever will be. I dont think that weather or not there are mermaids will affect me personaly because I dont spend much time in the ocean but if there are people like you and I might affect them because of thing we make or waste that find their way to the water. I am not a nay sayer and I am not saying they do exists but I did like the show. It was done in such away fake or not that it made you think and yes I know they used cg to make the footage of mermades swimming and what have you but the homevideo camera footage of what the boys saw was not cg. if it was fake it could have been pulled of with some real good make up but I think its possible it could be real.

    • Kimberly

      I have to agree that the show was produced very well. Before watching this I never would have contimplated apes going into the water. It’s biologically impossible for apes as they are now to do so but with generations of evalution and adapting its possible. It may have been a mockumentary but it was interesting indeed.

  • Laura Ward

    This is just sooo irresponsible. Didn’t Orson Wells prove how gullible the American public is?

    • Kimberly

      It is not irresponsible as you put it. It is entertainment just like any other show out there. If people let themselves become fooled by CGI and obvious actors that is their issue. Its entertainment and nothing more.

  • phyllis

    I saw the “documentary” and would be tempted to take some of these comments seriously, were they from people with serious minds. But these comments are from people who don’t even know how to communicate in their own language. There is a difference in the words then and than; to and too; their, they’er and there and were and where. The big government cover-up is the systematic disassembling of our public education that has gone on for the past 40 plus years. We are now dumb enough to belive big government kills whales and mermaids (probably fairies and elves too) and covers it up, but is the answer to all our problems. If the government can provide all your needs, they can also determine what those needs are and choose whose needs should be met and how. Government can also decide who doesn’t qualify. Like the mermaids, Big Government will one day use a secret weapons on those not worthy. If you don’t think so, wait until Obamacare is fully implemented. “Stupidity’s the deliberate cultivation of ignorance.”-William Gaddis, “Carpenter’s Gothic” “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”-Martin Luther King, Jr. “Strength to Love”

    • ann

      Here! Here! and Amen.

  • GoofyBootz

    I wish they existed, Ariel is damn fine.

  • krys

    I think this documentary is real and when it aired the government were upset so they are telling them to say it is a fake. I think the government has done lots of cover ups because they simply have that power to do so. I remember going to another country (Asia) and I’ve heard people getting pulled down by hands that felt like sea weed hands trying to pull you down. Now before anyone tries to be a smart ass..there’s a difference between sea weed plants around your feet or legs and a sea weed feeling hand grabbing you down. I personally think mermaids are real. Like what everyone has said..there are a lot of creatures we still have yet to discover.

  • http://yahoo janierector

    I watched it, and knew it was fake, the acting was really bad, artwork was cool

  • ERIN

    What about the spears that have been found, the ancient drawings, the creature caught in the net, etc.? The government wanted everyting covered up then once the scientist’s open up to us on what has really been found, of course, the government wants to cover their stories also. I believe the scientists are telling the truth and are honestly having us be aware of what is out there. And why do the poor whales and dolphins have to suffer because of those Naval experiments? That is just terrible!

  • Wicked

    It looks like something out of Tales from the Crypt. I fully expected it to wait until the camera came close enough and then come to life screaming.

  • roderick

    yeah right did the mermaid get paralized in that position laying on a beach her body wouldnt stay up in that position. If the body was found in antartica in a glacier or something i might entertain the tought of this being real.

  • rita

    sounds like the government is trying to hide something yet again.

  • Lexxx3

    I don’t even know what to believe it seems the government could be hiding it. It could be real. Why would the discovery channel make it up?

    • lflank

      You must be joking–you can’t possibly be THIS dumb, can you . . . ?

    • smb


      • Duh

        This generation is so whacked out by fake reality, they can’t tell these are actors? Please. I wouldn’t even call them oscar winning performances…

  • lflank

    Jeez, people are stoopid.

  • http://facebook.com Mark Norwood

    I respect those who hate God and believes in him, than those who mock God and his people..

  • Lady

    I thoroughly enjoyed the documentary last night and believe it’s just another cover up by the government telling us it’s all fake…like aliens..oh yeah, we’re the only intelligent life in the universe! Glad there won’t be anyone searching the oceans for the mermaids…let them live in their world and be safe from poaching human beings.

  • http://facebook.com Mark Norwood

    Sun Tzu says kill the man who doesn’t fear God..

    • http://facebook.com Mark Norwood

      With an m60 machine gun

    • Bozo the Clown

      He also said “Kill anyone named Mark!”

    • al

      sun tzu also existed hundreds of years ago… when they didnt have science to prove natural occurences

  • azreys@yahoo.com

    Could it be possible that “Animal Planet” is trying to get people to watch this video in order to make everyone aware of the what the Navy does to the whales, dolphins etc., with sonic testing? It is a crime! People will watch a documentary on mermaids, but would they care so much if it was about the Navy and the testing they do? I think everyone should get involved and get this stopped, because here in California they are planning on doing it again with no regard to the sea life. I also believe the government hides so much from us, that you wouldn’t even believe it! Go to your public library and check out the documentaries. For instance, look for this one, it is called. “Top American Secret, The Hidden Legacy of 9/11”. This one is from Frontline Production.

    • Lynn


      Your facts are incorrect. I know for a fact that there are Navy EPA regulations that the Navy is required to follow when testing sonar in the open water. In fact, it is the Navy’s policy to NOT go active if any marine life is in the area. There are all kinds of regulations. Yes, the Navy scientists/engineers understand that the live sonar does affect these animals and they do everything in their power not to hurt them. There are tons of programs being researched by DARPA that will help the Navy detect marine mammals. We learn from our past mistakes.

  • thomas

    there are lots of interesting things in this world, some things i believe, some things i don’t, but i don’t believe that everyone has the answers,only 10% of the oceans have been discovered,but every couple of years they find something that has been extinct or a new spieces. like forest says ‘life is a box of chocolate, ya never know what ya get.

  • http://gmail.com James J OBrien

    Now thats a real mermaid.I know a real mermaid when I see one,and thats a real mermaid,I dont care what anybody says period!

  • Dj

    These things are nothing more than demons…. when is the government going to quit hiding this, tell everyone that god is real and that your using his enemy “Satan” as a weapon against humanity.

    • al

      dude why is that the governments job. besides god isn’t real anyway

  • Paula

    I have read all these comments, and I see the subject has gone from mermaids and fake documentaries to politics and religion. Why can’t people ever discuss anything peacefully with respect? I believe in God, but I believe in evolution also. Perhaps evolution is one of God’s many wonderous works. The Bible has been passed down by man for thousands of years,and we all know the story of the rumor going around the classroom whispered in ears. Man changed it, and translated it, and made it suit man, and it has been altered. It was probably never written to be taken literally anyway, but spiritually. Perhaps we evoloved from mermaids instead of them evolveing from apes. Perhaps there were many types of apes , some closer to humans that went extinct? Perhaps the matter that was in the Big Bang was created by God….and where did God come from if nothing begins to exist from nothing? Maybe God has a God. We really do not know for sure, we each just have our faith to go on and believe we are the ones who are right…but we don’t KNOW. I do know the Bible tells us that there is more in this universe than we can know or understand….and that opens the door to all kinds of possibilities. I don’t think any of the ideas are stupid, or wrong. Perhaps,in the end when we know everything, what we will find out is that it is all correct.

  • googlyboogly

    Isn’t it funny that immediatley following the broadcast of this program it is widley dis-credited. By the GOVERNMENT none the less this is just like any other controversial thing against the government.

    Listen no body really knows but it does make alot of sense. The story of the Mermaid dates back from Greek Mythology to cave paintings. The Navy’s trying to keep this whole story covered up. I really hope they can stay hidden from the Human race. I dont know if anybody has noticed but were a pretty agressive people. Especially the American people we are probably the most agressive and with the worst government. I know this is controvesial but the Illuminati control everything and we as Americans should over turn this Government as we are allowed to by the constitution. Who knows what else they’re hiding from us.

  • Zed

    They did something like that with dragons a while back…

  • John

    It is also a known fact that the Ocean is really deep, and there are too many creatures in it that hasn’t been discovered yet. whether or not God created them, is a personal choice. I myself believe in God, and with a doubt that God did create every living animal on earth. one thing for certain though who are we to say what is and what isn’t. At one time there were dinosaurs and unicorns, but where are they now? oh and by the way unicorns were mentioned in the Bible. so why couldn’t God create a mermaid or an aquatic person to live in either place. land or water. I also believe that God has a great sense of humor also, so why not have mermaids on this planet also? Did you know we are not the only planet that has intelligent life form in this universe. this also is in the bible. Yes there is alien life form out there, and here also. it all depends on your beliefs, and morals.

    • kevin

      u idiot there were never unicorns lol

  • suszcza

    I’d be more likely to believe the documentary. Who in their right mind would believe the government any more?

  • bobo

    The responses to this show confirm a few ideas I know to be true:

    1. The religion gene is connected to the retard gene
    2. The average American is as dumb as a bag of hammers
    3. Nobody without an IQ below 150 should be allowed to vote
    4. Priests are fags
    5. The retard gene is connected to the crazy gene
    6. Southern USA is full of hammer bags

  • cyn_sin760@yahoo.com


  • southgacountryboy

    Kimberly, Isac Newton proved that for every effect there has to be a cause and for every cause there is an effect and it is imposible for anything to happen with out a cause and no cause can exist without an effect. what caused the big bang… God Spoke and Bang There it was… hahahah…. Where did God from. God is eternal meaning time is of no effect to him. back when God created all the world and when God Distories The world God Is. IS in both direction with out end.

    • Paula

      I have to ask….saying that time has no effect on God does not answer the question of where God came from? jus sayin’. God, is love. Says so in the Bible. Energy, love. The strongest force there is.

      • Kimberly

        God is also a false hope to those who beleive in him but are still thrown out on the street or left to starve. Some say its part of Gods plan but what kind of person would be so cruel to his own “children”? God is a great entity to beleive in but as long as people don;t get carried away with the beleif. Isn’t it taught in the bible to love thy neighbor and always be kind and caring? The people who worship and will go out of their way to spew hatred to those who do not beleive the same are going against what their holy doctorin describes. Explain that to me.

        • Darlene

          Kim, I am so sorry you have been treated so poorly by so called Christians. God is not responsible for the actions of people. We are born with free will to do whatever we want, believe whatever we want and suffer the consequences for those actions, because Jesus said that whatever we do to others, we have done to Him.

          Sin came about because of the free will and actions of Adam and Eve’s disobedience. If we didn’t have free will God would have just created a bunch of robots.

          I pray you search for a true Bible believing church that practices what Jesus taught. Please consider getting to know Him personally. You can do that by seeking Him in prayer. If you really want to know if He is there, He will answer. God bless

          • LANCE

            live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved one.’

          • James

            Not responcible? Yes he is! If he is real (which I dought), then as the creator he should take full responciblity. You say in your post that god is not responcible for the actions of his children then how come we are being held accountabler for the actions of Adam and Eve? It makes no sence. You can’t have it both ways!

        • MyMind

          Every person here on earth will experience good & bad, God is in Love with YOU KIMBERLY! The truth is scientists have so many wonders when it comes to the Bible and Jesus Christ himself…you need to fully educate yourself on all areas of science before you let one or two “facts” determine everything that everyone else believes is wrong…

          • thomas

            All of you are screwed up. This was about mermaids not god. Like usual though u have to make it about god. Guess what no proof of mermaids and yes still no proof of god. Get a life and live it!

        • Tee

          Also. Many people tend to get hyprocrites and Christians mixed up. If you came in contact with a true Christian, you would know the difference. Christians follow the Word of God, Hyprocrites know it but they don’t show it. If God is so hateful why did HE use the life of HIS only SON to reconcile the people back to Him. He could have easily destroyed all mankind, but He instead His son was chosen on ou behalf so that we could have another way to God

  • southgacountryboy

    loggin out . you all have fun and be nice to each other.. Kimberly Have a nice night I hope to blog you agan someday.

    • Kimberly

      Take care, it has been interesting indeed.

  • John

    The 1st imbedded “mermaid” video looks remarkably like the sex dolls at on-line adult shops. Someone just jammed a set of dentures in the “open” mouth. Nice try though….

    • Steve

      John, not to be nit picky but ‘scientist’ is not a proper noun and shouldn’t be capitalized. A scientist should know that mammels don’t exist (spell check should catch it for you) and ‘i before e except after y’ still applies. I’m not a grammar Nazi but proper use of the language is an indicator of proper education. So far as I can see, you haven’t put a proper sentence together in your complaint. Nor have you offered any scientific evidence of what you propound. Perhaps you should reconsider whatever hypothesis you claim to have come up with.

      By the way, what is ‘barade’? Did you mean berate? One is a word, the other isn’t.

      Bist of luk wiht you’re on giving recerch. I lock fowerd to redding any knew bocks you rite adn well be locking fer yer nambe on knew bocks selled on Amazendotcom.

      If you’re a scientist, I’m Plato.

  • Kimberly

    For all those of you who feel the need to barade me with your “opinions” please keep it to yourself. Do you really think you will make me feel bad or change my own ways of thinking based upon your disapproval of my comments? No, this will not happen. I learned a long time ago that religion is filled with flaws and I cannot bring myself to beleive in them. I beleive in cold hard facts. Religion doesn’t offer these facts, I cannot put “faith” into something that may or may not be there. That is why I am a Scientist and I beleive in facts.

    As far as my original comments, they were pertaining to the subject at hand. How it became some evolutionary debate is beyond me, I was stating that based upon evidence currently they cannot exsist as they are thought to be. If they do, they are vastly different then the images portrayed. Yes, the Ocean is large and people havn’t even scratched the surface on what secrets it hides beneith but we may never know because after a certain depth the crushing densaty is too much for most ROV’s and Submarines. If a species that is similar to Mermaids exsists we may never know. Evolution has been a main factor in how we all look and act since the Solar System began. It is a scientific Theory that Dolphins may have once walked on land. There is no proof to that theory but they are mammels so if another mammel went into the water such as the Mockumentary offered, it could be possible over time for something to eventually sprout a tail and lose legs. Look at water snakes for instance: They evolved to swim in water by developing a flatter tail that helps propel them.

    Before anyone starts in on this comment, keep in mind that I reserve my right to beleive in what I wish to beleive in and I respect everyone elses rights to beleive in their chosen thoughts. What may seem right to you is obsurd to me and vis versa.

    • Kids today…

      I agree with you completely- you have the right to your opinion and so does everyone else. But you have more than just the right… you have the RESPONSIBILITY as a human being to act on what you feel to be right. It doesn’t matter what ANY of us believes, what matters is what comes of it. If you believe like I do that it is WRONG to harm ANY creature (Man, Mermaid, Dolphin, etc) and you feel that an injustice occurred (Sonar Testing, Alien Death Ray, insert government conspiracy theory here) then you must ask yourself what you are going to do about it. Which matters more to you? Your rights or your responsibilities. If you feel for ANY marine mammal as a result of this program then I suggest either starting a petition or signing one of the many that are up online. You could also volunteer or donate to one of the many conservation groups. Find a reason that matters to you and use your right to make your voice heard. Do not let social/political/environmental activism die in this country… Our opinions mean nothing without action. How I wish that “American raise awareness of Naval Sonar Testing” could be a twitter topic instead of “Mermaid Body Found”.

      • Kimberly

        Oh I agree with acting upon beleifs thats why I am a conservationalist. I am also a Grad student in Marine Biology. It’s my lifes mission to bring awareness to all creatures but it isn’t just contained with the sea, I am also a Zoologist and I make it my agenda to finally bring all cruelty towards the animals of this planet to an end. I am a supporter of anti-poaching as well as many others.

    • Brittni

      You are so brillant Kimberly, I was reading the comments on the post about the show and you make so much sense. I’m glad that you came out and told people about the personal opinion problem and the thinking and believing what people want. I respect you so much for putting words for what I’ve been thinking for a long time but didn’t know how to voice it or write it. Thank you.

    • Eve


  • Katy

    They mermaid myth was started when early sailors sailing around in waters filled with seals mistook the seals for merpeople. The seals had human like features from a distance (whiskers, big eyes, etc.) and because they couldn’t figure out what they were they thought they were people who lived in the water. Look it up.

    • Paula

      this discussion already went through that. The “myth” of mermaids has been around much longer than the Spanish sailors….in ancient Greek writting and ancient cave paintings. I love it how people tell others to look something up and haven’t bothered to read themselves.

    • Kimberly

      That is similar to a comment I posted previously, there were also the sailors who were held under water by playful Manaties and drowned as a result. That also gave more substance to the myth of mermaids louring men into the water to eat them.

    • Nadia

      Your sailors must be VERY stupid!!! To mistake a manatee for a woman, even with a fish tail!
      And consider this:
      Very interesting:

      The mythology of unrelated cultures across the earth have mermaid legends.
      The “bloop” has been recorded and the source is yet unknown.
      The Aquatic Ape hypothesis is very real and has good sound evidence to support it as being possible. Humans are more like marine mammals than terrestrial mammals, including other primates.
      1 Humans have little body hair.
      2 We can hold our breath longer than any terrestrial mammal.
      3 Human babies instinctively know how to swim and hold their breath.
      4 Humans possess remnant webbing on hands and feet, unlike other primates.
      5 Like marine mammals we possess a fat layer under our skin.
      6 Our brains are more like cetaceans than other primates.
      7 A nutrient rich seafood diet could explain the rapid development of the human brain.
      8 Animals from the sea evolved into land animals which later returned to the sea.
      9 Bipedalism could have been easily accomplished in an aquatic environment.
      10 Bone structure is similar in humans and cetaceans.
      11 Dolphins are one of the few animals that copulate for pleasure, the same is true of humans

      • Charlene Ryan

        Nadia, thanks for finding enough value in my post to repost it. Still, you should have given me credit.

  • Dean

    If you believe in god then you have to believe in mermaids. DUH! There was a bunch of men thousands of years ago who wrote all about mermaids and drew pictures of them. That’s the same thing that keeps you sleeping with your bible under your pillow at night. Maybe you should sleep with a mermaid doll too just in case.
    Bible thumpers are like little kids who are afraid of the dark. The thought of death is too much for them so they create a mythical figure who if they worship will whisk them off to a magical land where they will spend eternity living in the clouds and chasing rainbows with all their loved ones. Death is scary. Dead bodies don’t look very appealing and most associate death with pain and therefore will go to great lengths to convince themselves that it’s anything other than that.
    Death should not be something to be feared. Our soul is eternal. And although I cannot tell you what lies behind the big mystery of death I for one view it with a touch of humor and wonder. What’s behind door #1? Reincarnation? Heaven? Hell? Total Nothingness? Perhaps whatever your heart holds dear?
    The one unarguable thing about Religion. It’s done wonders for the human race. Imagine what the world would be like if tomorrow science was able to prove there really is no heaven or hell. That there is absolutely no judgement for your actions in this life. You can go shoot your neighbor in the face for staring at your wifes behind and have no fear of reprasial in the afterlife. Wouldn’t the world be a much scarier place then. Even the non-believers sometime feel a twinge of the “what-if’s” when they are doing things the bible claims they shouldn’t do.

    • Daniel

      They exist. Big brother is covering up just like they don’t want the poblic to believe that UFOs exixt with other type of creatures with far advanced technology than we have.

    • Darlene

      Mermaids are not real, but I will tell you one thing, Dean, God does exist. If I am wrong, and it is as you say, I have nothing to lose. If you are wrong, Dean, then you lose it all. You will face the God I serve emptyhanded because the only way into Heaven is through His son, Jesus Christ and His shed blood on Calvary. Please consider getting to know Him. Our souls are eternal, that is one thing upon which we agree. God Bless you, I will pray for you.

      • LANCE

        ‘Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones.’

      • Kimberly

        Will you answer this?

        If your God really did exsist why does he allow other Religions?

        The answer I understand is because every religion beleives in god but they have their own opinions of what he is and how he works.

        Why does your religion hate the others that do not beleive the same? Why do you waste your energy trying to convince those who dont beleive the same to change their was and follow your faith? If god WANTED us to beleive the same he wouldnt have given us free thinking minds.

        Yes our souls are eternal but what is heaven and hell to you is not the same for somebody else. Again it goes on what each individual thinks. I don’t beleive in heavan and hell or god. I beleive there is a higher force but I dont call it god. It is not up to you to say that because I dont beleive the same as you that my soul will suffer. How do you know that you wont be severly disappointed when you pass on? Nobody knows what lies ahead, its all speculation. Let me tell you this: I have never ben arrested for anything in my life, never had any traffic violation tickets. I am a great mother and citizen. I hold a good job and I pay my bills. I am generally nice to everyone I meet and I dont go out of my way to be mean. Am I still going to go to “hell” for not beleiving in God?

        • carter rische

          Kim, (If I may call you that) God loves us. Because He loves us, He doesn’t force us to love Him. He asks us to, He wants us to, but He won’t force us to because that isn’t love. He wants us to willingly follow Him, not force us to love him. Because love simple can not be forced. Love is a choice. Why does God allow other religions? Because just like love, He wants us to choose His ways, He won’t force us to do anything. If what mainstream Christians believe about God and Satan is true, of course Satan would create other religions in order to keep people from knowing the true God. What it looks like you don’t fully understand about Christianity is the fact that Christians believe that any sin is too much sin. You point out that you are pretty much a good person, but you obviously haven’t lived a perfect life have you? Of course you’ve lied, probably cheated, maybe stolen something? even something small. Lustful thoughts? selfish thoughts? These don’t seem like big things, but think of it as dripping food coloring into a gallon bucket. It only takes one drop to make the entire bucket imperfect. It is the same thing with our sin. Heaven is a prefect place. Absolutely perfect. How could God allow our imperfection into heaven? He can’t :/

        • Tee

          Kimberly before you pound a Christian You have GOT to get your facts straight. I say this with sincerity and not sarcasm. 1.) Religion is allowed because of free will which is given by God. He doesn’t MAKE every1 serve HIM although you should because He is the creator of all things. If the god of the other religions is the same as the GOD of Christians, wouldn’t you think that GOD would be going to war with Himself???? Everyone points fingers at christians and how “hateful” they are but what about the muslims seeking to kill both jews and christians? If we were so hateful, we wouldnt have so many converts to Christianity. and being a good person can not get you into heaven alone, you have to believe in Jesus Christ, John 3:16-17. Personally, I don’t believe that you are content with just believing in a “higher force”. If you were content, you would not have wrote this entire paragraph searching for answers. By your own actions, you show that you don’t have a firm confidence in your belief. Your soul know that this whole “highe power” thing is a lie.if your higher power is the real thing why doesn’t it make the whole world believe in it? What has/does your higher power do for you? What has it promised you?

        • dan

          because of his grace and mercy! Actually we are to love thy enemy and pray for those who persecute us! We are to love thy neighbor as thyself. Actually we don’t FOLLOW our faith, We follow JESUS. May I ask you a question? Why hasn’t the bible or god’s word been rid of or destroyed yet?

      • Friday

        Haha, “Mermaids do not exist but God does.” I’d believe leperchauns exist long before your “God.” As a fact, do you want to tell me where the sting ray spines crafted into spears came from? I’m sorry, but the Navy and goverment are trying to keep this under wraps, you people believe whatever they tell you. One of the reasons for that is so we don’t have people out there hunting them down.
        Oh and by the way read this quote:

        “Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then He is not omnipotent. Is He able, but not willing? Then He is malevolent. Is He both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is He neither able nor willing? Then why call Him God?”

      • James

        The god you speek of requires after I die that I spend the rest of time singing his praises. Man what a narssisist. That sounds more like hell than heaven. Name one one piece of evedence other than your cult handbook that supports one single event that happened in the bible. Other than the Romans enslaving other non Romans there is nothing eles in the bible that is true. In fact most of the stories in the bible are just rip-offs of other fables from that time.

        In fact most christan practices are based on pegan practices. The reason for this is during the Spanish inquisition it made converstion from being one cult to another much easier if the new cult felt familure.

      • Steve

        Darlene, your a slave to an invisible person in the sky.. Stop following and start “trying” to “live”.

      • John

        Darlene, oh yes, you’ll have something to loose, the world of actuality and fooling yourself. If you truly know that God exist, show me the proof. Otherwise you wouldn’t say to Dean “If I am wrong, and it is as you say, I have nothing to lose.” Therefore all you are saying is that you “believe” that this “God” you imagine, exist. By the way, which stupid God in there right mind as you say existed, would send his son on earth to be murdered by the very same people that this “God” created. To prove what? That he existed by sending his son to be murdered by his so-called people. What about Jesus’s mother, which this “God” who was suppose to be an age of eternity had impregnate. I called that rape. Mary was about 12-14 years of age. She did not asked to be impregnate. I thought that this “God” of yours gave people free will. It’s sad how people like yourself can’t ask sensible or logical question. Being in any religious makes one simi-conscious. Non believers like my self, are conscious, and therefore needs concrete evidence. And remember, that from the time you go to bed and from the time you wake up, you are living in my world, a world of actuality. There’s no believing there, is there? You don’t say “I believe I am taking a shower”, you say “I am taking a shower”. There’s a big difference.

      • Debbie

        I believe in Jehovah God, our creator. It is possible he created these creatures too. I don’t agree with the idea that this is proof of evolution but mearly another discovery of what is out there. I am sure that they are not human with tails. Just an advanced form or animal life that shares some of our qualities. Think of the dolphins – highly intellegent and social. Think of the chimps, THEY USE THEIR THUMBS and make tools. They are still not human, but a beautiful part of Gods creation. He created them for us – to marvel and enjoy and CARE FOR. And oh yeah – if the government says it is not true I am more convinced that it IS!

    • Emily

      This is exactly what I’ve been screaming for so long. You are brilliant.

    • Tee

      Why are you wasting your time here? You don’t understand why we are Christians. We don’t understand why you are atheist. But guess what?? at the end of the day….I STILL believe in Jesus Christ! At the end of the day… I’m STILL a CHRISTIAN. So “Dean”, what have you actually done here??? “TOTAL NOTHINGNESS!”

  • MyMind

    As Christ follower’s, believers we should understand when someone is against our Faith it is simply because they have not faced their sin’s. Having Faith does not make you right, but doing Right by God Gives you Faith which bring’s Blessing’s… MIRACLE’S…Message’s…and so much more like Understanding..It is THE BEST RELATIONSHIP EVER… Even when I am down I’m sure God will be by to pick me up..
    What is hell? Hell is wherever the Devil get’s his way, ..hell is what you have without Jesus Christ….
    Now being that so many things have been proven..such as Native American’s are of ASIAN DECENT..and that was never even publicized or the underwater city in Japan with monuments..or all the other findings that contradict history..I feel a mermaid could be possible..

    • James

      Dude quit fooling yourself. There is NO god. Never has been any proof and never will be. If you start to quote your cult followers hand book known as the “bible” to you, remember that this was written almost a centurey after the envents they are reporting on happened. There is nothing in any other culture from the time that validates any the events in the bible took place. So please until you have documentented proof,( again you can’t use your cult followers handbook as proof), keep your dislutions to yourself.

      • MyMind

        yea your mad about my post….but its probably not about Jesus..its probably one of the other topics that tickled you..lol

    • John

      Hey MyMind,
      Do you think that this imaginary thing you call”God” will actually pick you up? Or is it nonsense? You must be special! Wow!!! I also see that someone is asking the blind question about where did everything in this universe came from. Well, I always know that these people who ask such question are blind religiously. Here is my sensible question to which will cancel their ignorant question. If they claim that God created the universe, then who created GOD? The answer? It’s our uneducated ancester. When one becomes religious, that person loose the full picture of conciousness, becoming semi-concious. They can’t see clearly. But for people like me who don’t believe, there has to be proof. The Bible which has been changing for centuries to fit our everyday life is not going to prove anything. O.k., O.k. believers. You can believe anything you want, but from the time you get up and from the time you go to bed, you are living in my world, the world of actuality. You don’t say “I believe I am eating breakfast”, you say “I am eating breakfast”. That’s why the word “believe” is so powerful in any religious community. It’s their bread and basket to survive. I can go on and on but I’ll run out of space.

      • MyMind

        God is not a creation..
        Blind can see
        Ignorance is closed mindedness
        I believe you will be shown God’s presence here on earth, and his love..when you decide you want it..
        Enlightenment is not eating breakfast
        I can go on & on but instead I will let you know I come from a family with opinions the same as yours..so I know it is a personal relationship..and even non believers..your fav word…get BLESSED BY GOD..in which I feel will happen to you…Hey and me to :)

        • John

          Hey MyMind,
          This is exactly what I mean, you are semi-concious. Psychologically, you are creating a an imaginary basis.
          You said, “I believe you will be shown God’s presence here on earth, and his love..when you decide you want it.. You sound like you have proof. But my friend, the word “believe” doesn’t have evidence. How do you want me to take your word? You make no sense. I am not going to psych myself or fool myself for that. Face it or not you are living in my world! Almost everything you do in your life has to do with actuality. Thinking about this imaginary “God” is about 1-3 percent of your life. I don’t see the cause and effect. Just face it. I am more concious than you believers. I ask logical questions.

      • Jon

        what makes you think there isnt a god we believe in our faith like u believe that there isnt god so it doesnt make you better just because we dont have proof doesnt mean we dont have faith an yeah that might be why we wake up in the morning but why do you wake up in the morning where does your faith lay where is your proof that god isnt real have you died an came back an seen that there was no god so where is your proof an the bible has changed but what makes you think all of it has changed do you know who wrote the bible did you meet them atleast we have reasonable doubt the bibles been here for how long yes 2000 years so my true question is where is your proof he doesnt excist

        • John

          Yes I have proof that the bible was written as you say. It is a way to grab one’s mind and trap it. Ignorant to the fact, that the bible was written, about 75yrs. after the death of Jesus Christ. Most people back then, were dying very young of disease. Plus, people back then were very illiterate equal to a 1st-2nd grade student. The words of the bible were written by word of mouth told from generations to generations, until it came to writing. Now am I that dumb to say that I should accept those words as the honest truth? Heck, no! I am right again, you are simi-conscious as a believer.

      • Eve

        I Belive in “God”. I believe he or she was created through a force
        from beyond are logic. Sometimes I believe this life that we so call
        are living in not real. We could all be none existent. This world
        could possibly be unreal. I saw a movie once with Jim Carey and it
        was a made world with made memories, that could be what is happening
        to all of us. Wouldn’t that be the joke…. GOD IS THE ULTIMATE
        JOKESTER !

    • Angel

      Who had to go make this about if there is a god or not? Shouldn’t you guys be fighting about whether Animal Planet should be sued for “lying” to the public? If there is a god, hurray, if there isn’t, Oh fucking well. If your a believer, then you will be rewarded, for whatever or whichever you believe in. For the most part, I think you are all adults, so quit being ass hurt about who believes what. If mermaids are real, then their real. so what? Get over it and be happy.

      Yours truly,
      The very annoyed 18 year old. =)

  • MyMind

    By the way Jesus Christ’s bewilder’s SCIENTIST :) you should look into all of his miracles..

  • Octavia

    I actually enjoyed the show…rather it was real or fake. And I believe that there are and will be many things that can and cannot be revealed to us. Mystery!!

  • Kelly

    I think it is very possible that they exist. Just like I think it is possible to exist. While I do believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I also believe that it is very conceited to think we are alone. If people believe in the evolution theory, is it not possible for maybe the same thing to have happened on a distance planet light years away from us. The same thing goes for mermaids. Just because we can’t see them, does not necessarily mean they could not exist.

  • Kids today…

    What would you consider to be a reputable outlet for one looking to get involved in animal cruelty activism (Marine or otherwise)? I’m an Anthropologist and my activism has largely been devoted to human causes… But since watching this video I have been trying to look for an accredited outlet to the outrage I felt when I saw those whales on the beach. Do you have any good reccomendations?

  • sweet caroline

    yeah… and elvis is still alive….

  • sweet caroline

    yeah… and elvis is still alive…

  • molebuster

    Do i believe in god??? WHICH ONE??????

  • MyMind

    Angel or Ape? :)

  • MyMind

    Angel..Ape…or Mermaid??….

  • Jared

    wow that was great. those guys did some really good work. I hate the government. ancient genetic crossbreeding left over from before the flood. amazing. Just remember anything and i mean anything the government officially denies is absolute truth.

    • Lloyd

      If you live by that logic then I really pity you.

  • Cheddo

    It was pretty fakey. I mean, all these scientists are very good looking, some even hot! No marine biologist or audiologist looks like that. Watch any of those UFO and bigfoot shows and those scientists are about the weirdest, hairiest nerds you’ll ever see. And it was clearly heavily scripted and over-acted. Entertaining, regardless.

  • ScottInSanDiego

    It was so obvious that this was a fake program – the acting was horrible at best. I was bummed at first; I love Animal Planet, and the writer is absolutely correct – nearly all of their programming is factual. It was a two hour program, and it sucks that the same people who watched the entire thing (thinking it was real) are also allowed to vote, reproduce and drive motor vehicles.

  • Dylan

    Even if the show was a fake, any “news” source that can’t correctly site the name of the program obviously isn’t very credible. Seriously, yeah the show had a lot of graphics, but so does every other kind of reenactment by the animal shows. Every show talking about mysterious animals has to do that since there is either zero video or photo evidence or the evidence isn’t available to the public. The shows are there to make you think. Anyway, like I said before, any “news” source that can’t correctly site the name of a program, article, or any other source of information has absolutely zero credibility.

    • Dylan

      I’ll even correct myself, cite not site.

  • Henry

    You’ve got to admit, its possible. The video at the end of the documentary (2 boy on the beach going to where the dead creature was) wasn’t disclaimed, not yet at least.

    The US Navy is smart and powerful enough to do, find almost anything and keep it a secret.

    A few few decades ago, going to the moon was science fiction stuff.

    Keep an open but doubtful mind, just saying.

  • James G

    You can tell it is a hoax, I mean really, just look at the “The Walking Dead” like body and the poor anatomy and the even worse join from the human half to the fish half, You can literally see where the skin is poorly made and the transitions are rough. It is sad someone would even believe the body was real. Even someone with rudimentary medical knowledge can tell the difference between latex skin and real dead human remains.

  • http://mermaid judy

    Everyone should of known it was a fake and species that wash up on shore should of had flies and maggots surrounding the body.

  • James G

    The Japanese caused the whales and dolphins to beach themselves, how else would they feed their insatiable hunger for Chicken of The Sea and whale kababs?

    • MyMind


  • Rosalie

    This video is a great example of what navy sonar is doing to the sea and its creatures. Not to mention the unknown ones. The whales are effected by this. I just wish people would stop being so ignorant and look in front of your eyes and see the damage that it is creating. I mean don’t you want to know what these creatures are? The whales are clear physical evidence and yet the navy fails to see this. And as for the unknown creatures there is a lot of evidence but I think that we need more to have that as a main concern. I tuink for now we need to worry about the creatures that are known to science. Not myths.

    • Jeremy

      If sonar was detrimental to the sea life, as you claim, then every time a ship tests out the active sonar capabilities while in port, the surface of the water would be filled with dead floating fish. It doesn’t do anything to them and doesn’t produce enough decibels to cause any harm except for keeping me up at night since I slept below the water line. Yes, I’m a sailor. And you, are ignorant.

      • Amy

        As much as I respect all who serve the country, you too Jeremy are ignorant. For you to assume that you know all that the Navy experiments with is very naive on your part. How is it that you know what our government is testing? Are you involved with sonar testing????? I think we all know that testing of new technology must be completed before disclosure of said technology is released. Perfect example: the Stealth bomber. Do you actually think that piece of aviation genius was built, flown and disclosed to the public without proper testing??? No, I don’t think so. If this new sonar technology is being developed and tested by the Navy or any part of the government, I doubt very much that they would disclose it before they knew it was safe. And I seriously doubt our government would admit that their new technology was detrimental to any part of the environment. So Jeremy, even though you’re a sailor who sleeps below the water line, it doesn’t qualify you as a Naval spokesperson. And if you were working on this piece of experimental technology, I doubt very much you’d have the security clearance to discuss it online with random citizens of America. Stick to what you know Jeremy and to Rosalie, your opinion and comment is appreciated.

        • Lloyd

          Amy, and just because you want to believe that the navy goes out of it’s way to kill animals to test sonar doesn’t make it so. Don’t be a hypocrite.

  • http://yahoo linda johnston

    Well, personally I don’t care if it’s real or not…I choose to believe it is, for the sake of my grandaughter that believes they are real and do exist. It’s amazing how a child can make you believe in things that may not exist, but they show you the possibility that just maybe you might be wrong. So I will let her watch this, if for nothing else to show her what happens when we turn a blind eye to what really happens when we are not paying attention to what we have been intrusted by God to be stewards of…

    • Zia Christ

      its true,children have such a pure mind they have a given knowledge older people ignore,or tell them its not real.
      but yet all these people who disbelive still look at the stars and wander.Call it a hypocritical,i call it dumb and ignorant,your grandughter is right.
      and to Jeremy,ask my uncle who is a level 8 senior chief in the Navy who has been at sea for 13 years,he’ll tell you what actually goes on there other then regualrs(you) who just gazes at the sea instead of explorin it.

  • Zia Christ

    Mermaids are a possible being
    You want to knock out reason,then deny reason itself.(deny yourself),which obviously is not possible.unless your going to tell me humans and other beings do not exist.
    come on now,we are here so are others,if you think the human is the only race look at sea life who do not swim but our swam look at air which birds are not flying they are flown.
    we adapt with all the components around us,that is how a human is adaptable in some climates.Throw a human on Jupiter and they will die but with the sun the moon and components it is very possible life will began in different forms.we are not alone

  • Babs

    Wow… I did not realize how many people watch Animal Planet.

  • Jen

    Really think the navy , and goverment is stepping in yet again :)

    • Zia Christ

      why would they step in,in 2012,when our American Navy has been seeing this civilizaton for multiple years?many others too,its in books when Spain sailed to America,i swear do you people just watch T.V. ,read school books,and think you know it all or do you actually go out and live this life
      what do you want us to do?take over Atlantis?and other biblical(scientific civilizations that are in the seas) when we clearly cant live under water but they can.yes, we can blow them up,we got chemicals to build bombs,but why?why not gaze on nature itself and say hey,that was some cool shit..if we are going to interfer,and spend our American dollars,it better be a damn good reason other then seing mermaids and letting them just be since it doesnt beneift us..a controversy over sea civilizations,that is just funny,we are aiming for the stars,nothing lower

  • jane

    How do we know what is down there?

    Do I believe the video footage they claimed came from the boy..no..that was clearly “re-done” for television!

    But ,really, how do we know what is down there,they discover new things everyday.

    Am I going to lose sleep over whether this is real or not? Nope.

  • Lloyd

    I love towards the end where “the government” comes in and steals all their research and proof because they were testing a secret sonar weapon. hahah, yeah ok.

    I find myself saying Why? to almost everything the scientists say. Just like on Ancient Aliens…. it’s just a constant string of why’s out of my mouth which of course those scientists should answer… but do not because it’s fake. but I still ask why anyway.

  • rod

    or maybe the people responsible for stealing the evidence in the documentary has paid them off no go on record and say its a hoax …..chew on that for a bit and see how she tastes.i bet that perked some attention from some of the conspiracy fans out there.wheres Jessie Ventura at when you need him

  • Leighla

    I watched the documetary and I totally beleive it! What made me believe more is when I looked up one of the doctors/scientist up online and the government homeland security had shut down both his webistes trying to share the information on mermaid proof! Why?

    • Lloyd

      Wow… just wow. First of all, it’s fake. second of all… it’s VERY FAKE. When you looked up the doctor or scientist you found that homeland security shut them down? how did you find that out? Did homeland security plaster it up on the website that THEY were the ones that took it down? Yeah, I’m sure a government cover up would really put their name all over it. It’s called publicity for people like you. You remember the movie Apollo 18? They made it seem like a documentary (just about as fake looking as this) and then had a website to go to to see the real files… but…. GASP… the website was taken down by a mysterious gov entity.

      No one took it down, it never existed. It’s just a marketing ploy for gullible people. I mean… the “scientists” have IMDB pages for crying out loud… they’re actors. IT”S NOT REAL.

  • raymond

    if it was real there would b flys on it

  • http://yahoo.com lindsay

    maybe the writer is actually the one who is being fooled since he is thinking just what the government wants him to think. The vidoes have to be fake thats a given because if they were real the government would shut down the program just as quickly as it started.

  • area69

    wow 240p CGI lol…secret remain silent they wont tell us the truth

  • roger

    There are always people that say “it’s not real”. You need to believe what you see and what you don’t see and make a judgment for yourself. The Government does cover up a lot of stuff; The Government believes that the people would not know how to handle it, if it were true.

    For myself I do believe it to a point and would be a true believer when I see it for myself. I believe that everything you see on TV is a one person point of view.

    If a man kills another man and it’s caught on tape but a body is never found then the tape is a lie? Was CGI the reason? I think not.

  • http://ebony.com mikeZodiak

    Dad, i’m a Mer-Man!

    • T

      Poppa, *cough* I think I’ve got the black lung.

  • Amzer

    Having read this and watched the video for the first time from it, I can definitely see this video being fake. The scientists don’t seem genuine. I think it’s a case of BAD television. Not having watched the whole thing, is there any note or indication this is a docu-drama of sort? That is, outside of what appears to be bad acting? Or are these people actually trying to dupe viewers?

    I do wish to note, I wouldn’t put it past government to hide something like mermaids. But this video really does not seem genuine and I have never heard or seen any other videos/pictures/accounts about merpeople which have ever seemed legit in any way. So I’m inclined to believe these are non-existent.

    • EPOCH

      I know Mermaids are real. I caught one and we dated for 3 years. We now have 12 guppy kids. Still can’t figure out were the fishy smell is coming from.

  • zackery

    Mermaides could be real and honestly nobody will ever know because our government is shitty!, and would never tell us the truth even it they were real. Animal planet displayed true facts, now not saying the videos were real but the facts shown you can’t go wrong with. People over exaggerate on everything and freak out which is one of the main reasons that the government chooses to hide things like this from us, and honestly you can’t say that they dont hide anything because they hide more truthful facts from us than your parents do when your younger,BELEIVE IT PEOPLE because even if they are not real there is something out there in the seas that resembles something that looks like a “make believe” mermaide, and another fact to add in this is, the little mermaide was based off of something was it not? don’t belive the government and there lies do some research and make your own opinions!

    • Hooty

      LOL Thanks for the laugh. Holy crap that was funny.

      • Tank

        Zackery, you need to come to grips with reality about the government. You give them far too much credit, they can’t balance a budget let along hide things you imagine to be real. No, there are not mermaids. And while we’re at it, with a bit of reasearch I come to the conclusion that we did go the the moon and 911 was brought on by terrorists.

    • john

      dumbasses!really?its war of the worlds all over.some people(many people) will fall for anything,if it’s presented the right way.
      I didnt bother to read the article,just went to to the comments to see what you dummies had to say.I was not sorry I did….

  • Anthony

    I am relieved to hear this was a fake documentary. I was flipping out last night that these things could be out there. The show was convincing. Good job guys, you got me.

  • Jason

    r these niggers crazy or what

  • brian

    Remember 911 was a cover up http://www.loose change.com

  • Wild Wobby

    I have a question…. Does anyoneout there know a place where legitimate cave drawings exist and can be seen today with these creatures depicted in them?

    I was wondering if the images they used showing “maids” with early man weres fake as well? Ive seen alot of documentory and book pics of cave painings, and never one with “maids” in them.

  • http://youtube Richard

    The reality is that the government is doing sonar testing that has harmed and even killed marine mammals and it needs to stop it. I am at the point now that I really don’t trust what the government is saying regarding mysteries like UFOs and even the Mermaids. They have a bad habit of covering things up. I am glad that Animal Planet had the fore site and the guts to air the “Mermaid a Body Found” special. Hopefully, other shows like the History Channel will push for more disclosure around paranormal phenomena like UFOs and other timeless mysteries like Mermaids.

  • http://tinyurl.com/getvrillon overplay4underplay

    “the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist..”
    This documentary spoof should not make or break anyone’s belief in a phenomena that has been recorded in myth and song for millinia. If someone sees a spoof documentary produced by government or hollywood artists as evidence that something does NOT exist then you are not skeptical at all you are the very paradigm of gullable. BTW if the government hides the existence of a race or civilization of beings its probably not just to prevent public panic, its probably to PROTECT THEM and the political regime itself from our underdeveloped and largely idiotic, frenzy prone population, who eventually would revolt in demands to war or enslave them for pets cheap labor..that said I don’t really believe much about mermaids..if they ever existed we likely killed them off long ago, probably when we sank Atlantis. 😛

  • Charlene Ryan

    A final thought…..Why are so many nations suddenly taking up sonar testing? What really is the “Bloop” and the other anomalies that have recently come to our attention? “Organic in nature” and “far reaching” are two conclusions made by real scientists in the real world. No whale (the largest creature we know to exist) is capable of producing the bloop, so what is it? Just wondering.

    • Ryan

      dude they are real an government hides so much from us you sir are stupid

  • Jay

    I can’t believe that anyone who watched this special actually believed that it was true. Even the “scientists” were horrible actors. I felt like I lost a few brain cells actually watching this stupid special.

  • sashane

    omg!!! I totally believe that it is possible that these creatures exists. For those of us who believe in the bible and its teachings, Noah and the Ark-it states that the world was destroyed by a great flood. How long ago did this happened? I dnt know but apparently it did. So ok, all that was not saved on the Noahs Ark perished right?? Well, I don’t think so… all that lived in the oceans, seas and rivers and basically all waters of the earth would not be killed obviously and thats because water is their home. So this goes to proof that the oceans and seas, water on a whole houses a lot of species that we haven’t even discovered yet and as the years progress mankind keeps discovering new species of aquatic craetures. Do you really find it that hard to believe that the sea houses ancient species and mysteries??? Trust me it is possible

    • Elbert

      Please don’t forget to take your medicine tonight.

  • BrinkX182

    lol i smell a gov cover up..just sayn…

    • nicole

      its hard these days to tell whats real and whats not from leprechauns to aliens to mermaids either some people really have a great great imagination and they create these things or it came from something that was here whose to say and this may sound crazy but befor god made humans if u believe in god tht he didnt create creatures and things just to try things out and then created humans,as far as mermaids no human can go tht deep to the ocean floor and it for a reason because god doesnt want us to see every single thng so its no tellin whats down tht deep.

  • El Capitan

    they said in the beginning it wasn’t real why would you think it was real when the folks who made it said it was fake ………?

  • Wartex

    Didn’t anyone notice the VEARY crappy cgi

  • mark

    there’s zero way that kids crappy flip phone could zoom in and out on that beached mermaid. i enjoyed the program, but seriously?

  • Thor

    Okay, willing dupes. Since it’s obvious that so many of you are incredibly gullible, I’ll give you my sure-fire way of knowing when something like this – or pretty much everything aired on one particular radio show in the wee hours of the morning – is a hoax. If it was true, YOU WOULD HAVE HEARD ABOUT IT BEFORE THIS! Seriously, how incredibly stupid are you people? Do you really believe that if a mermaid, or the ark of the covenant, or the holy grail was found, we wouldn’t know about it until a book or documentary was put together? I suppose you trust “academics” who are put forth as experts who are entirely uncredentialed, referred to as “UFO investigator,” or have advanced degrees in some esoteric field that likely doesn’t even exist as an undergraduate course! Seriously, how many classes does a person need to take to earn a doctorate in “Sasquatch and Druidic studies?” BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • ronald

    i know for a fact that our government would cover up there testing of any weapon testing that they were doing to protect themselve of any wrong doing, thank about all the weapons programs they have.and how they cover up the testing on people that has happen?time and time again. we are finding new form of animals and plants every day and we know very little about the oceans and sea.

  • cwynne

    The only real question is — how can we trust the Animal Planet (read: Discovery Channel) to tell the truth in the future?

  • Moonpie

    Oh, that’s great! Why don’t you ruin it for me! Next thing I know, you’ll be telling me there’s no big foot either! :(

  • SheSoCray

    Well, its totally possible. Well, not like i would believe these people anyway, they might be lying or telling the truth. Too many cover ups in this world. Its one God that created us innit?? Well, the fact that the end of the world is coming nearer day by day, more amazing things on earth are discovered. The people who actually take a little time to read the Bible would so know what im talking about. Alot of weird things are happening, so dont be surprised if it is true, we discover alot of animals on earth without actually knowing the names people, think about it..

  • the wolf



  • debbie

    i think if god can create us and all these other creatures why not aliens or mermaids do i think we have found mermaids no and if so then no one has actually had proof i mean we have some pretty unique creatures anything is possible i mean dinosaurs existed had we not had proof no one prob. wld have believed they were real just sayin ??

  • Michael

    I smell a cover-up. I think they exist. Why would ancient civilizations make statues, and draw them? I think they are real.

    • Tony

      Michael all you smell is all the dead whales.

  • Karen

    I believe in science. But I also believe in God. When you say an ape could not evolve into a mermaid you are also saying an ape could not evolve into a man. So you just contradicted yourself.

    Mermaids ARE older than the Bible and Manatees are NOT responsible for all mermaid sightings. Manatees are not found all over the globe, however mermaid speculation IS.

    Also in some versions, sirens are believed to actually BE mermaids, related to them, and even descended from them. In other versions, they are not even considered aquatic creatures. In the versions that they are, however, they are usually alluringly beautiful WOMEN who live in water and lure sailors to their deaths. Therefore, you can see the connection to mermaids.

    This video may or may not be real or based off fact or fiction, but it makes a semi-logical explanation for the existence of mermaids.

    I don’t know if they are real or not but if you continue to ignorant then I suggest you go jump in the ocean and find out. Otherwise, shut up unless you have something intelligent to offer.

  • Ndy

    I do not understand what you guys mean. Don’t you know that they exist? Infact I strongly believe that they do exist. Please tell me that the story is true.


  • Rachel

    People can be so stubborn these days. Maybe they did see a mermaid, you weren’t there so you wouldn’t know. Plus the remains seem pretty stable to me. It’s all about your opinion. You think it’s fake, and that’s your opinion. Sitting there writing an article about it all being a hoax isn’t really going to change anyone’s mind, in the end they’ll believe what they want to believe. Stop wasting your time and write what you KNOW, not what you think you know.

    • Duane


      You are right, Animal Planet will not air something that is not true. Those Doctor’s reputation is on the line. The Government knows how to keep a secret. People are not ready to believe the fantasies that they have learned when they were children. Stories come from real life events. If you want to see something that was yanked off of History Channel check this out “The Men Who Killed Kennedy Love Affair”. This was taken off the History Channel because people can’t handle the truth!

      • RS

        Careful saying that Duane. A&E has aired an episode of Billy The Exterminator, where he proclaims that mascara is made of guano (bat poop to those who do not know what it is), which is untrue. It’s made from guanine which is derived from fish scales. But it hasn’t stopped them from airing the episode and causing people to freak out.

    • Molly

      Dude, it’s a known fact that Area 51 is a plane building headquarters where they are making technology now that advances about 12 years in the future. No aliens or anything. The “crash” was a test flight for a new plane they built and they didn’t want any foreign countries learning of our technology. So they were like, “Sure, aliens. yeah, it was aliens. NOT. MAYBE!!” so that we’d be the stupid Americans we are and think about aliens.

      • http://huffington rick

        yu guys are killing me,just because the show displays actors, yes actors who claim to be scientists on a tv show doesnt make it true,or a video of child actors portrayed as witnesses to the mermaid doesnt mean its true either.havnt seen these so called scientists on the evening news have ya, no, because something as huge or silly as this would be seen there, the whole scientific band wagon would have descended down on this in a heart beat if there were a hint of truthfulness to it.people will always search for and believe in things that cannot be easily explained, reality is just to boring for them, their immagination must end in some truthfulness or they get peaved, what do yu mean theres no mermaids, or unicorns, or bigfoot, thats not right, the government must be trying to pull the wool over our eyes.i like mermaids, got a statue of one in the yard, have a weather vane mermaid, i live on a lake.have i seen a mermaid, hell no, dont beleive in them either.

  • jessi

    I don’t know if it is real or fake, does it matter? I think the government is pretty much capable of hiding anything from us. For instance…Area 51!Not that I think there are UFO’s, but if they are not hiding things there…they should open it up and give us a guided tour!Don’t you think? They can do whatever they want and just string us along. One previous post above made sense to me, they do find new things in the ocean all the time. I was always told growing up, that we would know more about space than we could ever begin to phantom about our under water endevors. We simply can’t venture far enough into the deep blue, so who’s to say that something doesn’t lurk in there that would blow our minds? I am not on team “it’s real” or team “they are full of it”, I am just kinda here wondering why anyone would think that the government could not cover something as simple as a mermaid up? They are very much capable of taking evidence of any kind, from anywhere and doing away with it…they are the GOVERNMENT!!! There may be some things they state that are true, but how can you tell? The best thing to do is stay in limbo. If they do good for us pat them on the back, if they don’t…well what are you gonna do about it anyway? I don’t like being a doubter, but being a believer in anything anymore just makes you sound crazy, so I will just sit back and analyze and question all things! “What if” it to death and know that reguardless, we will only know what we are allowed to know. And maybe, it is for our own good!?…but honestly I do want that tour of Area 51. It is too secretive not to be intersting if you ask me! LoL

  • Mona Brander-Villalpando

    If there were such beings as Mermaids and Mermen, how would they procreate? Now that’s something to ponder!

    • Mars

      exactly the same way whales and sharks procreate

    • Brittney

      that is so true i always wondered how they pro create

  • http://none todd

    Okay so here we go again.. all the so-called experts out there that want to debunk the story has an agenda! And here’s the agenda! They are trying to hide the fact that the Navy has a secret sonic weapon! I understand the hoopla about a mythical creature and how some people are excited that it may exist. Others laughed at the idea that some people have an open enough mind to say I don’t know! Let’s stick to the facts! The recording of the unknown creature is real! Whether it’s a mermaid or not I don’t know! It could be an unknown dolphin! But you have to have a real creature to make sounds! But here is something that everybody is missing through the fog of this story! Whale beaching happened! Did animal planet fake that to! I tend to believe that there is something to this creature! I don’t know what it is! And it’s okay to say I don’t know! I live in reality I deal with facts! And just because there was a lot of speculation going on in this television show does not take away from the fact those whale’s died along with all the other creatures that washed up on the shore! The US government is going to come out and discredit this film because they don’t want anybody to think about the fact they have an unknown secret weapon that caused the whale beaching’s! That was all over the world every time they tested it! Now for everybody out there reading this I’m going to leave you with this thought! You seen the number of creatures that died during the Navy weapons test! How many creatures died that we didn’t see? What is that going to do to the food chain? I cannot believe that I am the only one who has been thinking about this! But it is lost in the fog of the idea that a supposedly mythical creature exists or not! For me it’s irrelevant! The thing I’m worried about is the ocean dying! And you don’t have to deplete oxygen levels in the water to kill off a lot of animals! All you have to do is have a disruption in the food chain. The ramifications of the incidences that the Navy has perpetrated testing their secret weapon may never be known! Here’s something else to think about also along the lines of the validity of an unknown creature! There has been reports from all over the world of fish being speared in the open ocean! Did the animal planet fake that to? What about the open questions they were asking in the show about human beings being the only land animal that perspires salty sweat and tears! There is so much that we don’t know about the evolution of this planet! But just to write it off and scoff at it is being very closed minded! Another question for you to think about! Did the animal planet fake the cave paintings that were depicted at the end of the story! There is a lot more to this than meets the eye! And for all the people out there writing these articles saying wholeheartedly that this show was made up! They have an agenda. And their agenda is to keep the American people from looking at the government institutions that perpetrate a lot of the atrocities that have been going on in the world! And we’ll never know because they’ll claim national security.

    • Jessi

      Todd that was well said! I feel sorry for all sea life. We will never know what kind of damage we have caused them. I vacationed at a beach 3 weeks ago, and while swimming with my kids, there was a plastic bottle that floated up close to us. I chased it down and got out of the water and placed it in a trash can. My 7 year old ask, “Mom, why did you get out just to throw that away?” I told him that I intended for our family to leave nothing but footprints behind in the sand. Of course he did not understand, so I explained to him that garbage could hurt animals if they swallowed it, or if they got a plastic bag or something like that stuck on them, that they could die. So from that moment on, if we seen trash within our reach, our boys would grab it and take it to the trash cans. But when you talk about people experimenting with things that none of us could stop, what are we to do? I can teach 4 kids to help clean up a beach area so that it is safer for the creatures that call it home, but if our government lets testing like this go on, nothing may not survive to call it home before its all over. I read something yesterday that said by the time you sense there is a problem, it has usually already caused a lot of damage. Lets hope this will not be the case on our sea creatures. We need them all to do what they do to make everything work in order. I don’t know what all lives down in the deep blue sea, but I know that all have a purpose and deserve a fighting chance to live without us bringing harm to them.

  • elizabeth

    We do exist . am one ,, oh no got to go back jump in the water ,,,,,,

  • Rose Blavelt

    They are real! The Navy killing all those whales and dolpins and sea life … that’s real too! Ufo’s, demons, evil spirits,bigfoot, mothman, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and the Immaculate Virgin Mary are real too. The sun getting bigger is real too. It takes a sharp mind, humble existence in this magnificent universe and a glimpse of at least half of the above truths to KNOW that they are real. The pot of gold at the end of a rainbow is real. Truth is real, lies and misimformation is not real and niether is anyone using those tactics. Expand your mind for the possibility that God created so much more than the little town you’ve been in all your life. Be enlightened … it’s okay. Laugh-dream-imagine the possibilities and God just might reward you with a glimpse.

  • danie

    I think this article was only written for the governments sake. This article has given no evidence that mermaids are not real, as to where the video gave many points as to why mermaids do exist, infact there were scientist on the documentary. The government is just covering everything up.

    • Lace

      What scientists?? You mean like the scientist named Rebecca? Who’s real name is Candice D’arcy and has about 9 films under her belt? That one??

      The Channel aired plenty of claims that the show was false and for entertainment, but just like the “please use other door sign”, most people ignored it.

  • cheyenne

    At first i just thought this was another crack-pot story about some crazy scientist and was all ready to laugh at my tv screen….but i never thought id actually buy into this stuff, the evidence is there, the witnesses are there (and if you think they were “payed off”, do you really think the boys mother would want her kids to stoop that low for a lie?) and scientiffically it all felt so real, you know how christians say that even though they cant see god they have faith he’s there…i fell the same with mermiads sometimes it just takes faith and plus i love anything that shows the government as the lying sneaky cover-up monkeys that they are :)

    • Nel

      Agree, if faith can push people to believe in things they can’t see, how about documented proof going back thousands of years and spanning almost all cultures!

  • cc

    I think the media is full of bull****…..Mermaids are probably real and the media/government are probably messing with our heads to see our respond to a radical story….well since people freaked the hell out now they need to cover it up/ shut us up.

  • mindy

    I think that mermaids and ghosts and angels and jesus and demons and hell even freakin lepercons if you believe in them all!!!!!! i mean, if you have TRUTHFUL evidence of this stuff, yea its real! For years people have been seein and experiencing unexplainable and paranormal things happening. People are bein haunted in the good and the bad. and if someone actually speaks up and says something, other folks think theyve done gone crazy!!! but its forreal, ive experienced stuff and seen stuff. things can be faked like this for example but i mean, how else would you explain some figure appearing in front of you and then just disappearing? how would you explain seeing circular objects in the sky doin funky things? or what about devilish lookin creatures people capture on tape or pictures? there is always gonna be things on this planet that we will not know about. but if there is evidence, like evidence on a trial, then why aint it real? be sceptic about things but be open minded and really think.

    • Ichi


  • tdurberville

    I Want to Believe.

  • Joe

    HAHA. Author, people like you are what i call ignorant. You can try to disprove the document all you want, you sound like a paid government mole, out to discredit the event. People like yourself literally make me laugh out loud. You think you are man all mighty. Pinnacle of the universe! Dominant in the Solar System. You talk like you know everything, and its all in the books. you’ve got everything figured out. Yeah keep feeding your shallow ego Pal. Your are nothing more than a dumbed down modern government product.

  • frank ledesma

    i guess i was just punked :(

  • joan

    I think mermaids to exist. . . Its like where did they get the word half human and half fish or what we call as mermaids now . . . . Its like a gost others believe on it others dont but they exist right . . .

    • jerry

      you are dumb

  • Mike B

    Good lord..! The video shown when the actor states the kid had kept the phone video is so obviously poor, and I mean POOR CGI, that I’m embarrassed to think anyone actually believed it. Laughable.

  • joe

    Everyone keeps saying the government is covering up the fact that mermaids exist. I just have one question about that…why on Earth would the governemt cover that up? That just seems like a huge waste of time and resources to covering up something that wouldn’t really change anything in our lives. So there is a new life form we didn’t know about out there, so what?

    • Nel

      If this is indeed another branch of homo sapiens, we will have a tidal wave of disbelief. Many religious people will discredit immediately since this won’t fit their standards of beliefs. Scientists wouldn’t know where to begin to study since last homo was neanderthal.
      Governments would hide this info specifically because society isn’t ready for another species as intelligent as us. That would entitle them to rights also!

    • Tony

      The Government is trying to keep their existence hidden because they forgot to include them in Obamacare.

  • eli

    I Former member of ffl (if you dont know SHUT UP GO ABOUT YOUR LIFE) LEgion. Know I never thought paranormal things existed(think AGAIN) WE are NOthing more than FICTION the truth is out there! PURE RETALIATION FOR NOT HONORING MY RANK AFTER MARRIAGE! SWish MON BIT PEDE!!!!!~!!!

  • RS

    I say it’s possible to exist. After all they’re now finding fish and other sea creatures that were thought to have been extinct and they’re actually not. So why not this ? There is so much of the ocean that has yet to be discovered, and may never be. There are other beings I believe in, which I won’t mention here, but I would say never rule anything out unless there’s 100% irrefutable proof.

    • Tonee Vortis

      So…no one saw Alien Autopsy?

      Get out of your parents’ basements and read some REAL books.

  • KS

    Seriously, how can anyone believe this stuff? Did you watch the same movie I did? It’s obviously fiction, it even says so right on IMDB. When I saw it a couple of months ago the channel guide clearly stated “Docudrama” and “Science Fiction.” Do you people believe The Blair Witch Project and The Fourth Kind are real too?

  • Jimmy

    Sirens are real. I seen them at Treasure Island in Las Vegas and since they are kin to Mermaids that means Mermaids exist. Case closed lol.

  • http://www.airmaxindia.com/pneumatic_valve_rm_series.htm Pneumatic Valve

    There is so much of the ocean that has yet to be discovered, and may never be. There are other beings I believe in, which I won’t mention here, but I would say never rule anything out unless there’s 100% irrefutable proof.

    air filter regulator

  • Alex

    This is just the government messing with ppl minds again hiding the truth…. its real and you are just part of their little group to cover it up and make it seem fake. fuck this whole article , its real the government doesn’t want the public to know certain things.

  • sunshine

    well people why should mermaids not come to america every one else is here!yes maybe they need free food,, and free homes, and free jobs. well move over thire goes the neighbor hood. a new language to learn!!!!!!!!!!!!. the deadlest mermaids————- new show.why not they can fish good. the new fishing show mermaids in the wild.oh the things thats next. i just dont get upset over any thing no more.if its real its real, if not then one of them will be elvis as a fish and will be in vegas.oh and holly wood will make one of them a star. oh and tom cruse can have a new wife now. him or charlie sheen can be the frist to marry a mermaid.wow next chapter excites me so much. its like you dont believe in them, but vampires, were wolfs and zombies and you are all calling each other stupid!!!!!!!!!!!do you relate to this.WHO DIED AND MADE US GOD?

  • fuck todd

    author of article is a total faggot.

    no shit it’s not real.

    you’re being a total faggot by not going along with the joke. that’s why your job in journalism is a fucking joke.

  • bl

    I think mermaids or man-like sea creatues exist. No matter what the feds say. One can never trust those who think they have ultimate authority.

  • Kids today…

    Everybody needs to understand- the only TRUTH of the documentary is that there IS in fact, a conspiracy! Unfortunately it’s not the conspiracy presented in the film. The REAL conspiracy is that a supposedly scientific documentary channel has just raped science by INTENTIONALLY “blurring” the line between science and fantasy. The REAL truth is out there… The Discovery Network and it’s subsidaries have been losing ratings as a result of apathy in our society towards REAL issues. This fascination with the “amazing” is a breeding ground for obvious PROPAGANDA used by the network to generate ratings. It’s really simple. We used to care about ALL life- not just humans. Society as a whole has largely excluded this belief from our culture because we feel we are a superior species.
    I care about the whales that were beached by Naval Sonar Testing. That was the OBVIOUS message of this fictitional mockumentary. The only problem I have is that I’m torn between my desire for activism in my own conservationist viewpoint, and my desire for CREDIBLE sources being made available to the general public without regaurd for ratings. If you watched this film and felt bad for the Mermaids than you should feel bad for the numerous REAL species that were clearly harmed by Naval Sonar Testing.
    Please put your outrage to good use! If it’s one thing this film was TRYING to achieve, it was a public outcry for ALL marine life that is effected by our species as a result of our arrogant need to not only decide what is “real” or “fake” but also to attempt to discern the balance of a GLOBAL ecosystem that has exhisted for billions of years before we were even born!
    Please stop the debate and start the ACTIVISM that is so lacking in this generation! DO SOMETHING about how you feel! Sign a petition! Tell your friends to do the same! It’s disgusting to me that we as a species think we have the “right” to essentially play God by directly effecting the future of the entire planet. HUMANS are the REAL 1%… One lone species that thinks it’s entitled to determine the future of the entirety of species that exhist on this planet! I know the 60’s are long gone… but that doesn’t mean that environmental concerns are no longer of any importance. Sign a petition! And for God’s sake vote according to your beliefs- whatever those beliefs may be! I still believe that as a species we CAN not only survive, but THRIVE through activism. I don’t care what you believe… Just DO SOMETHING about it! For ALL our sakes…

    • Charlene Ryan

      Who can we vote for that really cares? Speaking of the presidency, Obama approved sonar testing to resume off the coast of California and we know Romney would do the same.

  • Kids today…

    If my message was in ANY way unclear, please watch the YouTube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kp8lVd6Mko. Here are some people who care about the issue at hand and who have great advice for people who want more out of life than just complaining about an issue. The generation before us used their time and energy wisely by using good old fashioned protest and a real passion for positive change. Enjoy…

  • Kids today…

    If you are still on the fence… Consider that this video was shot in 2007! Long before the Discovery Networks decided that this was even a “worthy” cause. Mermaids? True or False? I don’t really care! These creatures… these mammals… they were and ARE being deformed and killed by the use of Naval Sonar Testing. Please donate a few moments of your time to help stop this from happening.

    • JC

      “True or False? I don’t really care…they…ARE being…killed by the use of Naval Sonar Testing.”

      This is idiocy at its worst.

  • Anthony ekrebe

    i want to ask the NOAAA that if mamaid dont exist how comes the name?

    • Kids today…

      This article shows that NOAA doesn’t deny the POSSIBILITY that Mermaids exhist… They simply state they haven’t found any evidence yet. It should also be stated that if you trust the “sources” listed in this “documentary” then you are simply taking the word of 2 former NOAA employees… The man who still maintains his scientific credibility is blatently abscent from the POV of the film. Please visit http://news.discovery.com/animals/noaa-mermaids-120629.html

      • Lace

        What scientists?? You mean like the scientist named Rebecca? Who’s real name is Candice D’arcy and has about 9 films under her belt? That one??

  • Kids today…
  • Zoe Blackmon

    MAN!!! THAT MERMAID IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SCARY!!!! I hope it doesn’t haunt me for the rest of my life! ( Whimper…..)

  • Debbie

    I beleive there are mermaids. I’am not sure exactly where. Probably not in our atmospher. But in the ocean some where. They are always finding different and rare fish and finding lost cities. Everyone says it is a myth. I beleive they live at a certain depth and where everything is pure and clean. There are areas in the ocean and areas where noone has been or has been able to get to. I’am sure they keep it that way for a reason.

    • Debbie

      Mermaids do exist.

      • Debbie

        Mermaids do exist. But not in the way they showed.

        • Joe

          Yes, I agree. Instead of humans with fish tails… they have brains akin to a fish. These “merfolk” can be found everywhere. Many work at McDonald’s, but some have even made it into public office.

          • mild

            I only know mermaids in tele-series like “Aryana and Dugong haha!

  • Marlene

    stop testing in Hawaii waters we eat our fish . to feed our family. go away do your testing some where else. lets get together and stop this from happening to the animals of the sea there must be a way . they stopped the supper fiery .save our oceans and all that live in them.

    • Mike

      Are you retarded?

  • cindy

    I really believe that anything is possible since we only are aware of what is in 5% of the waters on earth.yes,5%. In my opinion there could be ANYTHING down in the depths of our oceans.there just isn’t the funding to search more area,also, we can’t go to the bottom of the ocean because it would kill us,unless we’re in a submarine and they only go so deep.

    • Lace

      Really? That’s what you think? We can’t GET there?? We have technology that can go to Mars but we can’t get too far below sea level? They’ve explored much more than 5%, they just don’t want to tell us what, if anything, they’ve found.

  • heidi

    OMG! I can’t believe these comments! Your stupidity is actually amazing! Dang! Are you people really such idiots that you “believe” in Mermaids? Sure, you can call me a hater. I guess that’s what I am, but I’d rather be a hater than a gullible nitwit.

  • Moses

    Mermaids did exist but then died thanks to the BP oil spill. Thanks BP!

  • jason

    This artilce does not dis-credit anything. The show on animal planet at least had some facts and scientist giving their opinion as to what they found. This article just put up a picture of the little mermaid movie and said people are stupid for believing that there is an undiscovered animal somewhere in the vast oceans that could have started all the myths and stories of what we know as mermaids.

  • Bob

    My question would be … why would animal planet intentionally air something they new was a complete fake beforehand? Discovery airs Monsterquest with the premise that whatever they are searching for may or may not be real. If it was not a documentary.. and none of the scientists in the program exist and they never studied the body found in the shark, etc.. Animal Planet should have mentioned that.

    Also, of course the government will say they don’t exist… what do you expect them to say when at the same time, they were testing something that was causing the whales to beach themselves. Comical to me that people are believing the government on this.


    • Chris

      I think that everyone (including the author of this article) is missing the point of this show. I did watch it and the reason that these scientists were investigating this is because the Navy was testing sonar weapons, causing all of these whale and dolphins to beach themselves. That is the tragedy here. That’s not made up. And who are we to say what exists out there? Of course the government wants you to believe that mermaids don’t exist. They don’t want you to know a lot of things. And people that think the government is honest and upfront are the ones with their heads in the sand.

    • http://youtube.com/thejesusfreak919 Anonymous

      Probably aired it because they knew it’d get publicity.

  • joe

    It looks like she was drug ashore by bigfoot and left for dead!

  • cakelehde

    It was obvious to me that this was fake. The “so called” video
    filmed by the boys was so obviously fake. I also was astounded why animal planet would air this as a documentary. They lost a lot respectability and trust with me for that one.

    • Bob

      Once again… why would Animal Planet air something that they know is a fake? I don’t think they feel it was fake. Could the video the kids took be fake? Sure! … but I don’t think all the research they talked about is fake. Makes no sense to even air a program like this.

  • Heather

    I find it humorous that all of you people are astounded that they aired a fake documentary… for all you know they hired some moron that can lie his way through anything just to get a good paying job. Huge surprise isn’t it? He probably thought it was real. All the world is now is a bunch of liars trying to get to the top… they hire the best one and those that are the most manipulative.

  • alahna

    damn Ariel got her ass tore up lmao!

  • Nero

    “The poison dart frog Ranitomeya amazonica is one of more than 1,200 new species of plants and vertebrates discovered in the Amazon rain forest between 1999 and 2009, the international conservation group WWF announced Tuesday in a new report highlighting the region’s biodiversity.”. – National Geographic –

    I suppose they are all liers and uneducated “nitwits”. We know less about our oceans than we do dry land. It is not so hard to believe in mermaids, especially if the news is given by a credible source. I mean just because you’ve never seen one does not make it unreal. I believe in God, but I’ve never seen him/her. Simply making a point there, not looking for a throw down! What about – believe in extraterrestrial life? Statically, it’s out there. If earth is one in a billion, it’s out there… One in a trillion, it’s out there. My point is – for anyone to call other folks names for their opinions or beliefs, is fascist. Just because YOU don’t believe it does not make it fact (as the opposite is true as well). Try harder to respect others – world would be a lot better place…

    I’m very disappointed in the Discovery Channel for airing a known hoax. Do I believe in mermaids, why not? And if you want to berate, now your facts and theories before you do. You look more the @$$ than somebody expressing their beliefs. Might as well condem the Christians too. Or the Gov. for spending loads of $ trying to contact those mythical lil aliens. You simply don’t know. Course neither do I, but I can believe if I want.

    • Lacey Fontaine

      What credible source?? The scientists?? You mean like the scientist named Rebecca? Who’s real name is Candice D’arcy and has about 9 films under her belt? That one??

      The Channel aired plenty of claims that the show was false and for entertainment, but just like the “please use other door sign”, most people ignored it.

  • Yaru

    k guys look they did something like this years ago except it was about dragons. what if they found a frozen dragon up in some stupid mountain.
    same thing I liked it because I was a kid back then. they did the same thing now except with mermaids. animal planet caters to the natural planet and the living things that exists on it. as such this also includes mythological beings and the natural human quest to find or disprove them. so I do not think they thought mermaids were real or tried to make a hoax. I do believe people did not pay close enough attention to the commercials stating a false what if documentary (it was obvious from the get go)and took this and made a huge deal out of it without knowing the facts and origin of the film.

  • Steven

    This statement its your thought Mr. Rigney….. The documentary is a theory of what can possibly is a mermaid. Its shows clearly many fatcs that make sense of what possibly were mermaids. The videos are clearly an interpretation of what happened. I saw the documentary and understand that maybe those creature really exits… All is a theory…. and the documentary show it like that….. Basically is the same that show possible UFO…. They dont want that you get scare, only want that you open your mind….. is this wrong?????

  • John Boy

    i will look for new evidences to see if the mermaids are real



    • yourmom

      Please go back to school and learn proper terminology. You sound like a 9 year old who listens to to much hip hop.

  • Keri

    Well, of course the government wants reporters to try to disbelief all of society… the job is to hide the truth right? Even in the documentary it states how the government constantly covers everything up to make it seem “faux” or “fake”… People need to have their own opinions and if the mermaid theory is something that you feel could exist, then BELIEVE! Don’t allow the government to jade your mind… that’s all they ever do.

  • Jay

    The governments want us to think this is a hoax, not all of the show was cgi. There were three scientists who quit there jobs because they new what the government was covering up. Look at every thing our governments hide from us such as the whale beachings,they committ criminal acts every day and they are who we devote our lives to by working like ants to keep our countries going and for what, to be lied to. We will come together one day an dissolve this parasite and rise above the war machines that are killing are very rare earth,and learn that to evolve you must slow down and walk before you can run.

  • Keri

    AMEN! – Thanks Jay!

  • keshia

    I believe the government hides stuff from us. So there is a possibility even if these videos are fake. I watched the documentary on the mermaid situation and I wasn’t surprised. Some people think its stupid to believe that mermaids are real because we turned the image into cartoons for kids but the real image probably would scare the crap out of us. For all the people who are coming on here calling people stupid you’re stupid because you’re looking at the surface of this situation. Get your facts. Who are you trusting?

    • Isa

      I agree … I saw it and I believe !

    • Lacey Fontaine

      Where are your facts? Show me these facts you speak of. I don’t mean theories or stuff you saw on TV. Those are not facts. Show me what exactly you’ve seen or read to support your theory…. I’d also like to see anyones reason to believe what’s inside Area 51 since it is repeatedly being cited in this thread.

      This “documentary” is just a really well thought out idea on what the explanation could be and what the history of evolution would be like if mermaids were real, the same way Da Vinci Code was a really well thought out idea of how to mix truth and myth about Jesus.

      The reason people keep accusing others of being stupid (which I’m not, but hear me out) is that people are so willing to believe what they see on tv without really examining it or doing any kind of research afterwards. I wonder how many people thought Moby Dick was based on a true story when book reading was the main entertainment medium of the day.

      Yes the government hides things, thats not the point of this story at all. It was a nice way to tie up the ideas of the story to make it more compelling.

      I don’t believe that we are the only *intelligent* life form in the entire universe, I just don’t think once they found us they’d think we’d be worth their time.

  • rokr

    ask my friend, Mermaid Melissa, about mermaids!

  • Geramy

    Honestly, I don’t see why the government is lieing to us about a lot of things. It would really make us think what if the Bible was made up by our government along with religion to keep people sane. How do you think they came up with “The Little Mermaid?” Someone obviously knew something about them to even create a cartoon. Of course there is not much proof to go on, but is there really much proof of all the creatures that supposedly exist like Bigfoot or the Lockness Monster?People do see things and get lucky catching it on film. The government tries to get people to believe what they want us to. In fact, the government is slowly being revealed as a liar, and one that does not care about the American people. For all we know they created all these branches of the military knowing people will die to control population. There is normally more than one person that has seen the same thing and can tell you about it. Others might think you’re crazy until they see it themselves, but what people see is real to them. Why would they lie? It wouldn’t make any sense to air anything that is a lie on certain channels such as this. At least these people were man and woman enough to tell us about it instead of hiding the truth. The government might have their assassinators on them for it, but they did the right thing. The government is just a coward now and its showing…

    • Geramy

      Not only that the show that is on this page now is NOT THE ORIGINAL. I saw the VERY FIRST time it came out. They changed the beginning of this to make it look fake.

  • Ann

    This was a movie, the people in it actors. Check out their biographies on IMDb http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1816585/

    • ignoranceisbliss

      The point is not whether or not this one movie is or isn’t fake, the point is on the other hand that if human beings honestly think we are the only intelligent creatures ever made or ever to be known is pompous. There are thousands upon thousands of gallons of ocean the human race will NEVER explore because our bodies and machines cannot make it safely and wholely into those depths.
      Case in point; the ancient/rare deep-sea shark found in Japan that died shortly after being captured.. no not the most intelligent creature, but one that people thought longer exsisted.. oddly enough for a creature that was thought to no longer exist it certainly just randomly showed up. Apparently it didn’t get the memo “Humans have decided you don’t exist and you’re dead, please don’t come around thanks.”
      All I’m saying is soon enough mankind will die out, you’re stupid to believe we won’t, and when the next thing comes along there will be little to no proof we were indeed real… we’ll be the next fairytale.

  • ignoranceisbliss

    To think we are the only intelligent beings on this planet, or anywhere for that matter, is pompous and moronic. You learn nothing nor are you open to new things, obvious things, with closed minds. These ‘myths’ of other creatures came from somewhere and the likelyhood of there coming out of thin air is small. Many accounts and stories and myths of other things be out there have been told for hundreds and thousands of years by people with no way to communicate to make up some amazing fairytale story as most of you would love to believe. But keep your closed minds, I’m certain you’ll be the next creature to go missing and become just another myth in fairytales.

    • Geramy

      You must be a government assassinator saying people are going to come up missing. You are one messed up dude

  • Scotty R

    What a surpirse that it is fake. A lot of times you can tell by camera angles and the use of the camera filming the incident. For instance; in this ‘movie’ The kids ‘stumble’ upon a body, yet one of the kids is filming the whole time up until the ‘mermaid’ suddenly comes to life and ‘attacks’ the one kid. The camera mysteriously shuts off at that nano-second. Hmmmm. Yes, I watched the whole movie. The film crew needs to credit the actors and actress’ of the movie including the ‘man or woman’ in the mermaid suit. Thanks Animal Planet. How much of your other material is also fictitious???

    • Geramy

      The original version of this was the real deal. They changed this entire footage and made it look fake. If you saw it the VERY FIRST TIME it was aired on TV you would think differently.

    • Katie

      ANIMAL PLANET RELEASED A PRESS STATEMENT BEFORE IT AIRED THAT IT WAS FAKE! People seriously need to pay attention. The documentary was not made to be taken seriously! It was purely for entertainment! If people actually look there is a disclaimer at the end about how the entire thing is fictitious except for the whale beaching

      • Geramy

        another government worker trying to make people believe… This show was aired for the first time like almost 3 months ago. You seriously must have been watching it this past week it re-aired.

    • Tiffany Glasser

      1st of all it was on the Discovery channel, not Animal Planet & second of all, it very well could be real seeing as how our government hides a lot of stuff & the Navy was involved. Very easily people could say that this is fake just to cover they’re behinds! Not saying it’s fake or Real, just saying. Just like they said not to believe everything on tv, you shouldn’t believe everything on the net either!

  • Katie

    WOW! People seriously? This entire program was FAKE for entertainment purposes. The first time it aired there was a disclaimer at the end that it was all fiction. Animal Planet did a press release the night before it aired saying that it was not a real documentary that was purely for entertainment! Those scientists you all think are real were ACTORS. The mermaids were CGI! SERIOUSLY! They never tried to air it as something to be taken seriously. It was just for entertainment, like a movie or tv show. If you think mermaids are real, fine, but don’t cite this show for your evidence. That is like citing ET for proof of alien life.

    • Geramy

      I saw previews for it a week or two before it even aired. It said NOTHING about it not being real documentary. Where are you getting this? I have a great memory and there is no way I could have missed that because I watch this channel constantly. Seriously… You must saw something else because there weren’t even any disclaimers… I don’t believe this. How can we be so blind?

    • Jay

      Katie not all of the program was cgi. Look up the scientists names, they are real scientist. The government controls everything,they have people that just sit around and monitor everything. PEOPLE OPEN YOUR EYES,there is evil people and evil governments,never discredit anything you have not seen for your self.

  • Smart

    If I found a mermaid i will cut it open and they are make of.


    This is NOT the documentary that was aired…i’ve seen this, and know why this certain film is the way it is. there are pieces missing from the documentary. for all of you that think that we are ALONE on this planet, and ALONE in this universe…you have to be so close-minded or oblivious to the world around you.

  • Smart

    If I found a mermaid i will cut it open and see what they are make of. They are make by people.

  • Pantene

    Ariel must be using some excellent products-her hair looks shinier than mine right now, and I’m alive! Maybe it’s the saltwater and combing her hair with a fork?

    Seriously, people. The sky is falling…

  • http://Mermaid,OnebodyFound Connie Cantrell

    Watched the documentary on animal plant, Mermaid, One body found . Now after this I truly believe they are out there. Even in the days of “pirates, and pirate ships”, they we known of drawing, pics of mermaids on their ships, because they saw them out in the deep oceans. I was always skeptical ar first, but after watching this show, I am now a true believer. and why not, there are things, specially in the ocean that has never been seen before, GOD creates everything…. he can create MERMAIDS, too……..

    • aprilharley

      Well if you think about it, why couldn’t it be possilbe? There is so much that we don’t know about our own planet. New discoveries are found everyday. To be completely sure that it is true, I would have to see one myself or no someone close to me that has. Also, where did the ideas come from “Mermaids”? Sometimes its an imagination but other times it is stemming from real facts or truth. I don’t know if it is true but I do think it is most certainly possible.

  • Jess

    A week after this documentary was aired, the U.S. government issues a statement declaring that mermaids do not exist. Then, the documentary is re-aired with changes. Surely, I am not the ony one who thinks that is highly suspicious.

    • ms williams

      I find it highly suspicious too. If there is nothing to hide why do you want the story altered.?

  • Jay

    Its time to over throw our government and an start over, no lies,no war machines,they are taking humanity down the wrong path.

  • http://www.ultimatehomeshouston.weebly.com Terry

    I believe. I mean, did Area 51 not exist? Big Brother lets us know only what it wants us to know, just like aliens.

  • http://www.ultimatehomeshouston.weebly.com Terry

    I believe. I mean, did Area 51 not exist either? Big Brother lets us know only what it wants us to know, just like aliens.

    • FhuckU

      Yes, Area 51 does exist, but seriously people, mermaids? I think the U.S is having a bad case of the retards.

  • http://yahoo bds

    I’d like a $50,000,000 grant to go find these creatures and study them. I can hire staff and purchase equioment in one month. We’ll be in the water in time for the hurricanes. That should be the best time since the water gods will be most active then. Seriously?

  • http://yahoo Sam

    Oh for God’s sakes….Anyone who believes this has absolutely no brain. People are truly idiots. Scary…..

    • Morgan

      The fact that you debunk this so quickly actually makes you less scientific. Bc it could be a possibility even if this particular story isn’t true. I’m guessing your religious?

  • Julie

    Did any of you know that 95% of our oceans are unexplored? What makes you think that mermaids don’t exist…?

    • Vani

      I was thinking the same thing. If we haven’t even explored land all the way, there is no way we have explored the ocean. We are continuing to find ship recks that happened back in the 14th century……I believe that mermaids existed at one point of time.

      • Julie

        Exactly my point Vani…

  • Smart

    Look at those pictures of mermaids, they seems to have good hairs that doesn’t need to shampoo at all. All they need is salt water to clean their hair.

  • Patricia

    Please, don’t any of you people have a fully working BS light that wildly flashes when you see or hear BS. I do. So many of the shows on Animal Planet, History, Biography, Science, and a lot of the other Educational Channels are not, repeat not, fact. A science theory is only a valid theory until new facts come to light that disprove that theory and support a new one. There may be climate change that may or may not be made worse by humans and may cause global warming, or cooling or wild weather. In other words, we really don’t know a thing. We may study stuff and think and ponder about stuff and in the end even think we have an answer. But until it happens, it is just a possibality. And now that we have “Photoshop” and computers, and CGI’s we can no longer believe that a picture is worth a thousands words. Many are lies. Use your head, use your BS light, and believe what you will. But I know for a fact that as a species humans still know next to nothing.

    • Echo

      It is a fact that climate change is happening, that is proven by the IPCC. They could not prove definately that humans have caused climate change, but there is a very good chance human activity had a lot to do with it. The next report will come out this year form the IPCC.

  • zane

    yeah I saw the program the other night all I can say is if people beleive wat they see or hear their wacked

    • Kim

      I think that, if you can’t use/spell the proper version of “here” or “they’re”, then YOU are “whacked” Zane. Don’t even get me started on all lowercase with no punctuation. :/

  • devon

    It would kinda make sence for mermaids to have a close bond with dolphins which would explain why dolphins are naturally attracted and friendly to humans

  • Tim W

    Don’t know why this author is making people sound dumb, I mean I know mermaids aren’t real, but if something comes on Animal planet and they DO NOT SAY IT IS NOT REAL, then how can we be sure? I mean yes, use common sense, but now do we have to suspect EVERY SINGLE thing we see on History, Discovery, Ap, etc? I mean so when a show comes on National Geographic about poverty in Africa or Asia, do I assume that it isn’t real? Am I stupid for believing that? Not that I believe in mermaids, again, but you can’t blame people for wondering when a science channel doesn’t tell viewers it’s fake. I mean why even make a fake documentary about it.

  • joan wise

    idont think this is real i dont believe in alien i do think the gov hide things and uses other things thats in space to make this seems real if we had gone to the moon then why are we not building on the moon why are we building in outer space that is why we are killin everything what are satalites made of get them out of space i bet the world would do a 90 degree turn


    Back in October 1938 Orson Wells aired the radio version of WAR OF THE WORLDS. Before the show aired and at every break there was a disclaimer saying that this is a radio drama. Yet there were people who thought it was real, Police officers, Doctors, people in city and state government and people like you and me. These people were not RETARDS, BRAINLESS, or STUPID, they just didn’t know.
    The same is true with this show and with people today.
    Be kind to youre fellow man say of them what you want said of you.

    • A healthy skeptic

      If you compare our common knowledge of the world between then and now, in fact, yes people would be completely stupid to believe something like this right out of the gate. We have constant widespread communication around the world now, of all types of media, video, audio, and images. If only one person found evidence, then chances are, it didn’t happen. If I was going around telling people mermaids were real without getting facts checked, yeah, I’d deserve to be called stupid.

  • Kim

    I saw it when it first aired, haven’t seen the re-edited version. They said right in the documentary that the government/s (I add the “s” because it isn’t only our government involved) did not want this information to come out. Wonder how much this Rigney guy was paid to “debunk” this documentary?

  • http://bonotribute.com Bono Tribute

    I wasted 2 hours watching this program on Discovery channel.

  • Brandon

    I for one cannot say that I truly believe this documentary was true. People make fake videos all the time to try to get famous or get personal gain. Just because this documentary is faked does not mean mermaids cannot exist. I see things from a scientific point of view. So we as humans that evolved from aquatic life to life on land does mean that we can’t adapt back to life in the water if that was needed for creatures to survive. So just stay open minded and consider that the government censores what we see to protect themselves and the secrets that we can’t see or understand. They are trying to minimize hysteria and judgement on what they do.

  • laura

    The media is controlled by the govt everything they air is planned or reviewed. God created the heavens and the earth and everything in between so why not. I am not a religious activist but yes sure There needs to be evidence and evidence is like footprints in the sand only those who witnessed its making will enjoy it because the sea washes them away. I believe that there can be others out there and too many stories from the past to claim they exist. Even lies are based on some truth. WE just dont know and may never know but maybe one day we will understand.

  • Brandon

    This video sounds like what the government did to the people in the book ” Fahrenheit 451″. Conspiracy theorists must love this story.

  • Matthew

    I dont know whats more pathetic…that even in 2012 people are still that close minded OR that those same people honestly believe that by insulting anyone else who doesnt share their views, they are proving anything other than just how dumb they truly are! Anyone that can get online and say either way that mermaids do or do not exist or any other mythical creatures, UFO’s/aliens, etc. are a majority of the reason we as a race are doomed. Almost like its 1530 again, and now we are the center of the universe…and everything revolves around us….how obnoxious can we be? Just stop and think….do you really think that IF the universe is really as big as we think, that HUMANS are the only dominant life form around, and on this planet….our own history is all of 2000 years…..compared to the billions of everything else around us….and the fact that so many cant even consider that fact…shows just how insignificant we are compared to the big picture…

  • mary

    I think this is true. The government covers up everything alien like just to keep control. I think if people knew half the knowledge the government was hiding then we’d probably be more prepared for anything. As soon as something leaks out about something the government is hiding and there is good proof the just cover it up by saying it’s fake. But everyone has their own opinion.

  • lpdave13

    Think about it,the govornment covered up area 51 for so many years,new mexico crash site,when the public wants to know about classified stuff what happens theres always going to be mis information spred to confuse everyone………….

    • Kailyn

      You know, I actually agree….

  • M

    What if mermaids ARE aliens?

    • Charlene Ryan

      The “bloop”, “organic in nature”, “louder than the largest whale”, “far reaching”. Maybe a reason for all the “sonar testing”.

  • Mikhaila

    LOL. i’m pretty sure if the ‘mermaid’s’ hair wouldn’t be blowing around all silky and freshly combed if the ‘mermaid’ has been rotting for a while…

    • dave

      It is all of the shampoo and phosphates that are being washed into our oceans; they are bathing in hair care products. LOL

  • Becca

    I don’t think this is something that can be made up. Do you really think grown up men who do this as a part of their job, would lie about what they find?
    The government lie about a lot of things, they don’t want controversy to build up, because then the general population may decide to revolt, and that’s the last thing they want.
    This could be an actual find, this “mermaid” could be real. None of us can go that far down into the ocean levels to look now can we?

    • fierros

      i agree with you becca!!!

      • Frank

        @Becca “Do you really think grown up men who do this as a part of their job, would lie about what they find?”

        You ever here about this thing called religion? Well you should look into it because the answer to your question is most definitely yes.

        • Ellen Beebe

          @ Frank
          Your funny. Religion? Ha! So, the Almighty can’t be more than a book? Homer Simpson lives.

    • OMFG

      The whole “documentary” is fake. They’re actors you clueless moron.

      • Ellen Beebe

        omfg: see@Frank

      • Brandon

        It’s funny how everyone here considers themself to be an expert on evolutionary theory and that they between 3.5 and 7 million years ago when all this evolution was going on. So to stop the controversy concentrate really hard on making your time machine. I believe in their existence but I still need better proof for myself.

    • Ellen Beebe

      After Jacque Cousteau died so went the forefather
      of oceanic exploration. That’s not to take away from his sons, but he was the MAN. You would
      never hear a stunt being pulled like this when he
      was alive. So now everyone is so smart about
      the subject! The media, mumble.
      Uncle Sam can watch us from space…. duh. Go
      ahead, believe what you want. This is a free country, right? HA!

  • Lamis

    and i always wonder how the US managed to be the leader of the world!!!!! Ignorance!!! thats sad.

    • http://Gmail.com Brandon Mirassol

      Do Not fail with one another.

  • Foster

    I do not understand how one person can believe in area 51 but not be able to conceive that mermaids could exist. Everything in that documentary makes sense, even if the video footage is fake, everything else makes sense. We can hold our breath underwater for long periods of time, we can swim amazingly. The dolphins alone helping, and saving humans as much as they have, what other wild animal would do that if they didnt have a memory of us or something that resembles us? We didn’t discover the okapi until the 1900s, and the gorillas. Giant squids are huge and we are just now begining to get a glimpse of them. We are deffinatly not the only two legged human like race. Just think about it, Aliens above, us on earth and mermaids in the water. Leave it to our goverment to want to take something as amazing as that to turn it into a weapon.

  • lena

    That is a tiny tail if it was real!

    • lena

      I’m replying to myself but this is what i wanted to say.
      please don’t make fun of me because i’m just 9 years old!
      And my dads a cop!

  • noom

    It took exactly 56 minutes and 56 seconds for them to say it, “It was a mermaid”. This hoax went too far and if you study the scientist’s facial expressions that support the find, you can tell they’re acting. The second and third comments above were from mermaid’s lol.

    • noom

      When I said above, I meant Becca and Fierros comments. Lena you still have time…

  • Heaven Soldier

    Why would the Land Leaders wish to Suppress this information of Aquatic Beings?
    #1, Protecting Religious Teachings is now Jeopardized once again by the Modern Science. Modern Science, Obliterates all Religion. When the first Man told the Land Leaders that the World was Circular, the Land Leaders Tortured & Murdered this Heretic. Religion was all behind the thought that our World was Flat & look what we know now…
    #2, Whale migration Channels are connected to our, so called Mermaid Family which then brought Navy to Exterminate our Aquatic Family. The Whales are just pawns in this act of Terrorism.
    #3, Jesus walked on Water, he apparently gave his life for us. Look at the cave drawings/paintings in Egypt. Similarities are cross connecting what truly happened upon our Day of Saving.
    #4, We must at all cost try to make contact, as it may be the reason why Oil Companies dump Oil into our Oceans. This is truly another Terrorist way to Exterminate our Aquatic Family. We need to reconnect in Peace without Fear or Love & Truth.
    #5, The Powers of the Lands cannot “CONTROL AQUATIC FAMILY”. When Power & Control Cannot be Exercised, Extermination Is The Cause & Effect of “Problem Action Solution”! Think People, Open Your Minds to TRUTH, Lies & Deceit are So Easy to Mislead You. Take this Journey as did the Scientists! It’s Value is Worth More Than Gold itself.
    #6, Watch when the Law comes to Arrest you for searching for truth. Never be afraid especially when they disgrace you for being mentally insane &/or cripple your legitimacy & all other Govt. & Political Terrorism for the ones that tell the Truth. Do not Fear, become a Leader & be Heard as we just seen people do in this Brilliant Documentary.
    Power & Control will fail upon Proof & Reason especially when Exposed. I am for Truth & Exploration into this Wonderful Reality.
    We walked on the Moon, we see planets beyond the original ones taught in school. We seen the many movies that show Religion is a sham, but you still believe it to be true.
    Ask yourself this. Is the World Flat? No. Well then, I guess we can evolve to be “super humans” & swim with the underworld. Is this what the Bible means when it describes Hell? I think it would be Atlantis!

    • jessica

      you’re one to talk about being misled.

      apparently you forgot to watch the end of the docudrama where they said it was faked!

      we’ll save your other delusions for another day.

      • jessica

        correction: where they said it was fake. (go back & read the disclaimer!)

  • http://Gmail.com Brandon Mirassol

    Why would mermaids do?

  • http://Gmail.com Brandon Mirassol

    Look here’s the deal:

    1. Mermaids are not swimming in fire of purple deadly volcanoes so that fish can die all they wanted is to survive the living creature from the sea. It recovers the flame of fire roosted they’re deadly sea creatures from the dead. But don’t worry, Flames are not scary at all.

    2. You probably might wanna change into a human from both sides to a body changes. It’s important to use a female life changes into human rates, because it becomes aquatic body switches from every human rates to another human beings. Especially from human frogs are living in the sea.

    3. Males should not eat a dirty canimal from eating their dead bodys that they’re digging on every bite of the animals stomach. Only male of mermaids should eat a worm like an eagle. Some germs may also be affected by the bacteria from the blood stream.

    4. If you have a Bicycle to ride on dolhpins head, you sure you wanna help the poor defenseless kid tries to dive into a drive way? No, But they could ride on the boat. Make sure you should never use a dolphins to ride a drive way. Or…a huge damaging car.

    5. Never Used A full of Black-sea-guts. Their rot your fishing bits, sceaming towards seamouse, and crawling down to their ships. Well lets not go under there dark water for now on.

    6. Using their brushes the sharks teeth, always remember to brush your own teeth three times for a day. including a special toothpaste that sparkles your favourate cleaning teeth from getting rid of your germs.

    7. Did mermaids think that you shouldn’t kill the god damn Land living bugs? No, you do not kill bugs under the sea. Mermaids are not only bugs that lives in the sea, witch usually ants and flys lived on outside during summer and living on the ground. But mostly, Bugs are attaching to other mermaids, Because the bugs did not belong in the sea. If not, they die underwater, and breath to death. Poor little guy.

    8. Pirates are slowly sails a boat, you should never lived on…Amy’s mouth. Try to becareful not to touch her uvula, because If you don’t you’ll be sicker than a rag ball of junkfood, And why is her tongue smells like garbage. It’s pretty gross out there man. Yuck! Lastly, I hope you pirates would taste of Amy’s sallowing punked. Suckers!

    9. Why would any mermaids should never use? Cause you never use a weapon to kill every other sea creature in this area. At least for space creatures lives in outer space.

    10. Mermaids eats onions, But Nooo, only humans can eat onions. Can you eat a frie. Noooo Lame.

  • Josie

    I thought it was a very interesting show to watch, I would think if it were true, I would EXPECT to find some reference in the bible but as of yet I haven’t…now as for the story IDK if it is true and the next day you get all these reports saying that the story is a fake to throw you off the trail..who knows..I do believe that big brother will do anything and everything to throw you off the scent when it is something they don’t want the real truth about it shouted from the rooftop…who knows…but I really did enjoy watching it

    • http://Gmail.com Brandon Mirassol

      Fish can’t fight with rats right, because rats are not swimming under the sea.

    • Ang.

      Im a firm believer in the Bible. But also I believe that the orignal Bible has testimonies, and books in it that are not in The Kings James Version due to the translations. There was a study done & they found some missing testimonies. Yet, when you take simple things say from French to English or Spanish to English, the mmeanings of the words often change. So whos to say that when the Bible was indeed translated, some of meanings changed or were even left out? That possibly creatures that we dont know of really do exist, we just havent fully discovered them yet.

  • http://Gmail.com Brandon Mirassol

    Let me give you guys the next deal. Does Mermaids attacks your opponent on Witches? No, Because the witch do not effect the mermaids from itself to disguise the under sea lives on the pot of sea fish. If the witches attacks mermaids from itself to destract it, there is no stopping until the witch was no longer distracted the mermaids for there own good.

  • dave

    It is sad that scientifically orientated stations like the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet have to make a fake documentary about a mythical creature to increase their viewership when there are still alot weird and wonderful real things out there. It is even more disturbing that people actually believe this; think about it, if there was a real mermaid body it would be plastered all over CNN as wel as every North American news network

  • Kanata Girl

    I kind of believe the story that Animal Planet is telling. It is hard to fake something big like this. The show had gathered lots of information in this topic. We need to understand that human only know so little about the vast oceans on this planet. There are lots of creatures are still not known or discovered. That unknown marine creature may not look like the mermaids we’ve seen on the cartoon or other drawings but I think it is possible that human like other creatures may evolved into a deep marine creatures or even mermaids over a period of time.

  • Greg

    I must admit the Lady scientist with the black straight hair did sound like she was on “The Blaire Witch Project” I was like this could be fake before I even read that it is fake. That said, we did find the Selecamp (not sure how to spell this) fish after they said it was a dinosaur.

    Secondly I did laugh my ash off when these Dr Degree Scientists sat on Discovery saying that it was physically impossible for humans to have made the crop circles. Then two cats came forward n showed them how they made them with a pipe and a wire! This just goes to show you how much “off the path” some supposedly factual claims by “Scholars” can be sometime’s! Anyone agree?

  • joe

    Those actors were awful….if that doens’t give away the whole thing is a fake…..

  • DavidDcurler

    I’m loving the arguments going on from people who still think it’s real. It’s not real, but the point of the show wasn’t to prove mermaids are real; the point was to bring to life real facts, like navy sonar testing, unexplored oceans, and government watch dogs. If your read the disclaimer at the end, it even says the plot is fictional, but identifies the important parts that are fact. Thats why animal planet is playing this fauxdoc; to get us thinking and talking.

  • Lena

    I thought it was very interesting but I knew from the start that it wasn’t real. First off, something as big as finding a new species like a mermaid would all over the news and if it was some sort of secret project initiated by the government and they wanted to hide it and all evidence of mermaids existing, the information wouldn’t even had gotten out. It really makes me LOLZ to read that some people were actually fooled by this television program. But hey, I’m the first to always say nothing is impossible. Who knows what remains undiscovered at the bottom of our seas? It definitely captured my imagination.

  • DarthMusashi

    I did check the website of one of the researchers on mermaids. He had
    2 websites and both had a sign saying it was blocked by Homeland

    I do believe that Mermaids are real although parts of the video
    was animation. There have been reports of Mermaids throughout
    history. Even other cultures such as the Chinese have seen them,
    also fishermen, and even Christopher Columbus did mention about
    mermaids on his logs on his voyage to the new world.

    The government is always trying to hide the truth from us. Such
    was the case of the Gulf of Tonkin incident which started the
    Vietnam War. The Gulf of Tonkin incident never occurred. You
    can verify this because it is true. The Gulf of Tonkin Incident was
    a false flag operation to get the US into the Vietnam War.
    They have also hidden the truth about UFOs from us. Like the
    Roswell crash landing of a UFO. The NOAA is also behind this
    coverup about mermaids because they are part of the Government.
    Who knows what other lies the government has told us. I now even
    question the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. How can building 7 go down when it was not hit by a plane?

  • Trilliumwolf

    Who really cares if it was real or not? It sparks our imagination, like a good book. It makes us think that maybe, just MAYBE, there are ‘mythical” creatures out there that just haven’t been found, or existed once upon a time. It’s like vampires, werewolves, and dragons- they 99% most likely do not, and have never, existed in the form we paint them in, but they sure are fun to read about :) And the show was pointing out government testing and it’s effect on the environment- they just threw in the Mermaid theory to catch our attention!

  • Trilliumwolf

    And sorry, Becca- grown men lie all the time 😉 And religion had NOTHING to do with the film, fo god-sake, lol.

  • Kristy

    I saw the documentary and obviously it was fake. As stated by some people the information would not have gone out to public if it was really a government secret project. In the other hand excluding the fake actors I strongly believe in the concept and the message being stated. I do believe mermaids are real, especially taking into consideration the fact that the ocean a deep black whole, figurative speaking of course. Many of their information they link together makes sense. Fisherman, history, and many other facts around the world describe a creature that matches the description of the phenomenon of mermaids. Of course many people disregard the idea of the “creatures” being described or found are mermaids because of all the folk tales.

    • Steven

      They have the right to speech and the government cant take that from them the show is real

  • tashi

    it’s really a thrilling news about the existence of such creature on the earth but it may not be certain that it is the real mermaid. Actually such creatures were never occurred and never to happen in all coming generations.
    It must be the spell and we human beings are not in a state to see things differently until and unless u r precious ones.

  • http://Google Enrique

    I think they do exist and the us government controlled what we Americans watch on tv I’m Mexican and I have relatives in Mexico when install to them they tell me what this country is doing and what is about to do and happening and like I didn’t know that they don’t tell us hear why cause the controll what we watch an what can be on air the government is full of crap.

    • zakk


    • Chris

      The details of my life are quite inconsequential … Very well, where do I begin? My father was a relentlessly self-improving boulangerie owner from Belgium with low-grade narcolepsy and a penchant for buggery. My mother was a 15-year-old French prostitute named Chloe with webbed feet. My father would womanize; he would drink. He would make outrageous claims like he invented the question mark. Sometimes, he would accuse chestnuts of being lazy. The sort of general malaise that only the genius possess and the insane lament … My childhood was typical: summers in Rangoon … luge lessons … In the spring, we’d make meat helmets … When I was insolent I was placed in a burlap bag and beaten with reeds — pretty standard, really. At the age of 12, I received my first scribe. At the age of 14, a Zoroastrian named Vilmer ritualistically shaved my testicles. There really is nothing like a shorn scrotum — it’s breathtaking … I suggest you try it.

  • Stephanie Barrero

    Of course the documentary was fake, but all the links & things about how they are known in many cultures & different parts of the world & so on… I believe are partially, if not completely, true. The actors may have done a terrible job at making the false documentary seem real, but the point they were getting across (throughout most of the documentary) was true. I strongly believe that Mermaids exist, especially after I saw the ending of the documentary when one of the scientist started saying to just forget it (this is where the message changes), that we once forced them into hiding, or whatever, & it’s better off they just stay hidden, so we should just forget it & stop searching for them & leave them alone. Once I saw that part, I thought to myself: “Haha, your not gonna fool me. A fake documentary made to make the public back off & stop getting in the way of the government & it’s search for Mermaids?” That is what I STRONGLY believe that this documentary was made for. It builds you up, gives you this idea about the possibility that they are real & they give you this story about some scientists’ that tried to do the right thing (which, by what they said, is that the only way of saving them/ protecting them is by finding them) ended up being the wrong thing to do & in the end they come to the conclusion that the right thing to do is to leave them alone & just forget about it because they (the Mermaids) ‘don’t want to be found’.

  • jason

    why is it fake? i didnt see any back up as to why you think its fake.. is everything about it fake? obviously the videos are fake, but all the research and findings they did.. are they fake? its clear that you think so but im just curious as to how you know that?

    • John

      Jason ur a dumb ass.i bet if there was a documentary about bikini bottom and cave drawings of a squirl with underwater gear u would believe sandy and sponge bob once existed and could still exist.hahahaha dude ur so gullible.i apologize for calling u a dumb ass.

      • John

        This thing is confusing the comment was meant for Alyssa.sorry Jason

        • Alyssa

          John, if you think I’m that much of a dumb ass you better check yourself.

  • Alyssa

    Obviously it was CGI, but I believe the stories are true. We know the government keeps secrets from us, Area 51, and I believe its no different with the mermaids. It can’t all just be made up stories. Ancient cave paintings and the dolphins trusting and helping humans fish are all signs that mermaids once existed and could still exist. The oceans are virtually unexplored and the two huge whale species that were only recently found are proof that not only smaller unknown animals are hiding but huge whales are hiding. Fisherman’s stories go thousands of years back and are still happening to this day. There is no way that all these people are making up stories. I believe there was a body found and the government did cover it up just like the aliens. Why do people find it so impossible that we are not the only human/human-like creatures?

    • John

      Alyssa,Alyssa,Alyssa.don’t let stupid discovery Chanel fool you

    • Zack

      And to all the People saying the Government hides things from us and is responsible for this Country’s hardships, You are so Dumb. look up U.S. Government & educate your self, with out the Government, Which purpose is to Govern, our Country would slip into chaos…Would you suggest we are ruled under a Dictator? Or do you ignorant people think the U.S. would survive without rules or regulations, and that every one would be ok fending for them self’s without any one to regulating & funding school systems, police & fire departments, hospitals, the list goes on. And btw, I am a left atheist…Knowing that your Government is a good thing has nothing to do with your religion or political views, It’s simply commonsense.

      • Alyssa

        Zack, I never said I thought government was a bad thing. I know everything would crumble without it. I’m not stupid. I just think that when it comes to certain things, they keep secrets from us. I am a left atheist as well so don’t think I’m any different from you.

  • bekka

    The government lies about everything. All governments work together to keep things put of the public eye. If they want to hide something they have all the means to. There’s also gospels that were never put into the Bible. So please explain to me how men and the most truthful people in the world cuz that’s bullshit.

    • Zack

      The U.S. Government dose not control Area 51, the Military does. Since there are some people on here that seem confused about what the Government does & It’s Three branches..Here is a list of things the Government is responsible for.

      The Three Branches of Government:
      Delegates at the Constitutional Convention also wanted to divide power within the federal government. They did not want these powers to be controlled by just one man or one group. The delegates were afraid that if a small group received too much power, the United States would wind up under the rule of another dictator or tyrant.

      To avoid the risk of dictatorship or tyranny, the group divided the new government into three parts, or branches: the executive branch, the legislative branch, and the judicial branch.

      Executive Branch: Headed by the president. The president carries out federal laws and recommends new ones, directs national defense and foreign policy, and performs ceremonial duties. Powers include directing government, commanding the Armed Forces, dealing with international powers, acting as chief law enforcement officer, and vetoing laws.

      Legislative Branch: Headed by Congress, which includes the House of Representatives and the Senate. The main task of these two bodies is to make the laws. Its powers include passing laws, originating spending bills (House), impeaching officials (Senate), and approving treaties (Senate).

      Judicial Branch: Headed by the Supreme Court. Its powers include interpreting the Constitution, reviewing laws, and deciding cases involving states’ rights.

  • Johnny

    All of you are dumb. It’s not a real documentary. I’ve never seen so many ass hate conspiracy theorist in one spot before. I guess sponge bob is real too.

  • MIKE


    • Vincent

      Thank you for defending the truth against those blinded by religion

  • Garrett Bosch

    Camera phones I’m pretty sure could not zoom when they first came out…

  • Zack

    I am only commenting on here because I wanted to know why AP aired such a bizarre Since-fiction documentary, But instead I find a bunch of fucking morons. It’s frighting that such gullible ignorant people are living on this planet. Any way, I am so done with Discovery & AP…I am not sure what I am discovering any more,But I could give two shit’s about (Ice road truckers) or (moonshiners) or (red neck gun freaks) If it was not for Mythbusters & the near extinct Nature documentaries such as Planet Earth, I would not tune in, Discovery should change its name to Disappointing.

  • Zack

    And to all the People saying the Government hides things from us and is responsible for this Country’s hardships, You are so Dumb. look up U.S. Government & educate your self, with out the Government, Which purpose is to Govern, our Country would slip into chaos…Would you suggest we are ruled under a Dictator? Or do you ignorant people think the U.S. would survive without rules or regulations, and that every one would be ok fending for them self’s without any one to regulating & funding school systems, police & fire departments, hospitals, the list goes on. And btw, I am a left atheist…Knowing that your Government is a good thing has nothing to do with your religion or political views, It’s simply commonsense.

    • Chris

      Yes we need our government for all those things zack you are absolutely right , but to say that they don’t lie to us is just plain stupid. The less the people know the better. All the sheep do what they are here for work, pay taxes, make them more wealthy and have more children to do the same

      • Angie

        Absolutely, Chris! You are 100% correct!!

    • ana

      dude you have problems realy do you think they going to tells everyting. helloooooo youre the stupid one

  • Zack

    The U.S. Government dose not control Area 51, the Military does. Since there are some people on here that seem confused about what the Government does & It’s Three branches..Here is a list of things the Government is responsible for.

    The Three Branches of Government:
    Delegates at the Constitutional Convention also wanted to divide power within the federal government. They did not want these powers to be controlled by just one man or one group. The delegates were afraid that if a small group received too much power, the United States would wind up under the rule of another dictator or tyrant.

    To avoid the risk of dictatorship or tyranny, the group divided the new government into three parts, or branches: the executive branch, the legislative branch, and the judicial branch.

    Executive Branch: Headed by the president. The president carries out federal laws and recommends new ones, directs national defense and foreign policy, and performs ceremonial duties. Powers include directing government, commanding the Armed Forces, dealing with international powers, acting as chief law enforcement officer, and vetoing laws.

    Legislative Branch: Headed by Congress, which includes the House of Representatives and the Senate. The main task of these two bodies is to make the laws. Its powers include passing laws, originating spending bills (House), impeaching officials (Senate), and approving treaties (Senate).

    Judicial Branch: Headed by the Supreme Court. Its powers include interpreting the Constitution, reviewing laws, and deciding cases involving states’ rights.

    • Angie

      Zack, you are the dumb one if you believe one word the government OR the military say- btw, they are basically one in the same. The “President” controls the military. ie that is why we are at war right now. There are so many ex-military AND ex-governmental people who have come forward to talk about the things they are doing… and most of them end up mysteriously DEAD. Do you think that’s the government “protecting” us?? YOU do some research. A couple of little things that are absolute FACT and have been admitted by government is … ARSENIC is in chicken that you buy… EVERY last one of them. And the government allows it, and ADMITS it. FLORIDE (in the water you drink) is poison. Do that homework. While you’re at it, look up HAARP. Who owns that? Who uses that? And why did Japan pay the US Govt $30 Trillion to stop using HAARP attacks on them? Do some homework, Zack. You sound like a sheeple right now

      • animalbiologist


        The arsenic in chickens and the fluoride in the water (which is put there on purpose) were extensively studied to determine toxicity levels and any development of adverse effects. The level of fluoride in water is generally .5-1 mg/L. That is less than or equal to ONE milligram (about 1000x less than a feather weighs)in an entire liter of water. It is not allowed to be above this level in public water supply. The reason it is in there in the first place is to prevent tooth decay and cavities, and it is not harmful at this amount.

        I do not deny that the government covers things up, but could you not argue that perhaps the general public is better off not knowing some things that happen? If we knew, then other countries would know, and would that not potentially make us an easier target? If you knew about everything that went on behind closed doors to keep this country safe, you probably wouldn’t be able to sleep at night, but sometimes it’s the dirty secrets that are a necessary evil for a greater good. Just a thought.

      • Jeff

        And they are all full of shift! Liars and cheaters and now any man with money can buy the presidency. Our government covers up so much crap that lord knows what is in area 51. pople who pay taxes should be able to demand that we be allowed to know what is in these areas and full diclosure. not blanked out documents.

  • andrea

    First of all our goverment is bunch of liars I don’t believe anything they say.of course there covering about the truth behind this. They reallly don’t care about us they just like to have power its pretty sick that people put there faith and trust in these people when really all they do is lie and try to cover things up and try to brainwash amercians its a shame the world we live in us controlled by these kind of monsters.The truth always comes out and this monsters will pay for there sins

    • Sgt. Browning

      Your exactly rite I just wish people had more sense to realize that the government isn”t some nice bunch of,people who truly only care about our well-being. Make them work the same salaries we do and see where their loyalties lie…

  • M

    There are individuals I call sheeples I have never been
    In that category , and if I were I would be consider a black one. The Government keeps vital information from us , not due to protect us but to keep them in power, reliant on their existence Do your own homework , it’s all about power.

  • Angie

    Zack, you are the dumb one if you believe one word the government OR the military say- btw, they are basically one in the same. The “President” controls the military. ie that is why we are at war right now. There are so many ex-military AND ex-governmental people who have come forward to talk about the things they are doing… and most of them end up mysteriously DEAD. Do you think that’s the government “protecting” us?? YOU do some research. A couple of little things that are absolute FACT and have been admitted by government is … ARSENIC is in chicken that you buy… EVERY last one of them. And the government allows it, and ADMITS it. FLORIDE (in the water you drink) is poison. Do that homework. While you’re at it, look up HAARP. Who owns that? Who uses that? And why did Japan pay the US Govt $30 Trillion to stop using HAARP attacks on them? Do some homework, Zack. You sound like a sheeple right now.

    • Alice

      The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program is an ionospheric research program jointly funded by the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy, the University of Alaska, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Thats the HARRP so beat that.

      • Alice

        I made a mistake on HAARP i spelled it wrong i speeled it HARRP but it is really HAARP


      • Angie

        I don’t really understand what your point is in your statement. Yes, HAARP is definitely real- which is what I said in my original statement. HAARP may now be funded by many groups, but it was developed by Bernard J. Eastlund (1938 – December 12, 2007) who was a physicist who received his B.S. in physics from MIT and a his Ph.D. in physics from Columbia University. Eastlund authored three patents (US Patents #4,686,605, #4,712,155, and #5,038,664) that led to the development of the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP). As soon as he got the patents (in 1983, I believe), the US Govt bought the machine from him. This machine works at optimum level with barium in the atmosphere… that is where “chem trails” come into play. It is a well-known fact (also one the govt covers up) that planes will fly by, all over, in every state, and release a thick white trail that does not dissipate. This chem trail contains barium and aluminum to boost the levels of HAARP. There is plenty of information on both HAARP and Chem trails.

  • Toby

    It doesn’t matter if they do or don’t exist. If they do so be it..Let them live in peace.Since they are part of the human genome species. If they don’t exist the governments will do there job to hide all proof of their existence and will be another conspiracy.Either we can handle this truth or it’s one big lie.It will always be a polar issue and the powers that be will decide to give that information to the public.Even though those who watched it can make their own judgements.

    • Zoltan

      Are you crazy? If you know so much about evolution how could you think like this? Mermaids which are apparently so close to humans became monkeys which then evolved into humans? Also the first life came from deep ocean vents and larger creatures could live in the oceans because the water allowed for the presence of more oxygen before the ozone developed; so if you think whales ever walked on land you might want to ask for a refund on your degree. You have parts of your own human body science can’t yet explain its probably because we used to live on mars and somehow ended up here…

  • Alexandra

    I am a year away from having a degree in microbiology and I know A LOT about evolution. Most of the marine mammals, such as whales, came from land-dwelling animals that resembled wolves. Knowing this, from an evolutionary perspective it is perfectly possible that a primate could have evolved over time into a sea-dwelling creature. I believe the mermaids could exist.

  • Ren

    I agree with Alexandra. The reason why it’s so hard to believe in mermaids it’s because they’re (example: Government) making them look like half human and fish. Humans, first: our skin can not be underwater or in water for too long. And our hair is the same. The hair will break off after a while if left in the water for too long. So if you do your research, the skin of a mermaid is different from ours “humans” I believe it’s more like a whale/Delphine’s skin. After millions of years later, their shin would of had to change and some parts of their insides too.

    • Alice

      I also agree with Alexandra as well. I KNEW IT ALL ALONG!!! They are resembled from wolves because when I watched and when i heard the sound it sound like a wolf and yes I was right and I am only 12 years old and I knew it all along! Mermaids are real and I do believe in mermaids. Mermaids are real, and after I also agree with Ren as well too.

  • http://facebook.com Vedant Bhatt

    I agree this documentary was really mind blowing. The actual footage of the creature look extremely fake like a hoax but you never know. I agree with all the other data and everything.Their story of how they found everything sounded really legit and made sense to me.Face it Evolution is real! Every culture want to believe that their own religious philosophy of our roots its tru but they are all different. I believe that every single religion and culture from every corner of the planet should have the same story of where we came from. And if our ancestors did split off millions of years ago this would really happen.Whales used to have legs and walk on land until they went into the water and grew flippers. The proof, some whales still have tiny leg bones that are in no use to them anymore, why do they have them? And another thing that is completely tru,I dont know how they keep doing it with failure but the military does cover up every little thing that almost gets out to the public, from aliens,cryptozoology creatures ect. So yes i believe it, how could so many cultures have evidence the same creature?

    • http://www.lightsandstrobes4less.com marc

      100% I BELIEVE

  • Joseph

    Or they would like to make us to believe that the documunetry was a faux.

    • http://www.lightsandstrobes4less.com marc

      Yes I BELIEVE

  • http://www.lightsandstrobes4less.com marc


  • Believer

    Of course once again the government made people state that it was ‘fake’, but if you open your heart and eyes you can see the truth in the story. The possibilities are ENDLESS, and for us to assume that its not possible without even truly knowing is just ignorance. I feel and know YES they exist, but in all truth, we are not ready to fully accept other conscious beings, let alone can we even handle our own human race! With all the petty war, and in minor cases having difficulty in getting along with each other, try a whole other race of intelligent beings! Ohhhh man, we have a while to go before then to learn healing, acceptance of all things, and patience and the right time will come ^_^ Never stop believing and spread the love, the universe is absolutely INFINITE and so are all the possibilities! 😀 😀 😀 i am so glad they put this show out to really get people thinking in new perspective and paying attention to what the government REALLY is covering up! LOVE LIFE 😀 and never stop searching for the truth!

    • kyleK

      On the contrary, the discovery of a new intelligent race could only bring the human species closer together. Accecptence or fear are the likely outcomes, accecptence would obvious bring us closer and fear would help bind humanity with a common interest.

  • Karen

    I think mermaids to exist. Obviously the images were CGI in nature but what about the scientists and their work being confiscated? What about all the research that has been done but was taken away? As much as I admire the American government there are things I don’t – like the way they cover things up – research, investigations, etc. – and the military is the same way. Deep in the waters of our planet there is more yet to be discovered and brought to the surface – mermaids are just one of many.

    • Mike

      God you people are stupid. There is no cover up, the whole story is fake. Everything about the story is fake. It’s fiction. The whole thing is fake. I repeat. Fake. There are no scientists. They are actors.

    • Jeff

      Thanks karen for that post, if merpeople are real or not, we have no right to track them own and as we do every other creature on our planet cage them for display.

  • conundrum

    You ppLL are WACK JOBS

    • blunt truth

      “WE” may be “whack jobs”, but YOU sir, ‘conundrum’ are certainly narrow-minded and ignorant ;D Try turning on the light sometime, it must get lonely in the dark dismissing all new ideas and possibilities and just believing everything the governement tells you… THINK FOR YOURSELF AND OPEN YOUR MIND and heart 😀 😀 😀 and thats where youll find the truth …

      • Shupfool

        Get off your high horse and quit telling people who and what they are just from one little statement. I guess I am am “narrow-minded” for leaving this comment, right?

  • Messenger

    For all the people that are passionate about this subject, whether you believe in mermaids or not, PLEASE go sign petitions again the navy doing solar testings in our oceans which is killing thousands of beautiful sea creatures! Spread the word and keep the signatures flowing! They cant ignore us forever, we must take a STAND TOGETHER ^_^

  • Michael Avila

    The show I watched did not try to explain what mermaids could look like but rather explained scientific evidence of the existence of mermaids.

  • Kevin

    How do I get the last 2 hours of my life back. At 1:41 I had to google it after I watched the wack cell phone video part. I am not watching Discovery Channel anymore.

  • wy

    O.M.G., this is SO fake! I knew it even before reading online that the story was fake. It’s so obvious with the actors. Especially the guy with the black rimmed glasses,…Dr. Dittmar. LOL!! His accent was a dead giveaway people! FAKE. Honestly, some of you guys are really gullible.

  • TJ

    I will tell you all like this I’m not saying its fake, I’m not saying it’s real I don’t know,but I swear on my kids to this I was part of the army and they do cover up and threaten not to put information out to public that may cause an uproar true or not. I won’t say what cause I don’t wanna be harassed about what I’m done and all I want is peace but you would be a fool to write people off as looney, I will admit before I was in the army I would have wrote people off also but know I know better.

    • http://webpronews.com stephen

      I also know for a fact that the government has stuff to hide. now I am not saying that there are aliens or mermaids or anything like that, but when I was in the army I was deployed to Iraq as a transportation specialist ( which is army lingo for truck driver) we linked up with special forces because they had a sensitive load to deliver and they needed our HETS Heavy equipment tractors to haul it. we were told under any circumstances not to look at the load and if we did and were caught it was shot on site no questions asked. To this day i wonder what it was i transported under a white tarp with a tamper sensitive device hooked to it. I will never know, but my guess is that it was some sensitive tech. that they didnt want even military personel to see.

  • animalbiologist

    Navy sonar testing has been implicated in whale beaching. This is the only part of that entire film that was actually true, even though they changed the location and the name of the scientists. This phenomena has been documented in ACTUAL scientific reports.


    That is not to say, however, that there is no possibility of things existing in the ocean that we don’t know about, or that if something resembling a mermaid did exist, that a government may not try to cover it up. But as of yet, there is NO EVIDENCE to support that.

  • http://webpronews Peri

    The show aired as a documentary. Only later did we find out it was a “Docufiction.” Discovery Channel and Animal Planet need to be taking responsibility for this. It’s irresponsible of them to air something like that without telling their audience that the “show” isn’t real. Believe or don’t in mermaids, but the people who decided to dupe us all should be held accountable.

  • IndyRose

    Really pathetic that they did not do ANY disclaimer during program. Irresponsible.

    • Darian

      Actually they did. It says it briefly in small print in the credits that “some events are fictional.”

  • Nicole

    I watched this a while ago and just recently it’s been called fake,,, not for nothing but this was really convincing! I don’t believe mermaids like Ariel are real however I do believe this documentary holds truth! The facts are the government DOES withhold info from us , they say for our protection, but if u believe that I have a bridge I’d like to sell u! It is incredible narrow minded to dismiss the possibility of other life forms in the sea or elsewhere! The theory of how they came about make perfect sense and the scientists ARE REAL.! If you look back in any cultures religion you will come across sea creatures that can be compared to the idea of what a mermaid is! We saw proof of how it can be real! Now I want to see the governments proof on how it isn’t!

  • samm

    just seems a little suspicious that automaticly the day after it air that the hole internet blows up with the hole “it a fake” i realize it was cgi in the video but what they were saying sounded legit their are thing we cant explain and duh they were actors they have been threatened by the goverment before why would they show their faces… im not say it is or isnt true just keeping an open mind and making some observations.

  • Chris Ledo

    Dude real or not how deep is the ocean and how vast is the universe. Some things are kept secret for the right reasons. Whether its real or not it’s not affecting anyone’s lives. I would like to believe its real last year they found 4 different species of whales this year another 5 that’s 9 different species in two years. I don’t think breeding has anything to do with it either. The world is just more complex to what we think it is. This has to be a cover up actors or not too. There are too many facts for it all to be fake. So use your imagination and think outside the box. The only real people that know wouldn’t tell us anyway.

  • Ashymay

    Whether this show is real or not, you need to look at a few things. The earth is huge in comparison to our human race. If you are naive enough to think that all the species have been discovered, that’s sad. We have only explored a small percentage of the ocean and forests. The oceans are miles deep, and you honestly think we have found every bit if living life in it? And why else would dolphins help people fish if they didn’t have some type of human-like friends. I believe in aquatic apes, aka mermaids. Just not the ones that are half human and fish like Ariel. The gvt can hide what they want. But take into consideration how minuscule humans really are in comparison to this world, we don’t know the half of what’s out there. It’s not a very far fetched theory that primates evolved into a water primate millions of years ago. It’s not like they are riding in rainbows and granting wishes, its an evolved primate not a magical animal.

  • Treasure

    it’s funny how the government is putting out all these websites saying it’s fake .. when the navy created a sonar weapon to disarm weapons that are undergound when the were secretly killing “mermaids”

  • Henry Russo

    The show was mainly, if not entirely, “reenactments”, and actors portraying real people, and actors portraying actors who are portraying real people. That alone pretty much destroys any credibility that may exist in the story.

  • Scott

    I love how this website claims to understand everything right off the bat. WHO are you guys to say what is real and what isn’t real when your lives revolve around web news? If you want to make such bold statements, I want to see your proof behind them. To me, that destroys your own creditably and I’m noting to myself to avoid this website.

  • nick

    i think the question is not whether mermaids exist or not but whether their existence is possible. i think it’s possible that mermaids may exist based on the concepts of genetic variation and evolution. i.e. with humans, different races respond differently to different medications and have observable differences in appearance based on different genetics. These aren’t major phenotypic variations but suggest that earlier in human evolution, there may have possibly been a branch of human-like creatures that fits with the marine ape theory.

  • B.Reno

    Smell like cover up?

    Dr. Paul robertson of NOAA



    Why did they take these down????

    And isn’t it interesting how they did not list a reason like they did with mega Or any other site they have shut down?

    Not saying Mermaids are Real!!!! But damn people keep an open mind. I feel Its arrogant for us to think that we have discovered a majority of what our ocean/earth is capable of. Food for Thought. How often do we make to the bottom of the ocean? What Percentage of people spend a substantial amount of time at extreme depths? Would You go close to a mysterious ship that seems to have dropped in from above that has a bunch of lights on it, lighting up the darkness? Last I checked we on the land would probably avoid direct confrontation with something like that. (ufo reference). Im pretty sad with how much there is out there for us to learn and people remain to be closed minded. Stop limiting your mind its your most valuable asset.

    Mermaids real or fake? I dont know so there for my answer would be I DON’T KNOW!!! and Since 99% of you dont know, anything we/you say is all speculation and sadly will most likely remain that way.

    The real honest truth about “Mermaids” will be lost in the Smoke screen of mass media shooting down any and all accounts of the credibility of the evidence that was ever accumulated.

    • Starfish

      I agree with you B. Reno.

      • Jacob

        So sad but so true

    • Jacob

      Wow you weren’t kidding. Why shut down a fictional site? That is weird

  • SAM

    You Idiots. Just when you think you can trust Discovery they give us this Orson Wells “War of the Worlds” bullshit. You got a few minutes of fame. Now reap the benefits of distrust. A simple lower third would have been good. Older people were freaked out. SHAME ON YOU RATINGS WHORES.

  • http://webpronews Peri

    I dont think the web “blowing up” after the show aired is odd at all. In my case I wanted to find out if anything else had been discovered about mermaids as the show was made in 2011.
    I really didn’t question the use of cgi to depict the mermaids as no one had ever seen a live mermaid, much seen them interact with their environment. There would have to be assumptions made because it was a new species.
    What I DO have a problem with is the show was presented as a documentary period. A mention in the rolling credits at the END of the show was wrong.
    I’ve never heard the term science docufiction and would not have known what it meant at the time. But, boy I sure do now! In my opinion it was simply poorly handled.

  • Brett

    I think there is more evidence out there that supports the existence of mermaids than there is that supports they are fake.

  • http://www.Discovery.com David

    I seen the show n if authorities hadn’t intervened in South Africa than maybe these skeptic would not b so bold. I can’t b a documentary with only audio evidence that no expert can determine what it was. If an expert in the field can’t identify what it was but know what it wasn’t then it has to b something unidentified. The government can use it’s influence to silence the media but not an open-mined individual.

  • http://facebook bobby

    well i do know the cgi was real good but i also know not to trust goverment, and what about the chupacabra its not real its fake now the darn things are pests down south kinda like the giant boars,so if its real they can only coverup it up so long i do know that the nazi’s tried weird experments on humans and animals so who knows whats out there if its there kool if not thats kool to but dnt kill peoples imagination heck its the only thing we got left in this corrupt world we human”s created to live in yes we humans create our own stress that is true

  • Alyssa

    I’m 11 and I believe they’er are mermaids . How did all these cultures come up with the same thing once they didn’t even know each other. Thats one of the reasons why I believe mermaids. When there was the human evolution their could of been some of us that adapted in the ocean and there came to be mermaids.
    My opinion

    • ally

      im 11and mermaides are REAL i watched this video on mermaides to show people that they are real it is really long but it is so true

      go to: youtube.com
      type in search: mermaides body found

  • http://none Mist

    This article is just written by yet ‘another’ secret government operative. We all know that you guys have a whole department designed for just such a thing: supplanting in the minds of people doubt, when it comes to just about anything outside of the purvue of society.
    Why dont you government types do your job and try to use the same tactics to try and disprove the existence of ‘Osama Bin Laden’, his ‘death’ by navy seals, and his body being ‘sent out to sea’. But no, that won’t happen.
    It really is interesting how if anything is ‘paranormal’ you guys come along ‘immediately’ to where there is a sighting and you guys are the first to reply about such things. I could do the same about the supposed existence of a man(osama bin laden) that no one has ever seen before save in grainy video. Ohhhh….but that is real…but if a ufo or a strange creature shows up on that very same video, its false. hmmm….interesting…
    IF mermaids, bigfoot, ufos, aliens and other creatures are not real…why is it that government officials are always the first people on the scene of the incident and why do they ‘regulate’ the sight near such happenings. The government/military is a very busy organization and has little time to persue time wasting endeavors…so for government to make appearances in such instances, shows that there is indeed something to what people are saying…in fact government involvement ‘confirms’ it: taking away videos, removing ‘bodies’ from the scenes, threatening people, and a host of other things are not quite normal actions if there is ‘nothing’ going on.
    Finally if a crazy on the street were to say ‘mickey mouse’ exists…(I know for a fact that isn’t the case} so why would I even try to sit there and argue with him/her about their belief…’IF ITS NOT TRUE’…but if someone is telling the truth…it is incumbent upon you ‘secret government types’ to sow doubt in peoples minds…AS SOON AS THE FOURTH KIND MOVIE CAME OUT…government officials were on that like flies on stink. Sites eluding to the confirmation of the family involved were removed. One is hard pressed to find anything on the lady whom the story was about. The movie got the worst reviews that I had ever seen. Doesn’t that seem like a covert attempt to remove credibility???….or to ones whom have their eyes open, a shameless and pathetic overt action. You guys are really clumsy now. You’ve got to do better than you are doing.
    You can fool fools…but you cant fool the ones whom will always use common sense and logic over your foolishness. And what about the ‘Monster Quest’ shows. The only quest for this show is to raise peoples’ expectations and then to end the show by dropping people back down to doubt. Monster Quest is nothing more than an excercise in human psychology: In reverse form, the show is geared to raise peoples’ expectations and then to drop them hard into doubt-the boy who cried wolf so much-that people, in their frustration in being let down so many times, stop believing. Monster Quest is created by operatives as are a host of other shows geared to the same old and tired tactics to manipulate people into disbelief.
    The Alien Autopsy was another such endeavor: Raise peoples’ expectations and then drop them hard. The Gable Film is another example. If the video is fake then why make a whole segment on Monster Quest about it? And the hippie…er…operative,whom said he was the guy who shot the video is a real miracle for science: The guy hasn’t aged since the 70’s. Wow, how does this guy retain his youth for so long. And a gillie suit in no way, shape, or form has the same look, feel, or consistency as fur. A 3 yr old would know this.
    And now you operatives have trained your focus on youtube videos, seeding doubt, on just about every video out their, from ‘trolling’ comments designed to take the seriousness from the situation to thereby distract from the seriousness and the reality of some of these videos to ‘pseudo-educated’ babble, designed to disuade the unthinking. You guys are only good, insomuch as the populace is stupid, but to intelligent people, whom know that ‘common sense’ and ‘logic’ are not oxymoronic to the ‘paranormal’, you guys are just sloppy in your work.

  • ana

    Seeworld has a the same equaliti as our world.It has to have kind of human beings I believe


    I really don’t know what to think in light of all this! I know the CGI is just speculation but what about all the presumed “facts” in terms of findings and analysis that were relayed throughout the program? Are they jests as well? Why would a channel reknown for providing facts screw over the entire world like that?? Me especially as I’m a sceptic and believe me when I say they had me! I am now fully irate and more confused than ever! Is it that we should stop relying on everything that is sworn to be factual and teach use about what’s out there, in fear of that one day we will be told “oh, u know we were kidding right? Rockin’!” I need the truth about the entire situation, that’s all.

  • http://Webprenews Truth

    Awesome, an if government is covering up good for them cause if we find out there are I fear the end of the species!!!

  • Chuck U Farley

    It was silly but I really thought the music was beautiful.

  • http://WebProNews Adam K

    It is a Government cover up, why do you think the scientist left because they were forced to shut it all down. Of course the only way they could make this story was to use re-enactments and CGI because the government took everything, all the original stuff except sound recordings and that is fact.

    • Andrew

      You’re exactly right! I just posted something similar on twitter.

  • Kyle

    Come on guys, mermaids don’t exist. How could a rational thinking person think that even for a second. Like for real MERMAIDS!!!!

    • Jacob

      Weird how people thought the same thing about the earth being round or that it was the center of the universe.

  • http://www.webpronews.com/mermaid-body-found-peopled-fooled-by-faux-documentary-once-again-2012-07 cortney

    If mermaids are fake and the whole idea is rediculous then explain how a primate could evolve into a human but not into a mermaid. The facts r out there whether or mot people chose to believe them. Its a scientific fact we only no 30% of our oceans and 2/3 of the world is covered in water. So yes, it is true that I myself do not have proof that that they are real. But what proof do YOU have that they’re not???

    • Mae

      Great point!

    • Jacob

      Exactly. We don’t even know all spiece on land and who are we to say we know the waters

  • Borrowed child

    For Christ Sake…………You guys dont realize why this cover up appears……
    It’s just a simple hide the truth so you idiots don’t get panic in return……..
    The world is full of mystery respect the mother nature in return of your life
    Do what is good and a good carma shall rise upon you
    Do bad and a bad carma shall be with you always
    Even though you’re a fu—n sinner still God loves you
    Whoever you’re God is…………
    Still he loves you and treats you as a good son
    We humans lives only once
    Think 100% times before you react
    You may never know when will the judgement come…..
    Take good care
    It’s fun to read jokes
    But it’s not fine to see dead bodies
    It’s a life a living not a dull created

  • Brandon

    For all you rednecks that think this is a coverup your in fact retarded if mermaids were real they wouldn’t let a documentary out on something as public and controled as the animal planet .

  • purple

    There are numerous undocumented species out there.. So don’t be quick to rule out mermaids.. do you really think scientists have seen every species, the only reason why they even see giant squid is when they die they surface.. It’s important to keep an open mind to what’s out there.. The government covers up a lot of stuff because they don’t want us to panic..

  • paula

    This show is freaking crazy no way is there mermaids LOL and y would the government cover it up cuz of fear? Yep LOL I am scared of sharks sure mermaid ummm not so much… so yea I think this is just silly

  • Luis

    The Body Found is a science docufiction television film that originally aired on May 27, 2012, on Animal Planet and June 17 on Discovery Channel.

  • Aaliyah

    I believe that there are mermaids.

  • Edger

    I am part of the mermaid coverup conspiracy. We have been hiding mermaids for 28 years now so that people won’t get scared and rebel against the government. By going public, my life is at risk. Who’s there at my door? No! No! Help! Ahhhhhhhh…..errr…..glug glug glug…….

  • http://none Carl Lamb

    Animal planet did a docufiction like this on dragons too but they didnt add all the factual information like this one.im wondering whats real and whats not

  • amanda bernal

    Im sorry I still believe in them!I just think they used to exist but don’t anymore.The evidence they seem to gives us does make sense and looks real enough except for that one video to where the body looked like wood:P But all im trying to say is I believe and think the government is trying to hide it from us!But that’s just me…

  • blarg

    Seriously… If you actually watch the credits, you will see two very important bits of text. One states the names of the WRITERS. Something documentaries lack. The other is a small tidbit which clearly states that the film was LOOSELY based off of the sonar tests, and that no real evidence of aquatic huminoids has surfaced ever. That being said, don’t be so quick to rule them out. All of you conspiracy theorists need to learn that the “scientists” weren’t real, there was no evidence being destroyed, and the Navy isn’t covering up the discovery of mermaids. The only reason it is featured is because it makes for a good story. Good story=ratings. Ratings=money. Money=the ability to pay the actors and whatnot.

    • Jacob

      Says you! And they make no illusion that they have information/proof of the incidents. It was Taken according to them. What would you like them to show when the say they Don’t have anything To show??? Doesn’t make sense what you said?

      • Jacob

        Though I do agree on the money part. But that another issue all together

  • Don k balls

    Guess the only way we would know for sure would be to join the military. Lmfao. Damn obama be take all the damn mermaids! Really would suprise me if there was mermaids someone in the u.s. is bound to have done it with somekind of sealife as crazy as these backwoods fishermen/wildmen are these days. I mean damn look at that turtleman charactor.

    • tluthg

      Obama wasn’t in office in 2005… Always blame the black man.

    • Jacob

      Way too far

  • Tracy

    So the navy is not testing sonic weapons which could account for Whales and Dolpinn beaching themselves. As professionals have verified it is unheard of for Dolphins to beach themselves. But yet it is happening more and more, These sonar testings could effect changes in the earths Several other testing is involved which can effect sonar.
    Potential sites

    As with wind power, selection of location is critical for the tidal turbine. Tidal stream systems need to be located in areas with fast currents where natural flows are concentrated between obstructions, for example at the entrances to bays and rivers, around rocky points, headlands, or between islands or other land masses. The following potential sites are under serious consideration:
    •Pembrokeshire in Wales
    •River Severn between Wales and England
    •Cook Strait in New Zealand
    •Kaipara Harbour in New Zealand
    •Bay of Fundy in Canada.
    •East River in New York City
    •Golden Gate in the San Francisco Bay
    •Piscataqua River in New Hampshire
    •The Race of Alderney and The Swinge in the Channel Islands
    Scientists at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) are developing a new technology for use in underwater acoustics. The new technology uses flashes of laser light to remotely create underwater sound. The new acoustic source has the potential to expand and improve both Naval and commercial underwater acoustic applications, including undersea communications, navigation, and acoustic imaging. Dr. Ted Jones, a physicist in the Plasma Physics Division, is leading a team of researchers from the Plasma Physics, Acoustics, and Marine Geosciences Divisions in developing this acoustic source. Efficient conversion of light into sound can be achieved by concentrating the light sufficiently to ionize a small amount of water, which then absorbs laser energy and superheats. The result is a small explosion of steam, which can generate a 220 decibel pulse of sound. Optical properties of water can be manipulated with very intense laser light to act like a focusing lens, allowing nonlinear self-focusing (NSF) to take place. In addition, the slightly different colors of the laser, which travel at different speeds in water due to group velocity dispersion (GVD), can be arranged so that the pulse also compresses in time as it travels through water, further concentrating the light. By using a combination of GVD and NSF, controlled underwater compression of optical pulses can be attained.

    The driving laser pulse has the ability to travel through both air and water, so that a compact laser on either an underwater or airborne platform can be used for remote acoustic generation. Since GVD and NSF effects are much stronger in water than air, a properly tailored laser has the ability to travel many hundreds of meters through air, remaining relatively unchanged, then quickly compress upon entry into the water. Atmospheric laser propagation is useful for applications where airborne lasers produce underwater acoustic signals without any required hardware in the water, such as undersea communications from aircraft.

    Also, commercially available, high-repetition-rate pulsed lasers, steered by a rapidly movable mirror, can generate arbitrary arrays of phased acoustic sources. On a compact underwater platform with an acoustic receiver, such a setup can rapidly generate oblique-angle acoustic scattering data, for imaging and identifying underwater objects. This would be a significant addition to traditional direct backscattering acoustic data.

    • Jacob

      I’m not sure I understood all of that but Very interesting none the less

    • Mike bates

      Your totally right. Noone has the right to kill a single creature, let alone beaches full due to ignorance.

  • Pinggoy

    Just keep your minds open. Most people only believe on what they know and can see, which just proves how limited our minds can be. Those with open minds and those who are believers are the ones who can adapt to change. These unknown creatures will reveal themselves. It’s just a matter of time.

    • Mike bates

      With everyone recording everything these days and with these things having to surface to breath, someone,somewhere wouldve proved it. Im sure there are plenty we have not discovered but this cant be. Even if evolution provided them with the means to hold there breath long, they would still surface frequently

      • Jacob

        Then why have two larger spieces of whale been discovered only within the last decade??? They breath air too?? That’s extremely closed minded. People have always lived in the rain forest yet we’re still discovering new spieceS every year……

        • Mike bates

          Which 2 are u refering to? Im not saying its impossible, im just saying the odds of something that surfaces every 20min-30min(going by what the documentary said) & travel/migrate w/ dolphins(which can be seen from every coast around the world) not to mention within the last decade everyone has a recording device in there pocket, the odds are slim. I would love to find out I was wrong and hopefully I am. Just using and open mind to look at all the facts involved

  • Bj

    I think ne thing is possible I think some people would like to make others believe fact is fiction what else is being held back

  • wayne

    after the show i watched im baffled i honestly believe the show is real and the internet is just another part of the “big brother” lieing to cover there ass because they cant except they are caught. they lie about everything else and hide so much shit from us already that there is not a dought in my mind they are doing it now.

  • wayne

    after the show i watched im baffled i honestly believe the show is real and the internet is just another part of the “big brother” lieing to cover there ass because they cant except they are caught. they lie about everything else and hide so much shit from us already that there is not a dought in my mind they are doing it now and as far as a reason for them to denie it just look at how many opinions showed up here already since the show. like the show said if they do exist how would we feel about them killing the only human relatives off. besides the “big brother wins either way because due to the show many people believe and due to the internet many people dont and parties from both side are confused. its called a conflicting intrest or controlled truths. they only let enough out for us to question and ponder so they can see how we act without being givin a hundred percent fact. i am a christian and one that always thought i could never be told mermmaids exsist and i believe it but i do.

  • Jacob

    Now I am 100% right brain thinker. I dont believe in conspiracy theories. I believe there is a logical explanation for EVERYTHING in life. But I Do start to question things that don’t add up. So for me it comes down to whether you believe the people on the show. I personally do. Now I can’t always tell if someone is lying, through I Know myself to be quite good at it. But what I do pride myself on is an incredible judge of character, and I’ve seen nothing about these few people to dis value my beliefs in there character.
    It’s funny to me that these two (main) people used to work for NOAA, and NOAA has admitted as much yet people now use quotation when they call them scientist. Why?
    Another question.
    Why, if the navy big brother or whoever, wanted to disprove, discredit, or otherwise resolve the issue once and for all release all knowledge on said occasion(s) to the public so the real facts can be revealed…….? It’s already known the sonar testing has taken place. What else is there to hide? How much of a nation security risk could sonar testing really be? So again why not just release said information?

    To whoever it my concern Within Big Brother: so you f***ed up wow what else is new. People get fired, maybe some restructuring needs to take place but in the end nothing much would change in the long run. Now try to realize the implications of another beings to closely relateted to ourselfs. If the information isn’t already destroyed, please release the true facts on the matter. I can’t presonally speak for everyone else, but I believe the world is COMPLETELY fed up with all the bulls*** the comes from hiding the important truths that people can feel in there core and know to be true. I don’t want national SECURITY secrets revealed I know somethings need to be withheld from the public. But something of this magnitude could seriously change the world and the way we ALL look at it!

  • Jacob

    Now I am 100% right brain thinker. I dont believe in conspiracy theories. I believe there is a logical explanation for EVERYTHING in life. But I Do start to question things that don’t add up. So for me it comes down to whether you believe the people on the show. I personally do. Now I can’t always tell if someone is lying, through I Know myself to be quite good at it. But what I do pride myself on is an incredible judge of character, and I’ve seen nothing about these few people to dis value my beliefs in there character.
    It’s funny to me that these two (main) people used to work for NOAA, and NOAA has admitted as much yet people now use quotation when they call them scientist. Why?
    Another question.
    Why, if the navy big brother or whoever, wanted to disprove, discredit, or otherwise resolve the issue once and for all release all knowledge on said occasion(s) to the public so the real facts can be revealed…….? It’s already known the sonar testing has taken place. What else is there to hide? How much of a nation security risk could sonar testing really be? So again why not just release said information?

    To whoever it my concern Within Big Brother: so you f***ed up wow what else is new. People get fired, maybe some restructuring needs to take place but in the end nothing much would change in the long run. Now try to realize the implications of another beings to closely relateted to ourselfs. If the information isn’t already destroyed, please release the true facts on the matter. I can’t presonally speak for everyone else, but I believe the world is COMPLETELY fed up with all the bulls*** the comes from hiding the important truths that people can feel in there core and know to be true. I don’t want national SECURITY secrets revealed I know somethings need to be withheld from the public. But something of this magnitude could seriously change the world and the way we ALL look at it!

    • John

      Jacob, I think maybe it may be used as some kind of weapon, that is the only reason they would have to keep it secret. Image a group that could attach plastic explosive to subs or ships and not show up on radar. just thinking…

  • Jacob

    I’ve commented on a few things tonight but I want to leave everyone thinking on this one thing…….
    Never has there EVER,to my knowledge, been PROOF of a true GOD yet people know he she it exist……

    Use your own mind. Compare what you know to be true and come to your own logical conclusions.

    • Chris

      Sorry champ god, santa, the easter bunny and the tooth fairy aren’t real.

  • Don k balls

    Guess the only way we would know for sure would be to join the military. Lmfao. Damn obama be take all the damn mermaids! Really would suprise me if there was mermaids someone in the u.s. is bound to have done it with somekind of sealife as crazy as these backwoods fishermen/wildmen are these days. I mean damn look at that turtleman charactor. Crazy

    • kristie

      What the U.S. government lie to cover its ass! Grab data to stop the truth from getting out? My Dad just died from cancer caused by agent orange. The government spent years denying it had even been used.If your dumb enough to believe they would admit they were testing a weapon that lead to the mass killing of an endangered species.You really are idiots!! I truly believe these scientist found something! It was enough to scare someone.I really hope one day the truth comes out and if these creatures really exist they have survived yet more human stupidity!!

      • Cliff

        Right. They claim that Roswell, Area 51, and all of the various UFO sightings are bogus, yet they expect us to believe that man walked on the moon in 1969.

  • AG

    With the number of new species discovered each year, it’s obvious that nothing is impossible. I find it hard to believe that a number of NOAA professionals, with their extensive education would be foolish enough to perpetuation such a hoax unless large sums of money were involved. As of yet, I have not seen any of them on the lecture circuit, trying to publish a “tell all” book or anything that would discredit them. The government, on the other hand, has a long track record of deception and outright lies that stretch far into the past, well beyond this administration. The government has never learned the lesson of honest communication with it’s citizens and worsen’s that reputation with fanciful stories and outright lies.

    Considering the evolution of man, it certainly isn’t out of the realm of possibility and were they intelligent creatures, negative encounters with man would certainly explain hiding from their walking and upright fellow species.

    I, for one, would welcome such a discovery. To find a remarkable species that so closely resembles our own would be the “moon landing” of this century and certainly spawn new research, new discoveries, and new businesses. Imagine being able to communicate with something that can swim to the bottom of the ocean and safely return. There would not only be civilian applications but potential military ones as well. It could be the win/win of the century.

    I would certainly like to see a Presidential Commission with wide ranging powers to probe this and that commission should include those in the broadcast to insure objectivity and honesty. That would certainly be ONE method of insuring the hoax is reveled or proven …

  • Sparkle12

    The program was a hoax. I knew it when I saw the fishing video and the boy’s camera video. it’s in the spirit of Paranormal movie that used this same technique.

  • Sparkle12

    This program was a hoax. I knew it when I saw the boy’s camera video and the fisherman video. It was done in the same spirit as that paranormal movie of the same flavor.

  • denise

    Not real huh? Sounds like exactly what the government said about Roswell and guess what? PEOPLE STILL BELIEVE IT! If the truth hadn’t been kept from us so much in the past that claim might work.

  • Megan

    If the moon has been explored more than the ocean, there has to be plenty of creatures never discovered before, and with the reputation of the government it is totally possible they influenced and manipulated people and media sources to deny the massive discovery of mermaids. Cant trust the government on anything, especially this. Can people really believe the government wouldn’t lie to us, what a JOKE, i for one believe mermaids are very possible along with any other “mythical” creature

  • Catherine

    My father was comptroller for the Navy at the Pentagon for five years in the 70’s. He was an honest man. I’ve always believed in extraterrestrials and the like while my father never discussed these types of things with me – he did divulge that the Pentagon, in fact, had a top secret office for ‘researching’ these things. No one was allowed in – it and it’s goings on were completely top secret. Very similar to The X Files. The truth is out there, but you’re not going to hear about it from the government. By the way, my father was a high ranking officer and a very intelligent man. This is the truth.

  • Kat

    Believe in what you can not see..

  • Susan smith

    Dr Paul Robertson’s website was seized by the DEPT. OF J. GO TO http//:www.drpaulrobertson.com. It has an authentic looking seal across.

    Deadly sonar technology that has killed many water animals is real. Use Google Patents and you will find a few.

    The video footage of the young boy was done to protect his identity. Of course, it was fake.

  • Peter

    HA! HAHA! Like I’m supposed to believe the government/government agency/Big Brother. There’s mountains of files stamped classified and top secret. Now I would understand that for military purposes, but what’s the threat to a nation if merfolk exist or not? TELL ME, WHAT’S THE NEED TO HIDE IT AND LIE? There will be inquisitive minds, and they deserve honest answers. We welcome the discovery that a species thought to be extinct really wasn’t, but the government feel the need to hide things about people with fish tails. COME ON. For science. Just don’t hide it and let science be on it’s merry way.

  • bobby

    Ok I don’t know what to believe if its real or fake and don’t care too much but if it is fake, where do the skull features come from? By this I mean the dent on the top of the skull and the ridge behind it. I have not seen these on any other human skulls but they are on mine which is why I keep my hair long.

  • Lou

    This show was based on THREE real facts. The NAVY was testing sonar weapons that caused mass beachings of whales. Scientists recorded a sound thought to be organic in nature but never identified called the Bloop. Different Societies claim to have seen the same creature for centuries. Thats it.

    This show was created to show everyone IF mermaids existed what they would probably look like. The people in the show are ACTING to make it look real. You don’t watch horror movies and think that the people in them are actually dead. They are acting.

    I do not claim to know if they are real or not and personally Im really hoping they and unicorns are real cause that’d be freaking awesome. Im just saying that the show was not real.

  • Chris

    Who believes everything they read on the Internet this is bullshit mermaids are real you’re just trying to cover it up I’ve seen them, I am furious about this article haven’t you heard of the bleep phenomenon even the navy acknowledge that that’s proof

  • Lindsey

    Why is it so far fetched to believe something like mermaids? We evolved from apes.. I’m not saying God does not exist, but where is the ACTUAL proof for that? There is still so much of the ocean that we have not explored yet. There could be something out there.

    • http://google tyler

      they are real and so is god

  • laniah

    I am not an important uppity person, just a simple stay at home mother with a mediocre education and several hours of daily downtime! lol! but – given the countless searches and boocoo reruns, If the said scientists are actors, kudos to them for a phenomenal performance!! Also, i cannot imagine anyone without government clearance finding any actual proof of anything even suspect of a cover up. The controversy of it all simply adds to the hype and gives the government more reason to tell us average Joe citizens more bedtime stories that we are expected to take as truth.

  • http://google tyler

    they are real im sure of it i even saw one i was the kid that took the video

  • http://google tyler

    god is more real then u r

    • angela

      did u really take the video?

  • http://youtube michael

    mermaids are fake, dumbass people are real

  • Bob

    A egg-laying, venomous, duck-billed, beaver-tailed, otter-footed mammal, platypus if that can happen then I defentley think a half human and half fish mermaid can happen

  • Bob

    If a egg-laying, venomous, duck-billed, beaver-tailed, otter-footed mammal can happen then a half human half fish mermaid can happen.

    • jaz

      So true

  • Nate

    It’s very possible. What I don’t believe it is our government officials. Did we all forget the term “God works in mysterious ways!” They just discovered a new species of whales a few months back. Are you going to tell me that that pyramid in Alaska isn’t there either because it is. The truth is too surreal for some peoples little minds to conceive. It’s not our fault that half of us are brainwashed. I believe our government officials worship Satan. All because of a few dollars. If you believe in God anything is possible!

  • Linx

    I believe it. Legends are every where, practically in all cultures there’s a legendary water creature. The Government can’t fool the whole world, not my world. Here in SA there’s still a lot of cultures that believe in merfolk and claimed to have seen them/it. Oh and for the record, God is real. I’d rather believe in him my whole life and find out he’s not real than not believe and find out he is. But hey, no pressure to those who don’t believe. Tiny minds can’t always process or understand the truth.

  • Dano

    Man people are so dumb and unscientific. Of course mermaids exist. Science says that if you see something on television it is scientifically true. That’s why I’m so proud of my science edu-u-macation that I receieved in the good ol USofA. The same country that elected george genius w bush.

    Don’t listen to the naysayers who say mermaids don’t exist. They

  • Rich

    Nature is always right! Look at the evolution of man look how many changes have happened to get where we are now.. The government always hide phenomenon so that it doesnt cause a mass scare for the public. Theres probably alot we dont know about because the government hide things.. Why should they? We live in the exactly same planet as them.. Some of the evidence is quite convincing. The men fishin pulled up their net and u blatently see an arm with a webbed hand.. Some people have webbed feet is that evolution? The video footage on the boys fone.. Spears already in the fish when theyve been caught… Theres so many untold storys n truth tht we will never find out.. The government are going to get caught out one day and global panic will strike and they wont know how to deal with it..

  • Ryan

    I think the only good reason for them to tell us Mermaids do not exist is to stop the crazy people that would hunt them if they knew they were really out there. I believe they are out there and I hope they stay hidden from us. The cave drawings that are very old and the markings on pyramids and other places around the world are more evidence. They had to have seen it to draw it. Mermaids tried to be friendly with us but the humans attacked them. Crazy people would do the same today. Stay hidden Mermaids!

    • chris w

      Sorry if this reads wrong i’m doing it from my phone, i just finished watching the show mermaids the body found…. i will say i nether believe or disbelieve the existence on merpeople i do believe that its possible for primative human life to have evolved this way, all sea mammals once walked the land, if they did exist i have every confidence that it would be covered up as a potential weapon if its not already been used that way.
      I also believe they would be better undiscovered as people are cruel mostly for there own gain or entertainment, i do doubt there are underwater cities or that they would have the same emotional system as a “human” after so many million years evolution in the sea i would expect them to live the same sort of life as a dolphin or whale.

      One thing i dont see is why people feel the need to bring god in to this, i dont believe in god at all and feel religion in general is a human invention as most humans cant cope knowing this is it, the human mind is complex and needs answers and if they dont get them they invent them, when people didnt understand the sun they said it was a god, when no one had travelled around the world they said it was flat and so on…. i would never slate someone for there belief though i have a catholic partner and respect what she believes.

      As for mermaids its totally possible and probable but as of yet unproven to the general public, what i do know is if you google image search real mermaids there is not one snap that was used in the programme many obvious fakes but its like the program images never existed (or were removed) i think it would be covered up if there was a discovery for many reasons and its something we wont get to know in our lifetimes, personally i would like to think these beings do exist and stay well hidden as humans have evolved one trait that i wish never had been… cruelty and they would at some point be hunted as we generally like to destroy what we dont understand.

      Oh and look closely at the mermaid in the fishermans net its obviously cgi and made for the programme for shock value

    • jasmeet

      i agree!!!

    • http://xxx vikram

      yes Ryan i agree with you , they e are a lot hidden truth under the see that yet to come in front. as shown in documentary there were naval experiment going on under there.& that might be a reason the government keeping the truth away from people about this. I really think they are real because in ancient INDIAN history the same is noted (in vedas)as “Masya kanya”(daughter of fish)and a lot about it (half human & fish .

  • jasmeet

    i dnt knoe they exist or not all i knoe is that navy should stop their fucking sonar testing because it is hurting marine life and circle of evolution..!!!!

  • http://xxx vikram

    i am agree with Ryan , they e are a lot hidden truth under the see that yet to come in front. as shown in documentary there were naval experiment going on under there.& that might be a reason the government keeping the truth away from people about this. I really think they are real because in ancient INDIAN history the same is noted (in vedas)as “Masya kanya”(daughter of fish)and a lot about it (half human & fish .

  • http://webpronewsadrates Khadija

    i am nt geting it, the programe i just saw now made me think about it the scientits were saying they saw sumthing like tht, the programe also showed a real footage which was black n white i saw there hand they were trying to escape like fishes n also lik humans i am so shocked i want to clear is it real!!!!!!!!!!!!! anything can be possible, as science is knwing many things day by day they should also research about it bt if it doesn’t hurt thm as dr.rebeca david n lenne vesser said

  • Liston

    The program may intrigue people in general but for those who have an idea about evolution the whole idea about mermaids is absurd, the idea of an aquatic ape or a sea monkey (pun) is just too much for me to digest, even though i am skeptical about mermaids who know what the deep ocean will reveal next, if not a mermaid may be something more interesting.

    • James

      You said it all with the word Idea. An idea is all anything is that some would consider 100% Fact, a single idea.

  • becki spiers

    I honestly think its real but these people are saying that its not cuz they don’t want any one to know.

    • michele

      Becki, I AGREE with YOU, right on! I believe “those people” just tell us things THEY want us to believe and we the people choose to believe whatever they tell us. I find it interesting that NOAA immediately after the first airing of mermaids put a statement on their website that they don’t exist….why the hurry to do that, if they don’t??????????????? can you say “cover-up”

  • phil kennedy

    You people are so nieve, Ofcourse mermaids dont exist, Simple genetic physics means mermaids can not possibly exist, There is no way for the complex human genetics to combine with fish and if has noone noticed that the mermaids are at the current evolution of the human (The human half that is) which would suggest that the mermaids have had human interaction through out the evolution of man, So that means if they reproduce with similair qualities as a human being with would share similar traits to the fabled mermaid……. And we dont so mermaids dont exist :)

    • Mike

      Maybe ur just an asshole. Would u tell ur children if u have any (if their under 7) that Santa clause doesn’t exist? Just give ur opinion and don’t call people nieve for what they believe in. That’s something a dickhead would do. Grow up. Seriously. Asshole

  • John Trosclair

    So because you quoted something from the all-knowing WIKIPEDIA it’s true? Lets not forget that absolutely anyone can edit a topic on Wikipedia. There is a possibility that it does exist, it’s a phenomenon, that’s why there is a chance of it defieing what physics states. And with you’re Wikipedia evidence which is not creditable in anyway, versus the evidence that this documentary brings forth makes the argument that you’re making now it’s head.

    • John Trosclair

      Bow* it’s head.

  • Tina

    Mermaids have been a part of folklore for centuries. The fascination surrounding this topic means that it was pretty inevitable that someone at some point was going to make a documentary on the subject, spoof or otherwise. Look at how many programmes and films there on the Loch Ness Monster.
    It would be nice to think that mermaids are possible and it wouldn’t surprise me if there were genetic scientists splicing away trying to create one as we speak but we would never hear of any results for fear of human rights campaigners.
    I do think it was wrong to air this particular programme on Animal Planet though.

  • Tom

    The biggest hint of how it is false is in one of the scenes it cuts to a Cgi scene wherein it says 1.3 million years ago , this the first of many other huge historical and evolutionary cock ups , basic apes that could be considered intelligent hadn’t appeared yet and if this ‘mermaid’ did separate from any ape like animal it is impossible for it to be as intelligent as a human the fire principle at work here , in short fire is necessary for denaturing proteins which in turn is necessary for human levels of intelligence , the closest thing to ape in intelligence is a dolphin (bearing in mind they separated from our lineage more then 30 million years ago )

    my point is , before you believe this shit think about why it can’t possibly work…

    • James

      More importantly consider many possibilities, not just a single thought.

  • Michelle

    Everyone is entitled to there own opinion.

    • Jeanette

      My opinion of this documentary , CAN WE ALL SAY BLAIR WITCH?

  • Aaron

    I just watched this documentary on tv. My own opinion by 10 minutes in was “This is a load of sh*t”. However I watched to see where it went. Now the CGI parts that were obvious were well enough made, but the “not so obvious” ones were even worse, if you were watching it with any attention. My main example being the “Camera Phone Video” I’m sorry but if that’s real then I’m Neil Armstrong, it was so obviously bad CGI work that I was actually embarrassed that I had even been taken in by the name of this documentary. I immediately came online, looked up the name and found this.
    It is a hoax, and a very badly made one at that. Disgrace on all those who made it, and Disgrace and shame on those people who allowed it to be aired on a legitimate and well founded TV channel.

    • Aaron

      I am also going to mention that no I do not belive that it is an impossible thing, mermaids existing, they could well do so. It is just that this “documentary” itself is a disgrace.

  • James

    Anything is possible. Considering, evolution at play, anything is possible. Simply stating something is fake without any evidence otherwise , is ridiculous by far. Disagreeing with a documentary, your choice.
    This website isn’t even legitimate. People are paid to debate/lie/mislead other people from the truth. Everything most people know(think they know) about a “truth” is certainly a lie. Nothing in life is certain. Every culture throughout history has had stories of mer-people. Stories from ancestorial background were always for informative purposes, not intended for misguidance. Same goes for many similar types of stories; myths, fairy tales, etc.

    • Mike

      Right on brother

  • Mike

    Well lets start by pointing out there are people that believe in UFOs. Also there are people who believe dragons existed at one point. Some people believe in the loch ness monster. For you people that insult those people who believe, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Seriously would you tell a 5 year old child that Santa Claus doesn’t exist. Or the tooth fairy is just a joke. Probably not. especially if it was your own child. So instead of insulting these people and calling them liars, give your opinion on if you believe ur not, shut up, then move along. I find you people embarrassing, and quite frankly, I think I would be ashamed to even know you. The ocean holds wonders we will never know.

  • jimmy

    Aside from the obviously cgi cell phone footage of the mermaid, the bigest proof that this so called documentary is fake are the so called scientists. They are two of the worst actors i have ever seen.

  • Kevin

    Who are we to say that these beings truly do not exist? Far before technology, the human race had millions of things undiscovered to them, and even in our current time now, there still remains the endless list of things yet to be discovered. Just as soomeone would use an ample amount of evidence to prove something to be true, it would make sense that one would need the same amount to prove it as false. There are many things that aren’t certain in this world, so you never know. I agree with everyone else here; this documentary should not have been aired on the Animal Planet/Discovery TV station. People rely on their reputation that they have presented the facts to their videos instead of fiction, and they should continue to do so.

  • Blue

    Why can’t mermaids be real.That’s like saying there are no such things as sprites or ghost.You have to think,The Government has been covering things up for years.Area 51 is not active,but made longer runways and put up more hangers,UFOs don’t exist,World Trade Center was bombed by Osama,look at G. Bush,which if you really think about it,there was only two planes that hit,not three.So why did building 7 collapse the same way as the Twin Towers did.You have to look at how they demo buildings,they all fall straight down,Answer that one.It was also kind of funny that they could not find all the black boxes,which is a bright orange in color an pretty big,but they found tiny fragments of bones.Do some research,they have always found the black boxes from plane crashes.The government will always cover there ass in any situation out there,so why can’t you believe in mermaids.We have just began to really study the ocean.We don’t even know 1/4 of whats in the ocean yet.Just like the Rain Forest,they are still finding new species there.If you really think about it,anything can be possible.

    • michele

      i SO agree with you Blue…everything you say, I believe in…..I SO agree that WTC was a conspiracy, I believe the govt covers up everything and anything they want us to know. They control us, they say we grow up in a democratic society….BS, we grow up in a goverment controlled society …(can you say communism)! Would love to “chat” somemore with you….where do you live? How old are you? Your remarks are just so close to what I believe. I am femaile, live in Kennesaw, GA…..recently separated from my husband and am a young 50!

  • Bob

    Ok, so mermaids don’t existent… Please provide the proof. It has only taken 2000+ years for “GOD” to become real, however whenever science is brought into the picture it is considered blasphemy. OK
    So if we (Earth) were inhabitable by Aliens millions of years ago who were attempting to create a sustainable future for the race and they are far more advanced then we are today and genetics was just a simple science to them could it be possible that Mermaids were just another form of life that they may have tried to propagate for the continuation of there lineage? We don’t have all the answers, however we do have many out there who have been raised and programed to believe and not question. It has always been those that question that are shunned and discredited. I am not here to provide facts or disprove anything. I did watch the program just as I have watched discoveries of Religious artifacts. I watch with an open mind, I don’t judge the quality of the presentation. I am taking in the story line, I understand that theatrics sell and that is the hook to get an audience. I guess my point is… We, those that inhabit Earth have seen more proof of Aliens and space ships written on walls that are easier to date than most of the documentation on the history of evolution as told by those of the religious ilk.
    I don’t find that forcing our children to believe in a “Figure” who started life and then left us here to flounder about is the best way to INSPIRE growth. Even if Mermaids don’t exist don’t you think it might be best to tell them that story and hope that it will inspire him/her to search ….
    I don’t want to judge, but I would say that those with negative comments are most likely to align themselves with a religious affiliation . Remember, that person left! what this presentation showed was what is here and know. Open your minds, listen to your body, If you get goosebumps, listen to them. They are your true uncontrollable feelings.

    You be the judge… That is what is great about who we are we have the ability to make decisions.

  • Leigh

    The thing i also noticed is that the “scientists” were better looking than the actors portraying them in the reinactments! Lol! Usually NOT the case, also the phone video at the end with the “mermaid” popping up and grabbing at the kid made me laugh as it was so obviously fake. But look it up on IMBD, the actress that played Rebecca Davis is Candace D’arcy.

  • michele

    I for one, loved the mermaid documentary and totally believe anything is possible! Who are we as man, as uneducated about the vast ocean below, to say that they DON’T exist? I would much rather leave it open to the possibility that MAYBE they do and/or MAYBE they don’t. Yes, the show was abit far fetched but all in all I think it was very well made and informative. How bout the end, where the fisherman call the wild dolphins and they drive in the fish. Does that really happen? If so, like the narrator said “something taught those dolphins to do that”

  • saundra

    I believe in Mermaids & Mermen. I saw the movie Splash years ago, so I know it’s true. I don’t believe in god. I saw the movie Life of Brian.

  • Desiree

    Why can’t mermaids be real? I mean even if the show was fake what’s the big deal in even believing that mermaids are out there? The government always covers their a** when anything strange happens anyways. Keep em in the dark seems to be what governments tend to run themselves by. Just sayin.

  • Barbara

    I suspect that this documentary was shown on animal channel because these terrible beachings of sea mammals did actually happen – very likely as a result of undersea experiments. As to the mermaids – every seafaring nation has a tradition of sightings, going back centuries. I personally think that a humanoid sea mammal is perfectly possible, given that nature constantly surprises us with life forms existing in places we wouldn’t expect.

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  • ThangjamBonish

    I dont know it is real or for fack but is still beliave that the half human and half fish human ever exist until i show the real marmaid ??..:/

  • jay

    one thing i know for sure is that the discovery channel and animal planet tell real facts to teach people. these channels are for educating people so if they are showing us these things then u better believe that’s its true. just cause u haven’t seen anything like this in person doesn’t mean that its not true. all types of movies and books and documentary movies go by things that people have seen before in the past before our time and they just make movies out of it. the fact is that the human brain only know’s about what it see’s and learn’s through its life time. these stories that you hear or read about mermaids go back hundreds of years before we was born. they even found ancient temples with mermaid carvings on walls from hundreds or thousands of years ago. i guess people don’t believe in things they never seen before like giant humans, the sunken city of atlantis, the bermuda triangle, building a merkabah for time travel like the mayan’s did, mermaids, dinosaur’s, and lots of other things that we all never seen before. for example. we never seen our great great great grand parents or any ancient ancestors in our family but we know they existed. even without proof we know this so it shouldn’t be hard to believe in something that does have documented proof. this is just my personal opinion based on facts so please dont get offended. and thank you for bringing up this topic so i can have something to talk about 😀

    • jay

      half horse half human, half fish half human, species of different bread’s creating new breads through mating, marine species evolving into land species, land species evolving into marine species. so many things happened through millions of years of evolution that mermaids are just one of the many things that we never seen before. makes me wonder what els is out there. 😀

      • jay

        oh and i ment to say breed not bread hahaha

  • Mai

    F all u people! If you don’t believe, you are the most gullible because the government has again succeeded in fooling you! Hello, they are hiding stuff so people don’t freak out! Have you searched the whole ocean? I mean, every inch of it? I don’t think so. NOBODY HAS! So how the hell can you say this doesn’t exist? You people anger me…

    • http://facebook big momma

      if you Think that people are just go crazy and believing in somethingthat ain’t true what about bigfoot sightings and UFO’s are’nt they real you know, seeing is believing.

  • Sam

    Tbh i know nearly all the movies are fake in mermaid the body found, what alot of people forget is that the the movies were only to show what mermaids would look like. Some facts that are real are the evolutionairy way of our past relative ( 300 million years ago) we have spent alot of time in the shallow sea eating shellfishes ( this allowed our brain to grow and as our brain grew so did our intelligence) then as the sea rose some went deeper in sea other went further away from the sea. An other one is the drawing in the caves in the dessert it is a fact that this dessert was under the sea and the drawings age has been confirmed to be over 100 million years old. So what i want to make clear here is that u shouldn’t watchthe movies in mermaid the body found but only listen to the facts.

    • Sam

      Sorry made a mistake instead of 300 Million years ago it should be 7 million and the 100 million years is 5 million confused a few things

  • An Original

    Sorry to burst everyones bubble,but most of the people appearing in the Mermaid,body found video ,claiming to be scientists and specialists in Capetown South Africa were all Actors who can be seen on South African tv in adverts on any given day.I know because I live here.It was actually quite amusing to watch these actors using american accents.That specialist the guy said he had to fly over from America to examine the body,YEP!! He is South Afrian as well.Nice try though.You guys definately know how to entertain.You should have called it a mocumentary Instead.

  • ash

    Or they are fooled by the government’s cover-ups?

    • novajake

      What do you mean?