Mermaid Body Found: People Fooled by Faux Documentary Once Again

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Mermaid Body Found: People Fooled by Faux Documentary Once Again
[ Science]

Mermaid body found: Although the “documentary” you watched last night aired on Animal Planet, it wasn’t real. I know that’s a little confusing for some folks to grasp, especially since the program appeared on a network that usually devotes itself to facts rather than fiction. As a result, people have been searching frantically for the truth behind these tall tales, prompting “mermaid body found” to rise to the top of the trends once again.

In fact, as a response to the original airing of this perplexing documentary, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued a statement declaring that mermaids do not exist. Well, as far as they know, anyway. The study seemed to be a direct response to the Animal Planet’s program, which caused quite a bit of confusion the first time around. Now that the network is doing the summer rerun shuffle, people have once again mistaken the show as something legit.

Here’s the “plot” for the documentary, straight from Wikipedia:

Two former National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration scientists, after investigating mass stranding of whales, claim to have recorded mysterious underwater noises coming from an unknown source. This sound resembled a sound previously recorded in 1997, called the “bloop”. They recovered 30% of the remains of an unknown creature from inside a great white shark which was said to possess attributes of the human body. They alleged that the marine creature had hands, not fins, and the hip structure of an upright animal. These findings, along with many others led the team to determine that this unknown animal was very closely related to humans — a mermaid.

To reiterate: “Mermaids: The Body Found” is not a real documentary. What you’re seeing are CGI images crafted on a computer, nothing more. The idea behind the program was to give viewers an idea of what mermaids would look like if they were, in fact, real. So stop freaking out and quit believing everything you see or hear on television. Chances are, someone is just messing with your head, kind of like the video embedded below. By the way: It’s fake.

If you’re curious to see what all of the fuss is about, take a look at the video embedded below. Someone in their infinite wisdom thought it would be a good idea to upload a subtitled version of the documentary onto YouTube, so it’s probably only a matter of time before it gets yanked. However, if you don’t mind terrible picture quality and wonky sound, by all means, have a look. It’ll give you an idea of what people are talking about.

Mermaid Body Found: People Fooled by Faux Documentary Once Again
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  • pfarina

    “Peopled”????? Come ON already with the lack of proofreading headlines. This is ridiculous.

  • Alexander Barber

    The way the world is today who knows what to believe any more? All the lies and deception going on over the years??!! You have something like this airing on television, why wasn’t it told before the show that the documentary your about to view is fiction, the characters aren’t real? I’ve seen it done with others, why not this one? SMH This world we live in.

  • mike

    this is probulary true but who can believe in anything the government tells you ??

    • mary

      correct. take for example area 51? seeing is believing, but then again, is what we are seeing real, or are we all fooled once again? i wonder this. question everything.

      • jay samaro


        Consecutive Conversion of Species Theory
        By: Sanjay Samaro

        Throughout the timeline of life the constant progression in evolution is the defining factor in the
        ‘’Law of development’’, orchestrating the divine creation of man.
        My thesis is in general belief that modern day humans did not evolve from monkey, ape, or any other primate, but are successors of an advanced Homo aquatic mammal.

        Scientific facts & orthodox understanding entails that during the Mesozoic era (age of the dinosaurs) the reptilian species split into Sauropsids (true reptiles) & Synapsids (Proto mammals).
        These non-primate mammals evolved to have warm blood, manage their temperature by sweating,
        & give live birth instead of laying eggs.
        When the KT extinction took place in the later Cretaceous/Mesozoic period very few life forms survived & receded into the waters for safe haven. However, the unsettled atmosphere filled with gas & dust blocked the sun, cooling the waterways deeming a less hospitable environment for reptilians/Sauropsid.
        While land was unhabitual, marine proto mammals flourished in design procuring the next Era on land the Cenozoic (age of the mammals).

        The first life forms to emerge onto land in the Cenozoic would be small in mass that can survive on limited food portions like an insect &/or vegetation diet. This first settlement became small primates, reptiles, amphibians… Later waves of migration onto land may have spawned felines, canines, & different variations of primates like monkeys.
        As time progressed, certain animals may have evolved to their maximum potential because of a sustained environment, with slight changes from cross breeding. Scientific facts state modern monkeys & many other creatures still resemble their ancient ancestors with few alterations.

        With the earth abundant with food sources to support various carnivorous & vegetarian diets, subsequently brought the larger predators/ hunters out of the waterways. Possibly the same life form or a variation that spawned the first primates on land, remained in the oxygen & nutrient rich waters for several million years increasing in size, brain capacity, & also acquiring dominate features.

        This peculiar marine mammal that had an ancestral background originating aquatically, to a land dweller & then aquatic once more likely emerged from the waters with a social hunting behavior, sonar/vocal capabilities of a modern day dolphin.
        This creature possessing both land & aquatic evolutionary remnants encoded within its DNA, may have been the predecessor of Pierolapithecus (the first & most common ancestor of all great apes).
        Pierolapithecus reinforced the Quaternary/ Neogene period because it was not only the first hominid on earth but also the known to be the first ape primate.

        The DNA signature in the Pierolapithecus ape that allowed for hominid characteristics, suggest it did not evolve from monkeys or any other primate because they completely lacked & did not display signs of evolving hominid qualities along with a drastic variance in bone/ body size.
        These unique qualities in Pierolapithecus shown for the first time in history are linked to an ancestral conversion precedent imbedded in its DNA, from evolving back & forth between land & water.

        Some of these features include; the shoulder blades of ape lie along its back unlike monkeys, which are located on the sides of the ribcage, like dogs. In addition, one of the two forearm bones “articulates “or attaches flexibly to the wrist which allows for a large degree of hand rotation.
        This hand rotation feature is only present on Homo sapiens & all modern great apes.
        A much larger cranium & brain cavity is displayed also a short stiff lower spine unlike a monkeys more flexible vertebrae for swinging on trees. These differences between ape & monkey coincide with a gap in the primate fossil record which may insist that these advanced stages of development derived from the marine mammal to ape transition possibly leaving the fossil remains buried at the rising shores, or submersed &/or frozen in caves around the world.

        Other predominate features that only apes eventually evolved that suggests they were procreated by a later emerging aquatic life form, than their monkey counterpart:
        The spinal cord opening relocates directly under the skull instead of towards the back, which is the case in non-bipedal animals. This urge to walk up right that relocated the spinal cord opening may have spawned from behavioral remnants of the vertical ascension aquatic mammal’s display when surfacing the water. Another possible reason why the spinal cord relocated directly under the skull is during the transition from marine mammal to ape the Melon (a fatty organ located on the forehead outside the skull of marine mammals for echolocation) was still present creating an unbalanced head for land life.
        This melon devolved in some animals & perhaps evolved into the cranium cavity in others.
        The larger brute apes, gorilla & orangutan have conical craniums with a concaved/recessed forehead.
        This conceivably may be signs of a devolved melon, the other two more intelligent great apes Chimpanzee & baboons retain a more round & smooth humanlike skull.
        This suggests that the cranium encircled both the melon & brain producing one large fatty organ. Although this newly interfaced brain had reached limitations on apes, it may prove to be the perfected evolutionary process for a later emerging aquatic mammal that surfaced to land during the Pleistocene (time of Neanderthal). Artifactual evidence proves that the later Pleistocene produced the closest resembling anatomically modern humans to date.
        Plausibly these refined aquatic mammals were forced out of the southern waters by apex predators like the perfected great white sharks. Africa & Australia where modern white sharks reside, display the first fossil evidence of Homo sapiens &/ or Neanderthal. This does not conclude that all Homo sapiens migrated out of Africa to populate the world. Some of these marine mammals might have chosen to evade these predators by migrating to the cooler northern waters & even inhabited lakes & rivers navigating streams to all four hemispheres.
        Darker skin on modern humans is attributed to these aquatic mammals arising out of the waters at different periods. Africa & Australia being first, southern Asia, south America, & the Pacific Isles next, Then feasibly much later the northern Hemispheres with less predator risks. Northern Neanderthal represents the first sign of light colored skin in all of the ancient hominids they are also the only ancestor that had larger brain cavities than modern day humans. This is a sign that the marine melon feature & the brain centralized. The melon used for submersible speech located just forward of the brain, corresponds with placement of the human Broca’s area (a frontal region in the brain that triggers
        Speech production) conceivably the keystone of human speech.

        Neanderthal exhibited the first signs of elaborate tool making & the first to bury their dead.
        Maybe skin color was not the only difference between many Neanderthal tribes. They possibly had the same characteristics of man today because of the African/Australian regions were first to spawn life they are to be the most evolved humans on land. Some of these traits plainly display African natives to be better all-around athletes on land. These features include a lower fat index, muscular thighs & gluts, denser bones, & fallen foot arches for greater stabilization.

        The later arising aquatic mammals out of the northern regions render lighter skinned Homo sapiens
        That still fall victim to sunburn because without the waters protection they are less evolved to direct sunlight other traits of an aquatic atmosphere promote blue, green, & grey eyes. Also buoyant bones in Non Africans induce dominate aquatic athletes from the northern regions throughout central Asia.
        These predecessors to man may have evolved different physical features due to saline/ mineral content
        In the waters &/or oxygen/nutrient levels on land. Similarities that conclude that man was once aquatic:
        The human body is 65% water & when skin is extremely dry it scales.
        Humans have little body hair & like marine mammals, we possess a fat layer under our skin.
        Our brains are more like cetaceans than other primates are, also a similar bone structure is evident.
        Humans can regulate breathing longer than any terrestrial mammal.
        Akin marine mammals & human babies instinctively know how to swim and hold their breath.
        Humans possess remnant webbing on hands and feet, unlike other primates.
        Dolphins are one of the few animals that copulate for pleasure; the same is true of humans.
        Coastal regions around the world were first inhabited & still the most populated despite the dangers.
        Although not all life forms on Earth are exposed, our evolved species stands predominant with its psychological and neurological functions.

  • Lee

    I never believed in ghosts either until I had an actual encounter with one.

  • Joe

    Watched and enjoyed! True or not, I came away, thinking that Popoise ARE smarter than even experts think. One to think about. HMMMM??

  • Darlene Sample

    just because we dont see it, it dosnt mean that thing dont live. the old timers tell the story of thing thay saw and we dont belive it until we see it ourself. we dont know what out there, that we having seen and yet to find.
    Darlene Sample

    • mary

      i will agree with you. anything is possible.

    • llel

      yeah the same scientists that hope to discover the millions of undocumented species so they can name them after themselves are quick to roll their eyes when lay people believe their might be undocumented species.

      certainly there are more extinct species over the time span of the earth than there are in existence today, anything is/was/will be possible, we all have gill slits in early development so biology clearly allows us to go either way, land or sea. it’s easy to see how a species with this adaptation could be convinced by evolution to develop differently depending on need

  • KrisB

    I know the images werent real but were the scientists and their story? The only thing that seemed interesting was the recordings, were they real? OBVIOUSLY the sequences with the mermaids swimming around isnt realy duh…but what about the “story” in general???

    • Deig

      That is exactly what I have been wondering. Were they really scientists or are they just hired actors? Everyone seems to be focused on the CGI mermaids as the cause for confusion, but I am confused because the scientists story seems plausible and no one has come out and said that it was just scripted.

  • mem

    stupid story. i do like mikes comment and the use of the word “probulary”

  • nj

    She needs a better wig!

  • ruffer


    Mermaids are blonde!

  • Rich

    No one has seen god either,but many people seem to think he/she is real.

    • Holly

      I agree with you on this to no end.

  • darlene

    None of us can see god but we still believe in him.

    • llel

      that’s what kills me….

      ghosts in the sky are real, ghosts down here are obviously fake
      jesus mega-cloning fish by sleight of hand to feed the masses is real, fish people are fake.

      so ridiculous

  • Greg

    Animal planet is getting more questionable every day. I do not watch the station anymore

  • http://yahoo olivia

    she sud be in a cartoon movie dat evry 1 will admired her hehehehehe…..

  • http://yahoo olivia

    stupid people tryng 2 fool us such a silly joke huh!!!!!!

  • Tina Opp

    I haven’t seen any REAL proof yet. I watched the first show because it did intrique me and it was on a channel that usually documents about true stuff.In the back of my mine I was thinking what the heck has got me wanting to believe this stuff but I had to watch realizing I was probably being duped.Finished watching the first show and was left still feeling skeptical. I was dissappointed because it left me feeling like it was just another one of those shows trying to make a story out of scanty evidence or possibly outright fooling people.They just do it in a way that they can get away with it. I didn’t watch the second one because the first one rubbed me the wrong way.My opinion of the animal planet channel went down for airing it. From what I hear about the second show I’m glad I didn’t watch it. To say they found the body and then to realize during the show that the actual body they showed was just a prop used to show what it would look like would have ticked me off for wasting my time watching the show. I didn’t watch the second show and only got this from hear say so maybe I don’t know what i’m talking about but it sure seems fake to me.

  • Suzanne

    Everything I’ve read on the internet about this show says it’s fake, and they only thing they mention in these articles are the CGI images. Well, duh. Of course the CGI images are fake. But what no article that I can find mentions, are if the NOAA doctors are real or not. I haven’t been able to find them listed as actors anywhere. No article makes mention of whether their story about the government cover up is potentially real. Who are these doctors and researchers?

    • Moe O

      Hey Tina, the two doctors are actors check the IMDB and you’ll see. Hollywood is all smoke and mirrors, here to entertain…

  • n

    not even the real video. govs role again to keep the world protected and blinded.you cant keep everything a secret forever.

  • Ashley

    Government cover up!

    • Zed Mezcalhead

      Hahaha!! People are stupid, buddy. They might believe you. When the press comes knocking, watch out.

  • eilrahc neehs

    as a visiting alien my planet has pleny of mermaid & mermen

  • Khh

    Mermaids are fish with a human face pattern on their back, probably so they don’t get eaten. You can see videos of them on youtube.

  • BOB

    If this thing was real, would it not be coved in flies and bugs?

  • Echo

    Of course it isn’t real! The point of the documentary was to bring up the Water Ape Theory; which I thought was very interesting and made complete sense.

  • Bill The Cat

    LOL!! People are sheep!!!

  • aroon

    i would like to add something here,first of all no one believe in us government.Because from the beginning they are denying everything the fact about UFO,the Kennedy case and now the mermaid!!It worst than North Korea..

  • Shelly miller

    Very interesting show. I can understand these might be actors, but how do you account for all the stories and reported history of these creatures by people all over the world who had never been in contact with each other? Its kind of like bigfoot. Dont bash the station that played it……yes they did use cgi to show a depiction of what mermaids may look like, but we’ve all seen cgi dinosaurs too right? It’s a depiction.

  • Bill The Cat

    On the other hand…They DID find Sasquatch and offered to pay him to be in commercials for Jack’s Links. HMMM LMAO!!!!!

  • Atticus

    This mermaid story is just to check the media’s progress in dumbing down Americans. Apparently Americans so stupid that they will literally believe anything they see on their teevee including aliens, cannibals, and zombies.

    Now they have the idiots believing mermaids.

    Watch the popular documentary “Don’t Go West” and “Social Engineering 101″ to find out how people got so stupid.

    • Daniel

      To say that Aliens, or any other form of life doesn’t exist is your own arrogance of pure stupidity!

      • Atticus

        I didn’t say they didn’t exist, you said that I said that.

        To believe that something exists just because the man in the suit on your teevee said so is not the same as the possibility of life on other planets.

        To believe that something exists, such as aliens with no proof is just another form of religion with in science fiction wrapper.

  • Local

    The mermaids on the documentary are certainly NOT REAL. The scientists are real, and the story is legit. Animal Planet wouldn’t be such as to be careless. If they fake anything on it, even the credibility of the scientists, then goodbye Animal Planet. No more seasons for you, no more viewers.

    p.s. Scientists lately are finding more and more new insects/animals and fauna that they haven’t discovered before. So the mermaids/merman might actually rise up before 12/21/12!

    • Kat

      The scientists aren’t real. Check IMDB, they’re actors. None of it was real. There was a blink and you miss it disclaimer in the end credits admitting that it is a ‘fictional’ documentary. Animal Planet were not careless just unethical in not being upfront with its viewership.

  • Priscilla

    Perhaps APL should post a disclaimer at the beginning of the show to state that the show is simply for entertainment. This hurt their credibility. Now APL will be lumped together with other cable channels that have joined the “anything for ratings” club, just like A&E. It’s sad to see a once reputable channel join the likes of “Storage Wars” programming!

  • Mandy

    Wouldn’t it be cool if they were real? I kinda wish they were. Keeping my sense of wonder alive keeps me young. Don’t ever lose your hope that things exist we don’t know about! It’s fun! Lighten up people! Life’s to loooooong to be so serious about this kind of thing!

  • blaine101

    It was fun! Who cares if people believed it? This is not war of the worlds Orson welles territory folks.

  • http://taxplanning.cohesivetax.com Strategic Tax Planning

    I for one am SHOCKED that mermaids don’t exist…

  • Liz Short

    It’s not reality. It’s actuality.

  • L Mauro

    I began watching this “documentary” and quit just minutes in because it was clearly acting: And very bad acting to boot.

  • Margaret

    Just ANOTHER government cover-up. UFO’s? Watergate? See a pattern?

  • Steve C

    I started watching this – very interesting and entertaining.
    I turned it off when I realized the “purpose” of this show was just to generate hate for the Navy.

    in the past 3 years I have seen many “hate the military” shows on TV especially very late night. They all are discuised as something else.

  • http://yahoo. Berta

    I believe they do exists just like i believe ghosts and aliens and other things we cant quite explain do it’s just that sometimes people tend to not want to see what is really out there!

  • Timmyyyyyyy!!

    My entire neighborhood was planning for the upcoming mermaid attacks this morning. It was absolute chaos in the streets. Thank goodness this article was published…….

    • Frank

      phewww, thank goodness you guys were ready….

      • Sarah

        LOL!! :)

    • MerMel

      Timmyyyyyyy, I don’t think you and your neighbors have anything to worry about unless you live on a yacht or a houseboat, lol! But you probably saw how vicious those mermaids were in Pirates, so you don’t stand a chance…

  • Brian

    It’s probably a result of human/animal hybrids that the aliens have been working on. There have been a couple that have gotten loose and when they do, the government clamps down on anyone seeing them. This documentary probably thought it was a naturally occurring thing but when the government finds out, they swoop in and go into all-out deny mode, as usual.

  • http://yahoo.com ESte

    I think mermaids are real..

  • Dea

    wow that first video is the nicest looking dead mermaid prop i’ve ever seen >.< geez really people…they believe thats real!? ok here's my thoughts: the other video with the kid who poked at the mermaid…i could understand someone believing that it looked real-ish enought but it was probably really damn good CGI. hell even the avatar film had half ass believable CGI if we all knew it wasnt fiction (obviously) but was really really well done.
    do mermaids exists?! who freakin knows! is it possible? *shrugs* i suppose so there's many things we dont know and the fact that the myth has been seen in many different cultures is kind of a coincidence same with dragons…and maybe stories just got spread by word of mouth over centuries but we'll never know since no one has invented a time machine (wouldnt want to go back to that time anyway). however point being I wouldnt believe those documentaries. I saw the first one with the kid who poked at the thing. the entire thing was scripted it sounded scripted and the one guy was a bad actor and made it very obvious that he was reading from Q cards or something.
    i wont say i trust the gov. either on that mermaids or aliens dont exist. the gov has a nasty habit of hiding random crap for weird reasons which sometimes leads to a series of unfortunate events.
    realistically i'd rather the gov say there's mermaids over aliens just because i dont like the probing idea lol.

  • Robert

    I find it remarkably contradictory for so many “enlightened” individuals to believe in things such as ghosts, ufos, bigfoot, etc.; and at the same time be dead set against the idea that there actually was a jesus and there is a God.

    • Sandra

      I totally agree with you Robert, most people are open minded about ghosts, ufos and stuff, but don’t believe Jesus and God exist. Sad really.

      • sarah

        Very true. People today go searching trying to find life elsewhere or to find proof of what they believe when we were already given the proof..the Bible. It’s in most everybody’s home sitting on a desk or drawer yet people choose to look to the sea or the sky or the land for evidence of life. Words are more powerful than physical eysight..READ your Bibles people.

  • Bob Abooey

    The people who believe in this stuff are dumb enough to believe Obama is an American AND he’s not a communist AND he’s doing a good job.

    • http://webpronews.com sean

      Bob, What in the hell does Obama have to do with this fictional movie about mermaids???

    • http://WebProNews Gary Freeman

      The only thing that matters to me Bob is what I believe. I don’t even care what YOU believe.

  • Suki

    OK first off they had bad actors terrible video and really bad information, it was entertaining but really people mermaids don’t exist -.-

  • amy

    i dont think mermaids are real.

  • mcp

    I watched this thing for over an hour before I figured out it was a fantasy. Shame on Animal Planet for not identifying this as a piece of fiction in the beginning and throughout the show. Instead of feeling duped, I think I would have found it to be a very entertaining movie

  • Frank

    Uuuhm…..I think I do not completely understand the reactions to this story. Call me slow, but are some of you guys seriously discussing whether mermaids exist….?

    • PattyRose

      Yes, Frank. People are discussing whether or not mermaids exist based on what they “believe” and not on what they “know.”
      Every day, how much people in this country know about science sinks to new abysmal lows.

  • Lee

    Next up: Mermaids of California replace Housewives of Orange County…..

  • Shiny 1

    All you have to say is the govt. said its fake and I believe. I would put my life on the line before I thought the govt. told me the truth. Hasn’t anyone seen the campain comercials? Politicans are like dipers. They have to be changed often and for the same reason.

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