Mermaid Body Found: Documentary Back In The News

    October 1, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Mermaids have always fascinated us; the folklore and imagery we find in beloved films make it easy to believe that lovely women with long, shimmering tails live beneath the waves of the ocean, ready to help the next person they see in danger.

The Discovery Channel was banking on that belief over the summer, when they first aired the faux documentary “Mermaids: The Body Found”, which proposes that humans went through an aquatic stage during evolution. According to Animal Planet’s blog:

While coastal flooding millions of years ago turned some of our ancestors inland, is it possible that one group of our ancestors didn’t retreat from water but rather went in deeper? Could they have ventured farther into sea out of necessity and to find food? The Aquatic Ape Theory makes it possible to believe that while we evolved into terrestrial humans, our aquatic relatives turned into something strangely similar to the fabled mermaid.

MERMAIDS: THE BODY FOUND makes a strong case for the existence of the mermaid, a creature with a surprisingly human evolutionary history, whose ancestral branch splits off from a shared human root. The film is science fiction, using science as a springboard into imagination and centering the story on the following real-world events:

In the early 1990s, the US Navy began a series of covert sonar tests, which were linked to mass die-offs of whales, which washed up on beaches throughout the world. For years, the Navy denied they were responsible for these beachings.

In 1997, scientists at the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recorded a mysterious sound (called “The Bloop”) in the deep Pacific, which was thought to be organic in nature. It has never been identified.

After a recent re-airing, fans and detractors are taking to the web to discuss the show and debate whether or not it’s a real doc or just something Discovery cooked up for ratings. And while it’s true that no one really knows for sure what may lie at the depths of some of our oceans, it seems Animal Planet is simply saying “anything is possible”. The film is meant to be sci-fi–that’s fiction–based on two mysterious pieces of information which can’t be proved or disproved.

  • Sonia Ashton

    Incredible that we’re so gullible, so many still believe in evolution. What a world of idiots. This atheist chooses uncommon sense, not biological myths, to stand on.

  • Gypzy Carrigg

    so we are all part mermaid along the line 😮

  • Debbie Devorak

    I was mezmorized!! I have lived many years on the coast of long island/ NY and have heard of many ” tales” about a suposed half human/ fish from many fisherman, but never really believed it could be real.
    This doc. convinced me that : 1. our military inteligence, ( or rather lack of it!)has for- ever has covered up any unusual events that could cause mass “confusion” with the general puplic. They have been doing it for YEARS. for obvious reasons!!
    2.I truly believe that hundreds of years of not just “tales” or folklure about” Mermaids” were just myth.This documentary has sent chills up my spin! I will further investigate the researchers findings, and search it out for myself.This was truly a relevation for our “patheitic” race to understand our true destiny! DEBBIE DEVORAk PHD/ rehabilitation therapist.

  • http://www.jandacek.com Petr Jandacek

    It is unlikely that Mermaids & Merguys YET existED. The “proclivity” for such evolutionary direction is/was & WILL BE as high for Primates as WAS for the closely related Carnivores. Large & highly functioning brain is the specialty of Aquatic Mammals,Carnivores & Primates. Primate hand has affinity to wing of bat and flipper of seal. Humans have down angled nostrils to secure air bubbles,subcutaneous fat like aquatic mammals, flipper like foot (unlike apes)LITTLE Hair,streamlined body,erect posture for wading, web between SECOND & 3rd toe, proclivity to swim and make blades of seashell & stone & Neoteny. Tiss NOT TOO LATE TO”MER”in the future few millions of years. Humans also have proclivity to direct evolution of other critters & self.

  • http://www.jandacek.com Petr Jandacek

    Out of Everywhereica is more accurate than merely out of Africa. At one time or another the MOST ADVANCED PRIMATES were NOT in Africa. Australia & Antarctica were likely NOT cradles of Primates. Aquatic Primates? Arguably,Primates are most adaptable order om Mammals…
    > Ode to Multiregional Human Evolution
    > Petr Jandáček  2011
    > There was a crooked man who walked a crooked path
    >     of Darwin’s Evolution.
    > As Science it is new and facts there are but few
    >    well seasoned with confusion.
    > From lowly shrews – insectivores – it seems – the primates came.
    >    The Lemuroids and Tarsieroids have very little fame.
    > The Monkeys are much better known – from New World and from Old.
    >    Gorilla, Orang, Chimp and Gibbon are man-like we are told.
    > From Apes to Man the gap is wide –
    >    for a long time left apart
    > Till small Australopithecus
    >    was found by Raymond Dart.
    > How long have they been on the scenes?
    >    Those cute Australo-pithecenes….
    > How and when they reached each haunt?
    >    Perhaps they started in Levant??
    > From there through warm Eurasian band?
    >    And southward through all African land
    > As they traveled – they would find
    >    Related types of ape-men-kind.
    > Hominids of many strange shapes
    >    Crossed with bonobos and other such apes.
    > Gorillas, Chimps and Bonobos did their forest thing
    >    While bipedal relatives had their naked fling.
    > Like Timber Wolf  of northern snow
    >    Has no qualms,  but wants to know
    > The carnal charms of Dingo Sheila
    >    Or Jackal bitch, or cute Akita.
    > Like all Canines on this Earth
    >    Our forebears – bred — gave birth
    > Left their genes with all uncouth
    >    Anywhere they’d find some mirth,
    > As long as genes of Human-kind
    >    Meshed as still ALL Doggie-kind
    > DNA would ebb and flow
    >    And recombine towards high and low.
    > Thus, we see on Line of Wallace
    >    Austalopithecus on Isle of Flores
    > Some — thirteen thousand years ago
    >    Maybe later… the Dutch would know.
    > Australopithecus of Latter-Day
    >    On Flores Island  –  I would say
    > Is better way to name that type
    >    Brainette  for   “Homo”   is un-ripe.
    > Most would die but some survived
    >    Some would kill, and thus had thrived.
    > Settled types and  new-comers
    >    Produced  better survivors.
    > North America HAD primates in days of yore.
    >    South America HAS monkeys – from shore to shore.
    > Pliopithecus and Dryopithecus of Europe’s past
    >    Were Hominids too – – so not so fast!
    > As BuzzWord it may be – all the rage
    >   But “Out of Everywhere-ica” can upstage
    > The paradigm we had learnt to take
    >    May yet be nothing but a fake.  

  • krista

    Sonia, seriously? There is so much evidence about mermaids and for some reason, you choose to ignore it. Well, I, for one, am not going to stand by and listen to people like you. Miracles do happen, fairy-tales can come true, and you need to realize that. Read a book for once and you’ll figure that out.

  • Ravikant

    In that documentry some questions are unanswered like why humans have insulinefate on body?, why humans have less hairs on the body? Why?Human being can control breath even wateralso ?,Whre other can’t do. An finaly what about that paintings of mermaind in caves of egypt?
    I dnt knw abut reality of being mermaid exist or nt but i do belive in it..

  • marie

    I have to admit I was sucked in until they showed the so called camera phone footage of a mermaid washed ashore. Its so obviously fake. And then the ending credits saying the documentary is fiction. I’m very disappointed in the Discovery channel and disappointed in myself for getting caught up in the drama. Although I believe that mermaids could have been possible millions or thousands of years ago I doubt they still exist today. And what reason would the government want to cover up there existence? That doesn’t make sense. Any way I hope people will see this doc for what it is……entertainment.

    • Rob

      Religious reasons is why it would be covered. Churches bank in billions of dollars a year. If a humanoid being evolved into an aquatic species then it would cause doubt and somewhat prove evolution. Think of the chaos there would be if everyone knew there were no re-actions for their actions after death??? Anyways I thought it was interesting and makes you think. Besides dogs did it, dolphins, whales, seals, etc…

  • http://discoverychannel-abodyfound-mermaid V.Michel

    The show itself was very intresting. I dont see why it would be so hard to belive when there’s all this interest in big foot and actually some states have law that actully protects them from being shot. So why would it be so hard to belive that mermaids really do exist. Some people dont belive the video from the kids phone,ok then, the fishermans video and the picture of the one another man has. But beyond all that the deal with the military waiting to collect all the evidence that was gathered from the sceintist in Affrica (early a.m.)which sounds like something they would do,the question is why would they do it if there wasnt something there? They already busted on themselves when they lied about the sonar testing,and then being out there every time theese whales and dolphins were beaching themselves to make sure no one else could see what might happen again,some other citizen finding out that they do exist. I think it is real,and if by some slim chance they have’nt killed off all that remained they should have the same protection that big foot has or any other extinct creature has. heres a question why is it that man has the right to kill off ,destroy, ruin Anything all for the sake of money or fear of not trying to understand another speices.

  • Rachael Kelleher

    I am inclined to believe it’s true. Evolution is a fact, not a fiction, and many strange creatures have been the result. Also, it is highly likely that, if they are real, the worlds’ governments would work together to keep it under wraps. We, as a race, hide/destroy/experiment on that which we can’t understand or which we fear. It also makes sense of the humanoid marine creature that “sang” in Grecian legends. The legends of mermaids are far too widespread across the globe to be without some fact behind it all.