Mena Suvari: Dress Held Up By Tape And A Prayer

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Mena Suvari rocked a dress recently at a party for the Beverly Hills Hotel's 100th anniversary that's getting a lot of attention.

Suvari, who is newly divorced from husband of 18-months Simone Testito, says she never thought she'd be a two-time divorcee at just 33, but is embracing her new life, and that comes complete with baring some skin. The "American Pie" actress has been seen on several red carpets lately in barely-there dresses, prompting some to believe she's sowing some wild oats now that she's single again.

"I had never really taken time to cultivate who I was... I've felt drained by it," she said after the divorce. "But I feel like I'm really, finally, content at this point in my life. I'm accepting of who I am and how diverse I am and honoring that. All of it."

If "content" equals "booty flashing", then she's certainly nailed that part; at a recent screening of "American Reunion" in London, she bent over in a tight black dress and unwittingly flashed the photogs her rump, which immediately became fodder for the interwebs.

Her latest "controversial" look is a little black dress that appears to be held up with a dash of hope and some double-stick tape, although if you look closely you can see a small, invisible plastic strap along her ribcage. Sorry to ruin the illusion for you, kids. At any rate, she looks great and is flauntin' what she's got while the flauntin' is good.


Amanda Crum
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