Memphis Police Shooting: One Officer Dead

    December 14, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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It has been a day of unspeakable tragedy concerning gun violence after an elementary school shooting in Connecticut, and now a report out of Memphis tells of more families in mourning.

Two police officers were involved in a shootout when they arrived at a home to serve a drug-related search warrant early this morning; Martoiya Lang and William Vromah were subjected to gunfire when they showed up, and returned fire on the suspects, who have yet to be identified. Lang, a mother of four, died from her injuries. Vromah was seriously injured and is currently in the care of Regional Medical Center.

  • Lawrence Wise

    Too much publicty only brings forth more copy cat individual’s with problems who see this as a way to gather attention. It is a trajedy, but a mass killing in Idaho should have little news value in Louisiana.

    • Dan

      I’d rather not censor events. Don’t let’s hide them in the basement and stick our heads in the sand. How about get a social worker to check up on these guys. They always seem to have come apart in perceptible ways. If everyone has a right to carry a gun, do we have a right to intervene when things are definitely not going OK for the local oddball?

  • http://yahoo walter talent

    i continuously seen and c law enforcement support criminals , drug dealers and the bad boys and girls that make up society . ive personally been a persocuted victim by corrupted state and federal law enforcement . robbed of good hard earned cash on several occasions , lied by underoath cops in court rooms , harrased , house invaded when were not home . ive always obeyed laws , hate drugs , me and my family cant even live in piece in our on home . so what can i sayabout this tragedy ? i will pray for this cops family , i could use a few my self,

  • Annie Newman

    What do I thinkk??? I think the only answer to all of this is to put prayer back into the schools and teaching values at home.

  • Annie Newman

    What do I thinkk??? I think the only answer to all of this is to put prayer back into the schools and teaching values at home.

  • Annie Newman

    What do I thinkk??? I think the only answer to all of this is to put prayer back into the schools and teaching values at home.

    • Arcanobacter hemolyticum

      Time for the people to take up pens and petition their statehouse to start the process to repeal/change the 2nd amendment. It’s way past time to bring our Constitution into the 21st century

      • michele

        FYI~criminals don’t follow the rules so how will you take the illegal gun out of their hands by changing the 2nd amendment?

  • Annie Newman

    What do I thinkk??? I think the only answer to all of this is to put prayer back into the schools and teaching values at home.

    • Emil

      I definitely support prayer in all schools – after all, a christanized slave was said to be better than that of a headen.

      My second idea is to put the nation’s burden of quality police executive Leadership Training on the Education Department of Johns’ hopkins University. Someone has to be held responsible for the behaviors (good and bad) of police officers throughout the nation. Freedom from danger will definitely triumph if we can train law enforcement officials, and to focus on building relationships whith children so as to unite our communities here in America an unchristian slave.

    • Robert Grisby

      Then why not do something about the lunatics? Sounds like we have a lunatic control problem not gun control. Make the good suffer for the bad or throw out the baby with the bath water seems to be the wrong solution.

  • ap

    As long as these shootings continue,it will only give the one`s with power an excuse to strip us of our right to bear arms. How are these people getting their hand on these weapon? We have gun laws that are not serving their purpose for existing.There have been too many shootings like this in this year, and it always in the same way. Some lunatic opens fire and take lives. People mourn and cry. And then we forget….until it happens again.

  • rahdigz

    life is ending right in front of us kids are killings kids, and now their takin lifes of police officer we need of strict gun policy i think the federal goverment should step up and do more cause if they dont then kids are going to think it ok to get of gun and go and kill each other wew need help this world this the great depression right now

  • http://yahoo.com rahdigz

    my heart and prayers go out to those families noone wants to hear news like this wat is the world comin to kids killing kids the federal goverment need to step up and make strict laws with these guns cause u see how thingz come to an end when itz in the wrong hands espically of child and we got the shooting of the police in memphis we need better laws where the feds come in and take over things like this it hurts cause it could of been one of our children u never know wat tomorrow brings lets make tougher gun laws

  • http://yahoo carol j petrovic

    I just could not believe how some one could go to a school were there are little children and pull out guns and start shooting even his own mother and then in memphis a police officer was killed this is a very very sad day nobody is safe any where when will it stop my prayers go out to all who passed away to today for no reason

  • michele

    Shame on this writer to compare a drug warrant to CT school shooting,don’t bring your child to a drug house really?? To give her coverage is sickining after an officer was shot as well!! OMG :-(

  • 1965

    Thoughts and prayers

  • Sue Burnside

    People, our country, the U.S.A., in in a State Of Emergency with regards to increases in violence.

    There is NO time to wait until 2013 or 2016 to figure out ways to cut waaaaayyy down on violence in this country. We MUST all start thinking creative and possitive actions to take to stop the increase, and in fact help decrease violence–whether it’s verbal violence or verbal which escalates into physical violence.

    Starting in our own homes where ‘domestic violence’ goes on every day but we still don’t want to take it seriously enough to stop our families from acting out. Then into our neighborhoods, cities, states.

    Ultimately, it’s Up To Us ALL to work at stopping increasing violence in our country. Do NOT wait for politicians of any party.

  • http://facebook Gerri

    This is a very sad day. Shootings in Connecticut and Memphis right after the shooting at the mall. OMG. This again is unbelievable. Where and when will it end? Something has to be done about guns in the hands of the wrong people. Think about it, Guns don’t kill, people kill. It is people who pick up the gun and use it to kill, that’s the only way a gun can kill. Strict gun laws and bring prayer back into the classrooms. Something is amiss here in the USA.

  • Robert Grisby

    Who in the world on the Memphis Police department is sending practically Rookies to serve drug warrants? Why are 2 officers with less than 3 years between them serving drug warrants alone? My sympathies to the families suffering through this. You can bet there will be a civil lawsuit that Memphis will have to pay. And shame on the Mayor for even mentioning gun control at a time like this. It was callous and uncalled for!

    • Micah

      If you would have paid attention in the video, 1 officer has been on for roughly 5 1/2 years and the other roughly 9 1/2 years.

  • http://yahoo carl long

    It might help if we didnt let our children start killing as soon as they are born!!!! can we not invent games that are fun and fulfilling without all this death and destruction? what about tv? what about good ole family values?parents dont let the government raise your kids,stand up to your kids now ,make them go too school,learn some respect,and obey the law.