Melissa Rivers Faces Life Without Joan

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Melissa Rivers has had a really rough week.

She dealt with the surprising loss of her mother on Thursday and made it through Joan Rivers' heartwarming and star-packed funeral on Sunday.

Rivers will remember her mother as her best friend and partner in crime on Fashion Police and their WEtv show Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?.

Joan and Melissa Rivers seemed inseparable, and for good reason. They pretty much were!

Melissa Rivers told People that life with her mother wasn't always great. Just like most families, they had their issues.

In one such instance Joan, who would readily admit to going under the knife many times, forced Melissa Rivers to get a nose job.

Joan said back in 2009, "I made her get a nose job, and she's still unhappy with it. She was 18, 19. She got my nose and it needed to be thinned. She didn't want to do it. She still yells at me about it."

Yeah, that would be a little traumatic for a teenager.

Their relationship also suffered when Melissa Rivers' father, Edgar Rosenburg, committed suicide in 1987. Melissa blamed Joan.

"Initially it completely separated us and we didn't talk for about a year," Melissa has said. "I blamed my mom."

But, they eventually reunited and life was good for Melissa Rivers and her mother.

After a scare last year, Melissa was shaken. She wrote on their show's website, "She's my mom, my partner, my best friend. I can't even think about life without her."

Now, Melissa Rivers has that very task before her. How will life be for her without her iconic mother?

Now that the funeral is over and the company is headed home, Melissa must figure that out.

Good luck to Melissa Rivers as she continues life without Joan.

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