Melissa Gorga “Set Up” By Teresa Giudice

    September 24, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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In a feud that’s been several years in the making, “Real Housewives Of New Jersey” stars Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga–who happen to be sisters-in-law–have had plenty of catfights, with Gorga contending that Giudice was trying to break up her family out of jealousy and Giudice countering that Gorga was a lying gold-digger. Basically, the age-old in-law argument.

It seemed like things were on their way to getting better for the family, however, in recent episodes of the show; the two looked to be making amends, much to the relief of mutual friend Jacqueline Laurita. During the season finale of the show on Sunday, though, everything came to a head as Gorga accused Giudice of “setting her up” for a confrontation about an alleged stripper past.

Teresa pulled Melissa aside during a fashion show to ask her about how she knew a man named Angelo Vrohidis, who has alleged that Melissa used to dance for him at Lookers Gentleman’s Club in New Jersey. Though Melissa vehemently denied ever dancing there–she says she was briefly a bartender at the venue–things got heated very quickly, with Melissa assuming Teresa was back to her old ways of scheming and trying to break apart a family. Which is tooootally not like her.

Apparently, the other cast members aren’t happy with Teresa for the spectacle and took to the web to vent their frustrations about her. Double-plus bonus to Jacqueline for using the term “Not!” in a sentence.

  • http://WedProNews AMEME

    Wow poor guy to be stuck with a crazy lying sneaky back stabbing sister like Teresa Giudice must be painful! Sometimes one must erase friends and even family in ones life to have Peace !

  • Fran

    Teresa is the most two-faced person on Reality and her whiney dumb voice and command of the English language is laughable. I only watch in hope of seeing all seeing her for what she is.

  • ROSY

    Melissa I understand your frustration. But you are a bigger better person just walk away. Trying to talk with Teresa is a waist of time. I am pretty sure you have better things to do. Focus on your husband and kids. Please advice Jaquline Laurita to get a back bone I like her but it frustrates to see her crying for the (b—-) Laurita its not possible there are better friends if not focus on your family. Love you and best wishes.

  • Cindy

    Melissa just walk away from Teresa. She is not worth it. I am sure your husband will understand and appreciate it. Always respect your self and be yourself. As for your kids please teach them manners. Don’t make the mistake of talking bad in front of them. Family will always be family but right know it is better to take a walk. God Bless You and your family.=)

  • karen

    I mute the sound when Teresa comes on. I absolutely can’t tolerate her vile mouth any more. If
    Bravo does not fire her I will never watch again. I read that she turned her back to family on the
    couch at reunion show. She is real class. NOT!
    Bravo and her “fame” has made her think she can get away with anything.
    Well, not with this viewer.

  • brm

    Hey people! Teresa is definatly a problem but Kim D. was the one who set up Melissa and Teresa. Teresa didn’t want a problem. Remember she left the room when the guy was talking to Kim D and told him she didn’t want to listen to talk about her family. I would love to know how Melissa and her husband feel now after watching the show a year later.

  • dana

    I honestly saw a lot of talking about back stabbing although I never saw Teresa back stab. I saw Teresa leaving a lot because they were talking about her family however where is the back stabbing? I know bravo wouldn’t have left that out if Teresa was supposed to be in the setting up of her sister n law.

  • http://Facebook/twitter Cristobal

    I think it stuip Melissa need to said it my past and it make me what I am today and not fight with Teresa over something stuip like this and Jackie u are a bitch to star texting that guys when I hate u and Caroline so much and Joe you are a bad brother to not stand up for your sister in her time of need for real

  • sara

    The bald guy wanted to make Melissa look bad to get back @ her for looking holier than tho. Don’t think Teresa had anything to do with it. These people are two faced & love the drama. I’m so over this show. Ignorant & stoopid that’s what it is.

  • JP

    I believe Teresa’s husband said it best he called Teresa a “B.” I don’t know what show these num-nuts were watching Angelo Vrohidis said that he was doing this for Kim D. & Teresa. Everything that takes place on the show does not have to happen on the screen. I believe this was cooked up and then played out on the show. Andy didn’t pursue it on his show by Joe G. said that Teresa was being paid for the magazines interviews. Who was Joe talking to when he called her a ‘B’ I will bet it wasn’t a man. I’m like Karen,I mute the sound when Teresa comes on I can’t stand her. Much love to Caroline & Jacquline I just hate that Jacquline is so wishy washy.

  • http://yahoo.com Frannie

    Teresa should have left the salon immediatley and called her sister-in-law and gave her the heads up! Is that what she did? Sorry Teresa you brought this all on yourself! My heart goes out to her children who will be denied the company of their uncle, very sad indeed! You need to get on your knees and asked for forgiveness!

  • http://YAHOO BEBE

    OK People. This episode sure does create a lot of drama for the
    reunion. Do you really believe this “just” happened for the last episode of the season? Lots of people will tune into the reunion
    show, that’s a given with this dilemma going on. I wonder if
    Theresa gets paid extra for being the villain this year.

  • Roberta

    I think its obvious Teresa was set up by Kim D. I wish she would have handled better, although I’m not so sure it would have made any difference. They have decided to all gang up on her, so anything that happens is Teresa’s fault. Caroline is a bully and apparently very phony. Until the dumb comment in the cookbook, all we heard was “Teresa’s so wonderful. Her family is so lovely. bla bla bla”. I find it amazing that the two people that were rumored to be possibly getting fired because they were so boring, e.g. Caroline & Jacqueline, are the two trouble makers this season. hmmmmm?

  • Danys187

    I honestly think Teresa did NOT have anything to do with the set up. However, I think Kim D had everything to do with it & what better scapgoat then to use Teresa in order for Kim to stir up the pot all over again. I honestly think Melissa WAS a stripper, but who really cares; if thats what she had to do to make $$, so be it…get over it. The truth will eventually come out. I think Teresa is taking the wrap for this one no matter what & it is NOT right. & for the record, I think Teresa’s sorry ass husband is cheating on her. We all seen that episode & you can beat it will show up at the Reunion. I just feel bad for Teresa on this one bc she did NOT appear to have anything to do with it nor did she want to hear the crap ole baldy was saying…As for Carolyn, I use to really like her…these days, not so much. I actually like Melissa, but the Teresa bashing needs to stop. Now Teresa does like to call names when she feels attacked so look out for that to happen too, just like she did to Jacqiline.

  • Niecey

    Ok I dot understand how everyone thinks she set up melissa were we watching the same show? Teresa went to a salon with Kim d. Met a guy who said he knew Melissa left the room yet Kim d still wanted to talk about it. He shows up at her fashion show…duhh Kim invited him and when Teresa went into the bathroo
    She asked DO YOU KNOW HIM NOT WERE YOU A STRIPPER hello then she tries to find him but he left. Now I wouldn’t believe anything that the man says so for them to jump to conclusions and gang up in her is sooo stupid. She did not do it and honestly tre will always be stigmatized by her past do if I were her I’d just move on. Cause we really know the truth they just decided to point the finger at her

  • Teresa hater


  • Neanderthal Hairline Teresa

    Teresa is not stupid, just very ignorant and “un-ducated” (her pronunciation, not mine). She is milking all this for every dime she can get. She is a Reality TV Whore. Her husband, Joe, 2012’s version of a criminal Archie Bunker, is equally ignorant and uneducated…. and certainly not as TV savvy as Teresa. If it is true that Bravo will only give her her own spinoff show if Joe goes to jail, then my guess is that in Teresa’s mind, Joe becomes the Sacrificial Lamb.

    Joe had better hope he never passes out drunk, and the house catches on fire…… I am thinking he wouldn’t make it out.

  • Ant Vettorio

    MELISSA GORGA is a fame hungry sick woman! She lies about everything. She is moving because she has driven her husband broke due to her insane obsession with becoming the next JLo which she will never be! She even copies Jlo’s songs and hair (compare her horrible I Just Wanna to Jlo’s Dance Again and see her ugly highlights in the reunion! She and Joe are facing several lawsuits and have lost so much money they cant AFFORD TO KEEP EITHER OF THEIR HOUSES. How sick do you have to be to pretend it’s because you dont want to have your kids close to your sister-in-laws? If that doesnt prove how sick this woman is then I feel bad for those of u dumb enough to support her. Please read this blog that talks about MELISSA GORGA’s OUTSTANDING ARREST WARRANT, STRIPPER PAST, STEALING, ETC. The truth is coming out and no one is buying what the creepy Whorga Gorgas are selling anymore. She makes my skin crawl with what she is willing to do for fame. Just compare her Twitter pics with Teresa’s and you can clearly see who is about family and who is desperate for fame.

  • Bmocareful

    I honestly believe that Melissa doesn’t want Teresa and her brother to get alone. Melissa likes this attention this keeps her on the show longer.
    Kim D sat there and told EVERYONE on National TV that Teresa had NOTHING to do with the set up. She didn’t even know what was going to happen.

    Even after everyone went crazy outside when Teresa walked back and the gang of ladies were talking Teresa walked away AGAIN! Hell they (Joe, Melissa, Caroline and Jacqueline) all saw the recap. But they are hell bent on hurting Teresa. Her brother should be ashamed of himself. He’s not stupid. He needs to tell his wife to be quite!!!

    Yes…Teresa does get to see what it feels like to be bullied like she did Danielle.

    But the three of them Melissa, Caroline and Jacqueline are true trouble makers.

    Jacqueline has lost her damn mind and needs to sit down somewhere. Big cry baby and a shit starter…

    Caroline needs to shut the hell up! Just Beat it!

    Melissa is a hater and sneaky!!!

  • http://yahoo Lucy Janusz

    I remember reading a story in the Enquirer several months ago that said the Gorgas went to the producers of the show and asked if they could be on the show. The Gorgas then said if they were hired, they would get Teresa off the show. If this is true I cant blame Teresa for her animosity.

    Also regarding Caroline’s lazy ass daughter Lauren. How old was she when her parents set her up in some sort of make-up business? In one episode she said, “I just walked away from it”. That is unbelievable!! And I think they are going to set her up in something else. How stupid are these Manzo’s? Why can’t she work at the Brownstone? She is not too good for that kind of work. Maybe then she would lose weight the right way.

    In another episode Caroline was literally gushing over how all Lauren wanted to do was stay at home and raise a family. Her exact words were, “they just don’t make them like that anymore.” Thank God. The truth is that probably every working mother would prefer to stay with her kids, but cannot afford to. Lazy Ass Lauren does not deserve a medal for her self-important and lazy attitude. What she needs is a kick in the ass and a job, any job.

    Every one is so afaid of Caroline’s mouth that no one dares to speak up. Sorry, one more Manzo ridiculous idea. BLACK WATER. Who in the world would drink that?. How stupid and lazy are these people? I really want to know how the Lauritas can afford their lifestyles? Someone, please let me know. Why can’t the “smart one” Chris get a job. Maybe it’s because he is not qualified to do anything except dig dithces.