Melissa Gilbert: Wedding Gown Choice Unconventional

    April 25, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Melissa Gilbert, actress and recent contestant on “Dancing With The Stars”, tied the knot on Wednesday to fellow actor Timothy Busfield.

The couple announced their engagement in January, and as it was the third marriage for both, they went low-key for the ceremony at San Ysidro Ranch in California, with Gilbert choosing a non-traditional gown for her big day. The strapless dress was done in a deep red, with several tiers of fabric for the skirt.

Gilbert and Busfield have known each other for nearly twenty years but only recently were able to pursue a romantic relationship; both of them were married over the years, Gilbert to actor Bruce Boxleitner. The pair got divorced in 2011.

“It’s been hard on the kids and that’s been hard to watch but ultimately everyone’s going to be fine,” said Gilbert of the divorce. “Everything takes time.”

The new couple have five children between them. As for the wedding gown, bridal expert Harmony Walton says color is popular these days.

“Wedding dresses no longer have to be white,” she said. “Blush and even bright pink gowns are huge runway and aisle trends and even bolder colors like black, red, yellow, and pale blue work well for the fashion-forward bride. Vera Wang just debuted a collection of wedding dresses with black and a few years back she wowed us with red, giving brides the okay to go bold on their wedding day. And celebs have taken note! Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Biel, and now Melissa Gilbert are among the recent brides to wear color. It’s a wonderful departure from the traditional wedding gown, especially if it’s not the first wedding like Melissa’s and the couple is looking for something different.”

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  • http://yahoo Scott Boettcher

    Very uncommon for Hollywood, A woman marring a man. I’ll give that two thumbs up.

    • Vicki Wilkerson

      It is absolutely not unusual to have a man and a woman marry in Hollywood, it is just more sensationalized to have the other supposed marriages in the media.

  • Vicki Wilkerson

    I hope they have learned enough from their first two marriages and have now matured enough to handle the storms that may come their way and can do until death do us part: do they even say that for Hollywood weddings anymore.
    As for first comment it is absolutely not unusual to have a man and a woman marry in Hollywood, it is just more sensationalized to have the other supposed marriages in the media.

    • pat

      Vicki, hi you may or may not know me, I used to know a Vicki Wilkerson many years ago, I am from Ohio could you please let me know what state you are from .

  • carolinagirl

    Melissa looks beautiful in hr red gown! Congratulations to them both and much happiness.

  • http://attmyyahoo.com robert gibbs

    I wish them the very best and I don’t believe in tradition it is people life that makes a marriage successful.
    Bob Gibbs

  • Andy

    Joy to all!

  • Paul

    She looks nice here as does Tim. It’s okay to be an actor and actress in Hollywood and look old. Glad they are cute & proud!

  • http://yahoo sue

    I think they make a great couple. The dress is beautiful but I think she should have chose a color to look good with her hair. Who is Tim again? What is he known for?

    • http://yahoo Deb

      Timothy became known for his role in “Thirty Something”, which also starred Ken Olin.

  • pamela h.g. gunchick

    ” always liked Melissa, hope this marriage lasts until death do you part” God bless and Good luck to you both
    love the RED DRESS

  • http://Yahoo Barbara Spindler

    Love the red dress!!! Good luck.

  • Sweet Sue Ohio

    I love it! “Anything Goes” with today’s brides!

  • Loren Allpress

    Bizarrely, while staying at San Ysidro Ranch recently and exploring the grounds, I stumbled onto an intimate wedding ceremony taking place in an out of the way corner of the ranch. There was only the couple, a celebrant and a photographer. I quickly moved away but saw the couple dining by themselves in the restaurant that night, then later at reception. At that time I thought how much the woman looked like Melissa Gilbert but quite a lot of work on her face meant I wasn’t totally convinced. I didn’t recognise Timothy Busfield. Now that the photos have been released, it was certainly them. Good on them for keeping it low key. I hope they have a happy marriage that lasts the duration.