Melanie Griffith Is Probably Regretting That Tattoo

    July 14, 2014
    Toni Matthews-El
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Melanie Griffith has learned a hard lesson about tattoos: Unless you can guarantee you’ll be with him or her forever, it’s best to leave your lover’s name OFF of your body!

The 56-year-old actress recently parted ways with Antonio Banderas. Griffith was married to the 53-year-old actor for eighteen years. Unfortunately after nearly two decades together, the romance went south.

The couple released a joint statement regarding their amicable split in June:

We have thoughtfully and consensually decided to finalize our almost twenty years marriage in a loving and friendly manner honoring and respecting each other, our family and friends and the beautiful time we have spent together

Although Griffith may not be publicly bitter about the divorce, she seems to be very much over her former flame. The actress has engaged in a series of tattoo removal procedures to be rid of her “Antonio” tattoo.

A recent photo of the actress showed her out and about with a bandage over the tattoo.

It was also apparent that her former beau’s name was getting lighter and lighter.

As of now the name “Antonio” is no longer visible, though it appears that Griffith might keep the rest of the heart-shaped tattoo.

Could Griffith be making the space available for a future love interest? Possibly.

However if the actress is wise, she’ll forget about a new name on her arm to signal a new romance.

Many tattoo-happy individuals will forgo tattooing anyone but “Mom” on them as the decision is actually seen as a kiss of death, almost guaranteeing the relationship will end in a separation. And when you DO break up, it can be especially crappy to see a constant reminder of lost love every time you look in the mirror.

The removal process may have been painful, but no doubt Griffith is better able to enjoy single life without her ex’s name on her arm.

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  • Lola

    So tired of hearing about poor Melanie’s decision to remove her tattoo. Boohoo. Are there not more pressing concerns in this world right now? However, to be fair, the press is pushing this, not her. I imagine she is doing just that, trying to move on with her life. You are great, Melanie!

  • canton8385

    Ask 10 women that had men’s names tattooed on their body and everyone of them will say it was a stupid move.

    • Dixie Land

      My ex-fiance’s nickname was Fox and I foolishly got a tattoo of a fox on my ass, so yes, if one of those 10 women, I would agree it was a stupid and most regrettable move. Will I have it removed, though? Probably not. If it was his name, I probably would. You live and learn. Never again!

  • June Ortloff

    It seems everyone(almost) is ripping Melanie apart. It’s just so unfair, no one knows how either one of them feels today. At one time they were very much in love, and time and events can change things. I would imagine her heart is broken. Why should she be kicked around because the marriage failed? I,for one feel badly for both of them. Everyone makes mistakes and no one is perfect. Love is a very fragile emotion and sometimes love just isn’t enough to keep people together. I always enjoyed her movies, his too! I hope she can pick up the pieces of her life and go on. A divorce is so hard to go through. It drains you of just about everything. I hope they can settle their affairs without problems, and go on finding respect and caring for one another.