Mel Gibson: New Girlfriend Models Scandalous Jeans

    August 23, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Mel Gibson was spotted recently with an attractive young lady, and now rumors are flying that the two are an item.

The woman in question, Nadia Lanfranconi, is a model and aspiring musician from Italy whose resume includes wearing some very revealing jeans in an ad for F Me, a clothing line designed for maximum lustiness.

While people are busy getting into a tizzy over whether or not Mel Gibson is dating a hot young thang, I’m thinking the real story here is that there is a company which markets jeans so low-cut that they come with a disclaimer.

Fme Jeans are the hottest jeans in the world, but they’re not for everyone.
We consider them to be very risque and therefore be advised that they’ll get you attention
like you’ve never had before. We advise you to take care when you go out wearing Fme Jeans clothing.

At any rate, Gibson was allegedly spotted rubbing Nadia’s shoulders at a West Hollywood restaurant recently, so we’ll see what happens. Nadia has only lived in the states for five years so it’s likely she’s not aware of his somewhat checkered past.

  • colleen

    We really need to explore what Mel was ranting about when he spoke about the Jews. In particular, we need to more fully understand the Israeli- Palestinian conflict. No one is completely innocent. Maybe Mel – albeit not appropriately – was trying to make a point that needs to be explored. We should start with educating people about AIPAC. Just saying, there are two sides to every story.

    • Barb

      There are indeed, two sides to every story and Isreal should be ashamed of behaving in ways that echo what Germany did to them. Being treated badly yourself does not make it OK for you to treat others who have never done anything to you badly. This is particularly revelant to me because my future ex husband was emotionally and sexually abused wile he was growing uo and has been emotionally and sexually abusing me throughout our relationship. So he is Isreal and I am Pakistan!

    • Yankeeman

      why give this spoiled brat, punk ass any platform for anything? Do you think this is guy is part of the intelligentsia? No! He knows nothing but Malibu, to the studio! Too many people have allowed this lunatic to rant on too long. He is a mediocre actor at best and yet “the machine” has let him exist for all these years. The good ole boys club in Malibu, with the blow, the drinking and the women, give me a break! He has a very STRONG opinion about Jewish people and it is very clear. There are facts in Hollywood and then there’s the rest! This moron has enough money to last 1000 lifetimes. Now go away dude, you’re High School mentality is not needed anymore.

      • Tangled

        Opinions are like a*&*%$#@s, everybody’s got one! But it’s not fair to develop an opinion about someone based on little actual knowledge – but only based on sensationalism from the media!

      • Rich

        Wow, Yankeeman, you must be a jew, I can see the anger through your fucking vine! And you sounded so stupid!

      • antiskankrepellentman

        Yankee man , please do us all a huge favor and go take a long overdue bath………….Thanks

  • Joey

    What a complete douchebag camera guy!!!!! Talks about jeans and never shows them…

  • katie

    aren’t all his girlfriends aspiring singers and models? He uses them then kicks them to the curb

  • Tbear62

    You know I get the whole age difference thing. Whether man or woman, you go through a period of self-esteem and the lack there of and what a big ego boost if you are 50ish and “bag” yourself a 20 something thats attractive and desireable but what I dont get is that if you are 50 something and have a 20 something daughter- would u want your daughter involved with someone well, like you? Put your daughters face on your date- thats ex actly what could be happening to her and would you be as thrilled. I just find the whole 20-40 something age difference to be some what incestuous. It becomes less about bagging someone in their 20s but rather about getting someone who is as young as you can get them. Ewwwwww

  • Cindy

    I think perhaps Mel needs to stop using aspiring models/singers from which to secure his self esteem. He should work the 12 steps and identify the factors that drive him to make the same mistakes again and again. You are a talented actor/director/write Mr. Gibson, and you do not need these young gals to validate that.

    • antiskankrepellentman

      Cindy, Do you know what self esteem is? Just because you look like the Pillsbury Dough boys sister doesn’t mean you have to heap your LARGE OPINIONS excuse the expression. Upon everybody else…Now quickly take your huge barge like ass out the door and to the gym.

  • jeff johnson

    lame video, like the play toys (girls).

  • Pamela

    To each his own and every person should be able to speak their mind and be with whom ever they please as long as the feeling is mutual!

  • JCS

    Amanda lives up to her last name in her article, rather crummy for those of us who allow people to make mistakes without permanently branding them. Mel has made mistakes, yet I still like his movies.
    Way to go Ms Crum.

  • JRD

    Mel Gibson is a disgusting human being, looks MUCH older than 56, and I can’t understand what any woman sees in him. I wouldn’t pay 50 cents to see any more of his movies, as his talent has evaporated with his decency.

    • http://facebook Clemens Harmon

      I still am fan of Mel’s. He is not a disgusting person. I rather
      see his movies on the big as well as as the small screen any day.
      He still is one of the best actors in the business. Whom he is
      dating now is really nobody’s business but his. I hope he will
      still be acting for many more years to come.

    • dya


    • Rich

      The camera can make you look either good or really bad depends on who’s shooting! We all know that Mel is a VERY handsome man and a GREAT actor and director! – Simple facts!!

    • antiskankrepellentman

      Jrd, Could you please post a current pic of your inbreed self for us all to see? That would be great so that we can all see where the envy is coming from.

  • RealisticGirl

    I hope Mel Gibson can find some measure of happiness. His last girlfriend seemed to have issues. She used to be attractive until she got plastic surgery (she almost does not look like the same person) anyone who does this has issues! Mel is a talented actor and director. We really enjoyed him in his recent movie ‘Get the Gringo’. I believe that he is not that different than most people, he just happens to be under the eye of the media. I think we need to give Mel a break.

  • Lou

    Mel needs to find a woman in his age group and if he absolutely can’t find one he can be attracted to, then at least find somebody decent. Lustiness is disgusting.

  • dya

    I wish Mel Gibson the best:)is my favorite actor and director:)

    • Bill

      yes a great actor and one of my favs!!

  • http://Yahoo Cindy

    And he wonders why these young women chase him for his cash as he puts it. Does he really believe that there is any woman on this planet who has not heard of what an utter piece of crap he is.

    And these young Ho’s who go after him they know all too well what type of guy he is so there is no excuse for them to say ” I really believe he is a good person’ when he beats the crap out of them.

    • Terry

      Sounds like a little jealousy to me!

  • MILF

    Now I can buy FMe jeans to go with my CFM boots!

  • Aaron Ververs

    Aging, balding, yellow teeth – what’s not to like?

  • Ken

    She must be one real loser to even been seen with this jerk.

    • ron

      That “Jerk” will get more ass than you will ever see in your lifetime. So who is the loser? haha

      • Keith

        If “geting more ass” from money hungry hookers (who are clearly using me to promote their careers & will dump afterwards) is winning then i guess i am a loser.

      • antiskankrepellentman

        Ken, You need to quit sleeping with Morphodites and try a real woman for a change then you might understand why Mel is so happy.

    • Rich

      It’s a honor for her to even walk along with Mel Gibson – one of Hollywood’s greatest actor and director!

  • kevin jackson

    Always remember that Mel’s ex is Not innocent either No one person in a relationship ever is….whenever a relationship goes sideways Both parties contribute to it’s demise…and though Mel is quite the yeller and potty mouth is was not aware that he actually Beat his ex or did he???

  • Sandy

    I’ve always been a Mel Gibson fan, and I like him as much now as always. I think the liberal media has singled him out. They should direct some of their attention to the lies and cover-ups of our current President. Oh thats right, the left-wing media only reports what they want to be known. Just another day in paradise.

  • Simon

    You know the cop was half Jewish that arrested him,the media as well as Hollywood are Jewish owned,so what do you expect.

    Heavan forbid if any Jewish person did anything wrong-it wouldnt have made such a stink,but this whole thing has always smelled fishy to me.

    He just spoke his mind,albeit with poor choice and placement of words,and at least he wasnt hiding behind publicists like most of Hollywood types do,or hiding behind a keypad like most of us non Hollywood people do.

    I still love Mel Gibsons acting/films,and I still dont like how we still treat him because we act a if we are all saints……….

  • Rich

    Go Mel, you are the greatest! Who cares what the fuck Jewish controlled media(and we all know that they are all BS!) says about you!

  • Braveheart Admirer

    HOLLYWOOD TRIBE’S VENDETTA AGAINST MEL – Ever since Mel did “The Passion of the Christ,” the Hollywood tribe has been out to get him. Some of the Israeli elite – like Ari Emanuel, brother of the foul mouth mayor of Chicago – have even thrown their considerable weight behind a boycott of Mel’s films. This particular tribe also dominates much of America’s media. So it’s no surprise that every story (or like this one, not so much of anything newsworthy) becomes another thinly-veiled opportunity to take a sledgehammer to Mr. Gibson. Don’t buy into the character assassination, people! Sure – Mel is a troubled genius, with an alcohol problem. But all the rest of this blast of hatred every time his name is mentioned? It’s an inside job, with a hidden agenda, by the media and movie elite.

    Amanda (who wrote this) – your piece suffered when you said the following: “Nadia has only lived in the states for five years so it’s likely she’s not aware of his somewhat checkered past.” LOL! As if the media hasn’t been trumping all Mel’s problems, real and dreamed up, around the world! I’m sure she’s heard, and weighed, every fact and rumor about the movie star, director, producer, and bad boyfriend. He may be using her to boost his aging ego – but no doubt, she is using him to climb on the rocket to fame – well aware of whose rocket it is.

    • Dave DuPont

      Go Mel Gibson. Who gives a damn what the IDIOT Jewish like Emanuel have to say. It’s worthless,scared,and spineless Jews like you who give all Jewish people a BAD rap! They are just jealous of you Mel and your success. Mel can do whatever he wants and I am quite sure that he does not care one bit what you IDIOTS have to say. Get a LIFE! Everyone I know grew up watching Mel’s GREAT movies and we will LOVE him forever! In fact take the next boat back to the BEAUTIFUL PEACEFUL Middle East if you don’t like the way us Americans live and think!

    • dana

      the “tribe” not only owns the media, the banks, the credit system, etc., but they brag about it. they do not care if we do not like it , as long as they keep owning all these things. they control the congress, vetting every vote as to whether it is good for the jews (read” is it good for the jews”) , even sharon said the jews in isael control the usa and we, the americans know it. well, most do not. read”the israel lobby”.

  • mdcow1955@yahoo.com

    Good Lord…Leave the Man Alone!!!………..I’m Sure She Knows or…..Doesen’t What Ever…Geez…..

  • mel gibsin

    gibson for president!

    • Mary Caputo

      I agree! Mel for President and you get VP for suggesting it! :)

  • T Howard

    I really don’t think it’s anyone’s business who Mel Gibson dates.
    Mel Gibson Fan always,

    • http://Webpronews Ripley Lowe

      Really doesn’t anyone have anything else to do? Leave the guy alone!!

  • yourmamma

    A lot of people are making very hateful comments on this article. Why can’t people just accept everyone is different? I mean who want to live in a world where every single person is the same? Be happy for the man instead of saying “Jew this” and “Jew that”. You make America look bad with your hatefil comments.


    Isn’t he a father of six and an ultra catholic zealot who should practice poverty and sexual restraint?

  • antiskankrepellentman

    Cindy, I am a psychic, I see you at home fat and unhappy chomping down your tenth bag of Doritos while fumbling with the keypad to quickly vent your anger at Mel for getting with a hot woman. Now quickly hit the fridge I see a whole ton of ice cream that you haven’t absorbed yet.

    • joya

      August 24, 2012 at 1:32 am Reply “Somewhat checkered past” is a good one.
      Seems like Mr.Gibson not giving much fu*k about almost anything lately.
      Irish thing?
      Anyway, she is, like, attractive and someone. So, why not?
      Good luck, Martin Riggs.

      Spuny Ned
      August 24, 2012 at 12:41 am Reply Remember, when he leaves a messege & he will make sure to post those on youtube. We likey da rants!!!

      Single Mom
      August 23, 2012 at 11:10 pm Reply Mel do what you want but for heaven’s sake WATCH YOUR TEMPER….I don’t want some lady telling the world (or taping) how you yell at her like a super pissed off dude!

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      2antiskankrepellentman what does someones weight have to do with this? YA LAME ASS? SO STUPID..

    • janey jane

      @antishankblah blah,Anti, I am a thin, blond, happy, well loved psychic, I see you in yr dirty flat, trolling throught sites looking for people to attack, mainly because of your, um ,shortcomings, and then your low IQ interferes w/ ability to communicate w/ real people , mainly because you are so angry and full of hubris, you spewing your hatred is a sure sign of self-loathing. Get help, Mr. Pitiful.

  • Single Mom

    Mel do what you want but for heaven’s sake WATCH YOUR TEMPER….I don’t want some lady telling the world (or taping) how you yell at her like a super pissed off dude!

  • Spuny Ned

    Remember, when he leaves a messege & he will make sure to post those on youtube. We likey da rants!!!

  • TG

    “Somewhat checkered past” is a good one.
    Seems like Mr.Gibson not giving much fu*k about almost anything lately.
    Irish thing?
    Anyway, she is, like, attractive and someone. So, why not?
    Good luck, Martin Riggs.

  • Cynthia

    Cute girl, but I’m not too crazy about the jeans. Mel never leaves any doubt he’s heterosexual. People need to see “Get The Gringo.”

  • Jane Jones

    Those aren’t her street clothes. It’s a modeling shoot.

  • http://bellsouth menina

    Some people never learn. both need to re-think their alleged budding romance.

  • really?!

    “Nadia has only lived in the states for five years so it’s likely she’s not aware of his somewhat checkered past.” …. or that our lovely maniacal media stands so steadfastly ready to fragrantly portray people’s lives in any way they see fit in order to create a “story” or sell newspapers. That last comment is so inane it’s ridiculous.

    • rico

      that’s as ignorant as one can get. people from other countries do have tv’s and read about western part of the world!

  • Dago T

    She looks great.
    Mel looks like death taking a crap.

  • PB

    Has she been under a rock the past five years. He is now a nobody who hits women, is a racists and is a full blown alcoholic. Eventually he will beat the crap out of her.

  • linda

    I am so thankful for the entertainment that Gibson has given in his movies. He is a wonderful actor…loved most of his movies. I try not to get involved with the private lives of actors and musicans…other wise I proably wouldn’t watch tv, go to the movies, or listen to most music.
    Look at television is today. Reality shows are taking over the networks. And the housewives in whatever state….look at the personal crap they are displaying on tv, every week.
    So that is why I try not to pay attention to all the personal crap. My head isn’t in the sand, I just like to live my life without all the drama.

  • Greg

    I hate those jeans. Give me Cindy Crawford in Levi’s anyday. I like the pants up to the hip that show the curves. Those look like crap.

  • A. Hick

    Lots of very gifted artists (Wagner, for example) are/were horrible, eccentric people. Just because Wagner was an anti-semite whose work was loved by Hitler doesn’t mean his operas are any less brilliant theater for anyone else.

    Mel Gibson will never disappoint with a movie. Even when he is at the bottom of his game. As he is getting older and the ravages of his excesses take their toll, watching him play a lover in a movie would be one heckalacious guilty pleasure, and a very entertaining one indeed.

    I would love to see a sequel to “What Women Want” twelve years and numerous misogynistic rants and incidents out. Helen Hunt is looking a bit long toothed herself, and if they let Mel write the script, direct, and act the lead, as Keith Jackson used to say, “WHOA NELLIE!”

  • Dave

    Go get ’em Mel!!!!!

  • Ebol Johnson

    All the best to you Mel, I have been trying to get in touch with you Mr. Gibson. I am the author of How Did Barack Obama Become Our President? It’s an ebook on Amazon.

  • Alan

    If it’s true, I hope Nadia realizes that:
    a) Mel has a REALLY BAD temper, and
    b) Mel does not believe in birth control.

    • prettychoo

      Saw Mel and his bodyguard entering the elevator at the San Francisco Palace Hotel on Thursday, 8/23/12….he had a small shopping bag and was well coiffed. He wasn’t mumbling nor beligerent. I was excellent in Mad Max; Thunder Dome; Year of Living Dangerously….Hollywood forgets how much $$$$ he mad for them.

  • rick

    Mel Gibson is a tool,it won’t be long before he blows up and turns his new flame into a punching bag.