Mein Kampf Copies Signed By Hitler To Be Auctioned

    February 26, 2014
    Sarah Parrott
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Now that the Christmas shopping season is over, most people don’t have to constantly worry about getting a gift for that certain someone who just seems to have it all. For those of us who want to get some early shopping in for that person with bizarre tastes that gift cards just won’t satisfy, however, a unique opportunity has poked its head out of the ground; two incredibly rare copies of Mein Kampf have been found, and are going to be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Mein Kampf was written by a young Adolf Hitler while he was in prison. The title translates to “My Struggle” in English, and the contents of the book blame folks such as Marxists and those of Jewish descent for all of Germany’s troubles at the time. The book was also a major foundation for Hitler’s political doctrine that would eventually cast such a bleak shadow over the world. Millions of copies were published and distributed after Hitler’s rise to power in 1933, and copies of the book were even given to newlyweds by the Nazi state for a time.

What makes these particular copies of Adolf Hitler’s infamous book so special is the fact that they are both signed by the man, himself. They are a two-volume set, with one being a first edition, and the other being a second edition. They are both signed and dedicated to Josef Bauer, a young Nazi party member who helped to overthrow the Bavarian government in 1923. Nate D. Sanders Auctions, the company that will be auctioning the books, said that the set was likely a Christmas gift for Bauer, and were intended to send happy holiday wishes to the Nazi officer.

The books are going up for auction on Thursday, and will be sold to the highest bidder. It will be interesting to see who forks over enough cash to have these books under their ownership. But, hey, maybe they’d make the perfect present for that one weird uncle that you never know what to buy for around the holidays.

Image via Wikimedia Commons.

  • mikeFH

    should burn anything with that monsters signature

    • mikeFH

      My Grandparents came from Germany, unfortunately some of the family were actually Nazis, all died fighting for an insane maniac. My 2nd cousins died in WWII as translators for the US Army. You sound like a true white supremecy animal, should be youthinized to save you, from yourself Anything that glorifies or puts a monetary value on insane bastards should be destroyed, period…

    • Russell Huffman

      Maybe you might get burned yourself. Hell awaits idiots like you!

  • Dale

    I wonder what price is expected?

  • Dale

    No book should be burned.

  • Jimmy The D

    The winning bidder would be wise to remain anymous.

  • eatme douche

    Why must one be labeled as “bizarre” or “weird” for appreciating items with immense historical value ? The man was horrible, but to act like he is not one of the most well-known figures in history and came extremely close to reshaping the entire world would be absurd. Nothing “weird” or “bizarre” about owning a piece of history.

  • JohnLocke

    Not gonna lie, if I had the money I’d certainly buy them.

    • JohnLocke

      Especially since one is a First Edition copy; the book that started it all.

  • Don Burton

    I’ll give you a quarter and burn it, and hope Adolph can feel the burn!

  • $56943692

    What the article fails to mention and what your teachers fail to teach in school is that Mein Kampf specifically says that Hitler thought he was doing the Lord’s work in fighting Zionism and the Zionist inspired and influenced Bolshevism. There’s a reason why your indoctrinated to need this book and demonize it. There’s a reason why you’ve never been told about Gaddafi’s Green Book.

  • Harrison Davis


  • Harrison Davis


  • james w

    With the passage of time this will be a foot note in history. Julius Caesar killed millions and made slaves of millions more. Oliver Cromwell caused the death of about 75%. Both of who we now make movies about showing how great the were. We even praise Robert E Lee as America’s most beloved general even though he was fighting for amoung other things to keep slavery. If it gets people to study history could do some good. without WW 2 Think about this would we have had civil rights as soon as we did if not for what minorities did in WW 2. Would Israel be a country today

  • saqqara

    “blame folks such as Marxists and those of Jewish descent “, sounds like some internet comment feeds I’ve read.

  • jatco

    should not auction these off; they need to be destroyed

  • Prof

    For the people wanting to destroy these, you’re entitled to your opinion. I would submit that future generations need to be reminded of the potential of humans to be monsters.
    I wouldn’t destroy this for the same reason I wouldn’t destroy pictures of persons being hung during Jim Crow. It’s not pretty, but we do enough sampling of the good parts of history as it is…