Megyn Kelly: Fox News Renews Anchor’s Contract

    May 8, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Megyn Kelly has been a Fox News fixture since she began hosting America Live in 2010. Since that time, she has become one of the most recognizable faces of the channel along with Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity. Now, Fox is making sure its star female anchor will stay on with the cable TV news network.

The New York Times is reporting that Kelly has renewed her contract with Fox News. The publication cites unnamed sources as stating Kelly’s contract renewal was not a given. The anchor reportedly had intrest from other news channels such as CNN and ABC. A New York Magazine expose on NBC’s Today show published in March mentioned that morning show executives at one point were considering Kelly as a replacement for Ann Curry.

Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren has also reportedly renewed her contract with the TV channel. The Times is quoting Van Susteren’s husband, John Coale, as stating Van Susteren could be bumped from her 10 pm time slot. The speculation is that Kelly, who currently hosts the afternoon Fox show America Live, could be moving into the channel’s primetime lineup.

One factor that could throw a wrench into these plans is the fact that Kelly is currently pregnant. She announced the pregnancy back in February, live on Fox News.

  • http://www.soundsofnatureaudios.com Thomas Powell

    O’Reilly’s position that Gay’s have a compelling argument is disappointing in that he does not understand marriage is a covenant between God and man and woman. God’s laws are forever and his word is forever and God states such in the King James Bible. We humans just because we change our minds with fads and suddenly decide that marriage between man and woman is not about what god ordained and man and woman are to multiply and populate the earth. Gay couples cannot do that in fact Gay Sex is anti-nature. Whereas heterosexual marriage is natural in nature. O’Reilly seems to flow with the fad of the day and listens not to the word of God. In fact O’Reilly is saying God’s word is invalid. With his short life span, O’Reillys life is but the blink of the eye as far as eternity is concerned, it is the height of insulting behavior in the face of God. O’Reilly is like the rest of us he will have to be judged one day, but he, I personally feel is not born again and that does not take one on a path to salvation. To be born again is to accept God’s laws and evangelize them to the non believer. You do not evangelize the word of God by changing it as you go.

    Gay’s make the argument that they should have the same legal rights as married couples, that being man’s law they are right and through civil unions, not marriage, they can have all the rights and privileges of marriage without redefining a religious definition of the contract between a man and a woman with God. Their arguments whether they realize it or not comes out of the secular movement to redefine marriage with the intent over time to make it irrelevant in the coming generations eyes. That is a fact and nothing the mighty O’Reilly says will change the eternal word of God.

    That’s the way I see it.
    G.Thomas Powell

    • Mark Snell

      Marriage is sanctioned by the government in the U.S. Whether or not you have a marriage ceremony in a curch or a courthouse or in your back yard, the fact remains that the marriage liscense which comes from the government has absolutely nothing to do with religious beliefs.

      That said, I understand Christians’ arguments against gay marriage and believe you have every right to oppose them.

      However, my personal belief is that a government sanctioned “marriage” between same-sex individuals is not a covenant between God and anyone. And therefore is not a threat to Christian beliefs.

      Now. . . if the government wants to force churches to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies, well. . . that’s a different story.

      • http://earthlink Wayne Spaulding

        I’m sorry to disappoint you Mark but no where in the US Constitution even mention that government has anything to do with marriage. And our Constitution is the basis for our Republic.
        Having said that today’s government doesn’t govern in accordance with the US Constitution. In that regard it is a corrupt government and rules as a tyranny would rule. Obama is the King and he rules his people according to his desires.
        All great countries have fallen because they become corrupt and the ruler wants power. Obama is taking us down this path and within his current reign he will have achieved his goal. I would not be surprised if he wrangles away to serve another and anther term by declaring elections not to be a part of his reign as the King.

      • Kevin

        Great comment Mark! Some are already saying that the constitution doesn’t sanction marriage, but that wasn’t your point. Many don’t want to get your point because they have a belief they want to impose on others – marriage is between a man and a woman only. I held similar beliefs before listening to both sides of the argument. After doing so, it was easy to move to the non-judgmental side. I’d like to see those rebutting your argument this way if they’re Christians…”Were Jesus to decide on this earthly consideration, he’d…”. If your opponent is a true follower of “the way”, the answer is easy.

        • http://yahoo Ed Weaver

          Mark & Kevin: First, there is no mention of marriage in the Constitution because (1), it is NOT a right (2) and because the founders, in their human fallibility, never imagined a major political party would promote two men marrying and being regarded as husband and wife by the state. Same with abortion (and life IS a right). The founders never envisoned anyone making a claim that abortion should be legal, let alone (as Democrats did) devoting time and energy to legalize it. Democrats cringe when we claim they don’t care about the Constitution but these are two good examples, where they make a “right” out of a privilege and a privilege (birth) out of the most basic Constitutional and human right. I’m curious, Kevin. What part of the left’s pro-gay marriage arguement changed your thinking? And nobody shoved “one man, one woman” down anyone’s throat. That’s been the almost total like-reasoning of the entire free world foir thousands of years. The left shoves homosexuality down out throats constantly. And I’ll quote Jesus but you may not like it. “No many shall lie with another man.”

    • Just sayin

      You talk about O’Reilly’s life being but a blink in the scope of time. Yet you believe in the King James bible which is a blink and a half in the scope of time. Those who fear reality must grasp onto writings that are mere stories told to others in the time of darkness. Get with it and believe in yourself or in your God but not some writings that are merely stories to control your mind.

      • Kermit

        Concerning the BIBLE and anyone IGNORANT enough to downplay its authenticity, relevence and importance………..ANYONE who says that the Bible is ONLY a book of ignorance and made up STORIES obviously hasn’t READ the Bible from cover to cover. And if you have read the Bible from cover to cover and are a Bible scholar to boot, and you still down play the Bible, you have probably read too much commentary by other FULL OF THEMSELVES (and not the Spirit of God) Bible scholars who have also read too many ignorant commentaries from other scholars. If the Bible was ONLY MAN MADE and man inspired, it alone would be the most fantastic set of 66 Books ever collected into one volume, and the entire intellectual world would be fauning over it. But it is NOT….MAN MADE! God supernaturally, guided the natural writing of the entire Bible THROUGH MEN….100% WITHOUT ERROR. Every POMPOUS scholar bristles at this statement or they try to claim that only the original Hebrew or Greek was without error — another ignorant falsehood learned from previous ignorant scholars! Why would God oversee the writing of an error free Bible only to let it become filled with errors over time? This is why many hold the King James Version we use today (not to be confused with the fake New King James)as in-errant. God’s WORD (the Bible) proves it’s own authenticity thousands of ways…by HISTORY…BY PROPHECY…BY COMMON SENSE…BY PEOPLE’S CHANGED LIVES…BY MIRACLES…BY SCIENCE…BY TESTIMONY…BY WORD STUDY…BY SUPPOSED ERROR’S DEBUNKED…BY HANDWRITING STUDIES…BY ARCHEALOGY…BY FLOOD FOSSILS…BY GEOGRAPHY…BY PURPOSE…BY BIOLOGY AND MICROBIOLOGY…BY GENEOLOGY…BY PERSECUTIONS…BY ANTHROPOLOGY…BY PSYCHOLOGY…BY UNBIASED AND BIASED SCHOLARS AND ANYONE ELSE WHO OPENLY STUDIES THE BIBLE, INCLUDING CHILDREN…BY ANY RELEVANT STUDY YOU CAN IMAGINE…AND BY REALIZING that our natural world is influenced by Spirit beings (God, His Angels, Satan and his fallen angel followers). If you are ignorant of this, then you really have your head in a hole in the ground. Why do you think the Wigi board exists? There is no natural explanation as to why the pieces move by themselves (but don’t try it for yourselves…that is like playing with fire…we don’t need to open the door for demons to attach to us…they are problems enough just being on the outside sending thoughts to influence our minds and our wills…making us think that all our negative thoughts originate just from our lust filled hearts alone. Have you ever tried to do the right thing in a particular area of your life only to continually fail and do the wrong thing…why is it that we cannot overcome every time? Enough said…if you want to make a negative statement about the Bible, first make it original and from your own research of primary sources…not what your friend or your TV or your professor, or your book says…go to the source and then prove it…if you think the Bible is full of made of stories…prove it by reading the entire Bible…not a Bible Commentary…then prove the inaccuracy of the dates, the names, the events, the culture, the language, the continuity of the 66 books……….prove God is wrong……..but always keep this question in the back of your mind……..and be open to the answers you find……….WHAT IF THESE ARE GOD’S WORDS? WHAT IS GOD TRYING TO SAY TO MAN? WHAT IS GOD TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH?…………TRY DISPROVING THE MESSAGES OF THE BIBLE………AND finally ask yourself………is the Bible trying to bring harm to mankind or goodness to mankind? Is God out to bring damnation and judgment to mankind or is God out to draw mankind to HIMSELF and to a beautiful eternity if LIFE with HIM? Does the Bible bring freedom to mankind or does it take our freedoms away? What is freedom? Is freedom, the ability to do our own thing any time we want without limitations? Can any business run this way? Can two friends always have their own way?
        The fact is, we are free to do what ever we want, but there are consequences, and it is those conseqences that end up taking our freedoms away. We are deceived into thinking that God gets in the way of our freedoms when in fact, it is God who guides us into the pathway of perfect freedom, freedom that leads to consequences that benefit us and those around us…eventually, for those who accept God’s pathway to perfect freedom, there is heaven and a perfect self, unfettered by wrong choices and bad consequences….where evil does not co-exist with good. Only the Bible provides this pathway….not meditation, not some manmade or demon made religion….not our own “logical” thinking…..not our parents…not science or any man made institution of thought. God made man a free entity, not a programmed robot. When man chooses God’s path, this pleases God immeasurably. This is why God made mankind. God has revealed Himself to mankind in a progressive mannor…..yet in each progressive stage, mankind needed only to Believe God and follow after Him in obedience to His revealed pathway. Why progressively….because in the end, at judgment day,
        God will prove Himself just in condemning those who did not believe to a place of punishment. No one will be able to say, “but only if I had had more knowledge of God”. God will show that at each progressive stage, some mankind believe IN HIM and others choose not to. These progressive stages include the pre-flood days (about 1700 years) where there was no Bible, only the evidence of God’s Creation and his initial dealings with Adam and Eve and their first children. The next stage was the post flood days up until the separation of people into various languages. Then God began dealing with Abraham and began the nation of Israel which had many rocky starts, then Moses, law giving, sacrifices of animals for covering of sins commited, judges, kings, prophets, the OLD TESTAMENT BIBLE, then after 400 silent years, God takes on human flesh in the person of Jesus, fully man but without sin, a second Adam (in a sense of being initially without a sin nature)…then the disciples and the crucifiction of Jesus, becoming the perfect eternal sacrifice for sin (superceding the Old Testiment sacrificial system)…then the resurrection of Jesus by His own power then His going back into Heaven…the the completion of the writings of the New Testiment and the finalization of the compilation of the 66 books into one book…then the growth of the Believers of the Book (Christians) through many periods of life and death persecutions (even today, 60% of the Christian population lives for fear of their lives)…then comes the return of Jesus to earth for 1000 years (maybe 2020), not as a humble servant teacher man, but as a King to rule with a rod of Iron, the perfect earthly situation, complete with many other Christians who come from heaven with Him to help rule and to judge around the earth….Satan will be bound in the bottomless pit this whole period of time….then Jesus goes back to heaven and Satan is release for a period of time (maybe 500 to 2000 more years), then all of mankind is brought to judgment…those who believed and obeyed go to heaven and those who rejected God in word and in their deeds go to the place originally prepared for Satan for eternity. The way to Heaven is a narrow path, though one door, Jesus. Few find it. The way to hell is wide. There is no other path. All the other ways lead up false paths and through false doorways. Look at Mormonism. The Book of Mormon has to copy the Bible (in a mixup way) in order to sound authentic. To my surprise, the Koran does the same thing. How can you know a counterfeit dollar? By studying the real thing. GET TO KNOW THE REAL THING!

        • http://www.webpronews.com nonbeliever

          kermit the frog.. post your comment, if you want to write a book send it to some pulbisher

    • Lord Ernie

      How do you breath with you head so far up your gods butt?

      • Gonotsky

        Lord ern, heads up butts is an area of gay expertise. Are you a fudgepacker?

    • harley

      Get a grip Tommy boy, God is man created.

    • http://ATT Lee

      I n the first place O’Reilly is full of BS. He is almost as arrogrant as obama. He rude, disrespectful often.
      He breaks so many of the Ten Commandents it is a wonder that he ever gets out of confession (if he goes). He knows he is wrong about gay marriages he went to a Catholic School. He defends obama when there is no defence. I think he is in love with himself.
      He talks about how smart obama is. obama is not smart he is vile and evil and I think O’reilly is getting there.

    • Mimi

      Is he not in the throws of a very ugly divorce? O’Reilly, I mean…

  • CavScoutSniper

    Bill O’Reilly is just one more anti 2nd Amendment, ever changing belief systems, talking head. I put about as much concern of what he says as I do in Obie, SloJoe and the rest of the Govt. and their Propaganda Machine, the so-called “Media”.

    • George Muzyka

      “BITE ME”

  • Michael Conway

    The whole show appears stupid and made for tv. Marriage is a matter for states to decide, not Obama, congress or the courts. Although I really don’t feel like even thinking about it personally it should be legislated by elected officials of individual states and anyone speaking about it as a national matter is a jerk, including Bill.

  • Mimi

    Megyn Kelly is fantastic. Great interviewer. Always enjoy watching when she is on, as well as Greta Van Susteren .