Meghan McCain New Show Just Latest Victory

    July 28, 2013
    Mike Tuttle
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Back in 2008, when Senator John McCain ran against Barack Obama for the presidency, little could anyone have guessed that the McCain that came out the biggest winner in that race would not be John. It would be his daughter Meghan.

Matt Spencer reported earlier about Meghan McCain’s new show, called “Raising McCain”. But that show is just the latest in a series of star turns for the outspoken daughter of a straight-talking maverick Senator from Arizona.

Meghan McCain blogged about the 2008 campaign train on her own website, McCain Blogette. Her personal take on politics and how it affected her family made her a star, even after the campaign was over.

Meghan McCain is a Republican. But she and her father do not always see eye-to-eye on all issues. And she is often at odds with other highly visible Republican voices, particularly people like Ann Coulter or her father’s former running mate, Sarah Palin.

Young voters have a trust of the young McCain, not seeing her as part of a long-standing establishment, but as an independent voice that they can sympathize with, unbought and unsoiled by the years of politicking that they see older politicians of both parties succumb to.

In 2009, Meghan McCain became a regular author on The Daily Beast, and a contributor to MSNBC in 2011.

McCain told the Television Critics Association that her new show lets her “be crazy, be myself and talk about issues.”

“I came to Pivot because I think there has to be some sort of middle ground between the Kardashians and C-SPAN,” McCain said. “I want to give people information but not talk down to them. I am so excited. This is the best thing I’ve ever done.”

She says her father has seen footage of her new show and supports her in this, as opposed to his disappointment when she started work with MSNBC.

  • Jeffrey

    Her show will not last long. 6 months to a year tops.

    • Keith Schlotthauer

      I say 3 months to 6 months

    • WBL

      At the very least she’s a breath of fresh air. So different from those far left types like Bachmann and Palin.

      • Rhino Buster

        Yea, right.. RHINO….

  • WBL

    I remember when Ann Coulter criticized Meaghan’s weight. Meaghan appeared on The View and said Coulter could “kiss my fat (ahem)!” Now that’s my kind of Republican.

  • P McWalter

    Booty but no brains!

  • Rhino Buster

    This is what happens when LOSERS breed.. Maybe MOMMIE can give a few pain killers as daddy is passing them across the isle.

    Progressive Conservative, oxymoron. Too bad AZ did not kick John’s ass out of the Senate. And for the record, Johnny, you have used up all your… “Thanks for your service” kudo’s. You are a war monger, nothing more, nothing less. You almost share your rube daughters chipmunk cheeks.

    • Bob

      You know what the problem is with the republican and democrat party , that is, if your not one of them or either of them your labeled a loser or crackpot. Those parties cater to the 1%ers, the rest of us dont even count.Hey rhino buster, when you can stand in McCains shoes as a man,then maybe your assinine commentary will be worth the digital space it has wasted on this board.