Megan Fox’s Son Wins At Having A Cool Name

    February 12, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Megan Fox’s son Noah, who was born in September but wasn’t announced until October, has been given the honor of having the best celebrity baby name of 2012.

According to a poll of over 2,000 women, Noah ranked first on the list for favorite names. Somewhat surprisingly on the list of least favorites are Reese Witherspoon’s son, Tennessee, and Beyonce and Jay-Z’s daughter, Blue Ivy. I thought that couple could do no wrong.

Favorite Baby Names:
1. Noah (Megan Fox)
2. Luca (Hilary Duff)
3. Hollie (Amanda Holden)
4. Faith (Michelle Heaton)
5. Marnie Mae (Tamzin Outhwaite)
6. Pearl (Jack Osbourne)
7. Theodora (Robbie Williams)
8. Penelope (Kourtney Kardashian)
9. Aoife (Una Healy)
10. Marlowe (Sienna Miller)

Least Favorite Baby Names:
1. Fox India (Mark Owen)
2. Eugene (Billie Piper)
3. Dolly (Chantelle Houghton)
4. Astala (Peaches Geldof)
5. Lorenzo (Snooki)
6. Maxwell (Jessica Simpson)
7. Blue Ivy (Beyonce and Jay Z)
8. Camden (Nick Lachey)
9. Tennesse (Reese Witherspoon)
10. Leighton (Stacey Solomon)

But there are tons of odd celebrity baby names that didn’t make the list, like Jason Lee’s kid, Pilot Inspektor, or Nicholas Cage’s son Kal-El (after Superman, of course). Perhaps the idea that no one else will have a name like that is what appeals most to these parents, but I feel for those kids when they get to middle school.

  • Anabelle Whitepaws

    Were all of these women of the same ethnicity? It seems so. Just an observation (~_~)

    • lolwut

      pretty sure beyonce and hilary duff aren’t the same ethnicity. just an observation

    • http://PumpingUpMyEthnicity.com Just Sayin’ It

      You seem to be pumping the poor OPPRESSED Blacks. It’s SO old.
      Bet you are quick to CHAMPION reparations as well.
      Especially from those generations of innocent people who had NOTHING to do with it.

      I’m malato, so hammer me ALL you want!

      • Cici

        We are talking about baby names what the hell are you talking about? Who is talking about oppression or reparations? NO one! Your an idiot and I don’t care what color you are. Stop using any form you can to spread your hate speech, find a Klan rally if you must spew that hate.

        • tina a brown

          CICI…Read before you comment!! Its obvious that a WF started this convo (as usual)!! You are just as ignorant!!

    • Rupert

      seriously? LOL Your observation skills are lacking.

    • Cici

      If that is observation than you are NOT very observant. And it has NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE! SO PLEASE STOP BRINGING RACE INTO CONVERSATIONS THAT IT DOESNT BELONG!!!! Celebrities of all races have been giving there kids weird names since the invention of celebrities!

  • gravano

    that baby should be proud to come out of a moma like megan. dad lucky bastard.

  • Angela

    I am pretty sure that these funky odd names that celebrity gives are not real, it’s probably a way for them to have some privacy of keeping some info to themselves.

  • matt

    Maxwell…that’s my dogs name.

    • Taylor

      Maxwell is a bad name because it’s her daughter’s name not her son’s

  • Mickey R.

    All Stupid! Everybody trying to stand out and be “different”. Celebraties sre assholes!

  • Sarah

    What about Olive?

  • Jacqueline

    How do you pronounce Aoife?

    • marie

      aoife is pronounced e-fah it is gaelic

    • Louis

      just like it sounds a w f u l

    • tina a brown

      HowDaHell do you pronounce….. A O I F E?? ridiculous??

  • tina a brown

    Annabelle…..U R a ignorant B I T C H!!! Do you know what ethnicity that comes from? TRIFLIN!!!

  • Misa

    Congrats to Megan and Brian….who cares about what they name their kids, a baby is a precious blessing no matter the race or status of their parents. I do agree however that some names are alittle out there but who are we to judge. :)

  • sempernoob

    So if Noah, Luca, Hollie, Faith, Marnie Mae, Pearl, Theodora, Penelope, Aoife, Marlowe, Fox India, Eugene, Dolly, Astala, Lorenzo, Maxwell, Blue Ivy, Camden, Tennessee, Leighton, Pilot Inspektor, and Kal-El were all in the same race, who would cross the finish line first?

    i wonder how Megan Fox feels about Fox India being Least Favorite Baby Name.