McKayla Maroney Finds Her Memes Mildly Amusing

    August 9, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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McKayla Maroney has been the talk of this year’s Olympic games, partly for her superb vaults and partly because of her facial expressions, which range from disappointed to just-plain-pissed-off. The looks have earned her a “mean girl” title, but as Maroney explained on “Today” this morning, they’re not about anyone but her.

“It wasn’t the silver that I was disappointed about. I was just disappointed in what happenend and how I performed. I really wanted to be able to hit both my vaults but I ended up falling on my second one,” she said. “I was just disappointed with myself, not the silver medal. It’s amazing to even be here and be on this team and compete for [the] USA.”

Since the now-infamous photo was snapped of Maroney’s perturbed expression during the medals ceremony where she took silver, she’s become a popular meme across Tumblr, which she thinks is funny.

“This tumblr is kinda funny,” the gymnast tweeted. “Made me laugh.”

“McKayla Is Not Impressed”




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