McDonald’s Vandalized By Dissatisfied Customers

    May 21, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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McDonald’s had a rough time last week. First, a customer found a deep fried insect in his hashbrowns, and then early on Sunday morning, two angry drunken customers rampaged at a Tennessee location and damaged some property because they were unhappy with the way their cheeseburgers came out.

Christopher Slate, 21, and Sean Mosey, 23, of Murfreesburo were allegedly angry over the amount of onions on their burgers and told police the sandwiches were “messed up”. After going through the drive-thru, they went home and drank a little, which only exacerbated the situation and led to them getting more worked up over the burgers. They later returned to the restaurant to throw bricks through windows and hurled a large chunk of concrete through the drive-thru, which shattered the glass and cut up an employee’s arm. They ran, but Mosey tripped and fell and was unable to get up, and the cops had no trouble arresting these bumbling perps after that. I’m guessing Mosey’s head broke his fall, judging from the mug shot bandages.

Now, I’d dare to say few among us have ever been in a situation where alcohol curbed a bad temper, but this is a tad on the ridiculous side. Both guys are now charged with felony reckless endangerment and vandalism and are also facing charges of public intoxication, and all because beer and a vague annoyance at fast-food incompetence don’t mix. Next time you find yourself irritated that Taco Bell forgot to give you fire sauce during a 3 a.m. munchies run, remember these guys and just let it go.

  • JTL

    People seem to be getting more and more stupid as time goes on. I don’t understand the rage many people have inside of them these days. I put it down to them not having a strong father who would slap the dog shit out of them whenever they got out of line. These two twerps need to spend about five years in a Tennessee state prison.

    • k

      OR maybe it’s all the cocaine that fast food restaurants are serving up little by little..

    • http://aol sam

      NO—people AREN’T more and more stupid, this stuff has been going on for 40 years….it’s the MEDIA THAT’S GOTTEN MORE & MORE DESPERATE to bring stories to you that are more & more shocking and down-trodden==so they can sell more and more magazines or get you to read their articles

    • http://html Jones

      I’ve had my order messed up but it’s when these low life scum from another world working at a sweat shop called McDs makes your order wrong that everything suddenly seems wrong. This story is actually one of the more realistic American stories. McDs is slowly reducing everyone to a cheeseburger. Hugo Chavez is right about ousting 115 McDonalds out his country, now the public saves at least two thirds the money and the workers can afford their own food creations. If Hugo was running America this never would have happened.

  • Pat

    Just looking at the smug look on the one punk’s face on the left makes me want to knock it off his face-WITH A BRICK!!!

  • Anonymous

    Just sad how low people would stoop to prove a point. Bet they are thinking they shouldve ate those burgers with all those onions now. How do they think their bologna sandwiches will taste without mayo. What are they gonna do now?

    • johnsnare

      The brick has more brains then the thrower. Tow real shit heads. Amazing how a little alcohol, turns some people into Tarzan. I have been around these type of wackos all my life, and without the booze, they are mostly powder puffs. They need a good ass kicking.

  • http://yahoo rick

    You know i understand that no one is perfect an things get messed up at times an know one is perfect and yes this was a bit extreme however this is an everday thing with these fast food places 4 out of ten times something is going to be messed up and that is just to much! I can order chinese or mexican and they barley speak a word of english and they manage to get it rite EVERY time! at least in my experiences now why cant these fast food chains do the same i understand these guys anger im not saying their actions was on point but when is the fast food places going to start caring enough to get it rite and lets face it thats what it boils down to is caring !!

    • Bruce Phillips

      HOLY CRAP rick! Get some spelling and grammar! Douches like you are killing this once great country!

    • Jessica

      Rick, Chinese and Mexican don’t do anywhere near the volume that fast food does. McDonald’s workers are supposed to have customers served within 90 seconds of leaving the mic from ordering their food. That’s crazy. Trying to do volume and speed, of course there will be errors. Also, with Mexican and Chinese, there aren’t so many “special” orders. Plus, their order wasn’t messed up. They were unhappy with the amount of onions on the sandwich! Was the worker supposed to count out the onions for these idiots?!
      And I agree with the other guy. Before you start to pick on someone else, go learn some grammar rules!

    • mike

      Rick where exactly did you get your education. You spell and use grammer like you never made it past second grade. You are what is wrong with America. You should never ba allowed to vote in a general election. You sir are an idiot!

      • http://yahoo kathy

        How about learning to spell grammar before criticizing others.

  • Cecil Means

    I think it’s another example of the expanded media coverage on all things stupid.We wouldn’t even have been aware of this 20 years ago.
    People have done stupid things like this forever,just gets more coverage now.I’m just sorry it happened in one off my favorite southern states.

    • ed

      Well, it can happen anywhere, we as Americans seem to think that anywhere we go even outside of the US, any McDonald’s will do it right. Makes me wonder how DumbSmug and DumberBandaged would react if they did what they did in a McDonald’s in China. They would cause an interntional embarrassing American incident.

  • Dumbest Criminals

    Just because someone messes your order up you really think its okay to mess up the establishment because of a mistake. Some people are just so clueless. Condoning violence is a way of saying you would do it to. Get a life!!

  • Amber

    i worked at a mcdonalds in ocala, FL for about a year, and someone once brought back a chicken nugget that had a housefly in the breading, and had been deepfried and handed out. when i saw it, i almost threw up. so all these fast food horror stories have alot more truth than some people think.

  • Julia

    My son worked at Arby’s, McDonalds and some chinese food places while at college and said that burgers fall in the floor and they still place them on the bun, workers do not clean their hands after using the bathroom, sometimes buggers fell on food if someone has a cold and they just serve food to the customers with all these things. Most of the workers at fast food are very young people with no manners or hygienic habits. Therefore, you are at risk eating there. The workers can eat their lunch there, but my son after seeing all the mishappenings and dirt in there, ate somewhere else.

    • Alan

      You are absolutely correct! My wife’s son-in-law told us that back in the 70’s for crying out loud. At first I couldn’t believe it, but certainly do believe now!
      Kid’s these days have no regard what-so-ever! Where have their parents been?

    • Kiki

      I can attest to all of that and more. We had prisoners there who were allowed to work on the outside from 8 to 4 – do you think they cared ? Even though all of that is common knowledge by now, there are still plenty of people frequenting fast food places.

  • Bruce Phillips

    Has anyone EVER met a mother that was NOT a parent of “the most amazing kid ever”? Can’t believe the crass to put that in her own bio! Probably the most spoiled brat ever.

  • Alan

    So this is what alcohol does to one’s brain eh?

  • Cory

    It’s Murfreesboro not “Murfreesburo.” As a writer don’t you think you should check your spelling.

  • turnip9970@yahoo.com

    Really?? The guy who found a BUG managed to keep it together but these guys flipped over some ONIONS?

    Did it ever occur to you morons to simply tell the manager?

    • bobbi

      you do realize that there is a large number of people on this planet that do not act rationally?

  • billy

    customer service has really went down everywhere.

  • fred whitley


  • Joe B

    Simple solution, Don’t eat at fast food joints, the food sucks anyway, what would you expect?

  • Mark

    good im glad they did it. it seems that every other time i go to mcdonalds they eather screw up the order, give me somthing cold, or it looks like a baby put it together. hopefully this will happen to afew more mcdonalds around the country so maby they will start taking better care of what they do!

    • ed

      And you’d be a starving and stupid fool. Violence never solved anything and did you read one employee in the restaurant had a cut arm as a result of these idiots throwing brick stones through the glass? Your lack of smarts is about as telling as your incompetent spelling.

  • Kyle

    Wow… a stupid little new story stretched into three paragraphs, with a personal opinions addition at the end… Good reporting there, Amanda. Just curious how hard you looked to find something to write about…did you see the small little blurb in the paper when you were having your morning oatmeal…or were you actually the reported on the scene….???



  • Lee

    Why are these mugs shots publicized and not the two guys who killed the Chinese students?
    “Javier Bolden, 19, and Bryan Barnes, 20, were arrested Friday on suspicion of killing the students during an apparent robbery attempt, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said.”

  • Michele

    Personally incidents like this make me think that public caning isn’t such a bad idea. Strap them up in front of that McDonalds every monday for a month and have them be beaten, spit at, have food thrown at them and be a public specticle. I’d think it would be a bigger deterant than putting them away in prison to be forgotten.

    Part of my rational is, something like this drunken stupidity shouldn’t be something that destroys the rest of their lives, punish them harshly and publicly and call it done and over. Prison isn’t a deterant and something like this on their permanent record could prevent them from ever becoming productive members of society. Plus they get the added problem of spending 6 months rubbing elbows with rapists, murders, and professional thieves to learn new ways to screw up.

    • Haxsaw

      Dear Friend,
      I, also, agree with caning. Too often the taxpayers in certain areas of the country are harboring people like the ones pictured in this article. I agree with work reform. Place bags on their shoulders and let them walk roadways, collecting trash, in chain gangs. The sad part is some limp wristed liberal will tell you are violating their rights. In the end, nothing gets done, no justice is served and The American taxpayer is screwed… Again. It makes my blood boil.

  • Anacreon

    You deserve a brick today!

  • W J .DePaola

    ya know, we all have had a “BEEF

    Ya know, we all have had a ‘BEEF” or two, with Mickey Dee’s LOL,not enough to go Rambo on one of their joints!!Did either of these MORONS hear the word LAWSUIT?? McDonalds has been sued for lesser reasons than chrispy fried bugs!!! Assholes probably ate squirrelbefore stumbling into MD’s LOL!!!


  • Stupid Detector

    Genius has it’s limits, but stupidity has no ends. It is an incurable disease!

  • Carl L.

    This report is fake & false! No Proof! They only have 1 photo of these guys. No photos of damages to be of proof! If any reports or news about the damages without photos is fake and/or false.

  • Megan

    I work at a McDonald’s. We have all kinds of people come in all day, everyday. Some people seem to understand that something can go wrong at any given time (e.g., an order gets messed up, a machine breaks down, someone gets injured, etc.). Others aren’t so patient (especially people who have never worked in food service) and believe me, they get mad. Granted, the McDonald’s that I work at has never been vandalized, but I’m sure we’ve had people who seriously considered doing it.