McDonald’s Upside-Down Flag Upsets Veterans

    November 8, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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A West Virginia McDonald’s is taking some heat after flying the American flag at half mast and upside-down on Wednesday morning, upsetting passerby and local veterans.

While many think the half-mast part came in due to the election results, flying a flag upside-down is a distress signal, and many in town are puzzled as to why the fast-food chain would allow such a thing to happen.

“I think that’s a stab at us,” said Lou Headman, a local vet, who said the display was disrespectful “It doesn’t make sense why anyone would want to do that. That’s a distress signal, and maybe they didn’t know that, but we know that.”

However, a manager at the restaurant posted to a local news station’s Facebook page, saying that they’d flown the flag at half-mast per corporate request; the owner, Karen Mezan, issued a statement about the incident.

“Unfortunately, a flag cable broke and during the process of trying the fix the flag, it was inadvertently turned upside down. It wasn’t noticed that the flag was upside down until a customer inquired about it. We are working on fixing the flag right now. It’s important to note that this was an accident, not intentional.”

The flagpole has since been fixed, and all flags are flying in the correct position.

  • Fran

    I think it’s perfectly appropriate. They are showing what is happening to America. If I had a flag right now, I would put the flag at half mast. America is screwed.

    • http://Yahoo Marvelous1!

      All politicians should try reaching across the aisle. I don’t agree with everything our leaders do, but I will always respect their authority.

      Grow up already.

    • Lenny Bruce Jacobs

      apparently sice you morons lost….most people dont agree with backward redneck ignorance….we won…you lost again stupid.

  • Percy Adams

    I have flown my flag in my front yard at half mast since the day Obumo took office. I will continue to fly it at half mast until the blooming idiot is out of office. By the way, I am a 63 year old former Marine and Vietnam Veteran !!!!!

    • http://Yahoo Marvelous1!

      Some people are going to be idiots and let their TRUE colors show regardless the issue. How about instead of just seeing black and white, you see RED, WHITE and BLUE?!

      Go fly that!

      • Bet

        You got that right! After all this is America!

      • Percy Adams

        I don’t care if Obumo is black or not. What I care about is the harm being done to this great country by a dumbass that idiots like you voted for. I also see RED, White, and Blue, everyday when I sit on my deck with my morning cup of coffee. It’s right there in front of me at half mast until the Dumbass Obuma is gone !!!!

        • jb

          Percy, you really need a life………………

    • ME

      You live on a boat?

      • Percy Adams

        As a matter of fact jerk off, I do live on a boat. A very nice 48 foot double deck houseboat to be exact and my front yard is my front deck. That’s why my flag flys at half mast !!!

    • http://yahoo. jerry


    • Condor

      Good for you…..I’ll do the same !!!

    • mawmaw

      63 and still that stupid huh?
      Only idiot you have to deal with is in the mirror.
      You sound like the typical – got your feelings hurt because the black president is smarter than you.

      • Bet

        Look who’s calling anyone an idiot…a super idiot that voted for the man who wants us all to be his slaves. Really, aren’t you smarter than that?

        • Percy Adams

          Hey village idiot, I never said I voted for Romney. It was mighty idiotic of you to assume that. There were several other candidates running…..

        • jb

          uhhhh….to be his slaves? Right. Bet – you are scary. Seriously, ignorance on your level is beyond curious.

    • Lenny Bruce Jacobs

      you are also a complete jerk with not enough brains to get a real job….hero my ass…you ought to fly the flag for all the women and children that were raped and killed by you monkees

  • Terry

    At least they are flying a flag. Have you ever observed ANY public speech by obuma? No flags are present when he’s putting on the show…

    • Major Oberst Flap

      Moronic comment, Terry.

      • http://yahoo. jerry



        • C.M.


        • Bet

          Seriously. You must not know anyone on Social Security. They have suffered because this man thinks they are not necessary and probably that they all should be euthanized. He took $716B out of the Medicare fund to finance his stupid obamacare which is going to ruin the medical care of many people. Guess that’s one way to get his way ALL the time without all those executive decisions (923) that he has already made. That means that NO ONE…not even any democrat can do anything about any of them…..he is the only one that matters to him.

          • jb

            Gee, Bet. I’m on Social Security and I haven’t suffered one bit. Is it possible….I mean just POSSIBLE….that you don’t know what the hell you are talking about?

          • Kathy

            Stop already with the lying rhetoric. WE KNOW THE TRUTH BET. We find out for ourselves.

    • Lenny Bruce Jacobs

      he made 3 speeches in the last 2 days and you spelled his nmae wrong stupid redneck

      • Name Withheld

        I’d have to admit. I feel so sorry for my grandmother on Social Security.

    • kim

      Terry, if you go to the website http://www.whitehouse.com you will see the President’s speeches & to the side & some behind him you can see something it is Red, White & Blue with stars would that be a flag?
      Thought so!

  • Name withheld

    We are all american. Did we do that when Bush who by the way started the screw up for this country. Most are mad because the President is a smart Black man period. Get over yourselves.

    • Bet

      Bush didn’t do half the damage in two terms as Obama has done in only one. As for any wars, you need to look when the onset occured….Bush was not in office. Every time a war starts during a term of a Republican president, the onset began under the helm of a democrat president….that’s history folks.

      Obama is a non-American as far as I am concerned. He bows to our enemies and apologies for our arrogance….really!!!! Who does he think he works for….it is time he realizes that he works for us not the other way around. The only think Obama is really smart at is making fools of the people who voted for him and indoctrinating uninformed public. Anyone with any sense of what life in this great country is all about would not vote for this man.

      • kim

        Your an idiot, I am so tired of people saying he is not American. If he was not born in America then it should have been proved before he was elected 4 yrs. ago. People are just mad because he is a strong, intelligent, family oriented black man. GROW UP & GET OVER YOURSELF. Oh & I stand behind my FREEDOM OF SPEECH with this reply! So there!!

      • Lenny Bruce Jacobs

        typical Republican….everytime you open your mouth…out comes nothing but lies…..you are what is wrong with America idiot

      • jb

        you are a moron

  • Sgt. Valley

    As a veteran, the writer needs to know: when on land, it’s known as half-staff, while the half-mast term is generally used aboard a ship.

  • Major Oberst Flap

    This was done in error. The MacDonalds’ staffer are all minimum wage people and don’t know any better.

  • stephen

    Wow, this is such a non-story if you look at the photos, yes more than one, you will see the cable is broken. They had no intention showing that they (the country) was in distress. They are guilty of flying the wrong version of the American Flag. The store should be flying an all weather flag, that flag is tattered and torn and should be render the proper respect of being destroyed IAW DoD guidance.

    • Aggie

      So many lies … if the truth is that the cable broke and it was upside down and at half staff because of that cable failure, then why say it was a corporate request to fly the flag at half staff? And why, if it was a mandate from McDonalds Corporate office, were no other McDonald’s flags at half staff. Bunch of lies by this manager and people should boycott the store. He doesn’t even have the courage to speak truthfully.

      • stephen

        the cable failure is why it flew upside down, have no idea who passed for them to fly at half staff I don’t work for McDonalds I do work as a military member assigned to a color guard and have seen this happen before.

  • Ellen A

    If I had seen that flag upside down, I would have called 911. That IS a distress signal and it would have served them right if they’d had a dozen cop cars there. It also would have kept them from EVER repeating that mistake.

  • Dennis

    In other news my car got a flat tire today. Officials at GM were shocked when they saw the deflated tire. One was quoted, “This was not what we designed our cars to look like.” The cause was found to be a nail that punctured the tread. Repairs were made immediately, and a PR rep sent out apologies to everyone affected.

  • George Kingley

    I am a veteran and never upset over someone’s right to express their opinion freely. I am upset with those who object. Didn’t many veterans die to support this man’s right to be free to express his opinion? What did the local veterans fight for, freedom of expression so long as they agree? This act is totally American, and those who oppose, are something else.

    • Lenny Bruce Jacobs

      they fought for rich white Republicans and for oil

      • superdog

        Lenny,lenny,lenny. Please try a new topic. You have become, old, tired, and boring. while you are at it. Try a new name. Lenny Bruce. One real scum bag, with no talent, except a great command of foul language. A true anti American scuzz ball.

  • RickV

    While I disagree with a flag being flown upside down because of President Obama, I would defend to the death a citizen’s RIGHT to do so! Millions of American heroes have died so we ALL have the freedom of expression — via speech or otherwise. The US Supreme Court has protected the right of protesters to burn our flag, and while I find that a bit distasteful, since that is a protected right then this surely is!

  • Rebekah Arizola

    Totally agree with you on all counts RickV and George Kingley; last time I looked we still have freedom of speech and came damned well express ourselves and our military has historically fought so that we could have the right to disagree, protest and the like. I’m confused and trying to figure out why the local Veteran would think is was a stab at him or them???? Has something else happened recently??? Honestly when you look at the photo it does look like something is wrong with the cable. Unfortunately I’m so busy communting to work and trying to make a living and keep up my household together that I miss a lot; probably would have taken me some time to even notice it….if the people who are up in arms about this need more to do to keep their minds occupied, call me I can share some of my work with you. Also, since when did we look at every little mistake as something horrible and intentional. I’ve never seen such racism and division within a country as we have right now…from both sides. The resentment of one another is just shocking.

    • Lenny Bruce Jacobs

      that is what happens when you vote Republican….eight years of Bush has divided this country

  • arthur scott

    i am a retired marine, and i say so what, flying it upside down or anything does not upset me at all,

    • Lenny Bruce Jacobs

      that is becuse you are too stupid to get a real job

      • Noni

        OMG! I can’t believe you said that! In reading the comments on this article, I know that you do not have the brains of a gnat!!! Any man to served this country as a marine … for any length of time, let alone up to retirement .. should not have to have a job. He has done his job! He protected all of America for many years .. including your ignorant A$$!!!!!!!

      • Mona Young

        Mr. Jacobs, you say it is OK because one of your “people” were responsible but if this was done by a Muslim owned established the real “Americans” would want to wage a war. Noni, this is nothing new, acts done by certain classes of people get a pass when it is convenient.

  • Name Withheld

    I am a 22 year old active duty American Airman. As with any veteran, when I swore on oath I swore to adhere to the orders of our President whether I agree with them or not. Yes people are entitled to their own opinion but I’ve never felt so much hatred towards our President in my young adult life. The flag being upside down at half staff is purposely disrespectful and as McDonald’s being such a prominent food chain, it is very tacky on their part. The personal political views of the workers at McDonald’s shouldn’t express their opinions at their workplace. It’s tacky, distasteful, and unprofessional. President Obama is our president, live with it.

    • tonya

      Thank you! For your comment, your maturity, and your service. Truly, thank you.

      • http://yahoo barbara belcher

        yes thank you and GOD bless the USA

  • James

    It’s their pole, their flag. Freedom of speech, that simple.

    • Lenny Bruce Jacobs

      and it was our vote and you lost Republican….again!

      • Scared?

        I love how people assume you are an R just because you call out others’ bad behavior. Grow up.

  • Jaymes

    I am a vet. and I am not pissed about the upside down flag because with Obama being re-elected our country is in major destress. Untill he is out of office EVERYONE should fly our flag upside down. This man has and is putting our country in termoil!!!!!!

    • http://Unknown Mark R

      I’m a veteran that is educated under peace and fire! In the field and in the class room! I’m not happy about it, because it is a slap on America!
      It isn’t just a vet thing any more. You fools allowed Bush to lie about weapons of mass destruction, send over 4500 American troops to their deaths! Now when we have a president that supports the troops and the vets, this is the treatment the commander-in-chief gets. Did we see any protests like at Bush’s ranch? No!!
      This country isn’t in distress! You maybe, but the rest of us don’t think there is a shred of truth in your projects of 2016! Pure garbage!
      This isn’t freedom of speech either!! It is an improper action that is in conflict with USA flag etiquette as mandated by Congress! The flag is at half-Staff, because this isn’t a US vessel, which would fly flags, when ordered, at half-mast!

      • Kathy

        Thanks you Mark R for standing out from the made up crowd. I agree with all you have stated and I can totally support our troops without supporting endless wars for oil and profit. I did NOT want to wake up after the election to live in The United States of Koch! Many Americans woke up these past few months!

  • Kelly

    Absolute and utter disrespect. What this country NEEDS is to forget about party lines and learn to freakin get along. Grow the Eff up and deal with what is goin on. Aint gonna change for another 4 years, no matter how much you dont like it.

    • tonya

      Thank you!

  • Rational Human

    Obviously the flag is at half mast because Obama is a communist who wants to sell your babies to china and move in everyone from Africa. The majority of you bigots sit around and feed off of each others stupidity. Stop already, all your doing is solidifying the assumption that you’re bitter racists who can’t cope with minorities (not just black people) having an equal say in the direction the country goes. It isn’t YOUR country, it belongs to all of us.

    • Michael

      Bravo…well said.

    • http://yahoo barbara belcher

      @rational human you have made the greatest statement on here. As for everyone reading this article no matter who you chose to become president the disrespect that mcdonalds showed to all men and women who fought so hard for this country, especially those who lost their lives is the real subject. Also did the corporate office tell them to do it or did a cable break. Veterans should be upset and though I love mcdonalds and live in las vegas i will think twice before going there again.

  • Allie

    It still won’t stop people from going in there and clogging up their arteries with that food… lol.

  • Lenny Bruce Jacobs

    White do you expect from a bunch of ‘dumb southerners’…..they live in West virginia to begin with which is not even near Virginia….Stupid! The only places whwre Romney won was in the Dumb South and the Stupid midwest….all racist,dumb,rednecks the rest of the country could care less about….they dont matter!!!!!!!!!!

    • tonya

      I am one of those “dumb southerners” from West Virginia. I take umbrage at your depiction of an entire group of people, especially when your first two sentences exhibit your own ignorance.

      Allow me to correct you: “WHAT [not white] do you expect…” “they live in West virginia [you forgot the capitalization] to begin with which is not even near Virginia [wrong again – our southeast boundary is their northwest boundary]…”

      As for characterizing us all as “racist,dumb,rednecks the rest of the country could care less about [you forgot your spacing, by the way]”, you need to know that NASA trains their astronauts in Alabama. The launch their rockets from Florida. That means at least some southerners truly ARE rocket scientists.

      –From a college-educated, well-employed mother of a self-made professional and a college student; I am also engaged to a man who holds several Master’s degrees and is gainfully self-employed.

    • Cat

      You stupid piece of shit!!! soon your crappy president will leave and you will all suffer

    • Dan

      Lenny, Lenny, Lenny
      You just revealed your ignorance – Not only is West Virginia Adjacent to Virginia, it was, prior to the Civil War, PART of West Virginia.

      Learn your History & Geography before you speak & especially before you call people stupid.

  • reidh

    those guys are veterans like John Keery was a veteran. Anyway they fought for the right for that man to do that. So its a good thing not a bad thing. Too bad all McDonalds don’t do that i would start eating there again.

  • An American

    To all of you who chose to re-elect Mr. Obamo, I only have one thing to say. When he bends you over and gives it to you up the WhaZoo, you will have no body to blame but your own ass !!!

    • Michael

      Now you know how we felt when YOUR people voted for Bush…TWICE. President Obama is just fixing the mess left behind by the most incompetent President..BUSH! Embrace your hate for Obama. BTW, I am a Republican with an ACTUAL brain.

      • sully

        I find it laughable and puzzling that the 10 poorest and worst-educated states in the USA are red states. What have the republicans ever done for you people…what a bunch of idiots…BTW…get used to losing elections….republicans have surpassed stupidity and entered extremism which will not be tolerated by people with logic….you all enjoy your hate for the next 4 years and beyond…get used to it…

        • superdog

          Sure you do.

        • Scared?

          Talk about hate. You sound like an angry ass full of it. You are bad representation of liberal.

          • sully

            I never said I was a liberal…there are more than two kinds of people in this world…idiots and those who choose to use logic…guess which one you are?…

      • sully

        ps…nice comment Michael…this wasnt meant for you…sorry

        • Michael

          Gotcha. No worries. Thanks for the support.

    • JD

      Change your name from “An American” to “Un American.” I agree with those who point out that the dumbest and poorest continue to vote for republicans who couldn’t give one ounce of s.h.i.t. about you.

      I agree, keep up the hate and the good work! We’ll keep winning elections!

  • Campbell Soup

    Kudos to them. These folks know the proper USA flag etiquette and have every right to display it in this manner. It’s what makes America great. After all, didn’t libs pull some stunts during the 8 years of GWB, like calling on him to be assassinated?

  • jb

    right….a mistake. Of course the fact that it was left at half-mast must also be a mistake. right.

  • TMZ

    While I definitely don’t agree in which they (McD) displayed our flag, they were only trying to show how little respect BHO & Moochelle have for our country, especially our military services. They have repeatedly shown complete disrespect.

    • JD

      You’re a fool, and you talk of respect yet refer to our President and his wife in disrespectful terms. How has Obama shown the military anything but the highest respect you intolerant racist idiot?

      • Michael

        I guess bringing our troops back home from unnecessary wars is not enough respect for our troops. Unlike both Bush’s sending our men and women into harms ways all for the sake of $$$$$.

    • jb

      TMZ – really, you shouldn’t just make blanket statements like that with nothing more added. At least the troops under Obama have effective armour (something that didn’t exist under GWB) and all vehicles are armoured to prevent damage from roadside bombs – also something GWB forgot to do. And, of course the most disrespectful thing a leader can do is to put his troops into harm’s way for no apparent reason – i.e., the Irag war.

  • JD

    The least they could do is own up to the intent to hang the flag that way. I love when “brave” republicans stand up strong online to decry Obama and his policies. Then when a McDonalds is called on it, they retreat and blame a faulty cable. Nice courage there. Hide behind a stupid stunt.

    I’m so happy the election went the way it did. A faint glimmer of hope shone through a pile of racism and cynicism.

    Rachel Maddow had a great monologue last night, rattling off the insane thoughts that GOPers have about our country. All the false thoughts and beliefs.

    You could see it on Rove’s face, Trump’s tweets. It all came crashing down last Tuesday. So happy…

    • Kathleen

      “Americans have gone a long way down the wrong road.” – Billy Graham, November 7th, 2012

      It smelled a lot like Venezuela last night. I went to bed last night in Venezuela and I woke up to mourning in America. We live in a different America today. We now live in the USSA and we have to adjust and prepare.

      A majority of Americans chose the path of 18th century Frenchmen and 1930 Germans last night. A majority chose to vote for “revenge,” for redistribution of wealth, for abortion on demand, for abandoning Israel and for “leaning forward” in front of Dan Savage and Vladimir Putin. A majority of Americans chose to steal from their neighbors, their neighbor’s children and their own children (if they haven’t aborted them) to pay for their condoms, Skippy Peanut Butter, lottery tickets and Band-Aids. A majority turned a deaf ear to the cries from Benghazi. A majority closed the drapes on Israel and those Russian nuclear subs off our coast. A spatter of blue paint on a mostly red country shows where the cancer has spread and the metropolitan areas have opted-out of arduous freedom for the ease of complacent servitude.

      May Almighty God Help Us!! HE is our only hope. Pray for our president and our country.

      • Michael

        The above comment is EXACTLY what is wrong with the Republican party. You guys need to EVOLVE. Even though you still do not believe in evolution regardless of the scientific evidence. No problem, keep your head in the sand. While the rest of us, move FORWARD.

      • jb

        Kathleen, Kathleen……the Russian subs off our coast? Really? You know, of course, they aren’t off our coast Kathleen – – they are UNDER YOUR BED!!!

        And, no, we aren’t Venezuela. We are not being led by a Socialist – he is a centrist Democrat, much in the same mold as Bill Clinton. Only Black. Distribution of wealth? The 1% pay the lowest taxes in their history and their incomes have skyrocketed in recent years. I know – because I am a 1 percenter. Oh….and I’m Jewish and a supporter of Israel – and they will be just fine under this President. What you have to understand is that the US is no longer a white male-dominated society, and never will be again. I know you don’t like that, but that’s the reality. So just hunker down in the mid-west or South – wherever you are from, and look at travel brochures for Canada….’cuz that’s the only place left for people like you to be truly happy. I happen to be white and the change in demographics doesn’t bother me (it just means more gardeners available for me to choose from). Calm down Kathleen….but take my advice and DON’T LOOK UNDER YOUR BED.

        • Kathy

          LOVE, LOVE, LOVE yor rational response jb! Right on and keep speaking your truths!

      • Linda

        Really, the sky isn’t falling so all you Henny Pennys running around crying need to get a grip. No one has abandoned Israel. Pro-Choice is a good thing since we are a free nation of individuals. Get with an organization that helps unwed pregnant teenagers and rape victims who are pregnant and don’t want their babies and YOU adopt the kids. And also get with Child Protective Services to adopt kids whose parent(s) are meth heads and won’t take care of their kids. Our nation is healing–please allow it to continue.

    • Tami

      Rasiscm and Cynicism? What brand of Kool-Aid are your drinking?

  • http://webpronews frank martin

    To purposely fly the flag upsidedown(DISTRESS SIGNAL) is sick.

    • apaulo30

      Indeed…and what a lame excuse from the manager. Do they think people are really that stupid. If that were the case, Romney would have won…Poor losers!

    • apaulo30

      Why not just place the decal up your arse from the outside-in!

  • Marvin Williams

    I am a veteran and am in no way offended by this – I will be placing an upside down flag decal right under the eagle globe and anchor – this country is in great distress and is being eaten up with decay from the inside out.

    Semper fi

  • GLS

    No one respect anything in the United States any more. took God out of everything. spit on soldiers who fought for us. I am sorry but any one named Hussein should not be a president. II will defend my rights to the end. Freedom of speech is one right I have an so don’t you all. Instead of fighting each other and dividing us, we need to stand together as 1, Just what other countries want, us to fall apart and weak, and that is what is happening. Good luck to you all. No matter who is president,they are all tearing us down and making us weak.

    • GLS

      I am not a Democrat or Republican, I use to be one of them, but now I do not believe any President has power. I have nothing against the man,Just the office he holds.

  • Robert Campbell

    Life is great Obama won so get over it The people spoke I really don’t know who you are.

    • GLS


  • Robert Campbell

    McDonalds has a right to do anything they want corporations are people remember the election sure glad Obama Won

  • Randell

    I put my flag upside down the morning after. I am a veteran and retired now. This country is in trouble and for the next 4 years will be so and there will be no recover, so welcome to the United States of Communist American. I hope you happy for those of you blind ignorant folks who voted democrate.

    • Bill

      F**k you Randall

      • http://none Kosh

        I respect your service Randal.

        Be glad Obama won, maybe we won’t be in yet another war for the next four years. No innocent kids getting blow to hell.

    • fabian

      @ Randell You call yourself a vet speaking about the President Of The United States. Seriously tell me your joking

    • Mark

      I’m betting you’re likely against flag burning. You probably go into hysterics every time you see some foreigner or liberal American burning the flag. The irony is it’s the exact same level of disrespect. I guess its okay to do this though as long as it’s about Obama…? Right is Right, and character is doing the right thing even when you don’t want to. Time for some character Randell…

      • Mark

        And I’m a veteran also; a 21 year retired USAF NCO. What this McDonalds did, and what you did, are completely unexcusable…and you know it.

    • http://WebProNews Angela

      No the blind ignorant folks are those that voted for Mitt Romney even though he changed his positions according to what audience he was speaking to, paid only 13% taxes on the $20 million he made outsourcing American jobs abroad and thinks a woman who was raped should HAVE to bear a child conceived of that rape. This country WAS in trouble coming out of the Bus regime, but now we have HOPE!

    • Parker

      Know your shit between communism and socialism. You’re most likely another damn american obese sitting in front of the computer who depends on Fox Fiction News. Don’t like Obama? too bad now you know how others felt under the American Idiot George Bush for 8 years.

  • Michael L. Ellard

    I am a Vet. I think this Mickey D’s should either be closed or the manager fired!

    • Smedly

      Why on earth should they be fired or closed even if they did it on purpose? Take a deep breath and just keep this in perspective. Yes, if done on purpose it was inappropriate. People complained and they fixed it. No one was hurt.

    • Mark

      I Agree 100% with Micheal. It was disgraceful, and whoever was responsible for it damn well knew it was disgraceful.

  • H. Campbell

    What can I say? Stupid stuff happens.

  • sharron

    I have a hard time believing this was a mistake. no other Mcdonalds seemed to be flying a flag at half mast on Nov 7th. so why would just this store to be told by corporate to do so?
    If Mcdonalds as a corporation wanted to make a statement after the election about the US being in distress because of who got elected, that would be within their free speech rights and I wouldn’t see it as a jab at veterans. but for just one of their stores to choose to do this was not very smart on their part as the whole company is judged by their actions. they had no right to act on their own when part of a larger organization. Someone there needs to face some disciplining. in any business , an employee is not allowed to push their own views on company gorunds

  • http://none Kosh

    Most of the people working there are probably kids. No sense of respect for Vets or the flag or anything else. It would be almost impossible to hang it upside down by accident.

    Anytime a soldier from the West Virginia is killed in action, we fly the flags at half mast.

  • Brianwere stupid enough to re-elect the bozo.

    The Discrace is the fact the American’s

    • Layla

      Well, we’re certainly not as moronic as YOU electing and then RE-electing that Shrub, I mean, Bush. So you still win the idiot race. No worries Brain pumpkin :)

      • yeahright

        Oh goodness, don’t mistake Brian for a Brain!

  • Brian

    The real Discrace is the fact that there are enough stupid Americans that voted for this idiot AGAIN!!!!
    How stupid are you people???

    • yeahright

      No, Brian, the Mittiot lost, he didn’t get elected again to anything.

  • Mark

    I’m finding it ironic that those defending this, or even going as far as to say it’s free speech, are likely also those that are against flag burning. They probably go into hysterics every time they see some foreigner or liberal American burning the flag. The irony is it’s the exact same level of disrespect. I guess its okay to do this though as long as it’s about Obama…? Right is Right, and Character is doing the Right thing even when you don’t want to. Time for some character folks…

    • yeahright

      Yes! Character, and INTEGRITY!

  • Al

    Most of thier employees are mexicans, so they don’t know which way it’s suppose to go!

    • Parker

      Maybe you should shut up If you don’t have anything important to say, damn racist.

  • Layla

    OK, this is after all WEST VIRGINIA. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they did this without even knowing it. Inbreeding and smarts do not go together.

  • yeahright

    I sincerely doubt this was an accident, coincidentally on the morning after the selection. Rude, no matter which candidate was selected, that’s just plain rude. When you can’t accept things that you do not agree with and you act out because of them, you demonstrate pettiness and immaturity.

  • phil

    I agree 100 percent with McDonolds you with the nany democrats health care they have already started telling us what to eat and what we can’t and I am sure after this four years McDonolds will be told what they can serve and what not its already started in New York and Calf. it will happen they will be dictated to by this drip in the white househe has just begun to take away our freedom

  • phil

    I agree 100 percent with McDonolds you with the nany democrats health care they have already started telling us what to eat and what we can’t and I am sure after this four years McDonolds will be told what they can serve and what not its already started in New York and Calf. it will happen they will be dictated to by this drip in the white househe has just begun to take away our freedom

  • Theresa

    I’ve read this story in a couple of different places. Neither said “why” corporate supposedly told them to fly the flag at half mast??? Just curious to know whether there was a plausible reason for them to fly it at half-mast. “Lucaco” Peace and Love @lucalean

  • Leon

    As another military retiree, I see nothing upsetting about an upside-down flag. I’ve been putting my flag postage stamps and return address labels on mail that way ever since Clinton was prez … my way of expressing my belief that our nation is in extremely deep kimchi (doodoo, for you folks not familiar with Korean cuisine), and not likely to recover anytime soon … if I had a flagpole in my yard it would fly there upside-down too, and anyone who challenges me on it could read my answer in a full-page newspaper ad. Ok, break out your Universal Translators, Trekkies, and have a go at this one: Si vis pacem para bellum. (Hint: ask your child who has a Latin class at school.)

  • Chiniquy

    Village idiots.

  • http://www.justlovegardening.net/Stumpgrinding.html central coast stump grinding

    Does it really matter

  • RWS

    Any veteran who claims to be upset about this can kiss my ass.

    • Jay

      Jay – To RWS – I’d rather Kick your ass you fool

  • Greg

    I think its funny how these liberals have been clamoring for years that it is a free speech right to BURN an American flag. That is an insult to all Americans and only acceptable in a retirement ceremony for a damaged flag. Read the flag code. The patriots who love and understand America understand whats going on, and damnit we aren’t going to sit by and watch anymore!

  • TA

    Hey Guys:

    Just a heads up: We are trying to alert as many folks as possible to a Sayreville, NJ business who have chosen to desecrate the American flag to make a political statement about the Obama re-election.

    Any assumptions about Viking Terminal sending a distress signal resulting from Hurricane Sandy and the resulting flooding however are incorrect.

    1- A black wreath displayed on the upside down flag: clear indication that the owners feel our country is dead as a result of the election.
    2- A fast check on the owners into their Facebook accounts and other sources shows a pattern of right wing activity.
    3- Repeated requests for comment from the business on the flag display have been ignored.

    I have no problem with any of their political affiliations or activities. I do object however to their disrespectful use of our flag to make a statement.

    There is a grassroots Facebook website set up to rally members in the hopes of boycotting this business until they remove their distasteful display. Please LIKE and SHARE:

    Search “Boycott Flag Desecraters” on Facebook or cut and paste:


    If those pictures don’t make you sick, check your pulse.

    Boycott Flag Desecraters does NOT accept donations. It is a labor of love. Its goal is to notify the public of businesses that desecrate Old Glory.

  • Bill Oreily


  • Glen Beck

    We don’t want no black president!!!, Hey delbert, go out and hang our flag upside down. That will show those Blackies we are pissed!!! And dont forget to put some more high priced shit on the grille!!!!!!!!!!