McDonald’s Mega Potato Fries To Clog Arteries In Japan

    May 24, 2013
    Zach Walton
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McDonald’s is huge in Japan, and it just got bigger with its Mega Potato Fries.

IT Media reports (via Kotaku) that McDonald’s is now offering its largest calorie item in the history of the chain with the Mega Potato. It holds the equivalent of two large fries, but at almost half the price.


Unfortunately for you McDonald’s french fry fans, the Mega Potato is only available in Japan. You could hop on a plane to grab some, but you have to be fast. The Mega Potato will only be on sale through the end of June. After that, you’ll have to start forking over $6 for two large fries.

This isn’t the first time that a fast food restaurant in Japan has offered ridiculously sized meals. For the release of Windows 7, Microsoft teamed up with Burger King to offer a seven-patty whopper. Earlier this year, Japanese restaurant chain Lotteria outdid everybody with a nine-patty cheeseburger to coincide with the release of Evangelion 3.33.

  • Chrissy

    What?! When are these going to be available in the USA? Screw the calories and fat, McDonalds fries are the best!!! I miss the super size. Guess what people, I eat McDonalds and I’m not overweight nor do I suffer high cholesterol! I exercise, yes, get off the couch & get moving!!!

    • Bob J

      What’s keeping you from buying two or three of what you normally buy?

      • Jack Desmond

        Nothin, but cheaper to get one big box and share

        • http://nexdor.cum Boobs

          I agree too.Costs 5 dollars for somethng that costs 10 cents tomake

          • baf

            It costs more than 10 cents to make. The potato alone may cost 10 cents but you have to factor in the oil it’s cooked in, the labor to cook them, the energy it takes to cook them, the franchise fees, and the property cost. Yes they are making a profit but you are not getting ripped off.

          • baf

            I forgot about the packaging and salt.

      • nunyafuh

        cuz it costs too much money you idiot!!!

    • thatgirl

      Couldn’t agree more!!!

  • Jack Desmond

    Hey, Zach. You can cut the snarky comments, genius. Did you look at the top of the photo, moron? Do you see Four-yes Four–clearly different hands (two male, two female) reaching into the box? Might that mean it NOT MEANT FOR ONE PERSON? Jesus, what a retard you are.

    • http://nexdor.cum Boobs

      How do you that is not just one person or a conjoined thingamajig?

    • andy

      all are right hands.

    • http://nexdor.cum Boobs

      At least he’s not calling Jesus a retard.

  • Tiffany

    If it’s available only in Japan, why is the box writing in English?

  • Keona

    Sounds like diabetes city to me 😉

  • Joe

    Whats the big deal??? We already have that size in America its the “small” size :)

  • BonShaQuitaLaFonDria


  • Jameeka

    I guess all these super sized fast foods is a roundabout way of population control in those over populated Asian countries .

  • Michael

    Advertisement of these double fries are probably financed by heart surgeons (to increase their workload of bypass surgery–and the surgical fees).

  • Nam Pham

    I thought the United States was the most unhealthiest country in the world, yet we don’t have one of the most unhealthiest food from McDonald’s?!

  • Angela

    I think its ridiculous to offer any of the food McDonalds serves to any living creature.

    • Hazel

      Why offer them to already dead ones? (<;