McDonald’s Fish Now All-Sustainable

    January 25, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Ever wondered what type of fish you’re getting when you order “Filet-O-Fish” at McDonald’s? Well, now you’ll know: wild Alaskan Pollack, which is now sustainable.

The fast-food chain announced recently that they are now serving the Filet-O-Fish sandwich–and will be unveiling “Fish McBites” soon–using only fish that was sustainably caught, making it eco-friendly. The company will pay annual fees to the Marine Stewardship Council for the privilege of placing a bright blue “Certified Sustainable Seafood” label on the containers, which lets customers know that what they’re eating not only meets high standards for quality, it was also taken with care from the ecosystem.

McDonald’s is set to unveil the Fish McBites in February for a limited time, but if they go over well, the restaurant could keep them on the menu for good. After a tough last quarter–in which sales were down from the same time last year–McD’s brought back the McRib sandwich off-schedule, knowing it would help reign in some diehard fans. Still, they don’t expect the coming year to magically take off, either.

“By no means do we think 2013 is going to be an easy year,” CEO Don Thompson said.

McDonald’s is joining competitors Wendy’s and Taco Bell in reinventing their menu, changing up the offerings to include healthier fare after receiving bad press in recent years due to customers complaining of health concerns. They say they’re also revamping stores all across the country, updating the look and offering longer hours.

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  • Donny

    Screw McDonalds, support your local restaurants.

    • Paul Bonkowski

      Big Thumbs Up Donny !

    • Thrash

      Why? What did they do to deserve my dollar blindly? Most local restaurants don’t have half the standards a McDonald’s does. Most local restaurants are filthy and one day way from closing.

  • kirby wade

    It’s about time for McD to start to think about the customer/consumer.

  • big tuna

    Why would anyone want their fingers to smell like fish?

  • Eat organic

    Support your local business, eat as organically as possible. While we’re happy for the Alaska Pollack fishermen, this is still fried and mass produced once the fish gets off the boat. How many people do you want to handle your food before you put it in your mouth?

    • Thrash

      I’d rather have an Alaska fishery handle my food than a dirty dope smoking hippy in some co-op restaurant where you can’t tell the food from snot.

  • jeff

    McDonalds used to be tasty inexpensive fast food,(nutritionally it’s terrible for you). While it is still fast food, still tastes good and is still bad for you, The portions have shrunk and the prices have skyrocketed.

  • Cassie

    McDonald’s is some of the worst fast food out there. I truly don’t understand why anyone chooses to eat this garbage.

    • Paul Bonkowski

      Have you tried the Fish Sandwich from Arby’s yet ??? Bigger and Better then Mc Donalds. And Cassie I agree, Mc Donalds has the Worst Food out there. I eat there if I am Desperate. I love Subway,Burger King,Hardees,and Local Restaurants.

  • mike

    McDonald’s are local restaurants, owned by local people, living in your local area. Portions are the same size as they have been for the last 10 years. Salads, apples, low-fat parfaits, fruit and walnut salads – all because they are thinking of the customer/consumer. Hmmmm, maybe they are not so bad, live long and prosper.

  • Yeah One

    Whats with all the negativity? Look around…everything is going up. My family and I use to eat a lot at McDs and other fast food places. Then we started reading lables and became much more health conscious and now do so once or twice per month. Its a great change and the food still taste real good consistently! We support McD’s as it gives back to the community in so many ways. This new partnership with the council for sustainable seafood is another step in the right direction and further reason to support McDs!

  • Sheilla Tansil

    Change the labels and menu’s are all good. The price of everything is going up and the portions keep getting smaller. To practically pay 5 bucks for a sandwich is crazy. You have money to build new stores and still some of the workers are rude as hell. Makes u want to stay @ home and eat and they can never get your order right. The fries are way too skinny and the could @ least have onion rings not everyone eats fries. Come down on some of the prices and u would probably make a lot more money. I see the dollar menu does very well especially when some people can barely spare a dollar. Most people only go to fast foods now when they have some kind of deal going. Whatever happened to buy one Big Mac get one free. The Store would stay packed in my area. Then. I would not pay for a Big Mac Now for what it costs now.

  • Connie

    I can go to a Diner for the Early Bird Menu & get: a quarter to a third pound of meat, potatoes (baked, mashed or fried), another veggie, & small dessert for the same price I’d pay for a Big Mac or Qtr Pounder meal.

    • Phil

      Nobody needed to know that. Please don’t waste your or our time with nonsense

  • JW

    One big problem in our area, In n out Burgers. You can get a buger for $1.80, and it is fresh made, not pre-made and then thrown in an oven. I really wonder how McDonalds can Compete with a chain like that on the burger sales. A big make is over 5 bucks here, and can’t compete with the In N out.

    • http://webpronews.com Mike

      What the hell is a “big make”? Imbeciles like you is what keeps Mickey Dee in business.

    • Thrash

      In n Out doesn’t even have more restaurants in SoCal than McD’s, do you really think McD’s is scared? In n Out is greasy and overrated, half ass burgers at best.

  • http://Yahoo Patricia Boyd

    I used to eat the fish sandwich a lot because I don’t eat red meat. A friend of mine and I ordered the fish sandwich and when she opened hers a WORM crawled out. She just politely gave it back and ordered something else. I, however could not have eaten my sandwich if my life had depended on it. I have never ordered another fish sandwich and that has been over 6 years ago. If that worm could have survived the microwave, what else was in there? No way will I eat another item from McD’s.

    • http://unlv70@yahoo.com charles

      What a tale about a worm crawling out of a deep fried fish item. She must have also had the most expensive worms in her beef also. I bet that she didn’t wash her hands after handling cash during this fiction!

    • Phil

      Bullshit. You’re a filthy liar

    • no true

      Not saying Mcd’s is the healthest, you have a chose to eat elsewhere, don’t complain, don’t go there…!!! As far as the fish filet is not microwaved, it comes frozen, then it is put into boiling oil / fried for x amount of seconds. then served to you. that is one tough worm, get a life and know how things are made before you lie…!!!!

    • jim


  • Chelsea

    mcdonalds does not microwave their sandwiches we do not pre make sandwiches, only the burritos and cinnamelts. i should know because i work at one.

    • KingGod

      Congratulations dumbass

      • Mike

        With a username like KingGod, I don’t have to wonder who’s the dumbass, dumbass.

      • Mike

        With a username like KingGod, I don’t have to wonder who’s the dumbass, dumbass.

  • JWBoo

    Had McDonlads not posted such disrespectful ads pertaining to Pit Bulls and thier owners, perhaps their sales wouldnt be down.

    • Hugh Stott

      Yeah right! Like there are so many pit bull owners out there to be offended!

    • KingGod

      Pitbull owners should be raped….and anyone that calls themselves
      “jwboo” twice.

      • Carol

        I’m a pitbull owner, idiot jerk! Ppl like you need 2 EDUCATE yourself about this LOVING breed instead of believing all the PR from the Michael Vick situations of the world! SHAME ON YOU!

  • Sandy Cheeks

    I used to LOVE the fish sandwich until they got smaller and started putting a 1/2 slice of cheese on it and I don’t eat the tarter sauce. They are over $3.00 for a single sandwich. That is nuts! I thought is was a mistake and did not want to go back. My husband worked for a partner company of McD’s and he had the food procedures book. I was floored when it listed 1/2 slice of cheese. Maybe now they will add cheese back.

    • Suzanne

      It has been a half a slice of cheese since at least in the 80’s when I worked there as a teenager, so that is nothing new.

      • Peter

        A whole slice of cheese on a half-slice of fish would overwhelm it!

    • Cat

      My first job was at a Micky D’s. Filet O Fish came with half slice of cheese. At least since 1972.

  • valerie

    I miss Carolls REstaurants!!

  • Dee

    I love their fish sandwich!! I will keep ordering it. Thanks McDonalds!!

  • valerie

    I miss Carolls restaurants…

    • Tom

      Carrolls are still around. They’re called Burger King. They bought them out years ago.

  • http://yahoo.com Pamela Wasmundt

    I watched a tv program last year (2012) that showed from the very start where the fish came from and processed – all on board ship in Alaska. It was a great way to show the public how well the fish was processed for McDonalds to sale. Great Job!!!

    • Jill

      I saw the same program and I live in Alaska. Did you notice all the “By Catch”, or “incidental fish”. It is all the other species of fish that is caught along with the pollack and is wasted. It includes fish that are not so called sustainable, such as halibut. As consumers, we really need to look into the commerical fishing practices. It is not about sustainability. It is about greed of the commerical fisheries. I do not understand what is sustainable when other species are being depleted.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q79HlpmyWyc Keith

    Not even real food, yet people still eat this crap. They are trying to kill all of us.. Stop eating this!

  • Louise

    We ordered several fish sandwich’s last month and couldn’t eat them. The fish was awful and such a tough texture. It had been years since we had McD’s fish sandwichs, loved them then but will never order another fish sandwich from McD’s.

  • http://thereselind@yahoo.com Therese Lindstrom

    What Mc Donalds failed to announce is that this “wild alaskan pollock” is caught in the Pacific outside Japan. THIS IS RADIOACTIVE FISH!!!!!

  • Irish cowgirl

    VEGGIE burgar sandwich,,please!!!!!!!My family liked to eat at McDonalds,but I couldnt eat,so we have switched to subway(veggie delight) and Burgar King(BK veggie burgar,yummy)and Taco (5 layer burrito,No Meat) I request veggie sandwich every time I hit a McDonalds drive throught,,So addicted to their coffee

  • Captaincam

    Pollack are plentiful, but all the fish that are killed while they Trawl (scrape the bottom) for them are not. They ruin the fish habitat everytime they do a drag with one of these enourmous floating fish factories. They wipe millions of other fish with the Bi-catch.

  • Perry

    THERE IS NO FISH PATTY in the fish sandwich. It is MAYBE a 2×2″ square of breaded who-knows’what. It’s fraud, Years ago, it was a full sized patty…now it’s theft by taking. And, it is not healthy. McDonald’s food: the hamburger has so many preservatives in it, that it will last indefinitely outside of the refrigerator. If you eat that stuff, you are hurting yourself.

  • Shelly

    Just because it’s sustainable doesn’t make it Healthy! Fried in a vat of hot oil takes away most of the nutrients & who know what levels of mercury & any other tracable poisons coming from that part of the seas! Not a selling point in my book!

    • Beverly

      Mc Donald’s food is made from the parts of the animals that are discarded once all the good meat is used. The burgers are heart, tripe, (stomach lining), and fillers. The nuggets are finely ground beaks and claws with added fillers. It is the most unhealthiest food out there which is true of all fast foods.

    • http://www.larry2nuts.com Larry

      My concern: okay, they got the fish right – but what about the enriched white flour bun?

  • farmer

    I ate a mcnugget that my kids love so much, My first thought was there styrafoam peanuts with a coating. Letting my kids eat them is child abuse. no way are they chicken meat

  • Brian

    I love McDonalds. It is a real American success story. The lying haters can go eat sushi.

  • eddiefl

    Yet another McDonalds sandwich that got substantially smaller in portion size, while the price increased 15-20%.

  • MM

    Well I highly suggest McD’s keeping the special all through the Lenten Season when Catholics, who don’t eat red meat on Ash Wednesday all through Lent on Fridays appreciate having affordable good choices.

    Thanks- these bites will be great for driving. I love Filet O’Fish but it can get rather messy sometimes.

    I am glad they’re trying to be good to the environment. We all need to do what we can while we still have it to do!

  • frank

    this is nothing new fast food franchases have used alaskan pollack for years. IT is cheap and there is a lot of it. what is distrubing is i go to arby’s and they try to sell me a fish sandwich.

  • http://yahoo.com Dave

    They will screw it up to..