McDonald’s Employee Faces Up to 20 Years in Prison for Spitting in Drinks

    April 19, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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I may never eat at McDonald’s for the rest of my life.

According to The Huffington Post, Marvin Washington, Jr., an employee at a Simpsonville, South Carolina McDonald’s, was arrested for allegedly spitting phlegm and “bodily fluid” into a mother and daughter’s unsweetened tea. The customers returned the drinks because they had ordered their drinks sweet, only to receive the wrong tea a second time. Instead of going back to complain, they simply took their drinks home, popped off the lid, and prepared to add their own sweetener to the cup. Much to their absolute horror, they discovered that Washington had left them a little surprise.

The gift, of course, was a hefty wad a sticky spit, placed right on top of their delicious beverage. The customers were understandably horrified, and took measures to punish the one responsible.

After taking pictures of the soiled tea, the pair alerted authorities, who watched the entire scene play out on the McDonald’s surveillance footage. Apparently Washington, 19, can be seen leaning suspiciously over the drinks, adding his own personal sugar substitute to their order.

The owner of the McDonald’s franchise has asked customers not to jump to any conclusions until the investigation is completed, but I think it’s safe to say that the location will probably experience a dramatic loss of business. One would hope so, anyway.

Tampering with food is a federal offense, which means that Washington could face up to 20 years in prison if he’s found guilty of the crime. On Wednesday, Washington was released from jail on $5,000 bond. Not surprisingly, several individuals on Twitter were outraged by the incident, and have graciously shared their thoughts with the world. You can read a few select posts regarding this disgusting crime below.

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Spitting in the iced tea ….love when the customers spit back in the form of a lawsuit http://t.co/vF0ffNwC(image) 24 minutes ago via Safari on iOS ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

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That’s why I’m nice to them @xBOMBCHELLE @kare11: Sec cam bust SCarolina McDonald’s worker spitting in customers drinks http://t.co/XsU7j1Ro(image) 3 hours ago via Twitter for Android ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

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  • Monitque

    That is nasty! I still don’t think it should be a felony.

    • manuel p

      A felony, maybe it should be. Imagine if you drank from that cup and found out later what he had done. Imagine if he did it because of hate and or prejudice. What would be an appropiate punishment?

      • dave

        It is cool that it is a Federal crime. When they give you 20 years – you get 20 years. No time off for good behavior.

      • delicia

        It should be a felony, maybe next time he will keep his GERMS to himself….20 years will give him plenty of time to think about was that spit really worth it…..that is what he get!WHAT AN IDIOT!

    • dave

      I would prefer it to be a capital crime. If it can be shown he did it, put him to death. It isn’t like we would be losing anything of value.

    • melanie

      WOW, some people dont have any respest for them selfs or any one else. I hope he gets what is coming to him, and now the whole world is looking at him as this nasty person,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • Kathy

      It is indeed nasty..oh yeah SURE..”not a felony,” UNTIL YOUR CHILD TAKES A BIG DRINK OF ANOTHER PERSON’S HACKED-UP SPIT!

    • marimay

      You don’t think it was a felony, but what if he was ill, aids, std, or if instead of spit it was poison. You have to make people think before they do something stupid. It is extreme unless you are the victim. And because they said it wasn’t sweet enough. There wasn’t anything that said they were abusive to him and overreacted to unsweet tea.

    • Terry Giboney

      What if he has Aids..you skank….

      • Terry Giboney

        Monitque…skank….lets give you a big ole ice tea, sputum, spunk filled drink….You are disgusting..you’d drink anything..probably do…

    • Sean

      Hmmm…. ok…. let’s say you got the tea with some spit….. say that person has SEVERE AIDS…. felony 20 yrs…. you’re right it shouldn’t be a felony in that case… that should be a CAPITAL CRIME. I’m sure you agree with me on that! :)

    • Dave Lidyoff

      should be forced to eat crap and lots of it, then to jail.

  • manuel p

    I worked at a fastfood place and yeah, had difficult patrons. But I NEVER spiit or tampered with someone’s food. Is 20 years a bit much? yeah, I think so. He DOES deserve to be punished. What he did is classified as HATE. Was the mom and daughter white? Would he have done it for a black mom and daughter? is this hate because of the Trayvon case? hate and prejudice is wrong and will never be accepted.

  • Edrod

    They just hate white folks everywhere. I don’t go to quick food restaurants if they are populated by blacks. I keep driving.

    • kimberly

      racist person go somewhere else to live

      • jay386

        I”m with you kimberly.They was trying to build a town just for sex offenders. I”m all in on building a town for all the ignorant racist out there,no matter what color they are. Either kill get along or serve a life term,away from society we don’t want you.

        • ProudWhitey

          I would LOVE it if there could be a town of ONLY white people. Would be the safest, cleanest, and friendliest place in America.

          • Krismas

            they do have places like that all over andthey are called Trailer parks !!!!!! just for you!!!

        • delicia


      • delicia


    • jay386


    • Sam Dick

      Hay do not be haten blacks. skin has nothing to do with it. By the way i am wight so. it was cause they complaind about there tea. still he should not have done that.

  • Lyndsey

    I was like woah!! and I just had to see where in South Carolina that happened because I live in SC and thank god it didnt happen in North Charleston xC that is sooo disgusting!!!

  • me

    20 years, no. But perhaps 20 days in max. might teach kid something.

    • dave

      20 days… It would be a chance to spend a few weeks with his extended family and he would be a hero when he got home. Lock him up and throw away the key – or get used to tainted food.

    • SMH

      He should get the MAX. My God!!! The man could have a disease…This is so SICK!

  • Kimberly

    Believe the sentence for first degree rape is 7 years. This is absurd. I believe community service is what is appropriate. Tax payers money wasted again.

  • kimberly

    this is truly nasty and no one should ever have to worry about this, but to make it a racial thing is just stupid and only uneducated people would think so!!!

    • Gene

      Kimberly, I happen to be quite educated and I am certain this crime was racially motivated. I doubt this kid would have done this had the customers been white! They will never sentence him to 20 years butthat doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve it. You would feel that way too if he had spit in yours or your daughter’s drink. With some people, like yourself, being educated sometimes costs you the abilty to see the BIG picture. With some of us, an education doesn’t cost us our common sense.

      • http://spockers.com spockers

        Gene, the customers *are* white. I don’t know the guy’s motivation, but I can guaran-damn-tee you that had the employee been white and the customers black, instead of the other way around, this story would be completely different.

        • sky10

          spockers, I agree with you. The effect of this case would be totally different. Is it too much to imagine rallies in front of all McDonald’s of the region?

    • sue

      omg! stop making it a racial issue!! It is clearly CONTAMINATED FOOD!!!. hr purposely spit flem in their drinks!!! he could have hipatitus or AIDS!! He diffineitly deserves what he gets!! what color a person is that spits in your drink doesn’t matter!!I am sure if it was your drink you wouldn’t want anyone spitting in it!!! grow up!!I think your racial!!!

  • http://spockers.com spockers


    “The owner of the McDonald’s franchise has asked customers not to jump to any conclusions until the investigation is completed, but I think it’s safe to say that the location will probably experience a dramatic loss of business. One would hope so, anyway.”

    One would hope so??? I don’t see how this is the owner’s fault. I seriously doubt that the dipshit responsible was acting on orders from his boss.

  • http://spockers.com spockers

    And yes, the customers were white. Will he be charged with a hate crime? No freakin’ way.

  • Gene

    Ever since I heard Jesse Jackson brag about spitting in white people’s food when he was a waiter I purposely never frequent any restaurants or fast food places that have any blacks working there. A high percentage of these people either hate or resent white people for whatever reason. I will never give any of them the opportunity to act out their resentment or hatred on me.

    • jay386

      Gene you are trying to pull a race card.Instead not only your mind, but your hands for typing such a message! Prove how much you deserve to be put away in psych ward.People like you is what the WORLD FEARS!!!!!! You shouldn’t judge anybody for what another person, In their nationalty did that is absurd. It really shows how IGNORANT YOU IS. WAKE UP IT’S 2012 AFRICAN AMERICANS NOT ONLY WORK IN JUST ABOUT EVERY RESTAURANTS, BUT THEY ALSO OWN PLENTY OF THEM.


    • Sam Dick

      Hay GENE you are being racist by the way talk about black look at your self.

  • patty cake

    AMERICA, who you really are. Oh, Gene… no. it’s not a high percentage of blacks, it’s just their teenagers. (not all). Just like the rebellious white teenagers of the fifties, or the wild freaks and hippies of the sixties. unfortunately, these times are different (in a bad way.)

  • Peter

    He will most likely get the 20 years because he his black. I do not agree with his methods of displaying teenage anger for whatever reason. I also do not think 20 years is an appropreate sentence. I am white and there have been many customers white, black and others who I wanted to spit in their drinks. I did not, but I wanted too. Depending on the facts of the case whether or not I would pat him on the back or support a strong punishment other than his lost of a job.

  • al

    eye for eye… let the customers spit in a cup of tea and let him be forced to drink it…forget the 20 years.

  • http://www.webpronews.com/-reco Dcr

    Okay we don’t have to keep the racial card going,he’s nasty that’s for sure however the mere fact that he’s behind bars must be quite a scare for his ass, i just don’t feel ruining his entire life and giving him more time than i’ve seen given to child molesters as well as some murderers is the answer, am i saying don’t punish him no because if it were me trust and believe i’m coming for you legally, tire him out take away his play time, make him learn to give back via giving back to the community the only thing i see happening in prison that long is making him more embiitterd, hurting his family, who don’t desrve this, we have enough mothers in tears in this world over, and taking possibly his life its not warrented, yes its angered us all, with good cause but to what extent do we stoop to that level?


    You can take them out of the ghetto but you can take the ghetto out of them.

  • American

    Wait… Was the customer white??? The arrested man is black…. Was this a HATE CRIME?? Where is the Reverend Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson??? Not belittling other recent cases but shining the light of truth on the ridicules profession of Race Bating!!!! Keep letting them Divide and Conquer up people….

  • dino martino







  • charlie

    This is going to be bad for Washington,Did i say WASHINGTON, I am loving IT.

  • Ashly

    Yes he should be punished because that was wrong and nasty. But to put him in jail for 20 years is just plain crazy. There’s people out here committing murder and getting off. There’s no justice if they put him away for that long. And it wasn’t even drunk. That’s the craziest things I’ve heard. They should give Zimmerman 20+ years. Not this teenager!

  • mauriceC

    I use to work at McDonalds and i never saw anything like this before. his actions not only affect his store but others around the country. Whatever punsishment he gets its well deserved.

  • craig

    He spat in customers drinks, theres a solution to this and that is no job. A possible prison sentence is a waste of valuable resources.

  • andrew longstaff

    i agree that what he did was both disgusting and he should be punished but 20 years! people get less time for murder, especially considering all the crap McDonalds and countless other companies put in their food without our consent, half of Europe has been eating horse for years and has anyone been sent to prison??

  • http://www.timothean.com/ Tim Allen Campbell (@GoTimothy)

    A worker at the Fraser Michigan Rams Horn was coughing two days in a row and I mentioned it to her that she might have whooping cough a contagious disease. When she was my server I just ordered coffee, because she was obviously sick.

    I contacted the Board of Health to see if there was anything that could be done about sick workers in the food industry. The Board of Health contacted my local representative for environmental health and the environmental health worker contacted the restaurant and told the worker she could not work until she recovered from her sickness. Or something to that effect.

    We’re not doctors we don’t know what she had. The next time I returned to the restaurant they knew that I was the one who reported them to the Board of Health and they put something in my pancakes, my toast and I don’t know what they did to the eggs but all three cases so nasty I had to spit them out. I can tell all the workers were in on it by the way they acted. They immediately remove the food before I could ask for a doggy bag to have it analyzed. They said I would not have to pay for the food even though I complain about food before and they never said that.

    Tampering with food is a terrorist act. If someone comes at you with a gun or knife the Constitution gives you a right to bear arms to protect yourself and it is called “justifiable homicide”.

    I don’t see a difference between a contagious person who spits in your food or an AIDS patient that comes at you with an AIDS tainted needle to stab you. It is self defense to protect yourself.

    If you go to a restaurant or bar and the server does not believe that a person who purposely serves you food or drinks that they contaminated, “SHOULD BE SHOT DEAD”, don’t order food or drinks at that restaurant or bar. Because they see nothing wrong with it.

    You can watch my story on the GoTimothy channel and keep up with the latest developments. http://youtu.be/GidTElIu-Xw

    The Rams Horn restaurant does not have enough money to pay me to keep my mouth shut. I was offered $250 million by the automobile industry to keep my mouth shut about my job injury, and the Stella Ganglion block to the neck tortures the medical industry put me through, because they did not want to pay me for my job injury. When the automobile industry, should have been sued for every penny they own, to guarantee no one is ever injured by their product or on the job again. Wake up people.

  • ITswag

    asshole redneck bitch

    • Alexis

      You really shouldn’t be insulting people when you have “ITswag” as your username.

    • James Milb

      Let me guess— black? Black “folk” will defend a fellow Black in any given situation, even if it’s a murderer or rapist. Other races wouldn’t get caught dead standing behind criminals and low lifes. I guess that’s all you got– so you take it

  • Hvacjack

    The first slave owner in America was a black man. Anthony Johnson.By 1830 there were 3,775 black families living in the South who owned black slaves. By 1860 there were about 3,000 slaves owned by black households in the city of New Orleans alone..

  • Stacey

    I went to a McDonald’s in Fountain Hills in Arizona several years ago and the illegal they had working there slipped something into my shake that made me vomit the entire next day. I should have suspected he was up to something when he’d look over his shoulder and purposely block my view from what he was doing. I wasn’t a bad customer, and didn’t do anything to deserve the attack outside of being a female or having the right to live in this country. Wish I was the suing type, but it never occurred to me to file any kind of charges. I wouldn’t have gone after the restaurant,anyway. It’s not their fault some people are scum. I would love to find out that he got felony charges for something like that. Clearly I wasn’t the only one he pulled that with. There was no reason for him to have done it to me. Don’t know what he got out of it, given that I don’t even live in that area.

  • LongDukDong

    If you go to Taco Bell at 2am and the guy who cooked your food rather than the person who took your order brings it to you at the drive thru window and he has a HUGE smile on his face like he’s way too happy to be working at Taco Bell at 2 in the morning………….

  • Jay Walker

    Don’t these workers know there are cameras everywhere now? and these are the same bozos demanding $15/hr minimum wage.