McCready Shot Dog Before Killing Herself

    February 19, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Mindy McCready, the country singer who was found dead at her home on Sunday afternoon, apparently shot her boyfriend’s dog before turning the gun on herself. The two were found next to each other on the porch of her home.

McCready’s boyfriend, David Wilson, allegedly shot and killed himself last month on the same porch. McCready, who has had a history of drug and alcohol problems, wasn’t an official suspect in his death, but police were reportedly looking at the case as one possibly involving foul play. The couple had a ten-month old baby together, and Mindy had a six-year old son from a previous relationship.

The country star fell onto hard times after breaking into the music industry at the age of 18; after several arrests and stints in rehab, she even appeared on “Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew” for an addiction to prescription pills. Her music career began to fall off around the time she made headlines for being in trouble with the law, and bouts of depression stole over her. Friends and family say that anyone who knew McCready saw her death coming a long time ago, but that her dependency on drugs made it close to impossible to get close to her.

  • Dan Hartung

    Do you think the dog was dead. He may have just been wounded and took the gun from her and shot her back

    • 12know

      Dan, you take stupidity to a whole new level.

    • Tj

      ROTL!!! LOL! I’m sorry to laugh but Dan that is tooooo funny!! LOL!!

    • richard

      that dog must have ate some of her Kibble n BITS. She sucked as a singer. But excelled as an Animal Killer. Shoting herself was her greatest HIT.

  • Sapphire1928

    Dan…how stupid can you be…how can you make a joke at the demise of a human life as well as an animal…I think you’re a sick individual…get some help!

    • dart


  • http://yahoo.com glenda jones

    I lost any sympathy for her after her last act before killing herself was to kill a poor helpless animal – good thing her kids weren’t there too or she would have killed them too.


    Dan, it does look like the dog shot first, then turned the gun on himself, and then put it back into her hand. Dogs may not be your best friend, just look out for dogs carrying guns

    • Mike

      You are just as much an idiot as the rest of the sick idiots out there !!

  • http://yahoo.com hoodie623

    you are some sick puppies!!!!

  • http://yahoo.com hoodie623

    sick puppies, not the dog

  • suzi

    how can you ( dan ) make a joke of this ? nothing is funny about it. you must be a very cold hearted person !!! maybe if it was your mom or sister or someone you cared about, you would feel differnt. oh, i forgot…YOU DON’T HAVE A HEART !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike

    You all are sick !! Dan,your an idiot!!! Let her kill herself, thats a damn shame. Kill an innocent dog or anything else is just crazy !! If you had pets (Dog)you would understand the pain it is to hear about a tragedy like this.

  • RottieGirl31

    Hey Guys, can you STOP with the HATING, ok? You evidently have never struggled with depression? In her state of mind, and we don’t yet know if there were any substances in her body, I can only imagine her pain. If you are a mother, maybe you could see where that what triggered her suicide was the fact that her newborn (10mos) had been taken from her. In my opinion that alone would be enough to send her reeling and spiraling into oblivion!
    I imagine in that state of mind, loosing her children (though she had won custody in recently, I think), loosing her boyfriend and father of one of those children a month prior to a suicide by gunshot on that same porch, alone, and battling her past demons, I think she was just in such a dark hole of a pit and could see nothing else. People get all high and mighty saying that suicide is SELFISH, end of story, but there is more to it than that. It’s not wrapped up with a pretty bow.
    I’m not a doctor, but have struggled with depression in the past, but never contemplated suicide, but I can just imagine that all this came to a head and in her utter despair just couldn’t see, or better, feel any other thing than suicide in that black state she was living in. You can’t just make a decision not to be depressed, it’s an illness, just like any other.
    I feel she likely felt that her children would be taken care of, but she was not adequate to the job in that moment, and as for the dog, in her mind, she could not leave it alone in this dark world she saw. Maybe she rationalized that taking it with her was the only humane solution. She had no idea how long he would have been alone without care after she was gone, and no one else was to be around? Maybe she rationalized the three would all be together afterwards? Who knows?
    I’m not excusing the act of suicide. But have a heart people. Instead of judging in this case, how bout a little bit of sympathy for the struggle she faced everyday? And maybe you should think twice, and look to your own circle of friends and family. If you knew their darkest places, I bet you the farm, one of them suffers from depression. Though maybe you’d never know because some folks are very good at hiding how bad they are. Maybe YOU can be the ONE to make THE DIFFERENCE in their lives. Much love to all.