McCarthy Fires Extra Over Child Abuse On Set

    May 21, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Melissa McCarthy has reportedly fired an extra from the set of her latest film, “Tammy”, because the woman was abusing her child.

The woman brought her child to the outdoor shoot in Wilmington, North Carolina and reportedly had trouble disciplining him all day. Witnesses say he disrupted the set and his mother couldn’t control him, and at one point she reached down, grabbed his arm, and picked him up by the wrist. McCarthy allegedly fired the woman and told her that abuse of any kind would not be tolerated.

McCarthy is co-directing the film with her husband as well as starring in it as Tammy, a woman who gets fired from her job only to come home and catch her husband cheating on her. The film is a passion project for McCarthy, who also co-wrote the screenplay. She spoke a little about the movie and her scenes with Susan Sarandon, who plays her character’s grandmother and road-trip buddy.

“They both have their issues they’re not acknowledging and they’re leaving town without knowing where they’re going,” McCarthy said. “I love that there’s something that happens in a car with people where all bets off. You’re off your rhythm, off your schedule, you’re forced to be completely adaptable or die.”

So far, McCarthy has had no comment about the extra’s termination.

  • Seaner157

    Yeah, that seems upstanding at first glance, but how will that horrible mother feed that poor child now that she’ been fired from her job? Nice work, jerk.

    • http://yahoo dave

      i agree. that woman brought her kid to work with her because she could not afford a sitter. they are probably living in their car. this acting gig was probably the only work she has had for a while, now fat-ass melissa goes and spoiles it for her and her kid. nice going, fat-ass melissa!!!

      • shanna

        please, shows your intellect calling people names, but if I snatched up your kid, what would you do? It dosent make it ok. she deserved to be fired, and if she was that bad off she shouldn’t be breeding.Are you a member of the westboro baptist church?

      • Brandy

        Oh please, the woman was an extra, most likely not even paid. She just wanted to be in a movie. And your comment about Melissa’s appearance was completely uncalled for, and ignorant.

      • Moe

        You have no idea who this extra is and what her life is like. All you know is that the woman needed to bring her child to the set and didn’t handle disciplining her child in a more constructive manner, and you judge McCarthy. You made assumptions about this woman’s life. I feel badly the woman was fired but we don’t “know” anything else about her or her circumstances. We’ve all said/done things we regret. I would hope this woman regrets her choice of actions. But does it do any good to call McCarthy names?

    • Kat

      How is it Melissa McCarthy’s fault if the woman isn’t able to feed her child? Let’s blame the parent/abuser, not the woman that wouldn’t tolerate the abuse.

    • ScotchRhino

      She was an “extra”. Not a full time job. In fact, extras usually average about $11 an hour for the time they are filming. I know this because I work in the Entertainment Industry. So, I’m sure you, Seaner157, were just trying to show how cool you are, but please, stop offering your idiotic opinions about subjects which you have no clue. I personally am glad that Melissa removed her from the set! Of course, she should never have been allowed on the set with her child, unless her child was hired as well.

    • Rhonda

      Um, you are probably paying for her child to be fed through welfare, that doesn’t make it ok for her to pick her child up by the wrist! Let’s pick you up by yours and see how much you like it!

  • Yesenia

    Get real people… she screwed up by bringing her kid… but she didn’t abuse her kid. I don’t know who this Melissa is but I just know when someone like that is saying the parent abused the kid because she grabbed her by the arm makes me wonder what she would think about my dad disciplining me for getting in trouble in school in the 80’s??? Please – country full of wimps is what we’re raising with all this business about parents not being allowed to discipline their kids… like I told LAPD once… I rather discipline my kid now than have you discipline him your way 5 years from now. They all agreed.

    • chacha

      She didn’t just grab her kid by the arm, she also “picked him up by his wrist.” Theres a difference between discipline and abuse. Don’t call the citizens of this country names when we are looking out for one another.

    • Sebastian Marchmain

      I agree with you completely!!

    • Sebastian Marchmain

      I agree with you completely!!

  • Immurshun

    Agree with everything that ScotchRhino said and would like to add that since this was shooting in North Carolina, the extra might not have been getting paid at all. Before I moved to Los Angeles, I got lots of “extra” work when things filmed in Tennessee but very little of it paid anything.

  • katrina CUnari

    So, lets get this straight. A woman looking to meet her material needs cannot afford a baby sitter, so she brings her child with her to a movie set. On movie sets, extras work long degrading hours for morsels of pay. In this case, she probably was guaranteed minimum wage for 8 hours. I could totally imagine the child being like, WTF. And the crew was all stressed out being like STFU. Then to make matters worse, the extras were probably there for three hours doing nothing.

  • Craig

    Society in general complains that kids today are spoiled, and that parents don’t do any parenting. So when a parent steps up to do some parenting, she gets fired?

    I hope that poor extra sues that food-addicted, no-talent actor/ director for wrongful termination. Mike and Molly, dumb show. And her movie with Jason Bateman. I went to see it for him, not her.

    Grabbing your kids by the wrist is NOT abuse. Wake up, people.

  • CP

    Yeah, that’s it. Never discipline your child so they can grow-up completely dysfunctional and unable to cope with adversity in life. Isn’t that the acting parent way? Seriously, I believe that McCarthy fired her because she didn’t want the little brat on the set and, instead of supporting the mom in disciplining the child, was able to keep her ignorance of parenting skills intact by blaming everything on the mother first chance she got. I mean, there is no greater breakthrough in Hollywood Psychotherapy than you are a victim, and all of your ills can be traced back to your parents.

    • Brandy

      If the mom couldn’t make the child behave, I would have fired her for that alone. I know the type mom, though. The type that hits their kids wherever they can reach them, with whatever they can grab up, the kind that jerks them up, pinches them, screams constantly, etc. I had one of those mothers. Some kids are abused into subservience, others are turned into raging bullies themselves.

    • Rhonda

      If the child were disciplined correctly to begin with at home he wouldn’t be acting like that on set!! She waits until she gets in public to act on her so lack of parenting skills….your comments just show how ignorant you are. Let me pick you up by the wrist and see how that feels. Think about what you say before you open your mouth next time!

  • ChildAdvocate

    ‘and at one point she reached down, grabbed his arm, and picked him up by the wrist’……it was not the fact she grabbed the child. but lifted him off the ground which can result in damage to the shoulder. Any ‘discipline’ that can cause injury is abuse, be the victim young or old.

  • Casey SLedge

    Hey! Picking up a child by the wrist is child abuse IN WHOSE DICTIONARY? That fat b___ has no right to tell anyone how to raise their kid. (Someone obviously should, because a mom who can’t control her kid in public has no business being in public.) BUT FATASS has no right to fire her.
    And why does this article say “child abuse” instead of “alleged” child abuse. What happened to innocent until proven guilty?
    Lose some weight, and only hire people who are perfect. Then you can talk.

    • Rhonda

      People like you are ignorant! Let’s pick you up by your wrist, how do you think your going to feel? Name calling well there again that just shows how “mature” you are. Grow up….because from the name calling I see your a bully. Hide behind your ignorant comments, because I’m sure you are PERFECT in all aspects of your life!!!!!! OH YEA THAT WAS SARCASM, just incase you missed it!

  • Kathy

    I see no abuse here! If you want to talk about abuse lets talk about the texas judge that beat the Sh!@ out of his daughter with a belt , which was caught on video, that was plastered all over tv and internet who still to this day has his job. I don’t think lifting the child a cpl of inches off the ground is child abuse!

    • JLG

      I was thinking the same thing. Didn’t the “report” state the kid was out of control?
      I certainly don’t condone abuse of anyone, but my kids have thrown temper tantrums in the past & I’ve had to drag them out of a store. No intentions of abuse & ultimately didn’t hurt them.
      I thought the article was going to say that this woman maybe spanked her kid or slapped him across the face. Sounds like a mom at the end of her rope in public w/ an unruly kid.
      But the fact is that none of us, unless we were there, know what actually happened…

  • Warren Maxwell

    I am VERY offended by this fat…person!