McAfee Talks While In Hiding, Says He Didn’t Kill Man In Belize

    November 13, 2012
    Chris Crum
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John McAfee, the founder of McAfee Antivirus, is wanted for questioning in connection with the murder of a man in Belize. According to various reports, he is the prime suspect in the murder.

Wired reports that he is in hiding somewhere in the country, that he has been calling to give his side of the story, and that he claims to be innocent. Joshua Davis reports:

As Belizean police combed the property of expat antivirus pioneer John McAfee Sunday afternoon, McAfee was closer than they could have known. He’d seen them coming, and says he hid — burying himself in the sand with a cardboard box over his head so he could breathe. “It was extraordinarily uncomfortable,” he says, in an exclusive interview with Wired. “But they will kill me if they find me.”

McAfee, 67, is the prime suspect in a murder discovered Sunday morning in Belize. Convinced that he’ll be killed if he’s taken into custody for questioning, the millionaire antivirus pioneer has gone into hiding somewhere in the Central American nation, where he moved in 2008 to retire.

According to the report, McAfee said the only thing he knew about the shooting murder of his neighbor Gregory Faull, is that he heard he had been shot. McAfee claims that he thought maybe the killers(s) were coming after him, and mistook his neighbor for himself. He’s quoted as saying, “He’s dead. They killed him. It spooked me out.”

McAfee claims that his dogs (which Faull had complained about previously) had been poisoned on Friday night, but he blames Belizean authorities for their death.

Gizmodo broke the news that McAfee is wanted for murder on Monday, sharing the following official police statement:

On Sunday the 11th November, 2012 at 8:00am acting upon information received, San Pedro Police visited 5 ¾ miles North of San Pedro Town where they saw 52 year old U.S National Mr. GREGORY VIANT FAULL, of the said address, lying face up in a pool of blood with an apparent gunshot wound on the upper rear part of his head apparently dead. Initial investigation revealed that on the said date at 7:20am LUARA TUN, 39years, Belizean Housekeeper of Boca Del Rio Area, San Pedro Town went to the house of Mr. Faull to do her daily chores when she saw him laying inside of the hall motionless, Faull was last seen alive around 10:00pm on 10.11.12 and he lived alone. No signs of forced entry was seen, A (1) laptop computer brand and serial number unknown and (1) I-Phone was discovered missing. The body was found in the hall of the upper flat of the house. A single luger brand 9 mm expended shells was found at the first stairs leading up to the upper flat of the building. The body of Faull was taken to KHMH Morgue where it awaits a Post Mortem Examination. Police have not established a motive so far but are following several leads.

More background on the story here.

Image: ABC News

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    The journalist sounds stupid and inexperienced, while McAfee sounds like me when I travel: you really have to just be a good person and treat everyone with respect. Most people in the world are poor, some will do whatever they can to get by.

    Joshua, have you ever been to a poor, corrupt country? Have you ever lived in such a country? If you had, you’d quickly learn (you’d learn the HARD way, because someone would beat your ass) that you’re safest if you treat everyone with respect, until the point that someone disrespects you. Then you have to meet them in kind. So if there are crazy people trying to mess with you and rob you, then you have to make them fear and respect you by acting crazy and dangerous. This is what any experienced can tell you.

    Joshua, you sound like a mama’s boy who has always been extremely sheltered. I’d love to see you in a dangerous area all alone. You’d be raped and murdered. McAfee sounds level-headed and intelligent, and you, Joshua, sound like a dumbass.

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      And you sound like a rude, low-class, disrespectful know-it-all.