MC-12 Crash Claims Lives of 3 Americans

    January 10, 2014
    Brian Powell
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Last night, an MC-12 military plane crashed in eastern Afghanistan, claiming the lives of three victims. “International Security Assistance Force service members and one ISAF civilian died following an aircraft mishap in eastern Afghanistan today,” NATO released in a statement.

An MC-12 is a twin-turboprop Beechcraft aircraft primarily used for reconnaissance missions. The plane holds multiple different surveillance systems at once, allowing those aboard the plane to monitor multiple areas at the same time.

The ISAF listed the crash as an “aircraft mishap,” and an unnamed defense official told ABC News that early intelligence denies the crash occurred as a result of enemy activities.

Contrary to what one may believe due to the intense hostilities still prevalent in Afghanistan, most of the aircraft crashes in the country have been accidents, with helicopter accidents claiming the most lives. This is because helicopters are a main mode of transportation in Afghanistan due to the ever-present threat of roadside bombs, IEDs, and the lack of proper infrastructure and roads to allow vehicles to traverse the mountainous countryside.

Unfortunately, reports of this plane crash come on the same day that the ISAF released a statement claiming that the Black Hawk helicopter crash, which claimed 6 lives in December, was actually the result of enemy actions and not an accident, as previously reported.

The news of this crash also comes on the heels of two helicopter crashes in the US military earlier this week. Four lives were claimed after a US helicopter crashed during a training mission off the coast of England, and 2 more servicemen died in a helicopter crash off the coast of Virginia. Two other crew members were injured in the accident, and a fifth is still missing. Search and rescue missions were halted for the fifth member on Thursday.

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  • robertwimpey

    Last time I saw such blatant cover up was Nixon trying to insure his reelection In Vietnam. He had his administration report a Chinook Crash, with American crew and 20 RVN casualties. A few days after his re election they amended report to mention 20 US troops as casualties.
    You certainly can’t believe this administration

  • Bob

    One report says there was an engine problem that caused the crash. This acft is very well capable and has several safety features that deal with any single engine failure. Makes that story line a load of dung for sure!!