Matt Lauer Intern Apology Given Over Twitter

By: Sean Patterson - March 29, 2013

It has been a tough week for Today Show co-host Matt Lauer. New York Magazine this week published an expose on the Today Show‘s mishandled firing of Ann Curry and the ratings bomb in the aftermath. The story also revealed that Lauer may have been courting ABC as a contract negotiation tactic against NBC.

Now that the new details have surfaced, Lauer’s role in Curry’s firing and his off-screen personality are once again coming into question. Lauer isn’t one to let people go talking behind his back, though.

Earlier this week, former Today Show intern Mark Zinni posted a response to a rather pointed question asked of him on Twitter, saying that Lauer was “not nice”:


Lauer has replied directly to Zinni, stating that he “always tried to be nice”:

Whatever the real story is, Lauer’s reputation has certainly taken a hit in the past year. Going forward, Lauer and the Today Show will continue to war against Good Morning America for morning show supremacy.

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  • http://Yahoo Keith Zarr

    Personally I think Matt Lauer is way overrated and not worthy of his position at the “Today Show” on NBC. I for one never thought much of Mr. lauer and his arrogant personality. If anything he is boring and ho hum. It seems as though The Today Show is a typical “good old boys club” and if anything the heads above Mr. Lauer should roll and not allow Mr. Lauer dictate the show and give him his walking papers. as accomplished at ABC and “Good Morning America”, the producers at NBC must tweak their format to make it less ho-hum, less predictable to a show that is “Fresh” and Alive” to try to retake it’s place in the morning ratings. The only thing that is missing daily is Mr. Willard Scott ,Bless his young heart. As I see it ABC and “Good Morning America” Is a “Alive and Kicking” The “Today Show” is like watching the “The Brady Bunch” re-runs! I miss and love you Ann Curry, NBC’s loss is your and ABC’s gain! You go girl!!! Keith…Sterling Heights, Michigan