Matt Cutts Weighs In On Guest Blogging For Links

By: Chris Crum - October 9, 2012

Google’s Matt Cutts, even with all of the algorithm updates he’s been announcing, has somehow found time to release a new Webmaster Help video. This one is about guest blogging for links.

He basically says it can be good to have a reputable, high-quality writer do guest posts on your site, and that it can be a good way for some lesser-known writers to generate exposure. However…

“Sometimes it get taken to extremes,” he says. “You’ll see people writing…offering the same blog post multiple times or spinning the blog posts, offering them to multiple outlets. It almost becomes like low-quality article banks.”

Obviously, this isn’t the route you want to go.

“When you’re just doing it as a way to sort of turn the crank and get a massive number of links, that’s something where we’re less likely to want to count those links,” he says .

Watch the video for his entire response.

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  • Justin

    matt cutts, nobody will listen you anymore. Google is not possibly to understand now. Sites with clear whitehat organic links is tanked, but you tell us about guest posts. What the joke!

    No traffic = we not need google and have something personal against that company.

    • miglena

      I’m just wondering what is going to happen in future. Is Google going to lose its first position or not?

  • Sergio Felix

    I don’t really think Matt said much here.

    We all know about the things we shouldn’t be doing, particularly every single blogger I know, has some VERY strict rules when it comes to accept guest posts and they actually TAKE TIME OFF to personally check before and after for guest post duplicates.

    The final result is that our sites still keep decreasing in rankings and nobody knows why and all remains a mistery.

    The beauty of guest posting resides in the exposure to new audiences both for the author as for the common public in a particular site, it’s not about having a well known writer behind it or if there’s a backlink or not to the author’s site.

    Google is playing a game nobody understands anymore, if that was the final goal then congratulations, you already achieved that.


    • Bruce Gibson

      I agree, nothing much was said here by Matt. All I got out of it was that, we must have a professional writer on staff to get anywhere in Google. Unfortunately, as a small under financed mom and pop e-commerce company, this is impossible for us to pay for. I personally, am very disappointed in the way Google is treating struggling e-commerce sites. I guess there is no room for us lille guys on the web anymore.

      • IMBack?

        Well maybe you could pay for it with some of the profits you make now. How else can you grow? If you spent the money on quality content to increase your exposure you might see results. You dont need a professional writer on staff you just have to be willing to pay a bit extra for quality. Boggles my mind how little people in business know about business. “We can only afford crappy $5 foreign articles.” Well then, don’t expect increased business. Lot of disgustingly cheap (not directed toward you) webmasters out there hell bent on spending nothing and want to make millions. Its not how much you spend it, its where its spent and if you dont spend anything well then I can tell you now you are going to die a slow death online. With all the free or close to free services that can be used there is no excuse to be whining about the cost of articles. Spun articles are jibberish. Shame on anyone who expects results spewing that crap out to their valued customers.

        • Kent Web

          Cannot agree more. Ive started PR releases and the unique copywritten content costs me $4500….for 25 releases with PRWeb and copywriter charges. Good and unique content seo costs money and we have these article spinner blog networks who whinge like babies when their networks get hit!
          Google always back the buck…hence branding and corperates getting the best rewards.

  • Mike Sobol

    Oh, that big huge gray area Google tends to say so little about. I suppose the bottom line is, if you add value to reader experiences, you *should* be fine.

    We see tons of SERP rank benefit from guest blogging, as do our clients. But no SERP rank is durable or dependable anymore (ours just tanked due to some site changes as we roll out an update), which means that as a channel, search traffic can only be one part of a diverse portfolio. Guest blogging can be a part of that portfolio for exposure and referral traffic, just as much for links.

  • Andre

    There is a common theme here, as with many of the recommendations provided by Google and Matt Cutts’ himself and that is common sense I believe.

  • Nina

    I do agree with Matt that people should not “out source” the same article to different article sites or blog. If anyone want to so guest posting or blogging it should be for different contents and not “recycling” contents

  • José Manoel dos Santos

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  • Ajay Jhunjhunwala

    It is Matt Cutts, the most authentic person in the world of internet. I had never any doubt about the benefit of guest blogging. It is a common sense, a good guest blogging will help both. The blog owner should be careful about choosing the post and inquire about the author.

  • Webknock

    Don’t listen his advice because it will lose its value in the next update and you will fall to the ground once again. They don’t need webmasters anymore and they are simply playing with us.

    SEO is no more reliable. Its ridiculous. Nothing is in your hands and your 10 years effort can blow overnight.

    So beware of his advice.

  • Heather

    Interesting video.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Nameviolated

    Some obvious comments there from MR Cutts. Obviously aimed at spinning articles to multiple directories or link/keyword spamming in your guest post. To get quality websites to publish your guest article, you clearly need to make it unique, readable and relevant.