Matt Cutts Talks Guest Blogging (Again) And Article Spinning

By: Chris Crum - November 12, 2012

Last month, Google put out a Webmaster Help video about guest blogging, and its effects on links. Now, Matt Cutts (who discussed the topic in that video) has appeared in another related video. This time, he responds to the following question:

Currently, guest blogging is the favorite activity of webmasters for link acquisition. Due to its easy nature, lots of spammy activities are going on like article spinning etc. Is Google going to hammer websites for links acquired by guest blogging?

“It’s funny, because I did a video – another video recently about guest blogging, and it was sort of like saying, ‘Well, can’t it be an okay activity?’ and I was sort of saying, ‘Well, if you get a really high quality blogger it can, but this is the flip side,” he says. “And I want to sort of specifically address it as well. If you were doing so many guest blogs that you’re doing article spinning, and likewise, if you’re allowing so many guest bloggers that you allow things like spun blogs, where people aren’t really writing real content of their own, then that is a pretty bad indicator of quality.”

“If your website links to sites that we consider low quality or spammy, that can affect your site’s reputation, so the short answer is yes,” says Cutts. “Google is willing to take action if we see spammy or low quality blogging, guest blogging, whatever you want to call it. It’s basically just placing low quality articles on the site. And so, I would be cautious about using that as a primary link acquisition strategy, and if you have a website where you’ll just let anybody post, probably the kinds of links that you get embedded in those articles, as a result, might affect your site’s reputation. So, do think about that.”

See Matt’s previous video on the topic here.

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  • Steve

    I had a site de-indexed because of guest posts from MyBlogGuest and then they had the nerve to ask me to remove the links from the site after it got de-indexed. They caused the issue and then felt it in their prerogative to take back content. I now write my own content or pay for articles on good writing service websites.

  • knysna

    Makes perfect sense to me in what Matt Cutts says about guest blogging and article spinning, “Google is willing to take action if we see spammy or low quality blogging, guest blogging”.

    Its about time they done something about all the spun, low quality articles and all the crazy webmasters that went out on a “feeding frenzy”, a mad crusade collecting crap links, so called valuable back links to increase their PR.

    “Is Google going to hammer websites for links acquired by guest blogging?”.

    I sure do hope so (crap links that is)

  • Dori From

    The year of using spun content is over.Quality pays on the long run. Google is becoming hard on these bad practices .

  • Steve Martin

    For getting back links there are number of seo/online marketing professional’s writing guest blogging to get back links but when writing the content they are considering only keywords rich not for readers friendly. As matt cuts said it will also affect the site who allowed the guest blogger to post the spam content.

    I do not use guest blogging technique for my link building activities….

    • John

      I agree by you. It is very tough to find quality content for guest blogging for link building.I had, and return was loss of my website ranking. Guest blogging is good technique for sharing your business services not to do link building. Go with quality only.

  • khubaib abbasi

    video does not open

  • Bliss SEO

    Hmmm, yeah I’m still not convinced by all the ‘best practices’ coming out of Google. If anything, they have scared so many people away from using them they seem to be just as, if not more effective…

  • Web Doubts

    Good decision Steve, Matt Cutts cleared about guest blogging that allowing a quality content writing based guest blogging does not affect your site PageRank. Of Course, guest blogging is an Interactive platform where professional bloggers share ideas with blog fans. If Google seriously considers it, it is a big problem for all blog sites which allow guest blogging.

  • Paul Haidet

    Having good content is important to have to boost page views; this takes a considerable amount of time to do.

    The key is to post on a regular basis and wait for a
    lot of traffic to roll in.

    Guest blogging is very helpful to get more readers to your blog site