Matt Cutts Gives SEO Tip For Disavow Links Tool

    March 26, 2014
    Chris Crum
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Google’s Matt Cutts randomly tweeted a tip about the Disavow Links tool. Don’t delete your old file if you upload a new one because it “confuses folks,” and the last thing you’d want to do is confuse Google if you’re trying to fix problematic links.

Here’s what he said exactly:

The Disavow Links tool has come up in the SEO conversation several times this month. In early March, we heard about Google’s “completely clear” stance on disavowing “irrelevant” links.

Then, a couple weeks ago, Cutts said that you should go ahead and disavow links even if you haven’t been penalized in some cases.

Later still, Google’s John Mueller said that Google doesn’t use data from the tool against the sites whose URLs are being disavowed.

Image via YouTube

  • http://www.shopprice.com.au/ Evana Iris

    I’m not clear about Disavow Links tool please tell details about that.

  • http://eemes.com/blog/ Jack

    I don’t understand why should one wait for 6 months or more for a Penguin Refresh? Specially when you are using Disavow links tool. Becz i have heard that you need to wait for the next Penguin Refresh to get your rankings back again for Google Algorithm Penalty.

  • yadiya

    I have these porn sites linking to my site. Several are obvious they are porn sites, others not sure but I don’t want to click on their site to contact them. Is this hurting my rankings? I don’t think I should have to play link police to sites that link to me without approval. This site has nothing to do with porn. Thanks.