Matt Barnes Arrest Gets Ugly Over Unpaid Ticket

    August 3, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Matt Barnes, former LA Lakers star, was arrested on Monday night on charges of failing to appear in court for an unpaid ticket he was given for driving on a suspended license, and while that may seem pretty cut and dried, things got ugly when the arresting officer decided to charge him with resisting, as well.

As TMZ reported, a policeman spotted Barnes going into a restaurant and waited until he came out two hours later to confront him about the missed court date. When Barnes tried to hand his car keys to his girlfriend, the officer grabbed his hand and Barnes instinctively pulled away. But according to the police department, Barnes made a verbal threat and was uncooperative, which was what got him into trouble.

“Our officer was aware that Mr. Barnes had an outstanding misdemeanor traffic warrant out of our city. He attempted to make contact with Mr. Barnes. Mr. Barnes didn’t cooperate and was eventually taken into custody,” Lt. Steve Tobias said.

Threatening a public official is a felony which can carry up to a $10,000 fine, among other things, but Barnes was released from custody after posting his $51,000 bail and later tweeted about the incident:

  • Jeramie

    I guess I’m oneof those perfect people out there he’s talking about. I’ve never even had a court date let alone miss one! I guess there’s a segment to our society that court dates are common place…

  • leo vincent

    matt barnes is just another dumb millionaire who can bounce a ball better than u. uh, not a doctor, not a managing director, just a ball bouncer too stupid to pay a ticket.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/matt-barnes-arrest-gets-ugly-over-unpaid-ticket-2012-08 Corey Evans

      Whether or not he is a doctor or managing director should have nothing to do with it. This town is s corrupt. Really waiting two hours to ride someone over a unpaid ticket. There are crimes being commited in this city and I recently had someone steal a laptop and it was hell to get a detective to do anything about it. It is ridiculous to wait 2 hours outside a restaurant to screw with someone over a ticket obviously he did not arrest him before he went in he saw his car and stalked this man. I am not a Lakers fan and I do think missing a court date is serious but to harass a celebrity because you can hide behind a badge is wrong.

  • ez

    Not at all surprising. Manhattan Beach, Hermosa and Redondo PD all have a WELL EARNED reputation for fascism, ESPECIALLY when it comes to minorities of any kind, rich ball players or not.

    Think about how much time these guys have on their hands, to be able to sit outside of a restaurant for two hours (on city $) to arrest a guy over an unpaid traffic ticket…and then charge him with resisting arrest for handing his keys off to his girlfriend.

    Look into South Bay law enforcement scandals…they’ve had plenty. Most recently a motorcycle officer was suspended from duty for staging accidents by stopping short in front of people, having them hit him and collecting workman’s comp insurance. They quite literally think they are above the law.

    • leo vincent

      u r as dumb as matt barnes

    • ronbo

      The officer Paul Ford is Black and the racism crap.

    • Matt

      Yikes! Did you actually read the article. He was arrested for threatening the cop not giving his keys to his girlfriend. He’s known as a jerk and has been in trouble before. No doubt he got what he deserved. Clearly your opinion is biased. Come on, post something intelligent.

  • michael silly

    @ Jeramie and Mr. Leo Vincent. Must be nice to 1. Be a non-minority and 2. Sit in the basement all day and yell at your mom about drinking your orange juice with your name on it. Have a blessed day gents. P.S. go outside sometimes the sun will do you some good.

  • http://yahoo.com richard brown

    homeboy be walking back to da hood as soon as his playing days r done.

    • kevin voss

      hey man i just bailed my butt out for $51k, whats the first thing on my mind? tweeting hahahahah i thought tweet had already met the same fate as my space. who tweets anymore?

  • doctor j

    plain rich,plain arrogant,plain dumb and stupid on matts part and the officers part waiting 2 hours to arrest someone for a ticket and matt tostupid to take care of it

  • ronbo

    The officer in question Paul Ford is a 6″7″ black guy. Not racism just another overpaid athelete with intitlement

  • rennie

    I don’t think anyone should be pointing fingers, but I do feel that if you’re in the public’s eye, and a person of color it’s best to play the game, and that means handle your business before it gets to the point that it makes national news. You know the system is to make a mockery of famous/celebrities, especially those of color.

    It is what it is.

  • Skye Spirit Horse

    Hey Matt, turn it into another kind of goal in life…(y’know, kinda like John Walsh did after his son got murdered)… and call all the political people you know like legislators and stuff, and get’em to working to change abusive cop behavior by submitting a law that says a cop CAN’T LIE IN WAIT to arrest someone. If the public would get angry about how their tax dollars are spent – like cops trying to make a name for themselves by arresting a celebrity – it woulda been changed a long time ago….