MasterCard Launches Online MarketPlace


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MasterCard Worldwide said today is has entered into a three- year exclusive alliance with ecommerce aggregator Next Jump to launch the MasterCard MarketPlace.

MasterCard MarketPlace offers access to hundred of merchant -funded discounts and special deals each day from a network of thousands of merchants across the U.S.

Special offers from the MasterCard MarketPlace include free shipping from a network of participating merchants across a wide variety of categories including apparel, jewelry, electronics and children's clothing.

Visitors to the site can preview offers and set preferences for the types of merchant offers they want to receive. Shoppers can also set up email notifications for offers from specific merchants as well as exclusive in-store shopping events.

The MasterCard MarketPlace uses technology from Next Jump that offers up products via behavioral targeting only after cardholders opt in for the service.

"MasterCard is an ideal match for Next Jump and we are looking forward to partnering our unique, data-driven approach and technology with their powerful network and insights," says Charlie Kim, Founder and CEO of Next Jump. "Next Jump has a unique model that benefits both merchants and consumers.

"For merchants, Next Jump enables sales as a trusted partner - we never compete with them. Our technology allows merchants to re-direct ad spend towards better pricing in return for guaranteed sales. The merchant analytics from this model are incredibly impressive, allowing merchants to step up or down their participation in the program. For consumers, the best customers are rewarded with lower prices and/or VIP access to newest, hard-to-get, sold out products. Consumers that either spend more or have greater influence in getting others to shop - are the best customers and are rewarded accordingly."