Mass Effect 3 Extended Trailer Released

Is that supposed to be Ashley?

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Mass Effect 3 Extended Trailer Released
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We reported last week on EA releasing a teaser for a Mass Effect 3 trailer that would air during The Walking Dead. Well, that trailer did air, but EA did us one better. They released an extended version of that trailer online for all to enjoy.

You can watch the trailer now, but I would like to point out a few things in the trailer worth mentioning.

First things first, is that Ashley? The same Ashley that I had no remorse over letting die in the first Mass Effect because she was a xenophobic jerk? While looks aren’t everything, I do feel kind of bad about letting her die now.

We get to see the first full conversion from human to husk. The first two games never showed the actual conversion from organic to machine so being able to see the actual conversion makes it far more terrifying than originally thought.

The last thing to notice are the new big enemies at the end of the trailer. It will be interesting to see how large enemies will transition to in-game combat. Most games that feature large enemies as normal encounters tend to get boring fast as they devolve into bullet sponges that serve only to frustrate.

All in all, it’s an impressive trailer that brings an emotional edge that BioWare seemed to lack in Mass Effect 2. It raises my personal hype level for Mass Effect 3 to new heights. I was kind of let down by Mass Effect 2, but I have high hopes for the final chapter.

But seriously BioWare, you want to get on that Jade Empire sequel after you finish up Mass Effect 3?

Mass Effect 3 Extended Trailer Released
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  • Isaac Shepard

    I really don’t get how people refer to Ashley as a Xenophobe. Sure, she voices concerns over having Turians, then a Krogan, aboard an Alliance vessel – but remember, it was only 26 years ago in-universe that Humanity watched Turians destroy the colony of Shanxi during the first contact war. The turians are only recently – within her lifetime – not the enemy, and it was her grandfather who was forced to surrender at Shanxi, which makes her particularly vulnerable to thinking of Turians as the enemy.

    Krogans, on the other hand, are known the galaxy over to be a security risk – the whole beauty of Wrex as a character is that he’s not a typical Krogan, and he’ll drag the rest of his race to civilization kicking and screaming.

    So, Williams doesn’t say she hates aliens, she doesn’t say that humans are superior, she doesn’t do anything xenophobic at all. As a security-conscious Alliance marine, she questions the wisdom of having two very big possible security threats on a top-secret Alliance ship.

    At what point is she a “xenophobic jerk?”

    And that’s without me getting into the looks thing – I happen to like the look of a military woman, so I’m wondering how long, flowing hair and make-up are somehow an improvement, especially on the battlefield.

    (But yes, that trailer is freaking sweet. LESS THAN TWO WEEKS HOMG.)

  • http://www.webpronews.com/author/zach-walton Zach Walton

    I am in awe of your knowledge of the backstory. If you go deeper into Ashley’s back story, she does not seem so bad. You are right with that point.

    I feel that Ashley is more akin to the American who is wary of foreigners after 9/11. You can understand why she doesn’t trust them, but it doesn’t make it right. I might have overstepped my boundaries for calling a fictional character a xenophobe, but I do feel that she was in the wrong. She was my least favorite character in Mass Effect and I still have ho remorse over letting her die.

  • Isaac Shepard

    I was first going to propose an alternate analogy of an American soldier being wary of a German soldier on an American military base after World War II, but I realized that it doesn’t quite line up – we haven’t ever been truly defeated in war, like at Shanxi, and we haven’t ever had a war really postponed the way the First Contact War was, though the Cold War comes close. Shanxi was THE major event of the war, which we lost and eventually retook, and then, as the two races were gearing up for an all-out slug-fest… the council steps in and stops it.

    So we have the remnants of a war that never happened. The Turians are being forced to pay reparations for Shanxi, while the Humans are trying to find their own place in the Galaxy. Both sides have built up their forces for the express purpose of killing each other, and now have all of these weapons left unused. Building the Normandy is the *first* instance of Turian and Human cooperation since.

    Given the world she’s in, you’re right. I’d understand if Williams was a good bit racist, and just hated the Turians – but I feel like that’s being read into the game given modern views of race relations, instead of it being read out of it in the context of the setting.

    She’s a military woman, judging the security wisdom of having a recently hostile government’s military on a military vessel. That doesn’t scream xenophobia to me – just security consciousness. She is, admittedly, proven wrong… but she’s doing her job by suggesting it. If you talk to her, she denounces groups like Terra Firma as “Xenophobic Jackals” and denounces anti-alien paranoia. What she is, at base, is mistrustful of The Council and the Turian Hierarchy. If given the chance, she gladly volunteers to fight and die alongside the Salarian STG on Virmire.

    Instead, for me, she guarded the bomb – and she died doing it. The math was simple – Kaiden had a full squad of soldiers with him. Ashley was closer to my Shepard, but saving her would have meant killing a dozen others. She died to save their lives.

    I know that that last bit is personal, but that’s the beauty of this game – it sets up the framework and lets you apply yourself to it. I’m the kind of person who likes to understand the people around him, so my Shepard spent a good bit of time doing just that, which is why I just patently cannot understand certain people’s opinions of the characters, mostly given flash impressions.

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