Mary Virginia Jones Released After 32 Years In Prison For Murder Charge

    March 26, 2014
    Val Powell
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Mary Virginia Jones, a 74-year-old woman, was released from prison on Tuesday after spending 32 years in jail. She went to jail on the account of a murder that her ex-boyfriend committed back in 1981.

The release from Lynwood County Jail for Women in California was granted a bit after midnight, and Jones was greeted by a few of her family members. When asked about here newly found freedom, Jones answered, “I feel great, I’m just hungry.”

Jones was convicted of robbery, kidnapping, and first-degree murder. She was freed from jail due to the USC Post-Conviction Justice Project, wherein her conviction was challenged since she was a battered girlfriend. Students from the project also said that Jones wouldn’t have been convicted if the jury only heard expert statements on the results of partner battering.

Mose Willis, Jones’ then boyfriend, forced her to drive a car that carried two drug dealers that he had kidnapped. He asked Jones to drive into the alley where he shot them. After the shooting, Jones ran away from the scene, as she was expecting Willis to kill her as well.

Just a week before the shooting, Willis threatened Jones and shot at Denitra, her daughter. He threatened to kill them if they attempt to contact the police.

Willis was convicted of shooting two of the drug dealers and killing one of them, and was sentenced to death. However, he died while on death row.

Jones was in court on Monday and pleaded the judge to exchange her murder charge with no possibility of parole to voluntary manslaughter with time-served sentence.

Voluntary manslaughter has a maximum sentence of 11 years, and Jones has already served a total of 11,875 days.

Her request was granted, but it took a couple of hours before she was released due to incomplete paperwork.

After her release, Jones said that what happened to her was a miracle and she thanked God. “God does everything in His time. Not when I want Him to, but in His time.”

USC Post-Conviction Justice Project

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  • cltaylor

    Why did it take so long? Why did this not get handled much sooner in the appeal or parole hearing process? Better late than never??

  • Frank Buckley

    Why on earth did she end up accused of anything – she was forced!! Ridiculous US ‘justice’

  • Akbar Muhammad El-Bey

    Posting on behalf of one of the sisters of the Victim (Curtis Green)

    Regarding Case

    That involves Mary Virginia Jones

    Being Release with Claims of a Battered Woman

    I am the sister of the victim in this case. For the system to allow this woman, Mary Jones to be released after her involvement in my brother, Curtis Green’s death has just open up old wounds and the pain that I experience after the loss of my brother. I feel that Mary Jones should have spent her entire life in prison as she was sentenced.

    She was a cold blooded murderer like her boyfriend, Mose Willis. Mary Jones lured Willie Pace, who was her ex-boyfriend to her house to rob him. At the time that Mary Jones called Pace on the phone my brother Curtis had just arrived at his home. Pace asked my brother, Curtis to ride with him.

    According to Pace’s testimony in court as soon as he and my brother Curtis arrived and walked into Mary Jones’ house, Mose Willis came out of a bedroom door, put a gun on them, and told them to get on the floor. Mary Jones held the gun while Willis tied their hand and feet with telephone wire and gagged them. Mary Jones then went through both their pockets and robbed them.

    She had every opportunity to put the gun on Willis and allow my bother Curtis and Pace to defend themselves and her, but she did not because she was in agreement with Willis. It was her gun. According to Mose Willis’ testimony in court he stated “it was not his intent to kill them it was Mary Jones’ idea. She was the one who stated, “We have to kill them now”.

    After the robbery Mose Willis took Willie Pace out of Jones house and forced him get into the trunk of the car and forced my brother Curtis get inside the car while Mary Jones drove to an alley. After arriving at the destination they had choose to murder them, Willis forced my brother, out of the car and went to get Willie Pace out of the trunk, while attempting to get Pace my brother attempted to get away. Pace stated in court, he could hear Willis yelling at my brother, telling him to STOP! Then he heard a gunshot. He stated that it was his car therefore Mose Willis did not know which key fit the trunk. He stated that while in the trunk of the car he could hear Willis trying different keys, suddenly Willis shot into the trunk of the car hitting him in the hip or leg. After this Pace stated that he could hear Mose Willis telling Mary Jones to keep her hands clean, meaning don’t leave hand prints, he said that he could hear him telling Mary Jones “We need to split up!” He could hear them running. He stated that after he heard no more footsteps or talking he began to try to get loose and tried making as much noise as he could. He said that finally two men took the backseat of his car out and helped him out.

    The detective on the case kept in touch with me. He promised that he would find who did this to my brother. He stated that according to Willie Pace your brother was innocent and had never laid eyes on Mose Willis or Mary Jones until the night they murdered him. After he arrested Mary Jones he called me and told me that he had her in custody and that when he found Mary Jones she was watching TV as if none of this had occurred. Mary Jones had over 24 hours after this incident occurred to call the police and report what had happened but she did not because she was just as guilty as Willis. She thought Willie Pace was dead and that she had gotten away with robbery, kidnap and murder. Mose Willis got on a plane and went back to Texas. The detective called me when they arrested him in Texas to inform me that he was flying out to get him to stand trial in L.A.

    I feel that this is a cheap shot to refer to my brother as a drug dealer. My brother Curtis was a self- employed plumber and he also worked at a trucking company. Court document say that he was a drug dealer because Mary Jones say that he was a drug dealer. Pace testified in court “that the drugs that he had on him was his drugs not my brothers.” Willis also stated that my brother had never met Mary Jones or Willis until the evening that they murdered him. My brother was a victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was a good father, husband, son and my only brother. He was taken away from his family who loved him dearly by this senseless killing. It took me years and lots of praying to deal with such a great loss.

    If Willie Pace was a drug dealer Mary Jones should know he was her ex-boyfriend. She stated that Mose Willis was homeless and he said that he wanted a better life. It was also stated that he was her boyfriend and that he was abusive. There were testimonies in court stating that Mose Willis had committed murder in Texas and had just spend years in prison and was out on parole. He wasn’t supposed to be out of the state of Texas. It was testimony in court that Willis had only been living with Jones approximately 30 days prior to this killing so how is it that Mary Jones was battered for years by this man. If she is referring to other men prior to Willis, what does this have to do with this case? Isn’t it ironic that this church going woman is attracted to drug dealers and murderers. This woman is not the innocent church going angel that is being betrayed. The fact that she stabbed her own son prior to the murder of my brother also was brought out in court.

    Years later, after Jones learned of this new law that was in affect for battered women she decided that she would claim that she was a battered woman to get her case retried at no cost, in hopes of being freed. She has had four trials since she claimed a battered woman and they were knocked down, why? because she did everything but pull the trigger. Mary Jones made the call to lure Pace to her home. It was her gun. She held the gun while Willis tied and gagged them. She robbed them. She drove the car. Since she has been freed she stated that after Willis committed this crime she ran as fast as she could for fear that he would shoot her, another lie. She knew that there were only two bullets in her gun and that Willis had use both of them, one to shoot my brother and the other to shoot in the truck of the car with intent on killing Willie Pace. Mary Jones is just as guilty as Willis. She may be fooling the world that she is this innocent abuse woman but God knows that she is not and he is not finished with her yet.

    During the first trials shortly after my brothers death Mary Jones’ attorney’s defense was that Mary Jones was a victim also that she was afraid of Willis. The judge did not buy it. She never stated in court that Willis abused her. Her daughter never testified in court that Willis shot at her a week before the murder of my brother. I would think if this was true it would have been said in court to try and save her mother. These are all lies, used to convince these students to take her case as a battered woman. If Willis shot at her daughter why didn’t her daughter call the police? There is no police record of her reporting this.

    When the judge sentenced Willis, he stated this was an execution style killing. The judge stated that Mose Willis would be sent back to Houston to serve the rest of his time for the murder he had committed there and then would be brought back to California for Death Row. He stated that Mary Jones would be sentenced to life without parole and this is exactly what she deserved. She should have died in prison just as Mose Willis did because she is just as guilty.